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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.

THE WINNER TAKES IT (C)ALL! (Official Call vote results!)



Drum roll, please! 

The Mighty Community has spoken, and we have heard your Call!

It’s finally time to unveil the winner of the Call Vote, and so, by popular demand, I give you the results of the second Call Vote:

In 3rd place... Call H! (15.47% of the vote)

In 2nd place... Call E!! (41.14% of the vote)

And so, the winner of the second and final round of the Call design vote, scoring 43.39% of the votes and thus becoming the basis for our heroine in the final game --

Call F, by Inti Creates’ Yuuji Natsume!!!

 (above) Call F, by Yuuji Natsume of developer Inti Creates

Call F exits the Battle Colosseum triumphant, as the people cheer her on!!

We’d like to say thank you to all the Backers who contributed to making this second vote a great success! The battle got heated at times, but the Mighty Numbers stayed strong and campaigned through numerous threads to support their favorite Call! We couldn’t have done it without you, and the goodwill and enthusiasm surrounding this Poll! Thank you, Mighty Beckers!

What’s your take on the vote? Wish to laud the victor? Lament the vanquished? Let us know how you feel in the forums, KS comments section, and on Facebook and Twitter!

In other news, the New Year is almost upon us and we hope you’re ready to welcome it!

While you’ll want to have your eyes on the skies for the New Year’s Eve fireworks, you might want to peep at the forums too on January 1st for a little surprise! (Shhhh…)

-Dina (Mighty No. 1046), Koji Imaeda (Mighty No. 610), Mark (Mighty No. 84), and the Mighty No. 9 Team


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    1. Yasuhiro Inoue on

      They should both be included in the game..
      The votes were close to a 50/50 anyways.
      Its a shame that a cool character design would be voted out based on 10%.

    2. Yohann Denis on

      I am OK with some people here...
      it would be very cool to choos)e the character design if possible in game (like the skins in guacamelee or blade kitten for example)

    3. Missing avatar

      Devon Sturm

      I would like a revote, seeing how many people (me included) who forgot to vote, were going to vote for E, so it would have been even closer, but on the flip side, then if E won, I'm sure there would be just as many people who would argue against her.

    4. Missing avatar

      Luis Borbon on

      She seems like a mixture from Roll (MM) and Iris (MMX)

    5. Missing avatar

      Goran Botic on

      I like the idea Least Famous Steve has in mind. I like this design for sure, but I enjoyed the design idea of Call E the most. If there could be skins for the runners up for Call that could be unlocked ingame, that'd be really cool!

    6. Dyne1319

      God i just saw this, to pick the one thatlooks the most like roll. Might as well just call it thw might mega man game.

    7. Missing avatar

      Idioteva on

      I vote with the below comment. I would be all over that DLC

    8. Missing avatar

      Least Famous Steve on

      Call H minority, my heart is with you.

      It would be cool to have unlockable skins for the other two runner-up designs.
      I think it would be a nice little "we didn't forget you" notion to the people who voted for them.

    9. Matteo Enrico Neviani on

      Cool, that was my vote. Call E was pretty good (i didn't really like the feet tho) but i think this design is overall better.

    10. Millifish on

      what the guy right below me said

    11. 張揚 on

      Erase H and revote E&F~~

    12. Paul Andersen on

      Bummer. I was really hoping that E was going to win.

      Oh, well.

    13. Enn Carbohydrate on

      I voted H the first time for simplicity. I didn't bother voting the 2nd time since I've pretty much figured design F was going to win no matter what. XD

      Though, I wouldn't have minded F winning if she was given a different hairstyle. I actually liked the sketch of her sporting the "odango" look and wished she had that instead of the Roll ponytail.

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    15. Lienn on

      @Luke: We do have a say about her! ^^ That's why we have the campaign to have her ingame at official forum! If we gather enough support Comcept certainly will listen! ^^ Check out my post here (like 10 posts below this one) to see how you can help us have her added to the game! ^^

    16. Missing avatar

      Luke Orphanides on

      I would definitely pay extra for the E design to be an alternate costume for Call. 2% is a close call by anybody's standards. Let the people who fund this game's creation have a say in keeping E in the game.

