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pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, August 3 2015 6:30 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, August 3 2015 6:30 PM UTC +00:00
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    1. Andrew Wong on

      @Jussi its more like the reason there are backers jumping ship is because they've turned away their Wii U backers. I mean why bother supporting something that only works with a system they don't have? They haven't done much to address the issues of the kickstarters to be precise all they're doing is just saying what they want but not answering to everyone's problems with KS

    2. Shradow on

      So if it doesn't reach its goal and Backers aren't charged anything, do we still receieve our rewards? It says we'll get the rewards we originally pledged for, but I'm not sure if that's only assuming the project gets funded. I'd like to keep supporting this game, and I'd feel a bit guilty if I got a refund on my pledge yet still got the reward, are you going to open up a secondary backing option such as PayPal?

    3. Missing avatar

      Nathan Bolwerk on

      So if this kickstarter does not get successfully funded, will there be a way us fans can show our support for the game?

    4. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Unfortunately, right now, more people are jumping ship on this campaign than are joining it. Fortunately, some people also increase their pledges, but the growth trend at this point is literally zero, and the smart money says that the campaign will finish far from its goal.

      Which is what none of us want!

      But while the funding news a few days ago was overwhelmingly positive, it has also meant that it is somewhat less than crystal clear what, exactly, it is that we are funding with our money.
      Extra content? Nice. But WHAT extra content? Exactly how much of what content will the $800.000 funding goal buy?

      With a fundamental unclarity in what the project actually funds, perhaps it is not all that strange that the current trend in pledged money is less than shiningly brilliant?

      There is only three days left to turn this ship around. It seems like a good time to start posting some major new information on the front page!
      Not everyone reads the updates, and very few read the comments threads — and prospective new, valuable backers are virtually guaranteed to read neither.

    5. Je.Saist on

      I guess my question is this: assuming that the Kickstarter does not successfully complete: will those of us who remained backers through to the end be contacted afterwards and given an opportunity to:

      A: maintain the status of the pledge we made during the KS Campaign

      B: upgrade our donation level to a new tier; e.g. say a paycheck cleared and I could jump from the ~$80 tier to the ~$150 tier for the artbook

    6. Piron

      I'm confused now as well. If I backed the $49 tier on 7/10, what do I get now?

    7. Missing avatar

      SaiyanPirate on

      Echoing previous sentiments, a backup option in case initial funding is not met via Paypal or other means for us backers would be valuable! after all, it would be sad to see all the contributions go to waste (for those of us) who would like to pledge again.

      And yes, we are definitely concerned about the future of the main story as well, obviously, I would love to get the full package! (I already pledged enough on that level here). Hopefully you guys can arrange something after reassessing the amounts required.

      On a less important note, not that it really matters but it would be nice to get (more) in depth details about how the partnership with FUZE came to be (timing?). Stubborn people won't change their mindset of course, but it's nice to be more in the know.

      Bonus question: Are any multiplayer and online features considered, even for just the prologue?


    8. Missing avatar

      Pablo Garcia on

      So the KalKannon is not part of the main story? D= damn that's sad...

    9. Francisco Santiago on

      If the full game is never made, what about those of us who pledge for the full game? It becomes complicated when "refund" would imply that this is a "purchase," which it's not supposed to be.

    10. Wilson Lim Jiun Voon on

      Please introduce an alternative method to pledge be it from paypal or a new KS campaign =( really want to back this and see stretch goals met!

    11. Johnathon Thomas Salfer on

      Wait, you said FUZE joined our ranks as a "Backer" of this project. If that's the case, then how is the Kickstarter goal of $800,000 not being met? They're actually a separate investor, and not a backer?

      These updates really should be more clear. You should probably have Fan Gamer or a similar company handle the next kickstarter's social media campaign.

    12. Lucas on

      @Least Famous Steve, That is still valid, at least while this kickstarter is up... after that, if this fails, who knows

    13. Missing avatar

      Least Famous Steve on

      I remember a time period not too long ago where if we signed up for the $49 tier (I think it was within the span of a day or something) then we would get both KalKanon and New Order. Is this no longer true, then?
      It was in the 8th update on this campaign page: "Update #8: Tier Update -- FULL GAME now a reward! Special Pledge Campaign Ending TODAY, July 17th!"

