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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)


Mighty Beckers, good day!

And a very good day it is indeed -- the 9th, to be exact, a day each month you might have come to expect a new Mighty No. boss unveiling. But after No. 7’s formal reveal last month, we're all out of Nos., aren’t we? (...Aren’t we?)

So this time we decided to mix it up instead with a smorgasbord of mighty updates from around the Mighty No. 9 team!

Topic 1: Testing the Waters

While Comcept’s artists are hard at work continuing to craft the world and characters of Mighty No. 9, their implementation into the game itself advances at a steady pace with our partners at Inti Creates in Tokyo, under the watchful eye of President Aizu-san.

So how does our project lead and main man Inafune-san stay hands-on with the Mighty No. 9 project when so much of it is being made hundreds of miles away in Tokyo? Well, by literally going hands-on with regular builds that Aizu-san and his team deliver to Comcept HQ in Osaka for thorough playtesting and live feedback! (You might have seen parts of a previous session in this video from an earlier update.)

One recent session centered around a build featuring some new moves: a downward Dash, Backwards-Jump, and refinements to the shooting mechanic. Inafune-san took his time meticulously testing each move in turn, both on its own and seeing how each move integrated with the existing motions already in place.

Inafune checks the new actions and animations one by one.
Inafune checks the new actions and animations one by one.

How’d it go? Let’s hear from Director Koji Imaeda-san and Inafune-san for the nitty-gritty...

Imaeda: I’d like to say that Inafune did nothing but shower Beck’s new moves with praise, but he did have some constructive criticism, like...

Inafune: “The dash is a fundamental mechanic in Mighty No. 9, but it still isn’t fun to do on its own. Also, we should make the backward jump look more like a distinct, deliberate action -- the current animation doesn’t really make that clear to the player.” 

Inafune-san (left, seated) discusses details with director Ikegami-san (right) and Aizu-san (middle)
Inafune-san (left, seated) discusses details with director Ikegami-san (right) and Aizu-san (middle)
The Inti boys listen intently to every detail of Inafune-san’s feedback (as Kimo Kimo captures the moment in the background).
The Inti boys listen intently to every detail of Inafune-san’s feedback (as Kimo Kimo captures the moment in the background).
Inafune ends the meeting with a smile: “I’m expecting a lot from the next ROM!”
Inafune ends the meeting with a smile: “I’m expecting a lot from the next ROM!”

And that’s a typical play session!

Now on to another aspect of production -- stage and background creation!

Topic 2: Shedding Some Light On the Next Level...

We’ve all seen glimpses at the stage design for (what we now know as) Mighty No. 5’s military-base-style level since back in the Kickstarter days -- but where else will Beck’s adventures take him? Take it away, Imaeda-san…

Imaeda: Let’s kick off with some concept art, shall we?

Imaeda: Oh, um… Who turned off the lights? Just a moment, please!

Imaeda: There we go! Much better!

Offsetting the dark colors with yellow touches is meant to give the environment a tense, oppressive atmosphere. What’s running through the pipes, you might wonder? Those house a powerful current of energy that courses through the level.

And of course that tiny blue silhouette on the left side of the biggest pipe is our ever-intrepid hero Beck, there to give a sense of the massive scale intended for this level. But wait, there’s more…

Remember earlier in the first picture, when the lights went out? That wasn’t a joke!

As you advance through the level, the power will occasionally cut out and leave you stranded in the dark. How will Beck make his way through this vast darkness? What twisted manner of enemies and traps will await him there? And which of Beck’s wicked siblings will he encounter at the conclusion of this tricky stage!? (That last one is probably not too difficult to guess…) Guess you’ll just have to wait and see...or not see, when the power is out! ;)


Next, a quick pit-stop at the story store -- Mr. Imaeda, if you please!

Imaeda: We’ve been really happy to see so much interest and so many questions about the scenario for Mighty No. 9 on the forums, so I’d like to take this chance to tell you all a little more about our hero, Beck.

In the game, Beck can run, dah and blast baddies with the best of them, but the truth is he’s a kind and somewhat timid robot. He was never able to display his true talents in the Battle Colosseum, and came to be seen as the weak link holding back his team of fellow Mighty Nos. Gradually he lost more and more self-confidence...until! The global robot rampage!!

Beck was the only robot who didn’t go berserk, which is why he alone is charged with the daunting task of resolving the crisis. At first Beck can’t shake his fears and anxiety, but with the encouragement of his creator Dr. White, he eventually resolves to take on the mission!

That’s all I can say for now… but I can’t wait for the day when Beck the benchwarmer turns hero at the hands of all you Mighty Beckers!

Topic 4: START giving us your ideas!

Last but certainly not least… MIGHTY BECKERS, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

First, check out these concept shots of the opening animation for each level:

Now here’s where you come in -- what should be printed on screen where we have the placeholder “STAGE” and “START” at the opening to each level?



