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pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, August 3 2015 6:30 PM UTC +00:00

Update #3: Console Port Stretch Goal Added! Kickstarter Video Brushed Up!

Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)


Hello everyone!
Update 3 is a special one. We’ve got some big news for you!

A console port has been added into the Stretch Goals!

We've heard your voices and it’s clear that there’s high demand for not only a PC version, but also a console version. We think action RPGs like this one fit really well on game consoles too! After seeing your comments, our own Inafune-san took matters into his own hands! 

We’ve made a little update to the Stretch Goals, as follows:

  • $1,000,000 adds a console port (1 system).
  • $1,500,000 adds Episode IV-V.

This brings up another question we’re sure you’re curious about: which console will it be ported to? Ideally we would love to port the game to all 3 current home consoles: PS4/Xbox One/Wii U. But porting Mighty No.9 taught us exactly how much it costs to port to a single console (which includes not only the port work itself, but also debugging and all other costs that add up). We take our ports seriously, and though there may be some sticker shock at the cost, we are planning wisely with the money from your support!

Another reason that we can't announce the console now is because we need to negotiate with the console makers. It's a big assignment for us, but we are confident we'll have great support due to the team's prior work with the consoles. We will keep you updated right here with all the latest developments on that.

Most importantly, we want to port RED ASH to the console most wished for by our backers. We will put up a preliminary poll soon, so you can make your voice heard and let our team know where you want RED ASH on consoles first! Then, once the campaign ends, we will send a survey to make your final vote! The survey will only be available to backers, so be sure to tell everyone you can about this big news! 

Speaking of spreading the word, we’ve added a bonus image to help out a bit!

That’s right! This is the side car motorcycle Call and Gofer were riding in the video. We secretly “borrowed” this one from the art director, Ito-san’s art folder! A lot of people have been saying Call is cute, but Gofer is cute too. Having them both in one illustration is really awesome!

Lastly, we’ve brushed up the Kickstarter video a bit!

Listening to the voices of our backers, it seems Call is very popular. Ito-san, the art director, made the latter scenes where she appears more complete. It was also a little long, so he increased the tempo, and tried correcting other parts that concerned him into something more pleasing. Did you notice the changes?

This is a video meant to give everyone a taste of the world of RED ASH, so we think it’s appropriate to gradually update the story scenes as time goes on as well. We actually have more art content, but some scenes were cut for various reasons. We may add some of these scenes back, so let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Anyway, that’s all for now! Please send your messages of support to the “RED ASH Team”! You can comment here on Kickstarter, or send us Tweets!

Japanese Twitter:@RedAshGamejp

We'll see you again in the next update!
-The RED ASH Team





RED ASHを応援してくださる皆さんの声を見ていると、やはり「PC版だけではなくコンシューマ版がほしい」というご要望が多くみられました。やはりこういうアクションRPGは専用ゲーム機で遊びたいですよね。それを受けて、我らが稲船さんが動いてくれました!やった! 現状のストレッチゴールに少し修正を加えさせていただき・・



こうなると皆さん次に気になるのは対応ハードですよね? ただ今の時点では、これは明言できないんです、ごめんなさい! 私達の理想としては、主要コンソール3機種、PS4・XBOX ONE・WiiUの全てで制作できれば一番イイと思っているのですが、Mighty No. 9の制作経験上、$200000で移植を行うなら1機種が限界だと考えています。(単なる移植作業だけでなく、デバッグ費用なども含めると結構かかってしまうんです) さらにハードメーカー様との交渉などもまだ進んでいませんし、それらは私達の課題となるでしょう、今後の展開を見守っていただければと思います。 

私たちはバッカーさんにもっとも望まれるハードにこのRED ASHを届けたいと考えていますので、キャンペーン終了後、バッカーになっていただいた皆さんには必ずアンケートを行い、その結果をもとにハードメーカー様に交渉を行っていきます! そのためには何よりゴール達成があってこそです、ぜひまわりの皆さんへもこのビッグニュースを教えてあげてください!