      So....what's going on?

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Sanchez on

      @comcept I just realized that you guys STILL don't have a website- at least nothing dedicated to Red Ash that isn't just a portal to this kickstarter. Is that happening soon?

    15. Lucas on

      Hi Comcept team, I'm glad the project got funded, but while I do hope this kickstarter adds something to the original project, I'm afraid the news came a bit too late, and the lateness in announcing a revised goal is nothelping either. point is I don't see this kickstarter succeding, so do you guys have any backup plan like paypal or partnering with humble bundle? I really want the digital soundtrack, and wouldn't like to lose the full game deal either. Also, i can only imagine what we could add with almost 485k if we migrated the pledges to another funding system...

    16. Melvin Co on

      Yes, as with the others.
      Will there be a "new" ("another" is kinda negative) campaign just for the bonus content of the game and will the rewards be similar to the current?

      this is a breath-taking project to us all.

    17. Schuyler Howe on

      To the dev team,
      Has it been rough dealing with the negativity during this campaign? If so, know a lot of us are still rooting for you and looking forward to another one of your works.
      To the campaign team,
      If the campaign fails to reach 800k, will you have another means to pledge money to the project and earn the backer rewards/work towards the new stretch goals? Cuz a lot of us are looking forwards to those. (I really want one of the t-shirts... I'm hoping to win one of the #RiseFromTheAshes contest but just in case >w>)

    18. Missing avatar

      Enrique Nusi on

      Mr. Inafune, if this Kickstarter campaign fails to reach $800,000, will there be another fund drive that includes the same or similar rewards and that will cover additional content?

    19. Mir A. Ahsan on

      To Inafune-san, I'm an avid fan of Legends. And have waited a long time for Legends 3. How similar will the two series be in regards to story? Many fans are extremely tied to the story of the end of Legends and how ZX tied into the Megamen system.

    20. Panchin on

      Ok then i should be good im at $119, thanks a million.

    21. Tadashi on

      People who backed after the 17th get dibs on the second game if they pledge at least $79.

    22. Panchin on

      Ok thanks. Sorry to bother but now another question, is the other game also gonna be included or was it only on that same day. I backed on the 24th i believe.

    23. Tadashi on

      The physical version always includes a digital version as well. You basically get two copies.

    24. Panchin on

      Wondering if im at the physical tier and since there is no physical console versions is it possible to get physical pc version and digital on another platform?

    25. Missing avatar

      gateside0 on

      Whats the plan if the Kickstarter fails? Is there another place (such as a forum) that we can all migrate to?

    26. Mark John Vignone Jr. on

      I too must ask if there are plans to talk with Armature about a WiiU port or perhaps getting this to NX. Otherwise, why include WiiU at all in the poll from before, and especially discarding it now when it was runner-up in aforementioned poll?

      Thrilled this got outside funding, but just don't see it hitting 800K. Not with how things have been handled. Shame too, am currently in for the physical triple combo.

    27. Wayne Nevitt on

      I'd pledge for the rewards I'm at now on PayPal cause as I said if it's funded and we had a part in making it happen, we should be able to claim our reward.if fuze are funding it, add that to our total....this feels like victory but I must admit....a hollow one

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeremías Nahuel Rosales Fiore on

      Question, about the promo you guys made for pledging 49$ and getting the full digital combo a few days ago. Will that still apply if the kickstarter isn't funded?

    29. Missing avatar

      Johnny Ridden on

      Forgive my bluntness, but I need to know:

      Assuming the Kickstarter doesn't reach it's goal, will we still be able to buy the KalKanon Incident and The New Order Conspiracy separately, even if separately and/or at a higher price?

      I need to know since I also want the anime to happen as well and under the current circumstances, and taking into consideration my own finances at this moment, I think I would prefer to pour the money from both kickstarters into the anime and just buy the game(s) separately once it(they) are out (or perhaps earlier through PayPal if the option becomes available after the Kickstarter campaign).

    30. Tadashi on

      Will the results of the Kickstarter accelerate or delay the release of the game?