Or…? Well, what?! Those are just examples -- we want to hear YOUR ideas, so let us know! Check out this thread (alternate link here) on the forums for more details and to sound off with your ideas! We’ll see you there!

Now fly, Mighty Beckers, fly!!(`_´)ゞ 

-Koji Imaeda (Mighty No. 610), Dina (Mighty No. 1046), Mark (Mighty No. 84), and the Mighty No. 9 Team 


Ready to have your heart warmed? Look no further than Heart&Slash! 

This wonderful game hides a soft, mushy core behind its fast-paced, action-packed 3D robot fighting gameplay. It’s about two robots in love trying to define who they are. The game is intense and the graphics are reminiscent of the early 3D Japanese games we all know and love. The fine folks at aheartfulofgames have released the alpha to the public as part of their Kickstarter campaign, and you should definitely give it a whirl! 

If you like it as much as we do, do consider pledging to this ambitious project and help them reach some of their enticing stretch goals, like the alternate bosses. They’ve already unveiled a few room boss ideas in their latest update, and they look wicked!

P.S. Just another reminder for anyone who hasn't received their forum login information yet -- make sure to email us at and we'll sort you out post-haste!

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    1. Snerky on

      I like "READY... GO!" because apart from being short and memorable, it echoes the "Mighty No." of the title screen!

    2. Missing avatar

      Rockythechao on

      Why settle for just one?
      Like folks have been suggesting, you could have a different one for each level, or you could have the game randomly select one from a number of different messages.

      Or, better yet, a unique one for the first time you enter the level, then for subsequent restarts it would display the randomly-selected ones.

    3. Draco on

      I think you should make a small database of suggestions and then pick one randomly for each.

      My suggestion is:

      K.I.S.S. method (for me)

    4. Phil Henry on

      I love the no. 9 Online idea. It sounds awesome! So I thought to go with something that goes with the digital/online motif

      "Connection Complete/Established!"
      "No. 9 Online!"

    5. Otoshigami No. 40723

      "STAGE READY" -- "LETS ROCK!!"

    6. DuoDynamo on

      Holy crap, imagine that intro sequence on the 3DS.

    7. Eiko on

      The pixels make the world look a bit on the digital side so how about something like
      Ready = Stage rendering...
      Start = Mighty/No.9 Online!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jonathan O'Reilly on

      I am liking the concept of the stage with enormous electric pipes. It reminds me of the Spark Mandrill stage from Megaman X1.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jonathan O'Reilly on

      I really like the STAGE START -- Be Mighty! But personally think it would be cool if it was changed to:

      READY? -- Be Mighty!

    10. David Helton on


    11. Missing avatar

      Thien Tran on

      Stage start! I like that one!

    12. Missing avatar

      Jose Daniel Castellon on

      A simple "READY" like the old games would be fine with me

    13. Ron Catacutan on

      It should say different things for each level.

      Like some pun or joke with his name involved.
      Each level would be a new saying.

      For example, "Bring it like Beck-ham." LOL
      "Time it Beck it"
      "Beckasaurus go!"

      except not as cheesy. ^__^

    14. Andrew Newton on

      Kenny - maybe they are describing the "reluctant hero" trope? I agree though, everything about Beck's art and style so far says Confidence. A timid storyline sounds unappealing.

    15. Missing avatar

      DoverianDragoon on

      My immediate thought was that it would be cool if Call were involved in the stage start flash, too. I mean, even if it were just a shot of her face (maybe speaking the words on the screen, whatever they end up being), or a brief appearance of a hologram next to Beck as he appears, wouldn't that give the player a stronger sense that Beck isn't going at this alone? That he has his support/partner available to Call on?

      But I guess that's not what we're being asked about here, is it? :)

      The "NO. 9 ONLINE" line is excellent! Maybe preface it with "COMPILING" or "LOADING" or "TRANSPORTING" or something like that, like the whole 'stage start' thing is just a cover for Beck's arrival in the first place - like he's participating in it as much as the player is.

      I had some other ideas, but I think the "NO. 9 ONLINE" suggestion is better.

    16. Ryan on

      I agree that 'Mighty No 9' should figure into it some way. The "NO 9 ONLINE" Suggestion was great, I'd also like something like "Now loading... MIGHTY NO. 9!"

    17. Missing avatar

      Vinnie Harkins on

      I'd like to keep it classic if you know what I mean.

      Mission Start.....Go!

    18. Asupernaruto on

      to an "STAGE START" type of entrance it needs to sound epic, pumped, something that makes you want to just go out there and beat the rampage robots... got it! STAGE. SET. GO MIGHTY 9!!!

    19. Kenny Nierwienski on

      Does anyone else find the backstory a little strange and somewhat forced? The cocky attitude his facial expression gives off does not portray "kind and somewhat timid" and lacking self confidence.

