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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, August 3 2015 6:30 PM UTC +00:00

[Announcement] RED ASH Development is Go!! But How?

Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)


Hello everyone!

We have some very important and happy news for you today! 

It's official: “RED ASH: The KalKanon Incident” is a GO for full development, along with ports to PlayStation 4 AND Xbox One!

We know this is sudden news. Are you surprised? How have we decided to develop the game before the Kickstarter campaign finishes? Well, that’s thanks to the support of FUZE Entertainment, who we’ll introduce now.

FUZE Entertainment Introduction!

FUZE Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a Chinese digital entertainment company engaged in production of console hardware as well as sales of console games.

FUZE is based around Chinese game industry pioneer Wang Feng, and was co-founded with partners Huawei, NVIDIA, and Microsoft Xbox.

FUZE has established partnerships with major console game publishers to bring AAA titles to the Chinese market, and have made it their mission to bring the highest quality game experiences to gamers around the world.

We said it before: we have been working very hard behind-the-scenes for RED ASH! Alongside our Kickstarter campaign, we’ve been in negotiations with hardware makers and development partners, keeping your feedback and comments in mind. We hoped by introducing the world setting, art documents, creators involved, our latest prototype, and more, we could convey the charm of RED ASH. And it seems like that work has paid off with FUZE Entertainment deciding to join your ranks as backers, in a major way!

What happens to RED ASH now?

First off, the contribution of FUZE is a done deal. We can officially confirm that "The KalKanon Incident” will be developed to completion, with the initial goals for game content (8 hours), along with ports to BOTH PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

The rights to RED ASH will be retained by comcept. We're excited to find such a great partner in FUZE who believes in our vision in its pure form. In addition, comcept will retain rights to creative discretion and decisions in game development.

What happens to Kickstarter?

The Kickstarter campaign is going 100% towards more content! Consider your pledge a contribution to stretch goals from here on out.

Exactly what are those stretch goals? We're sorry to say that will have to wait a little while longer! Like we said, we're very busy with many behind-the-scenes things over here, and we apologize if you feel left in the dark. As you can see, the things we have brewing that are keeping us occupied are BIG, and all for the purpose of getting you RED ASH in its biggest, bestest form. That's the reason we're less communicative than we'd like to be!

We know we’re in the final days of our campaign, but we’d like to ask fans to continue their support of RED ASH! Your money is going towards 100% content now, so please look forward to the revised "stretch goals"!

That wraps up the announcement!

Finally, we’d like to say, today’s announcement was made possible by everyone’s voices supporting RED ASH on Twitter, blogs, and other places. We’d like to thank our backers from the bottom of our hearts. We see all the work you're doing, pounding the pavement to get the word out, and we're overwhelmed by the support. We know the tide is against us, and it's you all that have kept us afloat. We're also beyond the ability to express our gratitude to HYDE for creating such amazing 3D models and a prototype in such a short time. We’re looking forward to working together more!

That’s all for today’s update.

Please continue to send your messages of support to the RED ASH Team! You can comment here on Kickstarter, or send them through Twitter!

English Twitter: @RedAshGame
Japanese Twitter: @RedAshGamejp

We’ll see you again in the next update! Real soon!
-The RED ASH Team


【発表】 RED ASH開発決定!!

なんと、この度『RED ASH 機鎧城カルカノンの魔女編』の開発及びPlaystation4 / Xbox Oneへの移植を決定いたしました!

それは、以下にご紹介するFUZE Entertainmentさんのサポートによるものなのです。

FUZE Entertainmentさんのご紹介!

FUZE Entertainment Co., Ltd.は中国のデジタルエンターテイメントカンパニーであり、コンソールハードの製造及びコンソールゲームの販売を行っています。

FUZEは中国ゲーム業界のパイオニアWang Feng氏を中心に、Huawei、NVIDIA、Microsoft Xbox等出身の4名の共同設立者によって設立されました。


世界観やアート資料、クリエイター達の紹介、そして今回のモックアップ、RED ASHの魅力を伝えるための材料を増やしていく中で、この度ついにFUZE EntertainmentさんがRED ASHを魅力あるコンテンツであると判断し、出資を決意してくださったのです!

今回の出資によってRED ASHはどうなる?

まず今回の出資により、『RED ASH 機鎧城カルカノンの魔女編』はKSキャンペーンの成否に関わらず、ミニマムゴール達成で見込んでいたゲーム内容を十分に満たす形に加え、Playstation4とXbox Oneの移植を視野に入れたゲーム開発をスタートさせる事が決定しました!

RED ASHは株式会社comceptがその権利を保有しており、今後ともこれが変わることはありません。また、クリエイティブにおける裁量、決定権についてもcomceptがその権限を持ちます。



最後に、今回の発表ができたのは、RED ASHをご支援いただいたみなさんにTwitterやブログなどで応援の声をあげてくださったおかげでもあります。



英語版Twitter: @RedAshGame
日本語版Twitter: @RedAshGamejp

- 赤灰組こと、RED ASHチーム

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Bethiel on

      I'm curious if they're going to re-form the kickstarter with the required funds being 400,000 and letting us reinvest, since they know we want to. Otherwise they aren't getting the money. I feel there's a major oops here.

