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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, August 3 2015 6:30 PM UTC +00:00


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    1. Gustavo Menegaz Monteiro on

      In some countries there would be a second turn, because Natasha didn't win for more than 50%...
      I keep thinking Alisa would be more charismatic as you see her growing and facing choices that put her way to think at deal. Natasha is a leader already, the choice was unfair because she was a person we would like to see as mayor in our city, but it is not that good for the plot.
      Natasha sounds like a good and kind mayor that is always in trouble as we always see in games.

    2. Duncan A. Doherty

      What Bioforce and Least Famous Steve said :). Definitely the right choice; now they'd just better show her fighting on the front lines like in her description and we're golden.

      @Ryngar: I'd actually like to see that. Alisa would make a great deputy mayor. Sure, she's got the booksmarts, but Natasha can guide her and show her how to be a true, inspirational leader to the people as well. Best of both worlds :).

      I'm actually shocked the Loli-bait came in third. I figured she'd either come in dead last, or crush everyone (because otaku *shiver*). Either way, very glad she didn't win; a child as mayor would just be incredibly stupid, short of being a figurehead while the actual mayoral duties are handled by a council or something.

    3. No. 42275 (Ryngar Acia) on

      Maybe Alisa can be deputy mayor? :3

    4. Missing avatar

      Bioforce on

      The thing that sold her for me was that she is willing to fight on the front line when the village is in danger. Who wouldn't vote for a person like that to be leader? Especially when the competition is a preppy ditz, a child, and a hardass.

    5. Missing avatar

      Least Famous Steve on

      Finally a voting result that I can agree with.
      She's like the Legends mayor, except she does stuff.
      We better see Natasha out there fighting with us!

    6. Nohvarr on

      The right person for the job won, nothing more needs to be said.

    7. Charles Khalid S. Rico on

      We should have a stretch goal add-on to launch a coup against the acting mayor and put into place our chosen mayor (since they are still NPCs). I really wanted Elena February! ^_^

    8. Wilson Lim Jiun Voon on

      wow so much salt, so unexpected.

    9. Arcueid Brunestud on

      The winner is so generic it hurts. Why not pick something actually interesting, like Masha?

      Sigfried, you and I think alike.

    10. Jorge Hernandez

      Reminds me of the mayor of legends for some reason.

    11. Natalie Manahan

      I'll admit I voted Elena because I liked her idealism and her desire to beautify the town. Not that I'm surprised that Natasha won. She does have a lot going for her.

    12. Arc Ray on

      i hope they actually make use of Natasha fighting Diesol that wander into the village, talk about a strong willed mayor.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sigfried on

      Bleh. So generic and boring.
      Now she can only fullfill generic cliched mayoral roles, since it is all the character she can ever amount to be.

      Salt aside, I hope to be WRONG and that she can be an interesting character.
      But I do not think she will.

      I voted Masha because having an actual child mayor sounded the most entertaining possibility.
      Because, to me, entertainment is a must.

      Generic mayors are everywhere. Heck, many times they are only ever called "the mayor".

      Sorry. Now that I took it out of the system, I'll say that I hope Natasha becomes a memorable mayor character.

    14. Banni Ibrahim on

      I voted for her not so much because I liked her so much but because she was the only candidate I didn't hate out of the four.

      Elena looked like a child, Masha IS a child, and well... I did kinda like Alisa, but her personality seemed far too strict for the kind of village she would be governing.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeremías Nahuel Rosales Fiore on

      Why did people vote her so much? .-. she was the most generic candidate in the list