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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      IamDanD on

      I would really like to play Mighty Gunvolt... But have not received anything about it in my email... I did get my beta code and have played some of Mighty No. 9.

      I have emailed Comcept and have not gotten any responce yet about Mighty Gunvolt... does anyone know what is going on? Or how I can reveive this game?


    2. Musaed Al-Musaed on

      I did not receive anything, Mighty no 9 beta code neither Mighty Gunvolt code :(

    3. Missing avatar

      Rakui on

      Thanks so much!, I'll try emailing them later. I'm not in that much of a hurry to try the beta but I do hope I get it XD

    4. AABAR on

      @Rakui If you upgraded you should get it. Here's someone who did get it in the forum:

    5. Missing avatar

      Rakui on

      what if you upgraded your tier through fangamer?
      and on kickstarter, mine still has my old tier

    6. Eiko on

      @AABAR I e-mailed them and I'm still waiting for their reply T^T

    7. Huy Truong on

      I mail them, but still didn't get my Beta Key.

    8. Hmmm on

      Even if you didn't donate $80, it's also available on the internet if you know where to look :3

    9. Francis Chavando on

      If you haven't gotten your beta code just email Comcept with your Kickstarter email address, your Mighty number and your donation tier. They helped me in less than 24 hours. Just remember you need to have donated at least $80 to get the beta code, and it's only for Steam/PC.

      mightyno9 ((AT))

    10. AABAR on

      @Eiko Did you try emailing comcept?

    11. Branden Baisden on

      Oh, you had to pay 80 dollars to get the beta. Yeah, I didn't choose that.

    12. Branden Baisden on

      It's been 2 days now and I haven't got my code yet. I hope this beta is for everyone unless I missed out on something to be qualified for.

    13. Eiko on

      I have yet to receive my survey, Mighty Gunvolt code and Mighty No.9 Beta test keys. I'm starting to think that I'm not registered as a backer on your list

    14. Missing avatar

      Jerritt on

      Currently waiting on my key.

    15. David Fouts on

      Got my beta key just fine. Wasn't in junk folder or anything (I use GMAIL).

      I got Mega Man X at 8 years old for my birthday (26 now). Played it constantly and it still ranks among my top 5 games of all time on any system.

      Stages were inspired, bosses were unique, the soundtrack was catchy, and the flow of combat was superb.

      I realize this is a beta, but both the level design and the soundtrack are sub-par at best. The Stage itself felt lifeless. I'd imagine there's only so much you can do with a military base-styled Stage, but please give it something to feel unique.

      The combat overall felt a little dull. I know there's transformations in the finished game. I just wish we could've gotten a taste of at least one of them to offer our input about the system it uses.

      I know there's 2 more stages coming in a later beta, so I'll reserve more of my judgement for that. In terms of bugs/problems, I've only found a few. The sound settings dont work and I had a hard time finding out how to exit the calibration menu.

      Also, dropping down a ladder is a little sketchy. In old mega man games it was very responsive but in this game it seems harder for Beck to "catch" the ladder to descend it and dropping off the ladder by pressing the jump button should make you instant drop.

      Other than that it felt polished controls-wise. Haven't found any clipping issues or wall catches.

    16. ebongrey on

      @Diego Jurado: Yeah all the backers get Mighty Gunvolt.

    17. Missing avatar

      Diego Jurado on

      Sweet! My 3DS XL was to arrive on December, long after the deal was off. So if I read correctly... ALL Beckers get Mighty Gunvolt? All of us? :,)

    18. Francis Chavando on

      I went to the Mighty forums and there's a few people who managed to lose their beta keys. I sent an email to Comcept explaining the situation. Fingers crossed.

    19. Francis Chavando on

      I need help. My email was locked over the weekend and I can't get it back. How do I get my beta key? I've changed my email from Kickstarter just now.

    20. Hmmm on…

      Can't even spell their own project's name correctly. Can't believe it's been a year since the project started. I was so excited for this when it was announced only to be completely 100% disappointed in all aspects of this project a year later.

      The Beta just looks bland and soulless to me. Yea, sure it's a beta, I've played a lot of good ones and a lot of bad ones. This, I can't even rate it because It's literally the most uninspired thing I've seen for a long time. I feel like it's a $.99 XBL Indie Arcade title, not something that came from a $4M Project.

      Sihg....i mean, Sigh.

    21. Solitaire Shamus on

      Well, I feel 1-upped in the 8-bit art department.

    22. AABAR on

      @Anthony Giammarinaro at least they corrected it on the official forum & website. @Pupiyapak You should get it as well (can email them as well). Now I missed the PAX session, can't view it on twitch but at least the new gameplay video is on youtube...

    23. Drew McMahon

      I had the pleasure of taking part in last years panel, and rushed home to back Mighty No. 9. It was so exciting to see the progress that has been made, at this years panel. It is such a rush being a part in this project! Gunvolt looks like a blast too! I just wished that the panelists asked more questions about Beck, rather than the other beloved blue hero. Keep up the great work!

    24. Pupiyapak on

      I pledge $250 passed PAYPAL. Can I get it??

    25. "Wakko" on

      Oh dear, oh my!!! Migthy Month?? If this is sneak peak to their "quality control" I worry for this game. Actually, no, no I don't. Worrying would mean that I care!
      *sips champagne*

      And again, more content that excludes backers who do not use the forums. Also, my brother has told me that the update did not get properly emailed similar to their recent blunder. Hats off you to lads! Excellent communication to the community comcept!!
      *raises glass*

    26. AABAR on

      @Rafael Ultramar - If you donated $80 or more you should get an email soon if not already (check your junk folder like @Nenets below just in case)

    27. AABAR on

      @César H. Sandoval - yeah I also have that problem... + is it region locked?

    28. Rafael Ultramar on

      Where to get the Beta access? ):

    29. Francisco Santiago on

      There goes my incentive for buying Azure Striker Gunvolt. I guess a friend is getting my free key.

    30. Missing avatar

      Alex Baughn on

      @Michael May
      The beta is running surprisingly smoothly on my 4 year old so-so (for the time) laptop on the default fairly high settings. The boss fight was the only area where it slowed down a bit, but even that was just when the boss uses one of his late fight moves.

    31. Nenets on

      Oh no, my Beta key was in the Junk folder! I was getting other emails fine from Kickstarter updates so I didn't think to check there, but the sender was different. So yeah, those of you who haven't gotten a key yet, check your junk folder!

    32. Nenets on

      Neither have I Maverick. I wonder if this is related to me not getting the beta key as well, or if I'm just low down on the queue on that one?

    33. The Maverick Eye on

      Am I the only one who did not get an email notification for this update?

    34. Asupernaruto on

      I haven't got my beta yet.

    35. Missing avatar

      Anthony Giammarinaro on

      "Mighty" is misspelled in "Mighty Month"

    36. César H. Sandoval on

      Do the Mighty Gunvolt codes have an expiration date? I don't have a 3DS... yet.

    37. Sean Tomizawa on

      I retroactively added $39 to my $60 reward set through Fangamer two weeks ago. I understand I will still be getting the beta access, correct?

    38. Riki Insfran on

      thanks for fix the problem, thanks

    39. Riki Insfran on

      i have a problem to login in the forum :<

    40. Missing avatar

      Michael May on

      What platform(s) will the beta be on? I highly doubt, my very outdated PC, could handle this game. So, I really hope it'll be playable on consoles.