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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.



Mighty Beckers, g’day!

Figured out our update schedule yet? Take a look back at our last few posts… That’s right -- for the foreseeable future, we plan to check in at least three times a month, right around the 9th, 19th, and 29th. These updates will take many forms, but basically, expect a mix similar to our Kickstarter campaign: news and info blurbs (like this one), fan art roundups, concept art breakdowns, podcasts, documentary videos from 2 Player Productions, etc. -- all that good stuff!  

Of course, we’ll also be checking a lot more often on Twitter, our Facebook page, and especially the forums, which brings us to our next bit of news: Who the heck is going to handle all this community interaction? (Hey, don’t look at us -- we’re busy making a game here!) :) 

For the answer, we’re proud to introduce our first-ever community manager here at Comcept...better yet, let’s have her introduce herself!

Mighty Beckers! It’s a true pleasure to “meet” you -- thank you for embracing me as your new Community Overlord! Now, kneel before me, lesser Mighty Nos.! MUAHAHAHA!

...Just kidding. :) My name's Dina Abou Karam, and actually, it’s the other way around: I’m here to serve you! Think of me as a giant ear, ready to listen to all your suggestions, requests and anything else you feel like sharing!

...Except I'll also be managing and participating in the forums, so I guess think of me as a giant ear with a mouth… Also eyes for looking at fan art and... Er, you know what? Let's start over:

Hi, my name’s Dina! Like most of you, I've grown up on video games and have an undying passion for this magical medium. I am a Zelda fanatic, a Tim Schafer lover (figuratively speaking), and an unrepentant Final Fantasy 8 hardliner. (No, that’s not a troll!) ;) Also, to clear up any forum confusion: Mega Man X is best Mega Man!

After hopping around the globe a little, I finally left the motherland behind (Lebanon, if you were wondering) and settled in Japan, where I now work at Comcept. I'm an artist by trade, which is all the more reason I’m so excited to be a part of this exceptionally creative community! So expect to start seeing a lot of me on the forums, official Facebook page, Twitter account, these updates, etc. -- basically, anywhere and everywhere Mighty No. 9! (`_´)ゞ

So yes, think of Dina as one of you -- because she was / is! (Mighty No. 1046, to be exact!)

Some fanart Dina made during our KS campaign -- not bad, eh?!
Some fanart Dina made during our KS campaign -- not bad, eh?!

Also, Dina won’t be alone: the fine folks at 8-4, Ltd. will still be helping out here and there with update content and advising on community matters, plus we’ll be appointing our first two forum moderators from the community ASAP: Alraz (Mighty No. 5032) and Joseph Barone (Mighty No. 12434)! Their support for both Mighty No. 9 and their fellow Beckers has been unwavering, right from the start -- please join us in thanking and congratulating them!


OK, so that’s enough about “who” -- let’s get back to “what,” as in “what is going on with the second Call vote?!” This week we’re getting Mighty Nos. and passwords to the last few Beckers whose emails bounced, but after that, we should be ready to go -- the plan is for the vote to begin on 12.19 (the URL will be posted in a backer-only update and on the forums), and run until 12.29, when the votes will be tallied and the final winning design for Mighty No. 9’s heroine will be announced!

Until then, backers can join the discussion on what kind of role Call might play in the game, or share the design for your own unique Mighty No. robot, or trade stories of how you first heard of Mighty No. 9, or any of a few hundred other awesome threads going on now in our (slightly newer and slightly improved) forums!

Cya there! 

-Mark (Mighty No. 84), Dina (Mighty No. 1046), and the Mighty No. 9 Team


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    1. Crobdan on

      My friend had this to say

      I don't believe people take issue with this because of Dina's gender, or because they are inherently opposed to anything related to feminism. In the post she made where she showed her drawing of a female Beck, both the post she was agreeing with and her own post came across as having an air of disrespect towards Mighty No. 9 and the Megaman series.

      The first post that Dina agreed with seemed like it boiled down to, "women are ignored by game developers, so please change this game according to my own specific personal tastes". The strangest part of the post was the claim that they should not give Call a traditionally 'girly' look and change her existing design. She also said that she is 'sick' of Inafune 'ignoring her kind' with this game, which is a 'boys' club' game. The disrespect and odd gender generalization was already pretty obvious. This was followed by Dina's claim that, while those ideas are good, it would be "even better" to just make Beck female and leave it at that.

