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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.

Mighty Video Update: A Pewtiful End to Mighty May!



Well here we are, dear Beckers...

Mighty May is coming to a close and we like to go out with a BANG!

...Or a pew pew pew, I guess? It’d be a really loud and majestic pew, I swear...

Perhaps a loud and/or majestic sound answering your cries for sweet, sweet game footage of the early Mighty playable ROMs you’ve seen INAFKING and the comcept staff playing!

Pictures just ain’t cutting it anymore, you say? You want to see the real deal, live and (mostly) uncut?

The pew pew heard, you, friends. And the pew pew abides. We’re thrilled to show you an exclusive first look at both Mighty No. 2 AND Mighty No. 5’s stages, including a sneak peak at the boss battles!!


But we’re not done there, Mighties! I’d suggest you keep riding that hype wave, because it just so happens we have one more announcement you’ve all been waiting for…


Hi again, Mighty Beckers! Koji Imaeda here, and I’m happy to announce we’re finally ready to take the next step for the Support Character Naming and Coloring campaign! This time it’s a two-for-one survey special!

Congratulations to all those whose designs made it here! It's not over yet, though...

For the nitty-gritty details, head over to the forums!

Quite an eyeful, huh, Mighties? Share your thoughts on the new video and survey here in the comments, on the backer forums, on twitter, or our official Facebook page!

Until next time, for even more Mighty goodies! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

- Dina (Mighty No. 1046), Mark (Mighty No. 84), Koji Imaeda (Mighty No. 610), and the Mighty No. 9 Team

P.S. The survey will be conducted through email as per usual, but it may take a few days to receive your survey message. If you still don’t have it by Monday, June 2nd PST, email us at with the subject line “Missing Support Character Vote Email”!

(If you're on SurveyMonkey's opt-out list, pleaseopt-in here to get your email.)


Allow us to take a minute, Mighties, to shed some well-deserved light on a game that’s anything but lukewarm: Red Goddess.

You play as Divine, the titular red goddess of this love letter to action-adventure Metroidvania, who enters the world of her subconscious mind in order to find out what is destroying her from the inside. There she finds a hostile planet full of dangerous beings, and must use her two avatars--the fiery Nar and the ice cold Syn--to progress through her adventure.

If you’re also a fan of smart, beautiful platformers that combine puzzle solving with exploration, please head on over to their Kickstarter page and support them in any way you can! Even if it’s just spreading the word, every little bit counts!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Andreas O. on June 11, 2014

      Just a reminder - this was the look that at least I expected you guys would go for:…

      I hope you'll be able to get a lot closer to that until release because right now, it looks quite bland.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rob Khonsu on June 10, 2014

      I love the visuals, I love the music, I love the gameplay. I don't know where these guys are coming from that it looks soulless. No.9 has some spunk to him, looks fun and witty.

      Most of all I'm very pleased to see not only dash jumping is in the game, but also dashing causes damage. Looks like it's gonna be a blast to play!

    3. Missing avatar

      Zanosuke on June 3, 2014

      + The music. It's terrific!
      + The gameplay
      - The graphical look. I agree that the 2.5D makes the game look a bit soulless. The cel-shaded concept art had way more heart.
      - The scoring system. Don't really like it to be that "in-your-face".

    4. Hmmm on June 2, 2014

      I have to agree with Audlwolf. The 3D sprites feel like they literally have no soul. I really wish they would stuck to the 2D ones from the concept art. They at least looked lively and had some character. I will say I'm never backing a game again based on concept art.

    5. Missing avatar

      Shaun Gratton on June 1, 2014


      I'm all for the 8-bit era, but if they can pull off 3D and good game play then that's great and fits with today's style of game.

    6. David Fouts on June 1, 2014


      I agree to an extent. I agree that the art-style leaves a lot to be desired. The 3D models do look quite ugly. Mega man was always meant for 2D.

      I was disappointed by this trailer as well. However you have to remember that this game is still a year away. Plenty of fine-tuning is left to be done. How many games are shown years prior to their release and look completely different?

      Time will tell.

    7. Wheeljack on June 1, 2014

      Glad I'm not the only one who is a bit alienated by the running animation. Honestly I would even prefer the animation from the early engine visualization test.

