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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.

MIGHTY BOSS DAY: Mighty No. 7!



Mighty Beckers, assemble!

Welcome to our final (...?) boss design breakdown -- the one many of you have been waiting for, the boss : Mighty No. 7!

You might have seen glimpses as far back as the Kickstarter campaign video… You may even have seen some full designs this past week...OR DID YOU?! (Dun dun daaaaa!)

Well we don’t want to be the ones to spoil the surprise… Better let director Koji Imaeda and lead character designer Kimo Kimo take it from here:


Imaeda: First off I want to apologize to all our backers -- we made every effort to keep the design for Mighty No. 7 absolutely secret, but somehow it ended up leaking during our Kickstarter campaign… We even gave Inafune a fake Mighty No. 7 to show off at his speech last week at the D.I.C.E game design summit to try and throw everyone off the trail, but now it’s finally time to come clean -- without further ado, here he is, Mighty No. 7!

That’s right: He’s the raddest, reddest Mighty No. of them all!

To be honest we were a bit apprehensive at first at the idea of a single boss with such a strong “fruit” motif, but when we saw how much attention and love the early leak got from our community, the entire team got behind the idea. Inafune especially loved his crimson coloring and felt a special bond with him right from the start; he only had a few notes on refining the design wi--

Kimo Kimo: Um...Imaeda? I think that’s enough...



Imaeda: Just kidding! :D

Actually, after we talked about Mighty No. 7 being colored red, a fan did this apple-shaped design as a joke. Something about it just rubbed all of us here the right way, so Kimo Kimo and Inafune ended up giving him the full treatment. Sometimes messing around and playing with little inside jokes like this can be fun, right?

But enough of that for now -- let’s get back to business with the REAL Mighty No. 7 design!


Imaeda: No. 7 actually started with an early idea Kimo Kimo came up with before we had any solid direction or backstory for the character.

Kimo Kimo: Beck’s design had just gotten approved -- I was so happy! In my excitement, I went ahead and designed a “brother” robot for him on my own. I wasn’t even assigned to work on boss designs at this point!

I was aiming for something cool, but the end product actually made people giggle… Still, I liked the idea so much that I told the team, “If you end up needing a red-colored guy, you have to let me design him!”


Imaeda: Later, as we were settling on the parts that each of the Mighty Nos. would fill in the overall story, Inafune specified one of them to play an especially important role. That’s when No. 7’s unique aspects became more defined: Inafune wanted a sword-wielding robot that fans would really respond to.

Kimo Kimo: Around this time we were working on the silhouettes for all the bosses (Ed: see also Phase 3 of the design for Mighty No. 5 for more about this!) There was a role for one very cool boss with an awesome backstory… Then it hit me -- I could re-use that red guy I made before! 

A sword-wielding robot, with distinctive dual blades that can flip back behind his arms, and a cutter blade sprouting from behind his neck that looks almost like a sash or something!

In retrospect, though, there’s something a little off about his mask…

The scene in our original Kickstarter pitch video where Inafune visits my desk I was actually showing him this initial No. 7 design. I’m lucky that the rest of the video wasn’t just him standing there yelling at me! (laughs)


After thinking on Kimo Kimo’s design, Inafune sketched the direction he’d like to see the character go:

Inafune: Why not have the mask around the collar jut out more, to make it easier to see? And the sash behind his neck -- maybe some hair or a scarf would work better. Overall I want this character to have a cooler, “sharper” feel to him… Let’s also give him more typical swords he carries in his hands.


Kimo Kimo: So the design was very close and we knew what was left to fix, but it still would end up taking us two months to bring No. 7 all the way to final approval!

The biggest challenge turned out to be his weapon: all the other Mighty Nos. have weapons as part of their bodies -- even Beck has his hand transform when attacking -- but No. 7 carries his more like a real person. Why is that? The more I thought about it, the more no swords felt just right, no matter how many different ones I designed for him.

Taking some more advice from Inafune, I drew No. 7 in a variety of poses, moving him around in an attempt to give myself clarity on what his personal style would be like.

Around this time I struck upon another bit of inspiration -- Bruce Lee. Not that his personality or personal history are related to No. 7 at all, but I’m a long-time fan.

Soon the sword evolved into a more scissor-like design. I also got more requests from Inafune, including one that he carry the swords on his back when not in use, almost like butterfly wings.


Kimo Kimo: Finally, after sorting out all these various issues, Mighty No. 7’s design was complete!

I’m sure Imaeda will find plenty of opportunities in the game and such to show off how cool he is, and why he wields his swords with his hands...