      First of all we have the very odd implication that plenty of women don't enjoy cutesy 'girly' things. That appealing to her own personal taste would mean 'not ignoring women', which he is now doing. But even beyond that, what sticks out is that Dina's gender-swap of Beck looks less traditionally-feminine and cutesy than the MALE Beck design (along with having a nose ring, because...?). The Megaman series has always had cutesy, even feminine designs, even for the male characters - look at Zero, both his original and GBA version. The idea of this extremely common design element of the Megaman series needing an 'overhaul' of this level for the spiritual successor feels very odd.

      Then there's the idea that people just flip their lid whenever they hear the word 'feminism'. I highly doubt that most of the people who dislike Dina's views and the idea of publicity being given to said views through a game they're looking forward to would be bothered if she was merely concerned with things like workplace inequities, abortion rights or third-world genital mutilation, or even took a less populist and shallow approach to the 'women in games' thing. Many particularly dislike Anita Sarkeesian's brand of 'gamer feminism' precisely because it makes shallow, over-generalizing statements and jumps to odd, vilifying conclusions, like Mighty No. 9 being a 'boys' club game that ignores women' or that Call would have to be designed to be 'less girly and pink' to appeal to female players.

      That and I personally believe the post-Anita Sarkeesian trend of gender-swapping popular characters to make a point feels like lazy tokenism. I'd much rather have the playable female be a new, interesting design.

      Plus, to some people, given her overall attitude on the whole project, it seems that the hiring decision was primarily the result of nepotism.

      In the end, I believe that it's not that she's a woman, or that people are repulsed by absolutely everything to do with feminism. I think that if someone like Kinu Nishimura had designed a tomboyish playable character, people would have been overjoyed. It's the seeming disrespect and disinterest in the Megaman series, the seemingly nonexistent reason for her hiring and the *specific brand* of feminism that she subscribes to that bothers people.

    2. wolfkin on

      Congrats to Dina glad to have you on board. nice pencil skills.

    3. Joshua Nolting on

      I've said this before on the official Comcept site. I feel it deserves to be added to the debate. Take it how you will. I entitled the post "Dangerous Sector: Veterans Suggested" as if in character, a Mighty Number.

      Hello, Dina. We've just met, as I haven't been on these forums actively.

      I see your image, while the pieces go together, the image is certainly a heavy deviation from the style that is being used. Though, a female representation of Beck, it is not. It's simply curly hair sneaking out of his helmet, a drastic change to the weight of lines and colors, a different pose. and pouty lips...

      From my patrol of these forums, and the information provided by the community and my own digging, I am.. nonplussed... When I first got my NES, it wasn't that red clad mustache wearing plumber, it was Mega Man that gave me hours of entertainment. From the first, to the eighth, to Rockman and Forte, to 9 & 10, The original X to X8, to The zero series, Battle Network, and ZX Series. I've read about the process to make the games, I participated in the 1992 "Design your own robot master" contest in Nintendo power. Keiji's style of art has had a meteoric impact on my artistic process. All of this, to give you an idea of what the kind of people who are invested, emotionally and financially, in this game.

      My fellow Numbers have strong faith in the Inafking's judgement, and those of his close peers. I will continue to hope. Study hard, Prototype Dina. Go back to the year 200X and walk the path of the Blue Bomber from his origins, and you might find the passion we show for this game.

      I have read and heard of agendas, I will not go into this "Debacle" they are calling it. We all can set this aside... Just remember, do not.. I cannot stress this enough.. do not lose sight of what this game was dreamed by Inafune. If you push it over some boundry due to your beliefs, that unravels the hopes of the Mighty Numbers of our ranks, you will live on in infamy. You will not be forgotten.


    4. David Fernandez on

      I'm not to sure what to think about Dina. As a Navy vet, I support she is right to hold any feminist views. But as a backer of Mighty No.9 I would definitely be against anyone other than the creator inserting their own personal views in the game. This kickstarter project was funded by people who trust in Inafune's ability to make a quality game. He knows his name is on the line. Beck is his baby and they guy has assembled a team of people he's worked with before on previous Megaman games. I have more faith that Inafune will do right by us. And should he actually implement any of Dina's ideas into the game, remember that Inafune has the final say-so in what will make it into the game and only the good ideas will be in it.

    5. Kofi B. Agyeman on

      whats this i'm seeing today that someone legit wanted gender swapped beck?! why? that's not the game i invested in.
      i play bastion. i play megaman. i play metroid. i'll play transistor. each offers a great gameplay experience. almost none of them hammering down my throat the human/chozo/robot/caelondia experience.
      please keep things on track i guess is what i came to say. if i wanted to put money into a soapbox, i'd support anita and be disappointed by how late everything came out and her openly admitting she hates and doesn't play games. though not turning the controller on in her pitch...

