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pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, August 3 2015 6:30 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, August 3 2015 6:30 PM UTC +00:00
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    1. Darren Wilson on

      I really hope an alternative option to fund the stretch goals is made available, i'm say many want to play as Tyger and have the Call/Gofer epilogue. Surely with $500k raised that would be enough to consider another route like paypal so we could fund one or two of them.

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      @Saulo: Belatedly, I'm sorry, I clearly didn't get my thoughts across properly. I'm not trying to tell anyone what the campaign or anything else should be worth to them. I'm just trying to suggest that exactly what the campaign might be worth to someone could be different depending on what they know (in this case that the game has an investor and will be made regardless of the success of the Kickstarter).

      It's not exactly unknown for people to raise their pledges beyond what they originally planned when a kickstarter needs a final push, because the general assumption is that 'if a kickstarter doesn't fund, the project won't happen.' So yeah, throwing in some extra money is worth it to them because it's better than the alternative.

      I'm suggesting that when a project manages to get funding elsewhere like in this case, and the game is going to be made regardless of how the kickstarter does, some people's perceived value of the project can change. For some it might even increase, because now the game has more money behind it, and anything they add in just makes it even better. For others, it might decrease, because as long as the game is going to be made, they're fine with waiting to pay for it later (the reason Sabata had been saying they should have hidden this from us).

      So no, I'm not trying 'to measure the campaign's worth for other people,' I'm just saying that it's better for all of us to fully informed about the campaign so we can do that measuring for ourselves.

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      Adam on

      I can't help but feel like a Wii U stretch goal would have been better than a challenge dungeon. Like a challenging dungeon is good and all, but its also a little underwhelming as it feels like something that should be added late in development if there is some time left over and not something planned from the start. Plus it also gives me the impression Red Ash may lose the interconnected dungeon mechanic. A Wii U stretch goal would have hyped at least a quarter of your backers and expanded the game to a much wider audience.

    4. Melvin Co on

      Do the "Main Game" are still available to the backers (whether they made it in time or not) if this campaign fails?
      'Coz technically, our pledges are void.

    5. William Campbell on

      I'm still requesting all the $49+ backers be upgraded to the full game. It wasn't cool to drop a 24 hour window and then tell everyone else too bad. It's punishment for not checking email's all the time. I'm very excited about the game but can't swing $80 bucks right now.

    6. Stephen Schaefer on

      Hey all, just pledged, been meaning to for a while now but happy I can spare the money. I really look forward to this game.

    7. Jorge Hernandez

      Wonder if there's a stretch goal for wii u

    8. Khairuddin Haji Mohamed on

      Japanese voiceovers! WOOHOOO! Please include it in Western release :)
      Extend the gameplay! OH YES!! (but make them creatively and not boring repetitive tasks ;)

      Village Reconstruction only if Kickstarter goal is reached? OH NO. I love that kind of game mechanic bit as it stands...the Kickstarter doesn't seem like it will succeed :(
      ah well its not really a deal-breaker ;)
      (although I would have actually preferred this feature to be part of the main part of the prologue and not 'end-game content' but whatever )

    9. Mobin Mobeen on

      Man Wii U owners complaing too much. I mean oh come on just buy new gen console which is PS4 or Xbox One. Because Wii U is already dead and it doesn't have enough fanbase and users as much as PS4 and Xbox One does so there is no point, only thing you playing Wii U is for Nintendo exclusives and PS4 and Xbox One has more support then Wii U does. I mean Nintendo already working on their new console project NX.

      Better yet just get PS4 or Xbox One or just play on PC instead of whining. Wii U is dead and deal with it. You are lucky that some indie devs or kickstarter are supporting Wii U if some doesn't then you just complain that all. Btw I have PS4 so that why i backing it and also owned Wii U so i prefer to game on PS4 and while Wii U for 1st party.

    10. Andrew Wong on

      They still havent made a Wii U tier, now im beginning to reconsider about all this. Why should I even back something that doesn't even support the systems i have?

    11. Andreas "Zansarus" Bengtsson on

      Why do i get the feeling that we would have gotten all of these features if they just tried to fund it themselves from the start?