そうです!例の動画にも出てきました、コールとシャインが乗ってるサイドカーです。 アートディレクターの伊藤さんに内緒でこっそり、画像フォルダから拝借してきました! コールはすでに皆さんから「かわいい!」とお声を頂いていますが、シャインもキュートですよね。 二人仲良く一緒のイラスト、大変貴重なものですよ! 



せっかくRED ASHの世界を味わえる映像ですから、今後もストーリーシーンの部分は少しずつアップデートしていけたらなと思っています。じつは絵コンテ上はあったけど諸事情でカットした掛合いのシーンなんかもあるんです。今後、皆さんの反応を見ながらシーンを追加するようなこともあるかもしれません、ぜひご期待ください!

ぜひ我々、“赤灰組”に応援のメッセージを! キックスターターのコメント欄やツイッター等にお送りください!



 - 赤灰組こと、RED ASHチーム 

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    1. halafradrimx on



    2. Missing avatar

      Johnny Ridden on

      Can we get some further clarification on this?

      -What consoles could the game be ported to? PS4, XB1 and Wii U only?

      -Let's say PS4 wins the votation for the $1 million stretch goal. Will later on other ties for other consoles be added?

      Personally the one thing I'm most interested in finding out is if PS Vita version is potentially possible or not.

    3. Charles Short on

      @Tadashi - I know there are costs, and these should be included in the console port goal. It's just unacceptable not to offer a physical copy on console.

      @Neonpremesis - I had not seen that, and the info for the kickstarter seems very vague and poorly conveyed on the reward tiers. The only thing it says is it's for Steam on PC, and that's not DRM free. Is there any info/link on the physical PC disc not using Steam?

    4. Ian Elstub on

      I want it on PS4 to be honest, i'd love to not only play this, but stream it as well, which the PS4 would allow me to do and I just prefer console over PC gaming. That and I don't have a Wii U yet, and i'm not getting an XBone, just not for me (No hate to XBox fans intended)

    5. Claudio Mengoli on

      We want WiiU version!
      This game is not for PS4 o XOne players!

    6. Je.Saist on

      @Pass_the_M: simply having a cel shaded style game does not mean the graphics and textures will be resource un-intensive. Case in point; it is possible to add various post-shaders to games that change Color Oversaturation, Color Posterization, Transparency Quantization, the size of rendered outlines. Changing the shaders does not change the polygon counts, or the textures, or the world geometry.

      Whether or not this particular game ends up being resource intensive will depend on what specification the developers actually have in mind to reach.

    7. Neonpremesis on

      @Charles Short
      They said the physical version is DRM-free

    8. Missing avatar

      Johnny Ridden on

      @Pass_the_M I'm actually hoping that's the case since that leaves the door open for a potential PS Vita version.

    9. Pass_the_M on

      Guys this game is cartoony it is NOT gonna be super graphically intense, just play it on your moms computer.

    10. Justin Foster on

      @Tadashi this is a great point. I think there has to be some middle ground. Perhaps, by choosing a console, they will gain more support than expected and cover the costs?

    11. Tadashi on

      A physical console release would require picking up a publisher, since there is a lot of upfront cost Comcept can't handle on their own.

    12. Charles Short on

      I agree, you need to tell us WHICH console it is. And it has to have a physical/retail release on console as well. The "physical" PC release is just a steam download on a disc. It's worthless as a physical copy since you have to use Steam. I only buy DRM free on PC and console I only buy retail. Red Ash doesn't meet ANY of those requirements yet. I pledged a dollar to comment and share my thoughts, and if we get a DRM free PC version I'll fully back it, if we get a retail/physical PS4 or Wii U port, I'll fully back it. I really hope I'm able to! People still care about retail/physical copies, don't forget that.

    13. Angel / JaegerEXP on

      I only have a Wii U so that'd be my choice, though PS4 is probably going to take over anyway. I'll wait and see what console makes the cut before I decide to keep or drop my pledge, as much as I'd like to support the game I'd actually be able to play it as well, so...