    6. Nick Parish on

      As long as she makes fine robot designs and doesn't fuck with what we've been promised (The formula/the story/the characters) im fine with Dina
      If she starts changing things that shouldn't be changed, things will go badly

    7. Caleb Bott on

      Go away Dina! I don't want you to ruin this otherwise amazing game!

    8. Caleb Bott on

      i hate this new design! Somebody please get rid of this bitch, or at the very least: GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!

    9. Natalie Manahan

      Did my voting!

    10. Lienn on

      @Derrick: The subject is "Mighty No.9 Forum Login Information‏" from "" incase you don't have them as contact or safe address list.

    11. Missing avatar

      Derrick Sanislo on

      Whats the name of the subject when they send it out? I may have accidentally deleted it. 

    12. Lienn on

      Official forum is at and the number is meant to be sent to the email registered here at KS.

      Check spam folder if you didn't receive it still and, if it's not there, follow update 33 steps to contact them and receive your number! ^^

    13. Missing avatar

      Derrick Sanislo on

      Where would find your mighty number? Email? also where is the official forums?

    14. Missing avatar

      Gabriel G A Bueno on

      I still haven't my Number!
      Anyone with this problem too?

    15. Glenn Magus Harvey on

      No worries, no offense taken.

      Just that, I found someone who put up a 21-minute video on youtube complaining about Dina's pushing an alleged "feminist agenda" on the development of the game; that idea seems like patent nonsense to me.

    16. Lienn on

      @C: Indeed. But instead of saying ppl are ignorant (even tho the word do IS correct), would be better saying they're misinformed since some ppl get offended by the "ignorant" word (funny enough, those offended actually are ignorant about the word's proper meaning. For those curious, ignorant is the person with lack of knowledge about the said matter...not even close to be offensive).
      @Glenn: Bud, the real thing is that we don't really have an issue. It was a few users that were "misinformed" about Dina's role and powers as CM and overreacted to the point of blowing this drama in a way out of proportions to "outsiders" and social media.
      It's actually very possible that this very topic die tomorrow with the new update. Once players have something new to munch they might drop Dina's leg and move to it. I'm really hoping for it! Call came during KS campaign to give a brand new boost to it and seems like once again she will come to save the day! ^^
      See you in the forums! (`_´)ゞ

    17. on

      @Glenn: It doesn't. That's not the problem here, and the only people who claim it is are about as ignorant to the subject as you are.

    18. Glenn Magus Harvey on

      So I haven't been following the updates directly but I've heard a ton about the latest crapstorm.

      Why are people so worked up about some sort of perceived "feminist agenda" or whatever? I don't really care what gender Beck will be. It's not like "female" or "male" are going to mean anything anyway...Beck's a robot, for goodness's sake. And the game is still going to involve jumping, shooting, and taking enemy bosses' powers. Where the heck does gender even factor into that?

    19. on

      *(the guys that put in a refund REQUEST)

    20. on

      @Joseph: I've put in a refund request and they (DDM) said that they're currently investigating the situation, and that they'll get back to us (the guys that put in a refund) ASAP. So Comcept should hopefully get involved soon and determine the best course of action for everybody. I just hope that they won't listen to the ignorant morons yelling "SEXISTS!" and the trolls that are trying to pour more fuel onto the fire.

    21. Lienn on

      @Joseph: Worry not, my friend. It certainly is beilg handled the way it should and, even though some don't really agree with this way I'm certain it will end soon enough (hopefully by 12/19).

    22. Joseph MacKie on

      Can we get some actual comments from someone in charge of this mess on the meltdown currently happening? I've seen a lot of huge backers demanding refunds because of this mess and that's starting to upset me. This is a stupid thing being blown way out of proportion and it ISN'T BEING HANDLED.


    23. Lienn on

      @LKArtillery: Posting here just to say that you don't need to worry. We have only a vocal minority actually acting this way.
      My suggestion is that when you get your No. simply stay away from Off-topic forum for a drama-free community environment at least til the situation calm down (soon enough).
      I hope you guys that didn't receive the e-mail still get it very soon! Last activity update has some instruction about how to mail them asking your numbe if you didn't receive it still! ^^
      See you guys at official forums!

    24. OmegaPineapple on

      Nice to meet ya Dina! Haven't checked out the forums yet. Can't wait to vote for Call's design!

