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Update #12: Console Port Update! PS4 Confirmed!

Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)

Hey everyone! So, it has been almost two weeks since we opened up the preliminary poll regarding the console ports and the response has been great so far! We wanted to go ahead and share the current results, and update all of our fans regarding the overall status of our console porting plan!

Without further ado, here are the current results!

As you can see, the majority of our backers want to play Red Ash on the Sony PlayStation 4!

We have been checking the results on a daily basis and this was the overall trend since the poll opened.

During the remainder of the campaign, we will be connecting with our backers on Twitter and in the Kickstarter comments section to find out exactly why the PlayStation 4 is their platform of choice for this title!

This alone may sound like great news for PS4 fans, but rest assured this is just a precursor to today’s REAL announcement.

As promised, we took the in-progress results of this poll to our 1st party contacts and were able to make headway in our negotiations with the various parties.

As a result, we were able to officially confirm the development of Red Ash for the PlayStation 4.

However, we still need your support to make this a reality!

We have now updated the console port stretch goal to reflect this new development!

We want to thank our backers and fans for making their voices heard on this matter.

Your feedback and opinions only helped to make our talks with the various platform holders go even smoother, and we truly appreciate it.

We are going to keep the current console port poll open as well, so that we will know which console to prioritize next.

This team will always be dedicated to bringing Red Ash to any platforms that we feel are a good fit for the project.

If you haven’t voted for your platform of choice just yet, make sure to get in there and make your vote count!

That is it for today’s update! Please spread the word, and help us smash through our initial goal and hit the first stretch goal so we can make the Red Ash release on PlayStation 4 a reality!

Your continued support of the RED ASH Team is greatly appreciated! You can send us comments here on Kickstarter, or feel free to message us on Twitter!

English Twitter: @RedAshGame

Japanese Twitter: @RedAshGamejp

Look forward to the next update!

-The RED ASH Team




コンシューマー移植のアンケートを始めてからすでに10日ほどが経ちましたが、すでに素晴らしい反応をいただけています! まずは現在の結果を発表し、そしてこれからのコンシューマー移植プランについてお話したいと思います。


ご覧のとおり、PS4の票が一番多くなっています! 私達はアンケートの状況を毎日チェックしていましたが、開始した時からずっとこの流れが続いていました。今後、TwitterやKickstarterのコメント欄でこのPS4を選択した理由や意向をバッカーの皆さんに聞きたいと思っています!

これだけでも、PS4ファンにとってはすごく良いニュースですが本題はこれからですよ! 私達は既にこの結果を持って各ハードウェアメーカーとの交渉を進めていました。そしてその結果、Sony PlayStation 4でのRed Ash 開発が正式に決定しました! それを受け、現在の「コンシューマー移植」のストレッチゴールの方も「PlayStation 4移植」に変更いたします!





Red Ashチームはできるだけ多くの人にこのゲームを遊んでもらいたいと思っていますので、最適なハードへの移植であれば前向きに検討します。そのため、投票はキャンペーン終了まで続けていきたいと思っています!


イニシャルゴールやストレッチゴールを目指すためにも、 皆さんもぜひ、周りの方に拡散をお願いします!



英語版 Twitter : @RedAshGame

日本語版 Twitter : @RedAshGamejp


‐赤灰組こと、RED ASHチームより

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    1. Missing avatar

      Aiyumi on

      Just a reminder: Comcept already confirmed that they'll accept additional funding through Paypal after the campaign ends[1]. This way, even if the project only reaches 800k during the campaign, it'll be possible to reach the stretch goals afterward.


    2. Mobin Mobeen on

      I agree with Christopher jasma.
      PS4 stretch goal is still far like it at 1million. So i won't upped my pledge when i feel it won't reach 1million.

    3. Christopher jasma on

      Very happy about the Ps4 announcement, but this may be too little too late unfortunately. There is only 10 days left on the kickstarter with about $550,000 to go for the console port. Hopefully, the team puts some actual gameplay trailers together and restarts this kickstarter as a full-fledged game,not a prologue and with Ps4 physical copies announced day 1. That said, I own every game Comcept has made so far and I wish you the best of luck.

