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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, August 3 2015 6:30 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, August 3 2015 6:30 PM UTC +00:00
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    1. Berry Gallager on

      Love Call's grey skin, Makes me wonder if shes not all that human.

    2. Elboim on

      I thought about Call's skin color a little more. At first it looked like she came out of a mine or works with machines so much that she is just covered in dirt. Call must be blonde, it's her trademark, and with that dark skin color she looks like a Ganguro.

      But after some thinking, we know colors are a major factor to recognize characters between the Megaman universes. The blonde girl is the main supporter. Call's skin color actually reminds me of Sera and Yuna from Megaman Legends 2, so maybe it is story related, and this time Call is taking both the job of the main supporter, and of some final-boss-evil-twin-monster.

      The only thing that really bothers me is that the anime design and voice actors will be different.

    3. Lienn on

      Looking great! ^^

    4. rocketnia on

      Call's skin is fine. I'd be happy to see it stay this way.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeremías Nahuel Rosales Fiore on

      Why is Call's skin gray? :S that's been bothering me since the beggining, i really think it dosn't fit her at all!

    6. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Perry on

      It's clear the game won't be funded. I hope you guys don't give up. I think the approach was lacking for a lot of people. Especially since MN9 isn't out yet (Though at the same time these people don't understand that the developers need to stay employed unless they want the same vicious AAA cycle of layoffs and firing and shut downs).

      At this rate, people are only proving Capcom was right in cancelling MML3.

      Don't give up!~

    7. Neonpremesis on

      Call looks delicious.

    8. Lucas on

      Hey, I like the current call design! It stands out much more than the anime version. Also, I don't think its gray, although can't name a definitive color

    9. Missing avatar

      Johnny Ridden on

      I agree: can't we have a vote so the backers decide which look they prefer for Call: the current proposal for the game or perhaps something similar to the anime?

      If the majority is okay with the current look I'll accept that. But if the majority prefers something different, I think you should at least consider the possibility of making a change.

      By the way, is there any actual reason for the gray skin in the first place? I keep wondering if could be related to the game versions of Tyger and Beck having mechanical legs and a mechanical left arm respectively.

      If there's an actual meaning behing such odd choice, it would ease the minds of many of us knowing that such is the case.

    10. Elboim on

      Seriously guys, Call looks so weird with that grey skin.