    12. Tristan on

      Not going to happen in 3 days, they need to restart the KS for the extra features purpose with a lower initial goal for one of these features then create extra tiers for the rest of them.

    13. Missing avatar

      Trevor on

      Man I'd really like to hit that goal but I just don't think its gonna happen. If we raise the average pledge we can do it. I'm still raising my pledge the last few days.

    14. Saulo Aquele Lindo Ottoni on

      @Sleet, What you said makes no sense. If someone pledges a value, they thought that was reasonable and sensible. You are not one to measure the camapign's worth for other people. It's just like telling me how shoul I like to hame my room tidied up.

    15. Missing avatar


      @Sabata2: Sure, knowing the game is going to be funded is going to let some people drop their pledges. But if they'd kept it under their hat and the project still succeeded, wouldn't those people be upset to hear that they were 'lied to' by omission? Especially if they were pledging more than they reasonably ought to?

      Being upfront and honest rarely actually helps the bottom line, but hiding something like that could have hurt more in the long run, especially in a time where every minor offense turns into a scandal that sweeps the internet.

      And it seems to me that Comcept has already done a fine job of answering the 'why do they need my money' question by offering up extra features that they would add to the game.

    16. sabata2 on

      It's a little late at this point, but I wanted to comment on how this news was released.
      While this is most definitely good news, it would have had a greater positive impact being announced after the Kickstarter project had ended (successfully or not).

      If it wasn't successful, then this news would have been met with cries of joy from all backers.
      If it is successful, then the response would be much what you were likely expecting given your release of this news so far.

      However, Kickstarter is a platform for things that aren't expected to be funded, to get funding. If the group managing the Kickstarter secures funding *before* the Kickstarter ends then a lot of the people who gave money simply to show support staff asking themselves "well if the core is funded, then why do they/they don't need my money, right?" And thus the Kickstarter becomes less likely to be funded as backers start backing out.

      The (good) news is out there now so there's no trying again, but the way in which this information was given has harmed this Kickstarter more than it has helped.

    17. Aisu on

      I think some of the money should of been used to improve the backer rewards, as a thanks to the fans but also to show other people that this was always about creating something positive and fun. I do hope we reach the goal though cause playing as tiger would be cool.

    18. Jasae Bushae on

      Playing as Call in a villiage reconstruction game actually has me more interested than the main content. I will continue backing just for the sake of playing that curious mode. ^^

    19. Zachary Palmer on

      I really hope we make it, however the total is $3,000 lower than when I last checked. That is a really bad sign.

    20. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      I do believe so......
      We'll see how this project will go....
      Who knows, perhaps we might get both!

      Many things can happen in two years after all.

    21. Mahomew on

      Aaaaaah....aaaaaaaahhh..... I hope we make it... I want thiiiiiis...

    22. ZefTaDef on

      Why no English voice over stretch goals or was that originally intended?

    23. Missing avatar

      CrimsonX4 on

      This is all amazing news! Though I am sure a confirmation on a physical PS4 and Xbox One version, with exclusive content, would help boost pledges.

    24. Missing avatar

      Bryan on


      I hope that this is going to work....
      By any chance would you be willing to put out the tiers for paypal backing after this is over?

    25. Missing avatar

      SaiyanPirate on

      Pretty sweet! a mode with a playable Call is something really neat that I would love to happen! hopefully, you guys prepared alternatives in case the funding isn't met. Yeah, we are that stubborn about giving you our money ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    27. Max on

      I get the impression that the game will still be funded by FUZE, we just won't be getting the extras. Gosh I really want Tyger, but I guess it can't be helped, we only have 3 days left.

    28. Trevor Downs on

      Since FUZE is funding multiplatform, can we get a full PC release for Mac OS X/Linux/Windows?

    29. Jay on

      @Alistair Wong
      Yeah, as far as I understand it, If we don't reach the $800, these extras won't be included.

    30. Missing avatar

      Alistair Wong on

      I still feel there are several details that need explanation. For example, does this only happen if enough people pledge to the KS amount? I know KS doesn't collect the money if it doesn't reach the goal, so I just want to make sure.

    31. Jay on

      I wanna play as Tyger. Let's fund this!! #TeamTyger.