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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, August 3 2015 6:30 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, August 3 2015 6:30 PM UTC +00:00
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    1. Joseph G Graham on

      Adam Ellis - Yeah but then I kicked the trash can three times and then ALL the cans appeared.

    2. Joseph G Graham on

      Was hoping to be able to run around as call but she just talks.

    3. AnonTheMouse on

      I wish you guys had had something like this when you first made your pitch!

    4. Jerker Löjdmark on

      Just wanted to say that it was fun being able to play this little teaser-mockup!
      My feelings on Beck's slightly odd proportions aside (I guess I just prefer a more MML-styled look), it was more fun than I expected to explore this little area, especially since you could explore vertically. Some of the textures totally had a bit of a MML feel and I was reminded of my maybe favorite MML 2 town: Nino island.

      I hope that the kickstarter somehow will succeed! /o/

    5. Missing avatar

      Alistair Wong on

      Sweet mockup. This is literally the first time I've ever played anything that's this early into development. This isn't like Steam Early Access - this is the real deal in dev stuff.

      I've got a quick question - will platforming be this floaty? It was pretty fun jumping all around.
      Also, jumping backwards while facing forwards then pushing forward to grab an upper ledge was actually pretty tricky since you can only grab while facing in the right direction. Hope it has that kind of challenge. >:D

    6. Banni Ibrahim on

      By the way, did anyone notice the odd way Beck's fingers are positioned?

      His right hand looks like he's trying to do an "ok" symbol and devil horns at the same time:

      And his left robotic hand looks .... well, his fingers are just flat against his palm:

      Simply just a case of unfinished models/animations or think they could mean something in the game itself?

    7. Banni Ibrahim on

      Huh, wasn't expecting to be able to play the tech demo shown in last update's video, especially so soon.

      Also wasn't expecting the Red Ash version of Beck and Call to be in the demo, much less be able to control Red Ash Beck. Loved the kick the can reference to Megaman Legends. XD

    8. Trevor Downs on

      I got a muffin. Incidentally, I couldn't get it working with my Xbox 360 controller. It seems to me that Unity doesn't understand the Xbox 360 controller on OS X without some extra work by the developer.

    9. Melvin Co on

      I'm confused with the camera rotation.
      Shocked that it was actually normal.
      So I need to reversed it.

    10. Adam Ellis on

      Woohoo! Who else kicked the "Rare" red can?

    11. Darren Wilson on

      ^-^ Was a nice mock demo, found the bonus' which were nicely hidden for such a small area. Really happy you included a ledge grab function.

    12. Je.Saist on

      I pushed a commentary on Red Ash, the KS, and the prototype here:

      I did note a few comments on the engine from other backers or potential backers. The engine itself shouldn't make or break decisions on backing this game in terms of feature design or rapid prototyping. Rather; the significant point to be made would be the developer access to the engine's source code. In that aspect Unreal typically has a more favorable approach to Source Code access; and knowing that the client executable could be recompiled against future API and ABI changes might make that the more desirable engine to actually produce the full game in.

    13. Bryan Tay on

      Stick to Unity maybe? UE4 unless you're confident of bringing it to other platforms like mno.9

    14. skymizu on

      awesome pre-alpha. You'll always had my support since day one, this is a labor of love.

      Let's do our best to make this project succeed everyone!

    15. Leung Cheuk Pong on

      It make my memory back~~~

      Guys let kick the can!!

    16. James Closs on

      Definitely a fun little prototype, Since I'm already backing it, it doesn't really change my opinion on it, except that RA Beck is cooler looking than I initially thought.

      Also, it's unfortunate that everyone is just throwing their cans in the trash instead of recycling, y'know?

    17. Ranmu Fukushima on

      It was a delight to mess around with. I thought it was interesting that no.9 Beck's run cycle work well in a 3d environment. RA Beck sill needs work over all, makes sense considering he has some mechanical like part on him. RA Call seemed strangely more complete then the hero. No complaints there.

    18. Robert Ackerman on

      Just so everyone knows, which some of you already do, you can find Red Ash Beck and play as him, and you can find Red Ash Call and talk to her.

    19. Diego Herrera on

      Wow the game just looks great!!!

      Play with 3 characters, got a muffin, practice life hacking jump to save my life in horrible parts, i really want to see what will happend next!!

      And i hope you guys pass to UE4!!

      PD: Kicking the ballon guy was the best part!! lol

    20. Natalie Manahan

      Just finished playing it! It was a nice little challenge and treat to find Red Ash's Beck and run around with him! His run cycle amuses me to no end!XD Oh, and I found Red Ash's call up there too! Nice touch!

      PS-KICK THE CAN!!!!!

    21. sabata2 on

      I am *very* impressed. I found both RA Call and Beck, and enjoyed the platforming. I threw out my second round of promotion, as promised. I dunno how people are playing as RA Beck, but I'll be fine waiting for the game release for that.

      My only gripes were the "sticking the landing" after a jump, and "having to face a ledge to grab it". The latter is only a minor gripe, as you don't often get games that lock your rotation once in the air. So it's a nice breath of fresh air. The "stuck when landing" though I can see being the culprit for a number of unwanted hits.
      Everything else is looking great guys. Keep it up.