    8. Missing avatar

      AuldWolf on June 1, 2014

      When I first saw this video on another site, I rushed to comment how generic it looked compared to prior games, and I was shocked to see just how many others had done the same. This doesn't live up to the legacy at all, it's confused, directionless desigh, generic and soulless in every way. It doesn't know what it wants to be. The cell-shaded concept art looked massively superior to this, and that's the prevailing opinion I've seen.

      When I look at games like Megaman Legends, Megaman Powered-Up, Megaman ZX, and so on... I see colour, imagination, clever design, and the general brilliance I've come to expect. When I look at Mighty No. 9, I see homogeneity, greys, more greys, unimaginative, boring designs, linear levels. It doesn't even remotely live up to the promise of what was on offer. I don't have any hopes for this at all.

      It doesn't live up to Megaman at all. It's even shook my faith in Inafune, whom I no longer believe was responsible for the success of Megaman. I expected this to be filled with imagination, cleverness, and unique looking levels. A true Megaman developer understands that the levels THEMSELVES are characters. But this feels passionless, workmanlike, just getting teh job done for the money. There's no passion in this.

      The cell-shaded stuff looks so much better. I won't be paying any attention to Inafune's projects in the future, sorry. This just looks awful.

    9. Missing avatar

      Alex Shoup on May 31, 2014

      I agree that the running animation is odd, im not a fan. it is too bouncy, like he is always hopping on his tip toes. i would like less arm and crazy leg movement (back leg doesnt need to come alll the way up his back). Maybe it could get to that point during a sprint or something, but i feel there should be a more normal run. Same with the huge 100% letters that come up, I would like to see those either smaller or made as part of the background, or that the on screen characters are in front of the score, not behind it. otherwise looks amazing!

    10. Missing avatar

      Darek Jagiela on May 31, 2014

      Something about Beck's walk/run animation is really off for me, it almost makes me feel like he's skipping through a playground instead of fighting against evil robots. Fair enough if the game is going for a more lighthearted approach. I do like the new dash animation/art however.

      And as frustrating as wall jump things could be in mmx games, I'd still be pretty bummed if it didn't make it into the final build in some form.

    11. Schadows on May 31, 2014

      Can't we have the choice in-game for the support character color scheme ? It's just a simple skin, which doesn't require lot of work once UV mapping is done.

    12. Robin Andersson on May 30, 2014

      looking good, Megaman X is possibly one of my top ten favourite games of all time, if this is anywhere near as good I will enjoy it a great deal. I like how fast paced it looks, not that the game itself is especially fast but that you as a player can chose to advance as quickly as you please or take your time to finish the level properly

    13. David Fouts on May 30, 2014

      Its nice to see actual gameplay, but it would've been better if they showed off something new, such as Beck's different transformations.

      I realize this is a work in progress, and that the game still has quite a long time left in development. Saying that, I hope that they spend a lot of time making this game the spiritual successor it needs to be. If it's anything close to being as good as MegaMan X, I'll be happy.

    14. AlphaOmegaSin on May 30, 2014

      Looking absolutely badass \m/

    15. Mobin Mobeen on May 30, 2014

      I hope this game it is not hard to play for people like me and i suck a Megaman boss battle and some of stage are hard for me to pass by.

    16. David Bradshaw on May 30, 2014

      @Adam the constant dashing looks like X, people dashed all the in X and it made it really fun to keep up that speed and maneuver around bosses. I think you're thinking of Slide which was used far less and was the situational one.

      Regardless, I for one love that dash looks like it will be useful and be used a lot.

    17. David Bradshaw on May 30, 2014

      Number 5 looks really really cool rendered in 3d.

    18. Hmmm on May 30, 2014

      They aren't "waahhs" Anthony. It's called offering our opinions. Considering they asked for our thoughts in this sentence :

      "Quite an eyeful, huh, Mighties? Share your thoughts on the new video and survey here in the comments, on the backer forums, on twitter, or our official Facebook page!"

      It's not whining when we give it. What you're doing is the equivalent of whining that other people have different opinions than you do.

    19. Anthony Miller on May 30, 2014

      So many "waaah waaahs". This game looks great. The music is great. Now I just need to build a time machine, go forward in time to the game's release date and enjoy it!