    20. Matt Trenton

      I really like "STAGE SET" --> "NO. 9 ONLINE" as suggested by R.Healy III . Or something at the very least something with "NO.9 ONLINE" that's really awesome!

    21. Patrick Martin Tan on

      Stage Set-> Ready
      Start -> No. 9 Online

    22. Missing avatar

      LambCuddles on

      Finally an update about the game, and not the community art. Thank you.

    23. Missing avatar

      Andreas O. on

      I'll have to go with Bradley on this.
      Except that I wouldn't feel insulted but for one thing, I prefer quick jumps in and out of gaming (I stopped playing games like GRID 2 simply for the horribly long-winded menu animations).
      Also, outside of fighting games and beat 'em ups, it's very uncommon to have something like that, as it's just not necessary to have the player get ready for some onslaught.

    24. Missing avatar

      Paul Chrimes on

      I personally like. "Number 9 Online" and "Beck Reporting"

    25. InquisitiveRavenclaw on

      I'm fine with "Let's Jam!" or "NO. 9 ONLINE"

      Also the lights-off thing reminds me of this song:…

    26. Robert "HealyHQ" Healy III on

      "STAGE SET" --> "NO. 9 ONLINE"

    27. Adson Blaze (アドソン.ブレーズ) on

      I think "Stage Start... Ready" will be ok!

    28. ポール ウェッブ on

      Also, I can't wait to see Beck's teleportation animated!

    29. ポール ウェッブ on

      Hmm, I think it should be "Get Ready...STAGE START".

    30. Juan Carlos Munoz on

      lol I like that last comment:

      STAGE: "Ready?"
      START: "Let's Jam!"

      I dunno why, but that "Let's Jam!" part just sounds pretty awesome. I wish a lot of people could agree, ahahahha this would be so epic if you guys made it this way :D

    31. Alan on

      STAGE: "Ready?"
      START: "Let's Jam!"/ "Go Beck go!"
      Or something along those lines. Not really sure how to incorporate 'Mighty' into it. Not really great ideas but hopefully they'll help if even a little ^^;

    32. Paul Andersen on

      I like the

      "GET READY!" ...
      "BE MIGHTY!"

      that is being thrown around by a number of people.

    33. Shiru XIII on

      FOr me it's fine with the "STAGE", "START!" ! And awesome animation concept :O !!

    34. Otoshigami No. 40723

      nice. here some opening level that might give you some ideas.
      "Stage No.???(1,2,3,etc.)" -- "ACTION"
      "MIGHTY" -- "GO"
      2nd opening level(if the player dies or halfway there level)
      "Stage No.???(1,2,3,etc.)" -- "ACTION"(Voice: Keep on Becking)"

    35. Missing avatar

      Julien Biremont on

      I have some ideas for the opening of each level, but I wonder if having MULTIPLE random openings would be a better idea instead of having a SINGLE text?
      "GET READY!" --" BE MIGHTY!"
      "TIME TO BE..." -- "...MIGHTY!"
      "ARE YOU READY?" -- "LET'S GO!"

    36. Missing avatar

      Kevin A. Smith on

      IMO that level gave me the impression of Chemical Plant from Sonic 2. But that is just me.


      "GET READY!"-- "BECK-UP!!"

    37. Hansel on

      a spark mandril stage style? love it!

    38. John Salinas on

      I'm the -- HERO!

    39. 成歩堂 龍一 on

      『In the game, Beck can run, dah and blast baddies』

    40. Ruben van Ophuizen on

      "...We should make the backward jump look more like a distinct, deliberate action -- the current animation doesn’t really make that clear to the player.”

      How about a Backflip animation?

    41. Jonathan Rodgers on

      Who is to say each stage can't have it's own splash scene based on the stage/ mighty no.

      I don't know if they will have a megaman-esque type splash screen portraying the mighty number before the stage starts. Maybe have the bosses name/ number appear at the start.

      Target acquired would be good as well...

      Jumping in.

      Good luck...


      Kick/Start =P

    42. Pontata on

      Loving this update so very much!

    43. Matthew Cormier on

      "Moshi Moshi?, Ikuze!"

      the american version could be "Hello?, Go!"

    44. Ryoma Ishizuka on

      Nice stuff. I think just one 'GET READY/READY/Something mighty cheesy' then Beck teleports in with no second splash screen would be fine.

    45. Missing avatar

      Xavier Culver on

      Level Opening: "Your target Beckons" or "Adventure Beckons" or "Beckoning!"

    46. Michael St. George Matatics

      Good points, Bradley. But I don't think the idea is to hold the gamer's hand throughout the game, rather they want to give the start of each stage an upbeat, Arcade-style opening sequence, like a morale boost. It's not the game telling you what to do—it's the game giving voice to what you're thinking at the start of each stage.

    47. Missing avatar

      TC on

      Send them to Beck.