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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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COMMUNI-DAY: The Best In Art & Creative Stuff From Around the Mighty No. 9 Community!

Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)

Mighty Becker-Backers, hola!

It’s the 19th, and you know what that means… COMMUNI-DAY!  

Time for us to once again flip the tables and have YOU show US (and each other) all the cool Mighty No. 9 stuff YOU have been working on.

(By the way, if you ever want to catch up on some of the great Communi-days of the past [or Communi-Tuesdays, as they have also been known], feel free to check out our past updates first -- or feel free to just dive in below, too, no experience necessary!)


We’ve talked in previous updates about an amazing movement in the community where backers are designing their own Mighty No. robots -- or in some cases, even helping out and doing them for other people! Check out these awesome ones below, and maybe get in on the action yourself -- who knows, you could see your work here next month!

Takobot has been pitching in for more killer Mighty No. designs!
Mighty No. 35340 “Lancette”

Mighty No. 27478 “Kaiser” (above)

Mighty No. 51368 “Darktone” 

“Random Couch” a.k.a. Mighty No. 10407, for Random Couch by Eric Ridgeway
Definitely check out Eric’s page for lots of other amazing game-related art!

"Fafnir Aufeis" Mighty No. 30541 by community mainstay Pontata!
(Not an original Mighty No., but check Pontata's sweet Call I below, as well!)

Mighty No. 6040 “Goemonga” by Malamite


Including a ton of amazing Mighty No. 7 on the heels of our reveal a couple weeks ago -- check it out!

Mighty No. 7 cuts in (above), by RC Case 
And Mighty No. 3 flying into action, also by RC Case

Awesome Call D and Call E sprites by Luzeke  
BONUS: Time lapse video of creating the Call E sprite  

The Two of Mighty (above) by Eundari

Call D and Call E by Neo-Lumina   

Friendly No. 3 by Wesley Boone   

Sweet-looking Call D by Shi-RC   

Call I - Angel of Redemption by A-Lil-RnR / Beckin09   

Sketchy Mighty No. 7 by Borockman 

Mighty no 7 retro sprites (above and below) by hfbn2

Mighty No. 7 on the move, by Fresh  

And finally, one of our faves -- our old pal Snakepixel asks, what if the apple Mighty No. 7 could transform? (See PHASE 1: RED HERRING in our last update if you don’t get the joke!)  


An absolutely adorable rendition of Mighty No. 3 in EDIBLE modeling clay (below) by Wacky  -- full sculpting process here

Amazing, super-detailed, super-awesome chibi Call papercraft by Megakazi! Complete with papercraft printouts to make your own. Oh, and check out Megakazi’s very own Mighty No. 48461!

And that’s it...for now! But next month will be here soon -- get those creative juices going or help us find cool bits of art from your fellow community members by posting on the official forums, our Twitter account, or facebook group!

Until then, we leave you with one last awesome piece -- the Mighty No. 9 Main Theme (Original Piano and Viola Duet), performed by Michael Ostil (piano) and Chris “Amaterasu” (viola) 

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
-Dina (Mighty No. 1046), Mark (Mighty No. 84), and the entire Mighty No. 9 Team 

P.S. Another reminder for anyone who hasn't received their forum login information yet -- make sure to email us at and we'll sort you out post-haste!

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    1. Trevor Nickell on

      The two of the Mighty is awesome. Anyone else want Patricia Wagon for Smash 4 or is it just me?

    2. Nenets on

      Gotta love the pixel art! Gotta love all the arts, really.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Pugh on

      Call E should really be considered for inclusion as a unlockable alternate skin - particularly considering that only two percent separated the vote in the end. The mounting fanart is testament to this

    4. Dyne1319

      Would rather the call above then the boring roll that was chosen.

    5. A Lonely Weeaboo on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    6. Melvin Co on

      An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away. :D

    7. Jesse Daniel Boruff on

      I can't wait fot this game! Loved the fanart!

    8. Missing avatar

      Yan Zhao on

      That transforming Apple Man should totally be a secret boss or something!

    9. ポール ウェッブ on

      The piano and violin sounded spectacular. I hope it's in the soundtrack!

    10. Melissa Lee on

      lovely fan art guys! Sorry I haven't been able to contribute as much as before, work's kicking my ass right now. :c

      I still haven't forgotten my latest mn9 bots though, I keep having to bump them up in my open recent list on photoshop, haha.

    11. alraz on

      So much talent :O

    12. Missing avatar

      Dawson Durrett on

      Gotta get around to drawing my own mighty number.

      If only I could, Y'know. Draw.


    13. Kenny Benjamin on

      Oh, man! I wish someone could make up a design for my number; Mighty No. 15835! It doesn't matter what it looks like cause I want it to look epic!

    14. Justin

      The violin made it sound like something from professor Layton. Loved it!