    2. Jorge Hernandez

      I don't get why it couldn't go with wii u mighty no 9 is but this game could not?

    3. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      Oh, you pure, crazed fools. This ain't no Indiegogo. It's all or nothing, here. Maybe PayPal, or our first major BackerKit campaign?

    4. Jonathan Guardiola on

      Also, Wii U port may have a bigger audience than the X1. just sayin' ...

    5. Jonathan Guardiola on

      I agree with Jacob Stolte, you guys can't collect the $400,000 unless the goal is officially reached. Right?

    6. Seppo Seppälä

      The big question is, will consoles now get physical version too?

    7. Jacob Stolte on

      you cant collect unless it reaches the goal officially right? so whats the plan on that if we fail to reach it through Kickstarter?

    8. Allan & V on

      I'm so pleased that this is getting made despite not reaching it's funding through Kickstarter. One thing though, how will this work in terms of getting pledge funds, if it's not gonna hit the "actual" Kickstarter target? As it will just class as unsuccessful and then funds won't be able to be taken?

      Will this be then done through Backerkit, or something else in order for us to keep our pledges? And will this affect when payment will be taken?

      Thanks in advance.

    9. Daniel Henninger

      Just to be clear -- I had pledged the $49 to get the full (prologue plus the "temporarily available" upgrade to get the main story as well). If I retain my pledge at that level AND it gets funded here, do I still get both? Thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel Eriksson on

      Great to hear it will get developed! Congratulations to everyone involved!
      I just wish and hope you will consider a Wii U port as well. There were a lot more votes for Wii U than there were for Xbox One after all... :)

    11. David Asselin on

      Yeah, unless the incentives are extraordinary, I'm out.

      I'm not gonna lock myself out of options by putting the money down right now instead of later where I might have more choices in what I want.

    12. Claudio Mengoli on

      For Xbox One tooooooooooooooooo??????
      Ok, if you port on WiiU I will enhance my pledge on physical copy, but if you don't port on WiiU I remove before it!
      Kind Regards.

    13. Starlink on

      This is awesome news, I was worried this wasn't going to make it. Thank you FUZE for your contribution, now we have this great game to look forward to.

    14. Tristan on

      So are we still upgraded for the free squeal for our higher pledges?

    15. Missing avatar

      Wandering Shadow on

      For those wondering, no, if the KS fails then no money will be collected from us. That's how Kickstarter works. I'd assume this means we would also lose our pre-order status unless Comcept puts up a site (or makes a new Kickstarter) where we can do that.

    16. Missing avatar

      Wandering Shadow on

      Glad to see this funded! I was pretty worried that this wouldn't be able to make it.

    17. Salvatore on

      That's good news.

    18. Tony Ho on

      Best news everrrrrrrr ;) !!!

    19. Christina Gardner on

      On one hand I'm very happy the game will be produced; And I won't take back my pledge as its basically a preorder of the game. Its a game I'm very happy to support. I'm also relieved to hear that the creative freedom will not be lost to you. (As others have said, will our pledges even go through if the project isn't completely backed??)

      On the other hand, I feel that Kickstarter is for supporting individuals and small companies who need help creating a project which would otherwise not be possible (not for bonus material in a project already funded). We've created a new form of entrepreneurs whose investors are supposed to be the consumers- and our investments are supposed to go solely to the creators.

      In this case, it seems we consumers have failed your game; It was unlikely the game would be created without the investment of FUZE; and I don't think your team intended for it to end up the way it did.

      I'm so happy it will be finished. So congratulations! : ) All in all, I'm very happy for your team. I'm sorry that it had to come about in the way it did.

    20. Natalie Manahan

      WH-WH-WHA-WHAAAAAAAT?! This is seriously happening?! That's amazing! *Head exploding from shock*

    21. Francisco Santiago on

      I'd be disappointed if I paid for a full game and only got the prologue, but I'll at least wait to hear the official word on what would happen with that if it came to pass.

    22. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Nathaniel Reed
      No, the poll was what led us to speed up console port talks with Sony (at the start). We weren't going to make that call until the final poll after the campaign closed, but after we saw the results.... we knew what was up. ;)

    23. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Khairuddin Haji Mohamed
      Yes, this is for the prologue "The KalKanon Incident" only. The main story is for the future!

    24. TidyWire on

      Please PLEASE hurry and tell us what's going to become of the Kickstarter and all our funding asap. I swear I'm really concerned right now that I'm considering just cancelling my pledge. Please hurry and tell us what's going on.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jedi warrior on

      great! i was thinking of canceling my pledge but now i know for sure that there will be a ps4 port so my pledge stands!!

