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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.




Mighty fans, friends, and supporters -- assemble!

There’s just over 24 hours left to our Kickstarter campaign -- THESE ARE THE END TIMES! Which is why we need all of you, our fans and supporters and true believers, to run hither and yon through the streets of the Internet with your signs and posts and tweets proclaiming the end! There’s been so much news in the past week, a lot of fans and potential backers probably still don’t realize:

Plus, we have new news! Exciting new news! New news like: 


The team has settled on the engine that will power Mighty No. 9, and it is, we mean literally, it’s the Unreal Engine from Epic! 

For those of you who might not know, this is the engine that built its reputation pushing the cutting-edge graphics in AAA blockbusters like Mass Effect, Bioshock Infinite, Infinity Blade and of course Gears of War -- no slouches in the looks department, any of them, right?

Of course, just choosing an engine doesn’t mean our game will look like any of those -- and in fact, it won’t, because we will have our own, unique graphical style we are going for with Mighty No. 9 -- but it does mean our developers will have access to tools that can push the fidelity, lighting, and overall look of Mighty No. 9 to among the best gaming has to offer!  

It also means our team can spend less time worrying about technical mumbo-jumbo, and more time focused on things that really matter to a game like this -- like the feel of the controls, the style of a character’s animation, the atmosphere of a level, the balance of Beck’s transformations -- the important stuff!  

In fact, check out this super-short, super-rough engine test Inti Creates made in just seven days to see if Unreal would be viable for Mighty No. 9. Let’s be 100% clear (caps lock on!): THE GAME WILL NOT NECESSARILY LOOK LIKE THIS VIDEO, MOVE LIKE THIS VIDEO, OR ACT LIKE THIS VIDEO -- THIS IS A COMPLETELY ROUGH TEST ONLY, MADE IN LITERALLY ONE WEEK, USING ALL PLACEHOLDER ASSETS AND ANIMATION just to test how parts of the engine work. With no shaders, filters, or even models and key art in place yet, normally we would never show anything like this since it’s not representative of the final game at all, but in the spirit of this Kickstarter in showing how the game is made, even from the very earliest steps, we thought it would still be pretty cool to see a glimpse of Beck moving around in the engine (even if it is a placeholder Beck, moving through a placeholder level with placeholder enemies and animations!).

Whattaya think? Someday we will look back on this and laugh at how primitive it looks, but for now, for only one week of test work, it’s pretty darn cool, don’t ya think? :D  


Today, we’ve got a few quotes from famous friends and other cool folks supporting Mighty No. 9! Quotes like:

“Inafune-san is one of the most legendary game designers on the planet. Everything he's touched has been massively influential not only to my career but also the amount of fun I've had throughout my childhood and into my adult life. I look forward to this project with bated breath!”
Cliff Bleszinski
Co-creator, Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal, Gears of War 

“Kickstarter is an appealing system, but there's been this assumption that an indie game can only perform so well there. So I'd like to express my gratitude to Inafune-san and the Mighty No. 9 team for blowing that pessimism out of the water. On top of that, this veteran creator has shown us all that, no matter what your age, it's never too late to take on the challenge of making the games you want to make. I hope to follow in his footsteps.”
Takumi Naramura (Nigoro)
Director, La Mulana

“Inafune-san is best known for creating a videogame icon, but perhaps his biggest impact is how passionate he's always been about listening to his fans -- even before social media, community management or Kickstarter. And now those same fans (myself included) can give Inafune-san a chance to return to his roots and create something amazing in the genre he helped define. I don't know about you, but that's SUPER/ULTRA/MEGA EXCITING to me.
Now let's get Mighty No. 9 on next-gen and handhelds!”

Nathan "Mighty No. 92" Vella
President, Capy Games

“To all of us independent developers and creators, Mighty No. 9 is a truly inspiring project. It's a rare game that has its creators and its fans so in sync with each other, and I hope it gives birth to lots of smiling faces!”
Yohei Kataoka (Crispy's)
Director, Tokyo Jungle

“I'm looking forward to the birth of a new franchise from this Kickstarter! Best of luck to Inafune-san and my friends at Comcept, Inti Creates and 8-4.”
Christian Svensson
Former Senior VP, Capcom USA

“I really have no idea who this guy is (or) what his stupid game looks like.”
Michael Pachter
Games Analyst, Wedbush Securities


We know we said last Monday was our final Mighty Boss Monday -- but we lied! Well, sorta.