    20. The Maverick Eye on May 30, 2014

      Which was removed in all subsequent Mega Man games.

    21. Levi Gratton on May 30, 2014

      Adam Taylor, the first Mega Man game had a score.

    22. Adam Taylor on May 30, 2014

      First off, I don't like that there's a score. That seems very "un-Mega Man" to me. The game should be about getting through the levels, not racking up points.

      Second, the combo and damage numbers should be moved. It looks horrible and downright cheesy to have it flash over your character like that. Hide it in a corner somewhere so you're not taking away from the game itself. Maybe let us turn that off... the score too.

      Thirdly, what's with the dash? I was expecting dashing to have its place here and there like in the old Mega Man games. Something situational. But it looks like the game's being designed to have you dashing constantly after everything you do, which seems... bad.

    23. Hmmm on May 30, 2014

      FINALLY a legitimate update. Glad to see there has been some progress made from the last video of the alpha.

      I will say that I feel like this game is going to rely too heavily on the dash mechanic. It's starting to feel as if it's almost going to be a game-breaker.

      I'm still not a fan of UE but it starting to look pretty good in terms of the environment. It's also a little invasive to have a giant 100% text stretched across the screen how it is now. It could be easily put in the upper right hand corner exclusively to keep track of the combos as well as the damage percentage.

      I will also agree with Shamus, this, I hope, HAS to be the easy or beginner setting because it feels like I will be able to dash my way through enemies / dash 2 doge attacks at any time. I'm sure the difficulty and enemy AI will be fine-tuned as development continues. But right now they just seem to be speedbumps rather than a challenge of any kind.

      I am really happy that this was a good update. These are the types of things people that invested into this game want to see. Not fan art, not filler-content, not arbitrary updates just for the sake of having them. We want to see the game being developed, not distracted by random things to tide us over to the next time Comcept feels like releasing information and the progress of the game.

      Look forward to seeing more of THESE kind of updates.

    24. David Alexander Peña Franco on May 30, 2014

      I think that the enemy damage system could be smaller and perhaps not at the middle of the screen. It would be nice if you could make a little slower the transition between "Walk frames".

    25. Shamus The Knight on May 30, 2014

      I agree with some earlier comments. The "You killed an opponent" message should be smaller, if the player is not allowed to turn it off. I can see it becoming a bit tacky after awhile. Also, the backgrounds show complement the characters, making them stand out. Even an outline could do the job. Finally, I hope this is "easy" mode or the easier stages, because I know several fans will be upset about a potential lack of difficulty. Still, I clap my hands in your general direction.

    26. Missing avatar

      The_Smash_Brother on May 30, 2014

      I like the gameplay so far; but I think the Boss Rooms don't make the Mighty No.s stand out very well. Mighty No. 2 kind of blends in with the current background for his room. I know it's only an early build so I'm sure you've got your own changes planned for it too.

    27. WiredRM on May 30, 2014

      The screen clutter from the scoring system is very distracting, I hope it gets mitigated in some way before the final release of the game. Aside from that it's looking pretty good! I'm hoping the level design capitalizes on the dash system to make it just as tight as dashing and wall-jumping was for X.

    28. EncrypteData on May 30, 2014

      @Comcept Any idea when you will be requesting my picture to add to the game? Seeing it coming along so quickly without any inquiry is worrying me. I backed for over $3,000 and haven't heard a thing since. lol

    29. Missing avatar

      Jasper.D.Hols on May 30, 2014

      That scoring system its dreadful.
      Please let us disable the combo/score system in general options Menu or before starting a new game, this will be a game breaker for me if I can't disable it.
      I rather see damage numbers then score points and multipliers.

    30. Redhawk Thirtysix on May 30, 2014

      Ahh! Can't wait! For the survey, I'd have to go with #7 ash. A little yellow to set off the huge amounts of blue (and red) in this game.

    31. Nicholas Russell on May 30, 2014

      This game is going to frustrate me to no end. Which is a compliment since I'd expect no less from Megaman's spiritual successor and this looks like it'll be incredibly fun to play. Thanks for creating an actual old school, hard core videogame guys and for fullfilling the promises Capcom stopped you from doing with Legends 3.

