Mighty No. 9

by comcept USA, LLC

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    1. Melvin Co on

      With the balance and being the core gameplay ... I still feel that the Dash is a bit overpowered.

    2. Otoshigami No. 40723

      Anyway, the Dash will come in handy as a Risk and Reward system, possibly to gain power ups or an life recover. No. 2 as a Girl is good because we can't have always have 1 female boss in every game. As for the harsh criticism for the stage, I agree with Inafking. it needs a random SPAWN POINT for the DIFFERENT Enemy or Platform so that we don't need to face it over and over again and also screw the player's mind that is not the case.

    3. David Cisneros Parra on

      One of the best updates so far, I like the dash mechanics a lot, is not your averge dash mechanic that's for sure.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Paul Kaylor on

      Definitely liking the way the game is coming along, especially having you guys highlight certain actions above.

      As for the voice acting decision, I'm very happy to see you guys are working to make both provided. As someone who's been learning Japanese, also the idea of having Beck and crew speak in the Japanese language, I'm greatly glad you guys have decided to include the options in the stretch goals. Really looking forward to both possibilities of what Beck and crew will sound like in English and Japanese voices and I hope both these stretch goals make it!

    5. Nenets on

      This update sure was content-rich! Am I the only one that hasn't gotten an email about this update though? I only found out through the official website.

    6. David Cisneros Parra on


      I didn't get any email update either.

    7. Missing avatar

      Yan Zhao on

      Good update and glad to know both ENG and JAP VA will be part of the first goal.

    8. The Maverick Eye on

      @Nenets, David
      You guys are not the only ones. I didn't get an email either.

    9. "Wakko" on

      *hacks into brother's email account*
      Hmmm, no email here either. Very peculiar indeed.

      Not a backer myself, but I must say that I’m a little disappointed with the update. What happened to withholding information from your backers comcept? What happened to your evil ways?!
      *sips champagne in frustration*

      On a personal note though, I did find the initial concept art for the game most appealing. But seeing the game going for the 2.5D design is slightly disappointing...well, I would be “disappointed” if I actually backed this project. So joyous day, I care not!
      *happily sips champagne*

    10. Sapphire Callahan on

      I have to find Inafune's comment about meat funny since he says meat meat meat and then a few other things then steak...which is meat again :P

      that and i actually do eat meat every day because I don't really like much else. though i have potatoes with my meat. Either way awesome update! hope this goal is met so I can play with both voice overs and decide which I like better :)

    11. Nakano

      Nice update and this actually has a very professional tone in it. I like the MN2 sketch! Reworking it to be in the game in some form would be great.
      Has Beck's running animation got developed more as I think it looks more polished now? Charge shot would still be a nice feature too.

    12. DuoDynamo on

      Nope, no e-mail here either.
      Though it doesn't matter much in my case, since I always keep stalking the KS page on update days.

    13. Kyle Harpster on

      Maybe its just me, but I don't much care for the run animation. It is a bit to bouncy and kiddie for me. I was hoping for more of a Mega Man X vibe from this game and less Mega Man 8.

    14. Melissa Lee on

      Really wish you hadn't mentioned the way the bosses used to be with like the olympics, because now I wish that's how they could have been. Skaters, runners, boxers, swimmers, gymnastics, archery, weightlifting, fencing etc. all sound like a really neat theme overall.

    15. David Bradshaw on

      Am I understanding that right? The game will have both Japanese and English voice acting available as options to choose, I guess from the options menu? That would be a really cool feature to have.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jack Aldridge on

      Those kicky legs in the second video!

    17. Bernie Santana Holcomb on

      Hey I got a idea Mighty No. 0 the rebirth of
      Zero and ProtOman. Hey can be a new dlc boss or a hidden boss and he have a blaster but his main weapon be his 0 sword and Beckgets that when he wins and Call gets the 0 boomerrang or reflectorshield. What you think tell me honestly fellow beckers

    18. Saulo Aquele Lindo Ottoni on

      OMG, they've used Egoraptor's Jump'n-Shoot-man

    19. Justin

      It's awesome how far you've come in such little time.

      Gotta admit though, not a fan of the absorb mechanic. It looks painfully repetitive.

    20. Paul Davidson on

      So many game play vids! So little time!! Awesome!!! Hi KIMO Kimo!

