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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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Communi-Day: Freshly baked fan art bits! Get’em while they’re hot!

Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)


Hello again, Mighties! 

It’s that special time of the month again, where we display the works of our backers and fans front and center for all to see.  I have to say, this month’s update was… difficult to curate! There was simply so much art to choose from that I had the hardest time going through all of it. Not that I’m complaining about this parade of eye candy, mind you! It’s always a pleasure. 

Let’s flip the script on you for a second though, and start by giving back… 


Let’s start with a new gameplay video to get you ready for all that tasty fan art! Dig in!

 Can’t wait to see all these new bits and pieces analyzed! The game plays great by the way, and is gradually getting harder! (Meaning I’m having more and more trouble with it… dishonor…) Looking forward to your minute feedback on this latest offering of ours! 

But enough about us! How’re YOU?


Well, apparently quite a few of you have been playing the amazing Shovel Knight. The game is great, and in celebration of its recent release we had a crossover event over in the Mighty Forums. This spurred some great writing and art which I recommend for you to see here. I won’t spoil the winners for you, but here are some of the great contenders that we had on display, and even some non-Becker creations

(above) Fusion! by Andrew Leta 

Mighty No. 9 Beck/Shovel Knight Crossover by TehUberDarkNerd

(above) Shield Call by Pontata 

(above) Even Call E (affectionately dubbed Echo by her fans!) joined in on the fun! This piece is by Mighty No. 30565 Lienn

Check it out!


Another activity we have going on right now in the forums is the Mighty Horoscope writing and drawing event! Hurry up and submit your entries because 2 winners will be chosen, as in one for each category! Or just enjoy the show, with beautiful pieces like this Libra:

(above )Mighty No. 9 Libra by Mighty No. 33616 Sapphire

What’s YOUR sign? ;) (and also why don't you draw/write about it with us?)


I would ask what you’ve all been up to this summer, but, well, I can already tell: you’ve been busy! What, you think I’m making that up? see for yourselves…

(above) Mighty No. 3 and Mighty No. 2 by coonstito 

Mighty Scorpio No. 3 by pontata

It’s about to get heavy by SGNenet

Mighty robots! by Press Start

The reaction to No. 2 being revealed as a girl has been fantastic by the way, thank you all! It's generated some wonderful fan art too, as you can see below.

(above) Mighty No. 2 (early design and current design) by Pontata

2014 07 Mighty No. 2 by theEyZmaster

Mighty No. 2 without helmet? by K4Z1

(above) Mighty No. 2 by axlfox

Beck in the Mighty No. 2 transformation costume by askmightyno9

Awesome Beck splash-back-shot by gallade100

Toast (featuring Dr. Sanda) by JllyGrnGnt (shout out to his fantastic Mighty fan-verse where Pink Call is Dr. Sanda!)

Cubes by SatsyDoodles

(above) Beck amazed by a horse! by askmightyno9

Beck, holding up 9 fingers by Mika-Bailey

His Inner Child by mewkwota

Thank you Inafune (Signed by Keiji Inafune) by AnotherRandomMegaMan (ft Beck, a Xel and Call D!)

Zzz by ThePoliteSea (Ft adorable Beck napping with a cat!)

Mighty No. 9 Neko-Beck by K4Z1

(above) an unusual take on our heroes in Call y Beck by donpapi

Call-Beck-Transformation Concept by K4Z1

New Style Call by GamefreakDX

Mighty No. 9 - Call - F by Raix3D 

And, to end on a hilarious but slightly disturbing note:

(above) Apple Calls? by Shadypenpen

Well, we hope you enjoyed this month’s excursion through talent and fandom as much we did, Beckers! I should mention that we count ourselves extremely lucky to be receiving so much love for Mighty No. 9 even now, after the initial Kickstarter is behind us and the game’s release still a ways away. Thank you. Your hard work circulates through the office and never fails to amaze us! We can only hope this beautiful well of art never dries up!  

How do you feel about the new gameplay, the activities, the art? We want to know, so join the discussions here in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook or the Mighty No. 9 forums! Sound off and we will listen.

Thank you for this sublime on-going journey! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

- Dina (Mighty No. 1046), Nick (Mighty No. 777) and the Mighty No. 9 Team

Community Spotlight: TIMESPINNER

I’m not even going to ask if you love Metroidvania, because honestly who doesn’t? Fortunately for you, even if you’re not a fan, Timespinner has even more layers to it than that! Intrigued? You should be.