We wanted to give you just a tease here on our final Monday, and let you know that features like the full boss design breakdowns will continue on our official Mighty No. 9 website and forums, starting after it goes up in late October / early November! redirects to the Kickstarter page for now, but eventually it will be our new home for the Mighty community and all new Mighty No. 9 news, so bookmark it now and keep checking back!

Until then, here’s the Inafune sketch for No. 4 (and another in the poster below) -- more details and the final design in the coming months!


These goals are dropping like flies (we now have a SUPPORT CHARACTER added!) -- but as long as you keep the support rolling in, we’ve got more cool features we’d love to add, like our latest:  


Yes! We heard the feedback from our community, and at this level, we would be thrilled to fulfill this popular wish -- to add an all-new single-player level, including a boss fight, where you can play as Mighty No. 9’s heroine, Call! We agree it would be a fun addition and a great way to mix up the action, so fingers crossed we can make it this far!


Yes! For the final few hours of our Kickstarter campaign, we will be hosting a livestream right out of Comcept’s Tokyo HQ! Check it:

(above) Feel free to share this awesome Kimo Kimo-designed poster for the finale Livestream! Grab it here or use the url

Amongst the interviews, viewer Q&A, and other shenanigans, Inafune himself will be there to announce the winners of our Call vote!

So tell a friend, and be there yourself: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1st, 3 – 6pm PDT (check here for the start time in your local time zone!) The exact place and URL for the livestream is still TBD, so check back here to our Kickstarter page, our Twitter account, or official Facebook group for info -- and hey, while you’re at it, tell us there what you thought of this update! 

Thank you for spreading the word on our final 24 hours! See you soon! (`_´)ゞ
- @markmacd (Mighty No. 84) and @johntv (Mighty No. 99) of 8-4 & the Mighty No. 9 Team

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    1. Creator RamsesA on October 5, 2013

      Personally, I think the clip looks great for what it is (a quick tech demo) and I wouldn't worry too much about how the game will look visually by the time it is done. The release isn't going to be until 2015, they have plenty of time to make it look great.

    2. Creator Airon Neil on October 4, 2013

      I sure hope they keep the 2D graphics, the concept art for the stage in the home page looked beautiful.

    3. Creator Keichi Morisato on October 3, 2013

      i really hope this game looks more like maverick hunter X (3D) than megaman X (2D)

    4. Creator Jyh Tai on October 3, 2013

      @AuldWolf, Nicely put. Cell-shading has developed so much in the past decade or two so to call it bland is like comparing that to modern, hi-def, graphical detail, bland pallet boxes of nothing. The argument of people pulling out their pledge because this game is not represented in 2D is pretty extreme and I think we should give them a chance to develop a proper demonstration rather than base it on a current 13sec demo that was essentially designed to show how beck will interact in game. However those arguing to pull out their pledge based on the bland aesthetics vs graphical fidelity, well that's a fair enough argument because for being a fresh IP, no one wants this to become another modern mainstream bland pallet blob, HOWEVER I'd also caution restraint until we have more details.

      Basically let's ride the train until we have a better idea of where this is heading before making our final call. That being said I believe the dev's should let us know on where they stand for regarding the final look on the game and reasoning. No one wants to be led around the bush so the sooner we debunk these debates the better.

    5. Creator BusyBus on October 1, 2013

      This Dev video makes me miss Shadow Complex.

    6. Creator Becka Man on October 1, 2013

      needs more color. and im still hoping its not too late to go with beautiful 2D graphics...

    7. Creator Becka Man on October 1, 2013

      I hope we will be able to see becks face and expressions better in the final version

    8. Creator Brian Edward Wiebe on October 1, 2013

      I can't see the video of the unreal engine mockup...?