He was the first design I worked on -- not including Beck -- and the last one I finished, so it’s probably the result of our long struggle together, but No. 7 became the character I’m most attached to. I hope everyone likes his design!

So? What DO you think? Tell us -- and each other -- in all the usual spots: the official forums, Twitter, Facebook, the comments here, we check them all!

We’ll see you back here on the 19th for another update --
until then, ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

-Dina (Mighty No. 1046), Koji Imaeda (Mighty No. 610), KimoKimo (Mighty No. 299), Mark (Mighty No. 84), and the Mighty No. 9 Team


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But don’t let us sell you on it -- head over there and check out their sample video yourself, and look in the updates for more good stuff (including a fascinating look at old gaming magazines and the very first Super Mario Bros. review!). If you like what you see, give ‘em a Mighty pledge!

For those of you who haven't received their forum login information yet, make sure to email us at and we'll sort you out post-haste! There's a lot of good discussion happening over there and we want you in on it!

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    1. The Resplendent Rose on

      Awesome design!
      Always aiming for the Mega Man-inspired approaches, of course. ;)

    2. Cory E. on

      I love his Zero-esque design btw. Just wanted to mention that my favorite blade design is definitely the ones where they look like they're attached to his arms and (possibly?) flip outwards. Looks very cool and very robotic.

    3. Cory E. on

      I think it'd be really cool if on the battle stage for No.7 if the apple guy jumps out first, says some generic lines about defeating you, then the real No.7 pops out and chops him into slices, ninja / brucelee / awesome style. Love the design! I personally think he looks better without the beak cover but overall, it's awesome.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jonathan O'Reilly on

      Haha I was surprised when you guys pulled out that apple design XD but the real Mighty No, 7 looks awesome! I can already tell that this guy is gonna be a challenge just because he looks so freaking awesome. Maybe Mighty No, 7 was an attempt of making the Mighty Numbers more relatable to humans, and perhaps that is why he is the only Mighty Number to carry his weapons. You got a great cast of bosses guys! I am so looking forward to this game.

    5. The Tribalist on

      Apple No.# 7 for Hidden Robot Master!! HE DESERVES IT!!

    6. Otoshigami No. 40723

      guess everyone agrees that this needs an Apple No. 7 as a joke boss entrance. lol

    7. Nenets on

      I agree with a bunch of people here. When I saw that little piece, I immediately thought , here is an awesome entrance sequence! We definitely need the apple bot to be the fake boss of the stage, and when you beat him, MN7 enters with that exact sequence!

      Also, I love the multiple blades picture and it would work quite well with why he holds swords instead of having them for hands!

    8. Signal on

      Anybody else think that the mighty apple should be a mid level boss?

    9. DuoDynamo on

      He also reminds me of Quick Man a bit.

    10. Roku-Hokage on

      i think it would even look more badas in the concept if he hold them backword .. making it even mor of a ninja like .. or .. on back one front ..

      its an amazing design .. and we are pride to be part of this !

    11. Roku-Hokage on

      HA !! he is running with scissor !! .. this is an awesome concept XD .. teach safety too =P ..

      The apple-san robot should be a stage monster XD ..

    12. Missing avatar

      Anthony Kim on

      Nice troll with the apple lol. But yeah, No. 7 looks badass!

    13. Gustavo Menegaz Monteiro on

      I think they are making the design and game content so greatly that it makes people to create affection for the bosses. For us to think about defeating them to an explosion at the end, we will feel sorry after so much time, by finishing it so "quickly". =) And, Apple Boss as a DLC!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Laury Arcos on

      Apple-san as a DLC. Please? :D

    15. Joshua P. on

      I was very disappointed at not having apple man as #7, but the final design kind of makes up for that since it's excellent.

    16. Calledan on

      Haha, that looks awesome! Reminds me of a certain red swordsman with swords and yellow scarf...

    17. John Willaford on

      The FRUIT IS BETTER. Dump this shite looking spikey thing.
      Give us an entire level or world of Fruitbots and make this dude their boss!
      ORIGINALITY, ZANNINESS, not Derivative wannabeness!

    18. Missing avatar

      Christian Peters on

      Bummer, I really love the apple boss! Please have it show up somewhere in the game!

    19. Leon (SHANTAE & MN9 Brought Me) on

      I wish this Game Was Coming Out Tomorrow XD I SWEAR HYPE it just keeps getting better and better! (: thanks For these updates its so nice to see how the project is coming along! (: also I hope Mighty Number 7 is playable (: Would be nice!