    32. Bruno Laturner on May 30, 2014

      I really liked everything about it! My only criticism is the text over the enemies, I'd like you'd be more subtle about it and use minor visual and aural cue instead, like Beck glowing brighter and brighter the more combos he achieves.

    33. Pedro Nogueiras on May 30, 2014

      I specially liked the section with the boxes falling from top, classic retrogame style. Keep making that kind of thing!

    34. Pedro Nogueiras on May 30, 2014

      Forget that negative comments, my friends. Dashing + No wall jumping = just perfect :)
      It looks awesome! The animation, the non-stop action gameplay, the cute graphics...
      Can't wait to see the final game!!

    35. Gonsant on May 30, 2014

      the runnig animation bzw the speed seems al littel slow. i donot like this dash thing and the enemy pop out of nowhere, the mines on the floor.
      i wish he had a wipe and swing thing, wall jump + grind.

    36. Missing avatar

      Gabriel G A Bueno on May 30, 2014

      It's a little too flashy and I don't like Beck being so Chibi.
      That being said, the pace, the gameplay and the stages look great! That was better than what I hoped to see, this is in a good path :)

    37. Otoshigami No. 40723
      on May 30, 2014

      guess it's a combination of megaman and X gameplay. I don't mind no wall jump.

    38. Christopher Nunes on May 30, 2014

      Wow the music definitely has a X-vibe for me when I listen to it and I'm loving the gameplay! I notice the points that Beck racks up when he dashes through the enemies... so doing light damages on them allows Beck to take them out with a dash attack and can chain it together in a row and the less damage you do on an enemy and then dash through them gives more points it seems (100 being the maxed) and doing more damage results in less points earned from dashing through a weaken foe.

      I also noticed one other thing... Beck can't wall jump? I know he can hang on edges but no wall jumping? Hmm that's quite the problem for me who loves to wall jump. Oh well no biggie.

      I hope we get a demo of this game soon enough!

    39. giga-ganon on May 30, 2014

      The music is awesome! But it's what i feared.... the 2.5D makes the game look dull, there's no life, the stages are too generic (the design, background, not the level design, this one looks great)! Little disappointed, hope it'll look better when it's released! But fortunately, the gameplay is great and it's the most important!

    40. Brandon Smith on May 29, 2014

      Looks awesome so far! Loving the music style! Can't wait to actually use my vita!! :) keep up the good work!

    41. Beng Beng on May 29, 2014

      No wall jump, dashes go fully parallel from the ground while dashed off into air.

      MN9 is different, doesnt have to be a clone of MMX. Its more like a child of the X and main series with a slight change.

      I like the 3D-ish art but still 2-D game play. as long as i dont get nightmares of pseudo 3D like the later X series. Those corner changes felt weird and could have been pulled off better.

    42. emperor25 on May 29, 2014

      Can't wait to not care about the score and shoot stuff.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ryo on May 29, 2014

      Looks good so far! The animations and sprites are looking quite lively! Just a bit of wonderin'... Is there gonna be an option to speed up the gameplay? The movement speed is a little slow in my opinion. I don't quite remember, but did you guys mention that there's going to be difficulty settings?

    44. Asupernaruto on May 29, 2014

      man this is awesome I love it!

    45. zacH on May 29, 2014

      That music... I've got goosebumps! Really reminds me of the X series, in an awesome way, and I LOVE the instrumentation. I really hope that this track makes it into the final game, in some form, and that it is a good example of the vibe the soundtrack will have. :) Is it a piece by Miss Mastsumae?

      I also am missing the wall-jump, but it does look like the in-progress levels are designed around not having it. If the mechanic doesn't make it into this game, I hope we'll see it in a future one? :D

    46. BladedFalcon on May 29, 2014

      Wow, that video was really good! Still not entirely sold on the 3D graphics, but I really liked what I saw from the gameplay and level design itself! Can't wait to see more! ^^

    47. Robert Ashman on May 29, 2014

      Mind.... Blown......

    48. Proto Man on May 29, 2014

      Looks like there's no wall-jump yet so it BETTER be a damn work in progress.

    49. Renaud Lepage on May 29, 2014

      I _cannot_ wait to play this on Linux.

      With the style of gameplay, I'm also betting an arcade stick would be a BADASS way to play this.