From the Kickstarter: “At its heart, the game is a child of the great pixelated classics of the SNES and PS1 age. From the rich story worlds of Star Ocean, the expansive gothic castle exploration in Castlevania, and the tight gameplay of Megaman X, Timespinner seeks to weave all of these elements into one amazing game. “

This game has it all, combining an intriguing time-stopping mechanic with a beautiful moody pixel package. The game even broke its Playstation 4 and PSVita stretchgoals, and recently busted its local CO-OP goal, so you can snuggle up on a couch with a friend and kick some butt together. The Nintendo 3DS goal is up next, so if you’d like to see it on that system, or have it on existing system at all… Do consider donating to the Kickstarter campaign! Only 5 days to go! :)

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    1. Gerald Bocook on

      For a game that has been in development for nine months and some change, and won't release for another year-plus, I'd say they're doing a fantastic job! Rough patches during pre-alpha development are the reasons alpha and beta stages of development exist; animations are smoothed out, textures improved, lighting made more complex, etc., and being disappointed that the details are not in place seems impetuous. These are all things that will come in time. You opened your wallet because you trusted these people to make something wonderful; don't blast them or lament your decision simply because the earliest peeks at the game haven't lived up to the lofty standards you set in your mind back in September of last year.

    2. Adrien Louis Pirmez Combecau on

      looks like EPIC! More cute babies Nº9

    3. David Bruno on

      Too much bloom. :(

    4. Lucas on

      @Michael rest assured , someone asked in the commutiny thread and Nick said she does indeed can use an attack move, though didn't gave any details about it.

    5. Metazoxan No. 60187 on

      Just to remind people when I say Cartoon I mean this…

      Again I can live with the more 3D style but it would be nice if the shading at least could be more like this. Like if the game looked like this but more 3D like then it would likely look great. But right now the style and shading don't looke quite right IMO.

      I"m not trying to hold the game up to impossible standards but this should be doable enough right?

    6. Metazoxan No. 60187 on

      I'm not complaining too much about the graphics but I do hope they are polished a bit more. In all honesty I agree that I would like the Cartoon style better..but I can live with this too.

      But it does look a little odd and needs a bit more polish IMO. I'm not asking for super Hi Def realistic graphics but it just needs a little more polish and style. It is a work is progress so I'm not condemning the game already. But I'm just sharing my thoughts on the graphics as they are now.

    7. Edwin on

      Great update!

    8. Nenets on

      Oh, this is the gameplay you sneaked into Inafune's video earlier, but with more bits thrown in and with sound effects! Interesting...

      And of course, the arts are as great as ever!

    9. Matt Lohkamp on

      donpapi's looks a little like boondocks / avatar style. I like it.

    10. Joseph Huckleberry on

      Unlike most people who comment on these updates, I knew going in that I was giving Inafune and company money to make the game they want to make, not some dream game I could hold to impossibly specific expectations. Comcept and Inticreates, you guys keep doing what you do. The game is looking incredible thus far, and I'm excited to see how things continue to evolve! You have my support 100%!

    11. Kickstarter Account on

      I also prefer the hand drawn look. But I'm hoping the decision to go 2.5 D was made for gameplay and not to be more "mainstream" or cut costs on animation. Hope it runs butter smooth on a high end gaming rig.

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Umm.. does Call not have any offensive capacity? Cause if that's the case, I've just lost a ton of interest in this project.

    13. Justin Schwieger on

      Two concerns.

      1: The intro animation looks a little off, or stiff to me.

      2: When you swap weapons I don't think it should stop the players movement. Previous MM and X games just switched over. The animation is a nice touch but it can be one while moving. Having the player stop for a slight amount of time could affect gameplay making it harder to swap weapons at a crucial time. It might also be one of the things that prevents the game from being great for speed runners who have fully embraced Mega Man, MMX, and MMZ since those titles work out so well for the community.

    14. "Wakko" on

      Hmmm. This is one of the very rare instances where I share the same sentiment with my brother, in which we wished the graphics for the game looked closer to the cartoon/cel shaded look found in the concept arts....Bah, no matter to me though! They don't have their "greedy hands" on MY money, so I couldn't care less.
      *sips champagne indifferently*

    15. Joshua French on

      Thanks, alraz! :D

    16. Pontata on


      You can send an email to

      I hope it works out for you!

    17. Ahmed Almutawa on

      Why don't you guys respond to private messages on kickstarter? You used to respond before...

    18. alraz on

      Toast takes the cake! XD