    25. Tyler Okrainec on

      Yeah you see I wouldn't be so pissed about all this if the front page of the kickstarter didn't say this. "Every aspect of development—art, level design, music, programming, etc.—is being handled by veteran Japanese game creators with extensive experience in the genre, and with Mega Man in particular, all the way up to and including the project’s leader, Keiji Inafune himself!"

    26. Missing avatar

      Yan Zhao on

      Welcome Dina, and please ignore all these idiots in these comments. It doesnt matter where, every community has its share of filth, unfortunately M.No.9 is no different I see.

    27. LKArtillery on

      Holy flame war, Batman. I came here to check on the status of my Mighty No. email and got a big steaming pile of excrement in the comments section. I'm glad to know this game's supporters are such an open and mature community. :\

    28. Geof Aberhart on

      @Chris: Two points - 1) "Let's piss off the people that invested in that game"? Hardly. People who think Dina's appointment is any kind of problem are a vanishingly small minority, they're just vocal assholes and people notice the turd before they notice the punch it's floating in. 2) Congratulations on having literally zero understanding of the world outside your own straight white male bubble or of what "feminism" actually is I guess.

      Goddamned Redditors.

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Calderon on


      "Absolutely not. The world is still deeply patriarchal. And widespread, unabashed misogyny is still a common problem"

      In what way is this still a problem in any first-world country? Do you have any idea how many perks you can get from being born a certain gender or race that is just not possible if you are not in a third-world country? Because those are the only places that the concept of feminism still apply from its full form. I should know, I've lived in one for ten years.

      "The underrrepresentation of female characters in video games is problematic."

      How? Why is it problematic when from its conception, the video game industry has been dominated and is still dominated by straight, white males that can associated more thoroughly with a male main character (that's not to say that's the only character that works, but you get my point)?

      "Non-sexualized, realistic, well characterized, important, and capable female characters make up a very tiny percentage of video game characters. Female protagonists with these traits, even less so."

      You haven't been looking hard enough then. Final Fantasy, Lufia, Ys, Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda, Halo, Red Dead Redemption, The Last Story, Ico, Mass Effect and many, many, many other franchises feature strong, female characters that are not only relateable, but also "non-sexualize", whatever the definition for the week of that is now.

      "It's clear that you have very little idea of what feminism actually is. Please go read up on what actual feminists have to say before making statements like this."

      And you clearly have no idea that the many people make up feminist, some more crazy that others as any travel in Tumblr will let you see (read The Scum Manifesto and tell me that feminist is mentally sound). Not do those loons harm the group's name, they also provide an example of the main problem that plagues groups such as feminist once they've accomplished the main goal that originated it in the first place: there is no shared ideal anymore, the group is splinters because of constant disagreement to the point where any sane person divides themselves from the original term.

      Feminism has no place video games because video games are meant to be entertaining, not to be run by a group that can't even get it's main goals straight, nevermind video games being meant for entertainment, not to push some political agenda.

    30. Missing avatar

      Chris Calderon on

      @Wright Johnson

      Yeah, Wright, let's piss of the people who invested in the game. They should have no say whatsoever in the way the game is handled, I mean what have they done aside from supporting this game and making it possible. Screw 'em, I'm mad.

      God, you're such a idiot.

    31. Missing avatar

      Wright Johnson

      @The haters:

      I hope this game actually is pure SJW propaganda just to piss you sad motherfuckers that are bashing this woman off.

      Let's assume all of the allegedly sourced claims about her are true. So? If she does a good job, why the hell does it matter if she's played Mega Man, or got the job through her boyfriend, or what-the-eff-ever? She's a community manager, children. She is meant to manage the community. She will not be taking away your toys.

      And I'm sure someone's going, "There's no need to be condescending!" Yes, there is. If you animals can't act like grownups, there's no reason anyone should treat you like grownups. Respect is something you earn.

      "Well, Dina never earned our respect!"

      That's true. You never gave her the chance.

      God save us all from you disgusting fifth-rate internet paparazzos. At least real paparazzi risk something.

    32. JoshuaH on

      "It's because everybody is a feminist, and the word no longer means anything."
      Absolutely not. The world is still deeply patriarchal. And widespread, unabashed misogyny is still a common problem, which is apparent just by reading the discussion about Dina in relation to Mighty No. 9.
      "People who think the idea of a male character is problematic"
      Nobody thinks that. The underrrepresentation of female characters in video games is problematic. Non-sexualized, realistic, well characterized, important, and capable female characters make up a very tiny percentage of video game characters. Female protagonists with these traits, even less so.
      "People who think that all men are sex-offending 'creepers' and scum are 'feminists.' This is a completely separate viewpoint from the two above, and pretty vile."
      It's clear that you have very little idea of what feminism actually is. Please go read up on what actual feminists have to say before making statements like this.