    31. Justin Foster on

      @Comcept cool, cool.

      @Tadashi Lol, u know I read the entire post and skipped only the last sentence....smh....Sorry and thanks.

    32. Andrew Wong on

      @wayne the only juicy thing they could do is say "OH hey! We've decided to make it for all platforms! and even if this KS don't go well we'll still give you teh reward tiers if you pay for the amount on paypal!" Assuming they do that. But right now they aren't exactly giving anybody much reason to support them now.

    33. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      Are you planning to talk with Armature about porting the game to Wii U since they already are tweaking Unreal 4 to work on Wii U?

    34. cat clan oyabun on

      Hi, I wanted to know if you are still looking for publishers in China, Japan, or America after development is completed? I would like to speak with someone directly from comcept via email if possible so I can offer/email a proper proposal. Thank you for your time.

    35. Wayne Nevitt on

      I'm over the moon comcept...really am...but the way people are dropping out we've no chance....there has to be something juicy in to bring em back....and we need it now, time is ticking.....again over the moon,but I really want my's like the game is funded but not, if you know what I mean

    36. Andrew Wong on

      @Bruno glad to see someone here sees things my way. I mean seriously they bring up the choice in the polls for all three only to decide on 1st and 3rd place choice as their confirmed platforms. What the hell guys? It seems to me that the people responsible for managing this KS is bungling things a whole lot worse than Capcom did. I wonder if Inafune himself knows anything about the situation here right now. Not about fuze i mean but i mean the concurret disappointment were all facing due to the lack of proper focus in management of KS as well not addressing the issues.

    37. Tadashi on

      Could you talk with Armature about that Wii U Unreal code?

    38. Missing avatar

      Alex Thompson on

      what are your plans if this kickstarter does not reach its goal?

      I've been also wondering if the digital combo complete includes a digital copy of the design works book. It does not seem like it does, that would be a nice add on item.

    39. Missing avatar

      CrimsonX4 on

      Good to know about the digital versions but what about the fiscal version of the game? Will people be able to get a PS4 or Xbox One physical version? You have to try and give people more reasons to pledge higher.

      Also I don't think it is a good idea to take long in putting up the new strech goals. The longer Comcept takes the more backers will pull out and the less time there will be to try to reach the goal.

    40. Lienn on

      Question to Inafune, huh? Why was this campaign handled this way? Since the very start it was hollow and soulless. Where were that fire we saw at MN9 campaign?
      Somewhat off-topic one: During MN9 you said you like shooters...have you played Splatoon? IMO that game has enough reasons to make Red Ash Wii U version a priority...and yet yesterday it was just discarded as option.

    41. Tadashi on

      @Jackson & Justin
      Those are still valid. It's right there in the update itself:
      "And if you were one of the backers who upgraded their pledge to $49+ during our special campaign day, you'll receive the main story as well."

    42. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Justin Foster
      @Jackson Brown

      Yes, if you upgraded to $49+ on campaign day and kept it above that level, you will still get The New Order Conspiracy. We've got you covered!

    43. Tadashi on

      There is currently no physical console version announced.

    44. Chip Sillesa

      I think one of the reasons why we're still far from hitting the goal is because of your decisions to withhold info about your plans mainly the console you'll be releasing (before. It took you almost half of the campaign period before announcing or deciding on it), and now the revised goals which you plan to release before the end of the campaign which is only a few days from now.

    45. Missing avatar

      Trevor on

      Could you put it on Indiegogo or some other service? It doesn't look like its going to reach the 800k. Anyway very excited! :)

    46. Lienn on

      @andrew 0 chance. It was stated yesterday at twitter. Wii U officially not happening.

    47. Justin Foster on

      Woah woah woah, wait a minute. People who upgraded early to $45+ were promised the entire game. Does that still apply @Comcept??

    48. TidyWire on

      What about people that upgraded their pledges during the sale thing you guys had for 49 and up? I don't wanna get screwed over after I gave you more money. That better not have been for nothing.

    49. Panchin on

      Says the platform can be chosen for the digital tier, but what if I'm pledging at the physical tier? How would that work?

    50. Andrew Wong on

      only question i have is about whether there is any chance of a Wii U Version being made