    17. Missing avatar

      Akimbojoe on

      I wanted to vote for E but that surveymonkey thing wouldn't work for me, it just kept saying I wasn't cleared to vote even after I'd signed up and everything. I was hoping it would clear up by vote time but I eventually forgot about it with the holiday stuff. Frankly I'm unhappy with this decision and I thought E fit better into the game's design and aesthetic, but whatever.

    18. Stuckov the Admirable on

      Call F Master Race is calling in.

    19. Lienn on

      @Matthew: Indeed! Poll is over, Call was chosen! ^^ Time to move on! Please read my post bellow (the big one, full of typos lol). We're with a campaign at official forum to try and have Call-E (Now called Echo by the community since the "Call" no longer is an option) a spot in the game! I'd really appreciate if you could support it! ^^
      If you can support her being a playable side character, completely unrelated to Beck/Call to not affect their story/context, i'd appreciate even more! ^^ I'm not posting the topic link since it's at official forum (so might not be accessible) but i'd appreciate if you could post there or here your support so i can add you at next supporter tally! ^^
      This invite also goes to Kenneth. Dragon, Lee and all other backers/non-backers willing to help Echo to be added to the game! ^^

    20. Matthew Stavola on

      I picked F because I liked the design, don't really care if it looks similar to Roll. E was a runner up, but F had my heart.

      Not everyone can win the vote, so let's not get salty over it alright? What's done is done.

      Now, I DO hope that E would be an unlockable costume in the future...

    21. Kenneth Newbery on

      @Dragon Faku Are you really going to insult everyone and then say hear me out? Doesn't work like that, mate. You know what you're trying to do? You're trying to "own" people.

    22. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    23. Lee Sparkes on

      Looks just like Roll. That's kind of disappointing, really. E had my vote.

    24. Lienn on

      fulfilled its role** >< I hate how we can't edit comments to fix typos. ; ;
      Also, i forgot to ask another thing. If you offer your support from here, since it's not a backer only update please state if you're backer or not so i can add non-backers at support tally too. ^^

    25. Lienn on

      Well, Call wars is over and the poll fulfilled it's robe, chosing the one and only to be known as Call.
      Yet, at official MN9 forums we (not only E supporters but even several F and H supporters since it's no longer a competition) started a campaign to support Echo (the name community picked to her since she's no longer "Call-E") becoming a playable character (like Zero at MMX4, acting like a parallel for ce that only shares the same goals of Beck/Call team, not being related to them in any other way so she won't affect Beck/Call story in any way).
      If you support this and have forum access, please post at "Keep Call-E alive" topic (soon to be renamed to "The Echo Chamber"...we just need to find a mod on to ask) that you support her as playable character!
      And if you still don't have forum access or can't access it for a reason or another, post here that you support it! ^^ a reply with "+1" is enough! ^^ We also made a art repository at tumblr: There's already some Call-E/Echo-related art there and as soon as some other artistis allow me to i might be posting a bunch more art from other community members! ^^
      Let's drop the poll rivalry and embrace Echo as playable character! (`_´)ゞ

    26. Missing avatar

      Jorge Luis Castilla Jr. on

      H was by far the most original design. F was the most redundant design that cried "Roll" clone. What a shame.

    27. Missing avatar

      Cory on

      T-T Man I was really hoping E would steal the show. She seems like a far more original design than F who seems like a straight Roll copy.

    28. Missing avatar

      Dr. Wily's Flying Saucer on

      Shary Bobbins: Hello. I'm Sharry Bobbins.
      Homer Simpson: [excited] Did you say Mary Pop...?
      Shary Bobbins: No! I definitely did not! I'm an original creation, like Rickey Rouse and Monald Muck.