    21. Jordan York on

      I like that the dash doesn't allow you to go through projectiles or opponents who aren't weakened. Previous showings of the move appeared to give off an overpowered vibe as Beck hardly stopped dashing through opponents.

    22. Scott Petrovic on

      The gameplay videos "feel" great! I am interested to see how the score system will play a factor in the game. Maybe leaderboards or unlockables.

    23. Ryan Bell on

      This is amazing. I love how Mighty No. 9 is doing something different with the whole use the bosses power gimmick. I always wished Mega Man would transform when he used other powers, but he only changed colors (though I will always love Mega Man). It is nice to see this new rival to the Blue Bomber take things a step further by changing his appearance. Great job Mighty No. 9 team! Thank you for the outstanding update.

    24. Michel Hideki Okada on

      Now I'm relieved! Thank you for the Japanese/English VA,

      Because I'm living in ocident, But I'm a Japanese guy in Brazil!!!! We don't speak english!! Just Portuguese and Japanese!! And the japanese games who comes here generally are only with english voices . That's very very very very very... and very disappointing.... Thank you for this!

    25. Gilbert Warner on

      Glad to see Beck's Dash is more reminiscent of Mega Man X's than his classic series counterpart. Much prefer the additional jump boost to a dumb slide move.

    26. Professor Icepick on

      Wow, I honestly had no idea No. 2 was a girl. That's pretty cool, honestly. No pun intended.

    27. Francis Chavando on

      0The original design for No. 2 looks very reminiscent of the character designs from the Mega Man Zero series. I've gone back to playing those games to wait out Mighty No. 9's launch and the design looks very similar. She's thin and very sleek and has a great amount of detail.

      If the Mighty No. 9 series ever moves away from its cartoony origins I'd like to see it go in that direction.

    28. Francisco Santiago on

      I understand why No. 2 was changed to what it is, and I like it. It's fits in with the design of the rest of the game and certainly unique...but I have to say, I'm disappointed that the original won't make it into the final game.

    29. Missing avatar

      Gabriel G A Bueno on

      It's great to hear about the criticism of the Stage, as weird as it sounds. Big objective expactations from the high-ups means a great end product, it's very reassuring =)

    30. giga-ganon on

      i still feel the infinite dash ability makes the thing too easy, and ennemy only need few shot to get killed instantly by dashing trough them! Hope They'll do something about the grphic too... it's dull and generic, megaman games are alway colorfull, but in this one we doesn't feel that at all!

      I still love the gameplay mechanics, and i can't wait to play it, but they need to be changed a little i think! Also, reduce the upgrade text with the xel, it's too freaking big, (100 % absorb etc....)

    31. giga-ganon on

      also, i forgot, wasn't it originally planned that when you absorb ennemy power, something change on your body? like the legs becoming like a thank, etc....

    32. Nibelung on

      I would like to ask you guys to, when screening for VAs, make sure both japanese and english voice be as close as possible. I mean, if one character have a girly, high-pitched voice in japanese, it should also have a girly, high-pitched voice in english. Since you will be doing voice acting in parallel, this might be entirely possible.

    33. Matthew Perdrisat on

      I disagree with the previous comment. The thing with localization is that things work in some places that don't work in the other-- especially voice acting. Take Goku from Dragonball Z for example, he's a high pitched female voice-- along with his kids and father-- in Japanese. That didn't carry over to the English dub, and for good reason. It wouldn't sound right here, a grown muscular man sounding like a little girl. But it works in Japan for their audiences.

      The voices should match for their audience and locations. I don't think there should be a limitation put on the team for it. Put voices that match them for their distinctive locations. They have experience, let them use it.

    34. DamnCatOnMyDesk

      Way to buck the gender design stereotypes with No. 2. Don't get me wrong, I actually kind of liked the original design concept, but it doesn't really fit the style of Mighty No 9 or its bosses. The mighty number robots all feel very distinct and really feel like they should be part of this game. XD

      As for the level design scrapping, I find that strangely reassuring. I like that they are willing to scrap a level if it just doesn't play well. ;)

    35. XClark on

      I will enjoy playing the game first in english and rerun through the game in japanese. :)

    36. Ren Leaf on

      I have some (hopefully) constructive criticism based on the videos you show in this update.
      First one: The basics, running jumping and shooting. The run animation reminds me very much of Megaman 8's runcycle, and while that's neat to see, it always struck me as a little bit of an awkward animation. It's a little "Flaily". I don't mind if it stays that way but it's just something that always bugged me slightly about those animations in MM8/Rockman & Forte. On the positive side, the speed and fluidity of the movements is fantastic and it looks really responsive. I'm sure it'll play fantastic when I get my hands on it!