    33. Missing avatar

      bonegolem on

      @TangoBunny: I really wanted to let you know that I love your definition of feminism.
      Also agreeing with the rest of your post, but the definition is awesome.

    34. Liana Copland on

      Welcome, Dina! :P

      My 2c on the big hoo hah on the forums about our new CM:

      A community manager should relay the best of the community to the devs, and should keep everyone informed via the blog/other media. Personal opinions shouldn't come into it, I agree, but at the same time, I think people are making a mountain out of a molehill out of this one.

      Nobody's perfect after all.. give Dina time, I'd say! If she's good at the job, or not, time will tell, and that's what matters the most.


    35. Worm on
      Fixed that for you! In all seriousness Nagisa would have been better off as a robot, no colds, no dying of child birth, just non-stop moe.

    36. NachoKingP

      Dina, welcome aboard! I'm sorry that some moronic individuals are giving the rest of us gamers such a bad rap. I am certainly glad to welcome a fellow gamer on board (and I also am a FF8 loyalist!) and I am really looking forward to getting more updates from you! :)

    37. Charlotte Bulman on

      I have played nearly all of the Mega Man games and I would at least like a female sidekick for some bonus levels or as an unlock-able character. Beck should still be male though.

    38. Charlotte Bulman on

      Love your drawing Dina! I would like Call to be a playable character myself :)

    39. Christopher Glass on

      This update doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. I'd rather have someone that's actually played these games and understands the art style.

    40. Missing avatar

      Clint Keene on

      I just want my art book.

    41. Stuckov the Admirable on

      And thank you (not) Ian Miles Cheong, for feeding this fire more fuel to burn on.

    42. Stuckov the Admirable on

      I hope all of you are happy that "we" dragged Slowtaku into this whole mess (one of the embodiments of everything wrong with the video game industry) over a very small minority opinion on the forums; that we don't want Dina as a female. Now we are going to get a Kotaku article with cherry picked posts and nothing good will come out of it. If any of you thinks this relates to her gender, then you are wrong and you are not helping the situation.

      As as a person who is skeptical of her qualifications, she has to step up now, or risk the well being of the community. If she just sits by, she will prove that she is in fact incompetent as a CM as a good portion of us had feared, myself included. This should have stayed a community affair so people who are backers could join the forums and see what is going on and inform themselves regarding this manner. Now we are going to get more misinformation being thrown around, causing an even bigger mess than what is going on.

    43. Margaret Chan on

      To be honest, I find the extreme vitriol passed around by both "sides" of this argument disgusting. Do I think Dina should be fired? No.

      I find it a little offputting that she didn't (or doesn't) care for it except for having friends and her boyfriend working on it but that's not something that is absolutely horrible. I love the games but I suck at platformers. She still backs it.

      However it is a little more off-putting to me that as someone whose job is to act as a community manager has said things that have already caused a schism between a community who rallied together to bring something great. I have great reservations to be (at least in part) be managed by someone who doesn't quite share the same love or interest in the soul of the game. But reservations about someone does not mean they should lose their job. It is not cause to say people are being sexist or misogynistic either.

      In regards to her art, that's fanart. I don't care for her art the slightest bit, but it is fanart. Also, Inafune and other professionals who we love would be vetting her designs. It's not as if they'd be put in the game unchecked.

    44. on

      @Sean Loftus: Are you even listening to what people are saying? This has absolutely NOTHING to do with her gender, stop being so ignorant.

    45. Amir Rezvani on

      TwT guys i havent gotten an email yet! please help me. am dying inside!

    46. Missing avatar

      Sean Loftus on

      Some dang ding people leaving silly overreactions over something that makes no sense. C'mon guys, you've left the house before right? And seen that women are generally people that exists and are all different and stuff. Stop projecting your really silly issues on every woman you meet/ hear about over the internet. Really.

    47. Missing avatar

      adan aragon on

      still haven't gotten my email

    48. on

      @James Fletcher: Yes there is. Please educate yourself before making such silly comments. You really shouldn't let yourself form an opinion on something that you know very little about.

    49. Missing avatar

      will_df on

      What if Beck was a mysoginist, and the 8 bosses taught him how not to hate women? Include my idea Comcept or im taking back (beck lol) my $5.

    50. James Fletcher on

      I'm a little late to the party, but I've got to say that I'm disappointed in the community's response to this announcement. There is literally no reason for anyone to treat Dina this way.