    22. Kyle Dockum on

      This is amazing, now if only we could get all the haters to see this :3

    23. Missing avatar

      Redhue on

      Wow!! This is superb! It was funny to blow up that trash bin and fill the street with cans lol Great attention to detail on Beck and Call's model. Thanks so much for working so hard Comcept :)

    24. Jay on…
      Ah I'm so excited!! I made a gameplay video, and added the Apple Market music in the background :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      Hmmm....not sure if it's just on my end, but the camera continuously gets moved to the top right.

    26. Missing avatar

      Pervy on

      It looks good so far but I really hope there will be mouse support as I think that really is a 100% must in my book for playing the game. Every time I played Megaman Legends I always wish I could play it with mouse and keyboard, since it would fit the game's playstyle so.

      Please implement mouse support for controlling the camera, and I know I'll be loving this game for sure!

    27. Missing avatar

      Dexter Jaekel on

      Thank You so much for all your hard work in trying to bring back this spiritual successor and thanks for letting us play a little bit of it!

    28. Khairuddin Haji Mohamed on

      Found RA Call and then RA Beck!

      Hope this project will be successful!
      Even if you have to do round 2 or 3 I will keep on backing! XD

    29. David To on

      Oh sweet. you can Kick the can into the Market.
      If you need to spawn more cans just kick the trashcan.

    30. Tracey Craig

      Oh yes please! Use UE4!!

    31. Tadashi on

      There seems to be some cut off text in Alisa's dialogue. Once after "This thing is crazy rare!" and then after "We hope to see you".

    32. Andrew Mueller on

      Looking good. Kicking cans felt somehow familiar...

    33. Missing avatar

      Habeeb Ziadeh on

      Neat little demo, wish you could play as Red Ash Call though, since you can play as Red Ash Beck.

    34. Missing avatar

      S G Matthews on

      Definitely shows potential... I love seeing those new Beck and Call designs and getting to play with the new Beck... would be nice to see some combat, but for a prototype I think it looks great!

    35. Lienn on

      Awesome update! /o/ Hopefully it will put an end to most excuses about not backing it because "don't know the game". ^^

    36. Charles Brandon Adkins on

      brilliant! :)
      love the characters and environment! fun lil demo!
      tried the weplayer version... works well.
      my only request: wasd... standard keyboard/mouse

    37. David Asselin on

      Oh found him. :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Least Famous Steve on

      As a prototype, very well done. Some wonky things here and there, like a bug with red Beck's fingers - they freak out when you jump up from a ledge - but my favorite part was getting muffins. Climbing was fun, too.

    39. David Asselin on

      Yeah, can't find Beck. I did manage to jump outside of the level though. lol

    40. Marc-André Vincent on

      Haha and now I found Call at the complete top. Sweeeeet!

    41. sabata2 on

      I'm *VERY* glad to see this update.
      Please please please PLEASE plaster this ALL OVER the main page.

      I'll be re-promoting this kickstarter when I get home, after trying out the demo myself.

      If, and I mean IF, this kickstarter doesn't make it, it does NOT mean "the fans don't want it". With the uptick of Kickstarter Reboots, a lot of people are low on funds. With Bloodstained, then Shenmue 3, and running currently Summer Games Done Quick, people are seriously strapped for cash.
      You now have everything that a successful Kickstarter needs. It might have simply been poorly timed. (Try again in a month or two, if this campaign doesn't make it)

      Now that you guys have a demo up and running, I'm behind this 100%.
      I've got your back, so keep on pushing forward!~

    42. Max on I kicked this garbage bin and A TON OF CANS FLEW OUT. And then some guy yelled at me for breaking his window as a result. And then I got a muffin. Is the garbage bin supposed supposed to fall over and let me kick it all around? o3o
      Either way I LOVE IT.

    43. Marc-André Vincent on

      Sweet! I even got to climb up and find Beck in the secret room and play as him!

    44. Missing avatar

      Christopher Bury on

      This made me so happy. The trash bin. The soda cans. Whatever it was I broke. Finding secret passages. I am SO excited for this! :D

    45. Francisco Santiago on

      I'm not sure how I feel about the floaty platforming, but I like that you managed to pack this much exploration in such a small space. If the game has actual things/people hidden in the world like this, I would be pleased. Also, I would prefer if Call's hands were smaller and/or her arms were shorter than her legs, but I'm thinking those assets won't be changed for Mighty No. 9.

      Anyway, I'm wondering if there were any successful episodic games on Kickstarter, because I feel like that's the single biggest reason this hasn't been funded.

    46. sabata2 on

      @Omar Lima
      It's a slap-dash demo to show what they're going for and in no way represents the coding of the final product.
      Unity is a very fast engine, while UE4 is stronger.
      Since this is a Kickstarter they need a proof of concept more over a playable alpha-slice.

    47. Aisu on

      Great update! Lets not forget to spread the word

    48. David Asselin on

      @Christopher, oh thanks, I'll go search again. :)

    49. David Asselin on

      Well, I found Red Ash's Call, but have no clue where Beck could be.