    9. Creator Justin Choe on October 1, 2013

      Oddly enough, a game I have been working on for about two years now actually matches up very closely with Mighty No. 9 in both style and game play. It would be sweet to eventually get it to the point where it could be somehow related to Mighty No. 9! After all, the game idea I had was inspired by Megaman X.

    10. Creator AuldWolf on October 1, 2013

      I think Comcept need to let us know where they stand regarding the final look of the game and soon, because honestly, I'm tempted to just pull out and leave this one to all the 12 year olds who're intent on this becoming yet another brown-grey mainstream blob with no visual character of its own. This game is built upon giving something new to the Mega Man fanbase, I'm not sure how they'd do trying to attract a new fanbase.

      So Comcept does need to let us know what they plan the final game to look like -- whether it's like this or more like the concept art.

    11. Creator AuldWolf on October 1, 2013

      @Marvin de Pano

      That's true if you're talking about technology from a decade or two ago, but it pays to actually be up to speed when you're thinking about a topic like this. See, cell-shading has evolved too, and I very much doubt you've seen what Guilty Gear Xrd, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, or Champions Online was using. All of them looked better because of cell-shading, it fit the style.

      I'm just saddened by people who'd prefer:


      And I have to ask myself -- what interest do you have in a Megaman style game?

      This is also worth a look:

      But yeah, talking about cell-shading in the way they you do, I honestly don't think you've played a good cell-shaded game in decades. When done right, they look far better than when no effort is put into it at all. Either that or you're very, very, very young, and you're used to games looking dead, flat, lifeless, and colourless. I'm not a fan of that. Honestly, the feeling that this game might look like Gears of War has me wanting to pull out at the last minute.

    12. Creator yandere on October 1, 2013

      I just realized that you can play mighty on every modern consol and all operating systems. Congratulations to the team for reaching the broadest market possible!

      Stretch goal 5 000 000 $: You can play Mighty No9 on a Toaster!

    13. Creator yandere on October 1, 2013

      uh uh... call singleplayer is in reach... we can do this! Gogogogo! O_o

    14. Creator GunplaGamer on October 1, 2013


    15. Creator GunplaGamer on October 1, 2013


    16. Creator Bruno Figueiredo on October 1, 2013

      The more i see the concept arts more fond of No.3 i become...i wonder if later on we can have a fully 3D zone option for multiplayer battles...just imagine the Colosseo mode...a fully 3D zone where 4+ players can pick a mighty boss (or Call) and have some PvP fun! ^^

      These mighty bosses are too appealing for us to not have a chance of playing with them! ^^ Also, an online environment doesn't need necessarily to follow the game environment. Hopefully we will have some DLC options polls going after official forum is up! /o/ Would love to play as Call and/or No.3...or even both in a co-op epic ownage!

    17. Creator Petri Seppälä on October 1, 2013

      @Brian Smit
      You're not exactly correct, the thing is, while these people say "Megaman", they don't really mean only the game franchise. It's just the focal point of their nostalgia and their core concept for the "ideal game". Depending on the person, it's either that they don't know any better because they haven't yet played the Mighty No. 9 that's even better than Megaman, or they simply choose to go with saying "Megaman" because it's just simpler that way. You have no way of knowing what small percentage of these people will actually be the "everything new sucks, make it exactly like Megaman" crowd. That we won't know until some sort of huge backlash of disappointed backers occurs. And also, hot air on the internet alone doesn't make for such.

    18. Creator Bruno Figueiredo on October 1, 2013

      @Brian: Completely agree, mister! This game has potential to be unique, w/o the need of any reference of megaman other than at credits! Let's have an unique game!

    19. Creator Bruno Figueiredo on October 1, 2013

      230k in 13hrs...we can still reach the 3.7M...but will be a last min funding. I hope that being "very close" turns out to be enough for devs. ^^:

      Call needs her own stage! (she needs her entire game actually...please have her as default playable character with Beck!)!

    20. Creator Nathan Topousis on October 1, 2013

      It's neat that there's already an early prototype of the game, but I'm hoping that the final version will have 2D hand drawn sprites instead. Like in the concept art.