      Second Video: Doooo NOT like that dangling animation. Again, it's too quick and it looks a little silly. It's not a gamebreaker again, but it feels out of place. That said again, I have no issues whatsoever with the speed of movement up and down ladders, or that you can grab onto objects and dangle from them. I love that. :D I loved the wall-slide/Walljumps from the Megaman X series and while I don't think that would fit well with Mighty No 9, I do really appreciate some kind of ledge grabbing and such. Nothing is more frustrating than being just a few pixels short of a jump and seeing it sail past your face with only certain doom below you! Regarding mounting a ledge though, is it a case of pushing towards the direction you want to climb or can you just jump to launch yourself upwards as well to make it a bit quicker if you just need speed? As long as pressing jump doesn't just drop you immediately from the ledge, and instead pressing down would drop you, that's perfect for me. I've never liked the dissonance between jump being a vertical move but also just making you let go of something you grab on without some kind of vertical motion first. It feels disconnected to me. Please, please, please, with all motion and movement and navigating a level, keep jump as a VERTICAL, UPWARDS move, no matter what. I always get frustrated when pressing jump while grabbing something just drops me like a stone.

      Third Video: The dashing? I have no bad comments whatsoever. As every second went by of that video I loved the dashing more and more. I loved the dash in the Megaman X series and I loved the air dash even more. So when I saw you could immediately airdash, I was like 'yess!'. THEN I found out you could DUCK-dsh, and then DROP dash!? Blown away. LOVE it. Thank you so much!

      As for the fourth video, the absorbtion, again, love it to pieces. It's unique and is a great new mechanic for the game which stops it being "Just a megaman clone". It's got its own feel and its own marks on the gaming world. I Love the balance of the absorbtion idea, and getting powerups from it, and having to make sure you weaken the opponent sufficiently before absorbing them. I love that you can chain absorbtions and how well you absorb them dictating how much you get from them! It leads to a lot of strategy, and the balancing of how you get damaged if you try and rush things and not weaken them first is fantastic! Surprised I didn't see any charge shots though. Will that a be a powerup thing perhaps?

    37. Missing avatar

      Arkrite on

      If there is going to be a "dark" stage it might be a good idea to make parts of Beck glow.
      Not only could it be a neat little visual, but it easily allows you to place where your own character is on the screen.
      Probably won't be a big problem on a real full screen, but he faded into the background on those screenshots.

    38. Missing avatar

      Arkrite on

      Also after watching the videos I'm not really keen on Beck's run animation.
      It is very well animated, that's not the problem. My issue is that his arms swing front to back like pendulums, something I'm not used to seeing anybody do unless they're skipping. The exact image that pops to my mind is a little girl skipping through a field of flowers.

      Might look better with a bit of a more runner's style of pumping one's arms. Could give him a more determined and dynamic look.
      Just my opinion.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ryan Holleman on

      I agree with Arkrite and Russell Meader. The run animation, while good, could use some tweaking I think. Beck seems a little awkward in the motion, as I found myself unable to draw attention away from that fact all throughout the videos I've seen it in. Everything else is looking great so far. The running, however, doesn't have a very dynamic feel and gives a sense of detachment between Beck and the world around him. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't feel his run animation reflects any of the "urgency" or "purpose" to what he is trying to accomplish.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ryan Holleman on

      My apologies in post twice in a row, but I'd also like to add my two cents on the hanging animation as well. Like Russell Meader said, I agree that it looks rather dangling. Even if this is to be a more lighthearted game like the Classic series of Mega Man rather than the darker areas Mega Man X offers, I think there's a way to deliver that without it just looking, again, a bit out of place. I do prefer the mechanic to something akin to wall-jumping because this hasn't been utilized in a Mega Man game before and it helps to separate itself more into its own entity with a different mechanic like this.

      Be that as it may, I do feel that the animation itself needs tweaking like the run animation. Beck looks as if he's a little kid struggling to pull himself up or having difficulty with it. It gives a more comedic feel to it, and that's not inherently a bad thing, I'm just not sure if that's the image you're trying to give Beck or not.