    20. XClark on

      I agree that the Apple bot should be some sort of sub boss, like a diversion to make the player think he's reached the end of the stage, but then realizes that they have a bit further to go to meet the "real" boss. :)

    21. Oscar Ferrer on

      Scissor blade from kill la kill

    22. Tomba42 on

      I'd like the apple guy to be playable, me.

    23. Missing avatar

      Eric Rodman on

      Yeah, I think Apple-Bot should be the sub-boss of Mighty No.7's stage at least.

    24. Missing avatar

      Arkrite on

      So, of course, the Apple guy should be a sub boss ;~)

    25. UHREmperor on

      So everyone seems to be in agreement then; Kill la Kill + Protoman + Zero + Cutman = Mighty No. 7

      And the secret ingredient which I didn't see mentioned yet and you guys may not be able to unsee this after I mention it, but that chin....

      Lord Bottomtooth. ;)

    26. David on

      Amazing design, my favorite Mighty No. ! Yes please make him playable! Well done gentlemen (^-^)

    27. David on

      Amazing design, my favorite Mighty No. ! Yes please make him playable! Well done gentlemen (^-^)

    28. Joshua Nolting on

      Shamus the Knight captures this, in a nutshell. I can not argue with the results... it's funny, really. That something I was doodling at the idea of, back in 1989, after I had gotten Mega Man 2, someone might have appreciated. Not that it was this refined, nor in depth of concept. It was supposed to be a cross of Metal and Cut Man.

      This, though? This Butterfly Scissor Ninja? You guys always know how to make me nostalgic. 20/10

    29. Shamus The Knight on

      It appears Cut Man, Proto Man and Zero became one character.

    30. Paul Andersen on

      As someone who lakes to let information sink in as I'm reading, I completely fell for the apple design. You got me.

    31. Asupernaruto on

      Mighty No. 7 reminds me of Zero....just an little bit.

    32. Missing avatar

      Durarara on

      badass ninja carrying scissors \m/

    33. Nexar Donadio on

      Please make him playable!. Also I love the design progress but I really want to hear some new music!

    34. Alex Parntaprasert on

      What I think of it is very cool look. Remind me Proto Man because red with yellow scarf.

    35. Shiru XIII on

      Awesome design :) !! (Zero is back haha !)
      And yes the scene when Mighty No. 7 cuts the Fruity Mighty should be ingame :) !

    36. AngelSword on

      Mighty No. 7A as the secret mastermind behind everything. :O

    37. Missing avatar

      Venom_TAG on

      What was the inspiration Kill la Kill ?

    38. Missing avatar

      Cedric Houston II on

      Awesome design. Please tell me at some point No. 7 will be am unlockable character to use

    39. Ben B on

      Fake Mighty No. 7: BAD APPLE for joke boss plz. XD

      Mighty No. 7 looks even cooler than before. I like the idea of the new "brother" being a stage boss first. Also, why in my mind do I want to think he is the one that took Mighty No. 8's hands? >:)

    40. Kyle Jacobs on

      You guys and Studio Trigger should compare notes.

    41. Francisco Santiago on

      I think it's time to break tradition and have one the bosses become long-running characters in the series. He looks our next Proto Man / Zero. Maybe all the bosses can be uncorrupted after the first game and run an HQ for the next game.

    42. Michael A. Nolan on

      You guys had me going with that Apple boss lol.

    43. CORE CEO on

      This Scissor Sword will pierce through the heavens!!!

    44. William Yukio Onejeme on

      please make him fight like zero and probably be voiced by johnny young bosch

    45. Lino on

      Kimo Kimo, you outdid yourself. I liked the leaked design but this is waaaay better. The blades look awesome. Also, those bandages around the handles seem like they'd make for interesting additions (you seem to hint at throwing blades and being able to pull them back in a sketch).

      Also, I hope the Apple Boss is in there as a joke (gets killed by 7) or a mid-level boss.

    46. Greg Hullaby on

      I love looking at the creative process of character designs. This one looks awesome.

    47. Weakwall on

      Good thing its a robot. Or the idea of him eating would make so many jokes because of that chin of his. First joke by me: He holds a bucket of bolts and pour it on his chin for consumption. Evolve this joke to something funnier.

    48. Missing avatar

      Kevin A. Smith on

      The bad apple got sliced lol

      I really do like the apple joke boss. I can imagine him showing up claiming to be Mighty No. 7 and after wearing his HP down he jumps up in the air telling Beck something like "Imma firin mah lazahs!!" than suddenly *Slash* and all you see is a crimson streak come down.

      Overall I love the design. 7 is the lucky number after all.