    26. Khairuddin Haji Mohamed on

      I'm glad you all never gave up on this project! :)

      But this only means only the prologue part i.e. KalKanon Incident is a go, right?
      What about the 'main meat', i.e. the main story "The New Order Conspiracy”? Is that also confirmed a go? or does it still depend on "publisher support and fan reception of the prologue"?

    27. Missing avatar

      Carl Freemerman on

      Amazing news! Now can my digital copy be a console port instead of a PC copy?

    28. Missing avatar

      Alistair Wong on

      First thing, make sure full creative control is kept by you programmers and developers.
      Second, CONGRATS!!! i don't know if people are pulling their pledge since the game will be made anyways but I'll be glad for stretch goals.
      (Like a Pink Call cameo.)

    29. Missing avatar


      Well, that's nice! There's not a whole lot of time, but here's hoping you can manage to hit funding and cram those extra things in!

    30. Kyle on

      The only thing I can think would happen is they start up another Kickstarter for Red Ash at a much lower goal (probably $100K-$200K) & make it completely stretch goal based & include funding toward The New Order Conspiracy

    31. Wilson Lim Jiun Voon on

      I can already see all the whinings:
      "Hey look, comcept/inafune is at it again, milking us for money when they already planned to get a major investor"
      "Wow, this whole kick starter was a scam"

      Well F*** them, I am just extremely happy that this game will be a real thing.

      I am now wondering how the KS will go since KS explicitly stated that if backings dont reach the minimum amount, no money will be taken from us (thus, there wont be any funds to stretch goals). How are we going to go about this?

    32. Oh Zhi Wei

      Not sure how I feel about having a chinese(mainland china) dabbing their fingers in this project.

      I'll take the "I'm going to be cautious yet wait-n-see approach"

    33. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Cancel your Kickstarter or at least relaunch it for what it has become. It's dishonest to continue this way.

    34. Alex Parntaprasert on

      That is dashing news. Good for Xbox fans but bad for Nintendo fans but just maybe they working it for Nintendo NX.

    35. Missing avatar

      Richard Helms on

      For those wondering why the Xbox got chosen over WiiU, I have a feeling it has something to do with this:
      FUZE is based around Chinese game industry pioneer Wang Feng, and was co-founded with partners Huawei, NVIDIA, and Microsoft Xbox.

      At any rate, yay! Now we just have to figure out what is going on with the kickstarter. Unless they pop on here and donate ~300k it's still not completed D:

    36. Missing avatar

      Plain ol' Dood on


    37. AnonTheMouse on

      This is great news! Though, I have to admit, also puzzling. While the game is sure to be a "go" now, the Kickstarter is now very much in doubt, and whether RED ASH happens or not, Kickstarter's rules are very explicit on this subject. It's the full amount, more, or it's nothing. So, where does that leave us backers? You say our money will go towards stretch goals, but if we never hit that $800,000 mark, then our pledges don't go anywhere but back in our pockets. Where does that leave us, then?

    38. Max on

      This is brilliant news! I don't know what to say, you guys really managed to get the game supported, even when all hope was seemingly lost. You guys really are the best! Although my only complaint is that the Wii U isn't under consideration, considering it was in higher demand than the Xbox One.

      EITHER WAY this is the best news EVER.

    39. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      What about the Wii U port? It had the greater demand compared to Xbox.

    40. Nick Harding on

      Been having a bad day, since my teeth are hurting extremely badly, so bad that I wasn't able to sleep last night, and I wasn't really able to eat much.
      But, this made my day. I honestly expected this kickstarter to fail, because we were only halfway to the goal with only 4 days left.
      I am now a very happy man. :D

    41. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Reed on

      So the interest port poll was just lip service?

    42. Taufik Ferdian on

      Great news indeed! Good work comcept, with little time remaining hope you could address the change in this ks direction quicky so we could prepare

    43. Schuyler Howe on

      We've got some stretch goals to smash it sounds like, and smash 'em we shall!

    44. Mark John Vignone Jr. on

      I'm utterly amazed, I truly am. Was hoping for a miracle, and we got one. Now then, to also echo a popular sentiment, how might we go about adding WiiU to that list? ^_^

    45. Missing avatar

      Redhue on

      Waahhooo! this is totally happening!!

    46. sabata2 on

      Well, that's a pleasant surprise!

    47. Schuyler Howe on

      The bit where they thank us for our hard work, that nearly had me tearing up. They know how hard we've all been working. Thank you Comcept. We'll do you proud.

    48. Tracey Craig

      Huh? What? Wait! I'm confused i thought Sony was your publisher? I mean they are paying for your PR! so how is the X1 port happening with your contractural obligations to Sony?

    49. Charles Brandon Adkins on

      GREAT news!
      props to FUZE and the Comcept teams!
      a worthy title and excited to watch development!

    50. Missing avatar

      cavuikn on