      Other than those two animations though (running and hanging) it's looking great. Keep up the great work guys, I believe in this project a lot and hope it inspires you (and us backers by extension) to greater heights, Comcept Staff.

    41. Josh Light on

      *Foams and gushes at the vids of seeing Beck in action* Just..take all of my money. XD
      no, really the controls look tight just from the vids alone and I am loving how he's completely different and new but giving me that mega man vibe. Granted there still looks like there could be a couple of tweaks here and there and need to be worked on, but holy cow that's beautiful. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game. ;3

      Also, MN2 is a girl!? *jawdrop* So..is that a helmet she's wearing? *now wonders what's under it* Gah, this is going to drive me crazy now! I am loving all of this. Thankyou so much, Comcpet for making me actually WANT a game so badly again. I can't wait for this game to come out!

    42. Sean Doubek on

      I'm loving most of everything that I'm seeing. I have to agree with a few other people about the hanging animation. It reminds me of a kid hanging on and kicking for dear life. Also, I like the idea of dashing, but not into EVERY enemy to collect things for power-ups (or whatever it may be upon release) that may be essential to the overall game. That seems like an enormous amount of tedious repetition. There's got to be something else you could add to make the collection a tad bit easier. Maybe throw in some randomly spawning capsules that contain Xel in dead-end corners of the stages. Anyways, keep up the awesome work, can't wait for this game!

    43. Paul Andersen on

      I like the absorb mechanic a lot more, now that it's been explained. I can see speed runners using it to great effect.

    44. Missing avatar

      Reza on

      I really look forward to this game being a huge megaman fan.

      One thing bothers me seeing the clips is the movement, it feels a bit stall, almost like he has clue on his shoe, hard to express what i'm thinking really, i just wish he could move more fluently and not like as if there is a 1 second delay between each step. Not sure if you can get my meaning ?
      Any how i'm sure the game will be great fun.

    45. André Mateus Garcia Morel on

      Every time I see something new about the game it gets me a little more excited... But I agree with some stuff said here before... The animation of him dangling feels a little too like a child hopeless to climb... And also, I miss the charged shot too. About the VA, I just wish there is an option to include subtitles along with dialogues. I'm half deaf, so it gets complicated sometimes to understand things without something to read along. Anyway, it's getting great!

    46. Missing avatar

      Merle Blue on

      Every new piece of news makes me want to play the game more! Really love the insight into Mighty No. 2's design.

    47. Missing avatar

      Reza on

      One thing i would love to see is cross play or save. I'm buying the game for Vita and WiiU or my 3DS and was thinking if there would be a universal save place for all these platforms. That would be pretty cool if you guys could come up with a way to do this.
      Ex i play on my 3DS and when i'm done i select upload save game to your datacenter.
      I move to my Vita and select download save and can continue on my Vita. That would be really great. Sounds easy bit i'm sure there are allot of constrains and logistics around it. Anyway i thought i should ask :) i'm buying the game for 2 consoles right now and might go even higher so it would be sweet to not start over each time.

    48. AABAR on

      @André Mateus Garcia Morel & others - In the forums it's mentioned that voices (if we get it in the 1st place) can be turned off: http://mightyno9.com/en/node/2650… - so there should be subtitles? - yeah there's no charged shot, but Beck can obtain a "fiery piercing shot": http://youtu.be/AHZNRtgLw7k… & some transformations include charged attacks like No. 7: http://youtu.be/h-6u8_G_J7I…

    49. Nibelung on

      @Matthew Perdrisat

      "The thing with localization is that things work in some places that don't work in the other-- especially voice acting. Take Goku from Dragonball Z for example, he's a high pitched female voice-- along with his kids and father-- in Japanese."

      That specific example is the result of continuity problem. Goku have the same VA since the DB anime, and it never transitioned for an "adult" voice to keep familiarity. However, on the western world, most of us got Dragon Ball Z before the original Dragon Ball, thus the VA was selected based on an adult character since the start.

      Also, just because the character voice have an innate theme, does not mean the VA itself don't have some flexibility in working within the theme to give personality to the character.

      Finally, "the voices should match for their audience and locations" simply ignore that we only have two languages being spoken (English and Japanese), and the game will have a global audience. Even ignoring the other languages, within english-speaking countries, we have different standards. What sounds nice for an australian may not sound nice to an indian or nigerian.

      So, I think it is best to reflects what the creation team have in mind for the voice of each character, and let it spread worldwide.