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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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Beckers, Beckerettes, don your finest beret, 

April’s Communi-day is coming your way! Jam-packed with doodles, full-blown illustrations and super sweet crossovers, we even have a colorful surprise waiting for you at the very end! 

So rev up those art engines and join us on this joy ride through the cream of the Mighty Community fan art crop for the month of April… 

(above) Mighty No. 2 by Jay Edry (Janimator)
(above) Mighty No. 2 by Jay Edry (Janimator)

 Just like Janimator’s awesome No. 2, we are on our feet and raring to go! 


Starting off as a simple bait-and-switch gag for Mighty No. 7, the Apple Numbers seem to have taken on a life of their own! The following juicy pieces make their rise to fruity fame clear as day! 

(above) the A Team by picano

and another tasty tribute by picano here:  Apple Core by picano

Apple la Apple by FollyKnight 

(above) Night Watcher Attack by DiegoHunter
(above) Night Watcher Attack by DiegoHunter


...than the sword! So the saying goes, and looking at Mighty No. 7689’s very own sweet Mighty No. robot design (and others' designs here too) I am a believer! (a Beck-liever? Nevermind…) …

(above) Mighty No. 7689 by Mighty No. 7689
(above) Mighty No. 7689 by Mighty No. 7689

Complete with Concept and Process in GIF form! 

Mighty No. 61158 by GameFreakdx

Here’s an excerpt from the awesome Easter Art thread some talented Beckers (Hey, Mighty No. 30565 Lienn!) started up on the forums! 

(above) Easter Call B Avatar by Mediamatix (aka MorningStar!)
(above) Easter Call B Avatar by Mediamatix (aka MorningStar!)

Of course, let’s not forget our main man Beck! The Mighty Community sure didn’t; in fact, they brought him to life in a variety of different flavors! 

First, how about some more realistic renderings? 

Beck by Eric Ridgeway 

Bulky Beck by Ricky Ryan 

Nice, huh? Now how about some more cartoony incarnations? 

(above) A Beck Work-in-Progress by the awesome Pontata!

Beck Salute by gmoshiro 

Mighty by LittleBirdz 

And finally… well, these awesome crossover pieces defy description, so we’ll let them do the talking for us! 

 (above) Churbles x Mighty No. 9 by the art team at Churbles!

(above) Kamen Rider x Mighty No. 9 by Rinji, commissioned by Mighty No. 4668 Florian Bingart! 

Thanks as always to the Mighty Community for these awesome works of art! Alrighty guys, that’s all for this ti--oh, what’s this?

Mighties, we interrupt this update to bring you a special report. We have a surprise guest here with some news, and he needs your help! I’ll let him explain: 

Koji Imaeda: Hi again, everyone! Director Koji Imaeda here. We’re so grateful to all of you who submitted your ideas and opinions for the stage start phrase campaign and survey!  

I’m here to announce the winning phrase that will go on to adorn the beginning of each stage, as decided by the Beckers’ votes! Drum roll, please… 

Coming in in 3rd place is Inafune-san’s personal favorite, in at a respectable 17.23% of the vote:  Xels Transferring… Initiated!

Next, racking up 26.66% of the vote:  Target Detected… Engage!

And so, the winner of the Stage Start Phrase contest, by a landslide of 56.11%, is:

Systems Ready? ...GO!!

Koji Imaeda: We’re so grateful to everyone that participated! Thank you so much! We hope you get pumped every time this phrase appears on the screen! 

In that vein, I figured I’d strike while the iron’s hot and segue immediately into the next call for entries! 


Our next Backer campaign is… Support Character Naming & Coloring!! I ask you to please consider the following materials: 

(above) The Mighty No. 9 Support Character!
(above) The Mighty No. 9 Support Character!

This spunky little guy needs both a color scheme, AND a name! In short, he needs YOU, Mighty Beckers! Now the entry submission portion of this survey can only happen in the Mighty Labs section of the exclusive Mighty No. 9 forum, so head on over there for more details, guidelines, character explanations, template to color and the chance to show us what you got! 

So how do you guys feel about the winning phrase? Excited to get started on your support character ideas? So are we, but hey, feel free to let us know just HOW EXCITED YOU ARE down here in the comments, back on the forums, on twitter, or our official Facebook page!  

Can’t wait to see all your mighty submissions!( ̄^ ̄)ゞ 

- Dina (Mighty No. 1046), Mark (Mighty No. 84), Koji Imaeda (Mighty No. 610), and the Mighty No. 9 Team 

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    1. AABAR on

      Hi have all Backers put their suggestion for support character name & colour in the actual thread for that: - due date is Saturday, April 26th!

    2. Nenets on

      Ooh, so here is our enigmatic support char! Can't wait to see what great color schemes people come up with!

    3. S.D. on

      Great stuff! I'm REALLY looking forward to the next documentary episode from 2PP... it will be awesome to get an inside look at how the team functions.

    4. Wayne Griffin on

      "Plug" is probably most appropriate, but I really want to call him Sparky.

    5. Missing avatar

      Yan Zhao on

      I feel like the winning start stage quote was the most generic and boring out of the 3. Yet the most unique one get the least votes. Go figure. At least a thing such as this isnt that big of a deal for the sake of the game's enjoyment.

    6. Melvin Co on

      so glad that "Systems Ready? ...GO!!" won.
      it reminds me of L'Arc~en~Ciel. :D
      it's really my pick though I vote for "Xels Transferring… Initiated!" for the sake of "xels".

      and those Gaim Xover!!! ♥_♥

    7. david borengasser on

      purple and red color-scheme, name it "Tippy"

    8. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      The bot should be named iRez-Q!

    9. Daniel Rodriguez on

      His name should be Plug!

    10. DeafTard on

      It's Chibi Robo little son! Call him "Robo" or "Chibi" but i prefer "Robo" without the T.

    11. Asupernaruto on

      just call the support character: "Plug" ^_^

    12. F. E. on

      @Jai Goggan

      Glad you liked the crossover... :3 I planned to commission Beck/Gaim only, but went full bananas (pun intended) with Baron/Call

    13. Oscar Olalde on

      The Mighty No. 9 Support Character ~ "Leaplug" :)

    14. Francis Chavando on

      There's nothing wrong with the winning phrase. It's perfectly acceptable,'s a little generic and interchangeable. I voted for "Xels transferring...", that gave me a rich image of what was happening at the beginning of each level. But the winner is OK, too.

    15. Marcos Bolton on

      After this post I started wondering... Who's mighty number 666? Or Mighty Number 9001... Fun things.

    16. Otoshigami No. 40723

      guess that's not surprising for "Systems Ready? ...GO!!" to win the poll. as for the support character, I would name him Back as in BACK HIM UP or Plug.

    17. Scott on

      [EDIT] This is what happens when I type while being spoken to. Heh!
      "Now I know it contradicts what..."
      is the line that was suppose to be there.

    18. J-Ace on

      WOW, cool Gaim and Baron Crossover

    19. Scott on

      Though I can't access the Forums from work, I will toss out my suggestion, and maybe it'll be caught by someone to make it official. Little dude definitely looks like a "SOCKET" as far as naming goes. So there's my choice. One know it contradict what he/she/it actually is, but I just like the name Socket for the lil dude.

    20. Chavarat Rattanavalee on

      A Eddie type support character!