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Introduction of STUDIO4℃ films!

Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)


 <Genius Party ・Genius Party Beyond>

●Genius Party Official webpage
●STUDIO4℃ Works page: Genius Party,  Genius Party Beyond 

GP and GPB are original films of STUDIO4℃.
 The most creative directors in Japanese animation industry made short films with full creative freedom under no limitation except for two conditions, budget and duration.
 These are the evidences that genuine outcomes from creators are distinctive and incredible. I’d say each short was maybe too individual, so for this time for Red Ash, the main theme, basic story concept, and main characters are common through all stages. I am sure that even with those common factors, stages that Beck, Call and Tyger will explore are going to be very very mysterious worlds!

That’s all for today. Stay tuned! It’d be really exciting to have many creators join Red Ash –Magicicada–! Please keep up your supports and help us spread the word!

If there’s any questions or anything unclear regarding this update, let us know in the comment section below!





Genius Party ・Genius Party Beyond

●Genius Party Official
●STUDIO4℃ Works page Genius
●STUDIO4℃ Works page Genius Party

業界でもっとも面白いと言われるクリエーター達が、予算と尺という縛り以外、 自由な発想で創ったら、こんなに個性的なバラエティ豊かな作品になったという、証拠作品です。
あまりにもバラバラすぎたので、今回「RedAsh」ではテーマと基本のストリィーコンセプトとメインキャラは統一という 縛りをつけました。それでもかなり不思議な世界に行くことになる!!と確信します。

本日のアップデートはここまでです。 Red Ash –Magicicada–もたくさんのクリエイターに参加して貰いたいですね!皆様、応援何卒宜しくお願い致します!


STUDIO4℃ RED ASH チーム 一同より



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    1. James Closs on

      I got to see Genius Party in a small artsy theater in DC back in wither '07 or '08. I remember it being generally impressive, but there was definitely one that was very all over the place that seemed to be purely animation showcase with not any really plot.

    2. Vince Vazquez

      I liked Memories a lot. Like, A LOT a lot. It's one of my favorite anime of all time - really sticks with people who see it, including a lot of my friends in college. It certainly lives up to the name - especially the segments done by Studio 4C! Magnetic Rose is haunting. Absolutely brilliant! :D

      You guys worked on that, so ever since then, I've tried to keep an eye on the studio that worked on that. Whenever I'd see something like Spriggan, then I'd be like, "Who worked on this?", I would not be surprised to see that it was 4C again. Seriously, whatever you guys are working on, I'm onboard (^-^)

      Seriously, your Wikipedia reads like an all-star list of awesome, bold, imaginative anime... and also DC Animated features? Halo Legends? Animatrix segments? Your western stuff is surprising to see, but again, they all kick ass and are stunning-looking. More people should have a look-see if they're unfamiliar with your works - it's good that you're mentioning some here:

    3. Christopher Babic

      Is there a version of Genius Party Beyond 4-disc DVD w/ English subtitles AND for Region 1? Looked all over and couldn't track one down.