    14. Elliott Jeffrey on

      PS4 for me, but to be completely transparent that is the basis I'm backing under.
      I'm taking a double gamble by backing here, firstly since there's a risk the game could not be delivered, secondly since there's a risk I might not even be able to play it (no PC).
      I loved legends, and really want to see this project come to fruition - being able to play it though is kind of a vital point.

    15. Ido013 on

      PS4 is a great choice for porting this game!

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    17. Missing avatar

      Johnny Ridden on

      I have a PS4, but my vote goes for PS Vita, even if it isn't popular enough to be chosen for the 1 million stretch goal.

      However this makes me raise the question: is a PS Vita version a possibility to begin with?

    18. ZefTaDef on

      Should have just said ps4 it's the birthplace and best console

    19. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      "Then, once the campaign ends, we will send a survey to make your final vote!"

      Guys, people don't want to pledge to a game that might not be on something they own.

      It's really important to decide the console now, so that you can potentially ally get support from owners of that console. This is day one stuff.

    20. Mike Jegenjan on

      I own a PS4 and a WiiU, as well as a Gaming PC, but I'd say from a logical standpoint, it would seem that PS4 is the way to go, in terms of of console. Although I have nothing to back this up, I imagine that the majority of backers are PS4 users, and if this is true, porting to any other console may affect the decisions of the majority of backers. At any rate, this is why there will be a poll right? I'm kind of expecting things to be slow right now, and then funding to explode sometime near the end of the campaign, once information like this as well as other information becomes less ambiguous.

    21. Missing avatar

      Brett Morris on

      OMG is this update a bad joke? Like seriously it is no wonder why this is not even getting to it's initial stretch goal. You guys really need to re think this whole thing. Most people see this very negatively.

      Anyways not a choice, The Wii U is Inferior and dead now with the NX out very soon. Ps4 has a more global reach and more install base. Pick the PS4, can't believe you guys would just not work with Sony anyways

    22. Tristan on

      I'd like a Wii U version.

    23. Je.Saist on

      Honestly I'd say the PS4 is the best console to target for.

      Assuming Nintendo's hardware team wakes up to calls made share-holders and analysts (e.g. to at least make the NX performance competitive to the PS4; it would also be a good target. If Nintendo continues on the reported path of not making sure the NX is at least as powerful as what will be a three year old console after breakthroughs in chip fabrication, the maturing group of ARMv8 processors, and improved low-end x86-64 processors; not to mention what Zen APU's might be able to deliver... developers will run into the exact same problems they already have bringing games to the Xbox One.

      Then there is the whole problem/perspective of rendering API. The hot-name in town right now is Khronos's Vulkan; of which I believe Sony is already supporting with a packaged AMD test driver on the PS4 for select developers. Intel, Nvidia, and AMD will be intro'ing mainline Vulkan support into their respective supported Windows and Linux driver releases... sometime this year. Imagination has already added Vulkan support to some PowerVR chipsets for Android; with Qualcomm, Mediatek, and ARM itself close behind for their respective GPU's. About the only vendor who has not announced any Vulkan plans; outside of Microsoft; is Apple. So, let's be blunt. IOS only matters in the US. Leave the US and it's... Android. Or Mer. Or Tizen. Or Sailfish. All of those are Linux distributions.

      From the point of view of a developer; Vulkan get's around the nasty proprietary lock-in of DirectX or Metal; and simplifies later multi-platform support; without incurring the... let's be polite... extreme cruft of OpenGL 4.x or OpenGL ES.

      From my point a view the question of console options really revolve on just how insular Nintendo chooses to be. If Nintendo keeps their head in the sands of time's past and does not adopt Vulkan as the default rendering API for NX; and if the NX doesn't at least catch up to the PS4's power; even the NX would be a poor choice to port this game into.

    24. Dionicio Lerma on

      Ps4 for sure, this leave me with this question, i pledged for physical already but want it physical for ps4 not pc how can this be i will withdraw my pledged to digital if console are not being physical

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris Potter on

      PS4 is the ideal choice. Broader audience than xbox, wiiU is a mess.