    29. Cameron Forrester on

      Honestly, I picked E all the way, mainly because she looked like a fresh new face, F (like many have said before me) looks too much like an updated Roll clone, and to be honest, I think that's how she won, pure nostalgia. And considering the margin of which E won by, I hope that F get's introduced as like an alternative costume, maybe as an unlockable Item later on.

    30. PerryMercer on

      I don't think I picked E or F to be honest. I'd have to look at the pictures again.

    31. Dusty C on

      I'll echo the common sentiments. A 2.25% difference between E and F when there was a third option doesn't guarantee you really got the popular demand.

    32. Leon (SHANTAE & MN9 Brought Me) on

      X'D were is the new year update "cry face"

    33. Josiah on

      There should be a limited time alternate costume option in the game for backers

    34. Not One Of Us on


      Just kidding. I liked all the designs, and this will do fine.

      Though I wonder if all the other can be worked into the series overtime...

    35. Missing avatar

      James Ramanathan on

      Call F's grown on me as a design, but this still doesn't make me any happier. Call E at least represented a fresh start, away from the sway of being a Megaman clone. Like every other bitter backer on this vote, however, I do wish the other Calls find a place in the game some way or another. Congratulations to Comcept and those that voted for Call F, either way.

    36. Missing avatar

      John Harfouche on

      Personally I think Beck the battle robot's sister looking like a secretary is sorta... sexist... That's why I voted F, because F looks like a battle robot.


      E is still a fantastic design though, wouldn't mind it as a tertiary character.

    37. Ben B on

      Not happy with the community's design choice. Oh well, that is what I get for being less active. Dang job. Can we at least have her go against Pink Call now since that was the better design from the get go? This does not seem like an exciting character to play in mutiplayer...

    38. Harmonius on

      You know, given the nature of the costumes in E and F, I feel like the "field" outfit and "street" outfit approach could work.

    39. Missing avatar

      Harrison Salzman on

      Congratulations to the people who voted for the winner! I hope we at least get to see the hat from E survive in some way. It's such a cute design.

    40. AABAR on

      @Gabriel Guimarães Álvaro Bueno / anyone who still can't access the forums, please look at the steps previously in update #33: see you there - can't wait for the new year update...

    41. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      I'm not sure 2% difference is by popular demand. That sounds more like a margin of error, especially since there was a third candidate. Probably should have done a runoff election.

      (I don't even remember what I voted)

    42. Lamera

      aww I voted for E, well the F is okay too

    43. Ruke Unlimited on

      If it really comes down to just reskinning the models, it probably shouldnt even be a contest... just add em all! :D

    44. Missing avatar

      GrubFisher on

      Why not have F be her "field" outfit, and E be her outfit when she "calls" Beck over some long distance? That makes sense, and you don't have to do a ton of animation for the second outfit because you never see Call fighting in it.

    45. Missing avatar

      TamaskanLEM on

      Crap. Somehow I knew 'Roll' was going to win.

    46. Missing avatar

      Crotus on

      I will pay for a Call E skin if I have to, but please put her in the game!

    47. Graham Farr

      Please listen to me! I will pay an extra ten dollars for a version of the game will Call version E instead, I liked her so much more.

    48. Missing avatar

      AuldWolf on

      "While similar to MM, all aspects of MN9 are different enough to be their own thing. I wouldn't worry so much."

      Were different. I stress, were. It's become more and more Megaman-like over time. And it's at the point now where it's legally (not subjectively, no opinions here) close enough to Capcom's franchise that they could block the sale of this if they so chose.

      You can be an oblivious fan if you want, I choose to be a realist. Either Comcept is expecting this, or they're as oblivious as you are. If something is X close enough to Y, it's begging for litigation. Bethesda got on Mojang's case solely because their game was called Scrolls. With the someone arrogantly blatant airs of ripping off Capcom surrounding Mighty No. 9, you don't think that Capcom is going to sue them?

      Your world must be a lovelier, less legal, less corporate, less capitalistic, less property-obsessed place than mine. Can I come and live there?