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Westley See on

      i wan this game so bad on ps4 hope it spike ina few days

    6. Schuyler Howe on

      ...They WANT to bring it to everyone though.
      "We are going to keep the current console port poll open as well, so that we will know which console to prioritize next."
      I keep saying this to people...

    7. Missing avatar

      Tetsuya Ishibashi

      I am much disappointed. Because you Red Ash team brought "Console War" thing to this charming project as a result of this poll. I understand that you can't pick all of the consoles, but isn't there better way to announce? It is like you are stirring up console war showing "Who is the WINNER and who is the LOSER."

    8. Another Dimension on

      I would like to have iOS ver.

    9. Kaihaku on

      Heavy forbid that you simply use an engine, like Unity, that is easily ported between all three and many other devices as well.

    10. Scott Miller

      Instead of complaining about your preferred console not winning, go drum up more buzz/votes & show how bad you want it.

      I too would be hoping for a physical copy for console

    11. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      Everyone, like @Schulyer has noted:
      " that we will know which console to prioritize next. "
      This would mean that a console port for others is a high possibility, and you also have to consider the fact, that this kickstarter is not going to bring enough funds to warrant a port for EVERY console that you want it to come out on when it's finished:

      Console ports, or even developing for consoles, have a different work flow as compared to developing for the PC. So please do try to understand.

      @Charles Short
      This one is most probably going to take a while, but I'm banking on a digital release, considering that a physical release would cost loads, and I mean LOADS.

      I hope this answered some of your questions.
      : p

    12. Charles Short on

      Physical console port or digital only? Console is my platform of choice, I hate gaming on PC.

    13. Schuyler Howe on

      Everyone, remember this part!

      "We are going to keep the current console port poll open as well, so that we will know which console to prioritize next."

    14. Diego Herrera on

      For all the people complaning about the consoles, if you are gona remove your pledge just for the console, you arn't in love with the project, i just can pledge 5$ and i vote to WiiU, i didn't have a WiiU but i vote because the project is just amazing, love the project of what it is and not of what console is ported!

    15. Claudio Mengoli on

      I don't believe about this votes ... If you don't port this game on Nintendo console I remove my pledge! Kind regards.

    16. Tom M on

      @Jenova So they should focus on the lowest voted for console port first and risk the 64% who voted PS4? the key here is to get it funded and made and once that's taken care of they can look into other ports.

    17. Dragongit on

      I just hope it makes it's funding at all... not sure why Red Ash is struggling this much.

    18. Missing avatar

      Sean Corrigan on

      Typical Japanese/Sony bias. Not sure I want to keep funding this... Starving a market means a market does not grow.

    19. AnonTheMouse on

      Show us something BIG!

    20. Neonpremesis on

      Well that's nice, but why did it take two weeks to come to the obvious choice begin with? Honestly, all I see is a bunch of wasted time.

    21. Aisu on

      the Wii U still has a chance, depending on how the funding goes

    22. dustin gassera on

      Is there any chance of a wii u version? I really wanted it on my wii u.

    23. Luke Keppler

      Can you do a run of physical PS4 copies? has experience with doing this for various other PS4 games.

    24. Missing avatar

      Brett S.


    25. Schuyler Howe on

      We need to make this update go Viral!

    26. Missing avatar

      AM2Model3 on

      ps4! thank you! i can remote play on the vita! awesome!

    27. John Larson on

      As an Xbox gamer I am disappointed. I'll stay in for now, but I will sadly be pulling out of it is not an option eventually.

    28. Aisu on

      Not surprised the PS4 won, hopefully it makes a lot of people happy.

    29. Trong on

      Great news!

      Sad to hear XBox did so poorly though.. Can I change my vote? :P

    30. Lienn on

      Finally a console port officially announced! Hopefully it will boost the amount of backers! ^^

    31. Banni Ibrahim on

      Wow, I was not expecting the Wii U version to get three times the amount of votes as the Xbox one version.

    32. Daniel Rodriguez on

      Really happy to see a PlayStation four announcement however I won't be increasing my place until a Xbox one or Wii U version is announced