    26. SweetTaLe on

      Somehow I don't see this reaching the console port stretch goal. If this doesn't pick up the pace and catch more people's interest we might only reach the initial goal. To be honest the pace seems to be slowing down and I'm starting to doubt that this'll even get funded. But who knows, anything can happen.

    27. rocketnia on

      The first thing I thought after I watched the original video was that it'd work better with some quicker pacing toward the end. It's awesome that you've done something about that. :) So good.

      I agree with others that it doesn't mean much if prospective backers don't even get to know what console it will be for until the Kickstarter is over. (As for myself, I would get it for PC anyway.)

    28. Tiso Spencer

      Just put it on PS4. It's not going to sell on the XB1 and the Wii U is a waste of time at this stage now.

    29. David Cisneros Parra on

      I'm happy you added a console port but you are doing it wrong. Let's say a X1 user backs it to find the port is for PS4 after the campaign ends, are you serious with this?. If you can't handle multiple ports, stick with one console and be done with it. Such a great concept and such a poorly handle KS campaign.

    30. Mark John Vignone Jr. on

      Definitely not the answer I was expecting in terms of consoles. Hopefully they can update to give an idea how much others would take, otherwise, if one's on the losing side of the poll, and doesn't wish to do PC, there's not much motivation, barring rewards, to up the pledge.

      Sorry, but my $5 is staying where it is. WiiU would make it go up, but it shouldn't be at the cost of PS4 and XBoxOne users missing it out.

    31. Trevor Downs on

      I'd really like to see a Mac OS X/Linux release for the game.

    32. Symonty on

      I agree I dont think I will even play it if it is not on a console, I dont think I even have a PC laying round.

    33. alraz on

      Consoles \o/

    34. Tadashi on

      Since they don't plan to do retail copies, physical copy is likely PC only. You could put it in an empty PS4 box and install your digital copy?

    35. Lienn on

      Awesome! Let's see if this console port speeds things up! Hopefully poll will come out soon enough so we can have the console properly shown at goal! ^^
      Also, very nice pic! This bike is really cool! ^^ Hopefully it will speed up some now and even more as the console(s) port(s) are added! ^^

    36. Liam Allen-Miller on

      Can the Physical Copy tier pick whichever console it gets, or will that be PC only?

    37. Tyrone Wested

      @Hyper thats true but without consoles this might not even fund. This console needs to be decided on fast you can't expect us to throw money for a game without knowing if we can play it or not. Make a command decision, then we will know and you can throw the next console stretch after ep4-5.
      But seriously if it isn't PS4 you're shooting yourself in the foot trying to go after th world market.

    38. John Larson on

      Disappointing. While I like that they are going to support a console, I want to know which before I increase my pledge. I am in the minority going with an Xbone (streaming my games through windows 10 rocks). I want to support this on Kickstarter and make it a reality, but it is looking more and more like I will be waiting for a retail launch where I know what I am getting.

    39. Wynne on

      @Comcept Thank you so much for listening about the console port!! Upping my pledge now!! :D One question though, will the rewards be updates with the console port as an available option for digital and/or physical copy IF the goal is reached?

    40. Vitor Gatti on

      No... that's not how you do it. Sorry, Inafune-san, I really wanted MML3, but this one will not be possible until you guys change your strategy.

    41. Psychic Pumpkin on

      It's hard to commit above the $5 level for the game to possibly come to a console I own. We definitely need more certainty than this. A physical PS4 level would be an instant upgrade for me.

    42. Missing avatar

      Hyper on

      I don't like the fact that this console port make the episode IV-VI goal even further away. Maybe it's just me, but I'll be very unhappy if we get a half as long game as the price for a console port.

    43. Tadashi on

      I don't know if people would pledge if they don't know which console it will be ported to, especially if it is only properly decided upon after the Kickstarter has ended.
      Try to get something definite soon.

    44. Missing avatar

      Trevor on

      I'm surprise that they're able to do a console port at such a low stretch goal, but I wont complain!

    45. Missing avatar

      Evan on

      PS4 by far. Not sure why wii u is on that list. I want this game to look the best you guys can make it! Looking forward to it regardless.