    21. Creator Sdzero on October 1, 2013

      @Brian Smit
      Indeed, Brian. As much as I love Mega Man games, I recognize Mighty No 9 is a new beginning.

    22. Creator Rivet Chiu on October 1, 2013

      UE3 test looks great, although that jump animation is just a placeholder, I hope you guys will keep it. So many nostalgia...

    23. Creator Brian Smit on October 1, 2013

      @Marvin de Pano, Absolutely. Anyone who actually read the description instead of simply looking at the concept art would have known that this was never intended to be a 2d sidescrolling game. I think a lot of the vitriol against the video comes from the sort of people who are grabbing at this game to fulfill their desire for a new Megaman game. The fact is, THIS IS NOT A MEGAMAN GAME. Over the last month I have slowly but surely grown to despise the built in Megaman community that supports this game because they will never let this game be itself. Everything from Beck's design to the enemy design to Call's design to the engine to the placeholder video has been put up against and compared with Megaman. Any and all differences (perceived or real) have been shot down or insulted. "Make the game more like Megaman."

      Please PLEASE let this be a new game, with new characters, new story, new graphics and ideas. Please let Comcept create something unexpected, fresh and original. Don't judge a game based on a twenty second graphics test video that I honestly think was posted just so we could see Beck actually moving around and running and shooting. For the life of me I can't understand the people who are saying they will cancel their pledge based on their disappointment over this game not being 2d. Graphics as well as platforms have advanced amazingly since the last Megaman game. There's no reason that this game can't be the spiritual successor to the games we know and love while at the same time looking toward the future and doing new things.

      On the plus side, my previous post despairing of the Call stage was pretty obviously premature, as we only need 15,000 an hour now to reach it. Let's get that stage!

    24. Creator Marvin de Pano on October 1, 2013

      @Tom Northrop, I totally agree with you, bro. It was clearly written from the get go that the game will be in 2.5D, it wasn't fine print or anything. Those who yearn for classic 8-bit and 2D styles can always go back to the old games, they're still as fun to play today as they were decades ago. I would like to see new cool things in this game, take advantage of those 3 dimensions on certain boss fights, for example, and introduce new concepts not possible back in the day.

    25. Creator Kevin Villasana on October 1, 2013

      Man now they tell us we can play as Call lets hope we can make it by tomorrow

    26. Creator .hack//zero on October 1, 2013

      I know it more of engine test, and that this isn't what Mighty No 9 is gonna look like. But I just wanted to say that once Comcept gets financially stable and is able work on multiple games at once, that type of art style would look good in a 2.5D platformer.

      But yeah, the in game mock up art is fits Mighty No. 9 perfectly.

    27. Creator TurboPikachu on October 1, 2013

      Placeholder beck is really short. XD I definitely assume his final character model will look proportionate to his concept art. :)

    28. Creator Tom Northrop on October 1, 2013

      The fact that they were going to be using 3D renders was practically -a given-. Think back to the promotional video. Our first look at Beck was a sculpture. Physical models like that are often used as reference for creating 3D models. This, combined with the talk of changing camera angles for boss fights in a recent update, made it pretty much set-in-stone that 3D graphics would be used.

      And I say it's about time! Mega Man has been primarily 2D and has rarely branched outside of this box. And although graphics aren't everything, Mighty No. 9 should take the concept in a new graphical direction that has rarely been done with Mega Man. It's about time we got a platformer like this that actually looks fresh. And even if it's sidescrolling gameplay, 3D will give the developers opportunities to experiment with more dramatic dimension-based gameplay on top of just graphics. Don't let a nostalgia bias hinder the opportunities this presents.

    29. Creator DashXero on October 1, 2013

      Xero's right! Have you seen the footage for Guilty Gear Xrd? Insane. And it runs on Unreal last I checked...

    30. Creator Xero on October 1, 2013

      @Nicholas Shephard
      Using the Unreal engine dosen't mean the game can't have a 2D, anime style. I can show you 2D looking games that you would never believe were running on the unreal engine.

    31. Creator Chris Curran on October 1, 2013

      I am really excited that it is using the Unreal game engine and that we reached the $3.3 Million mark for the PS4 and Xbox One.

    32. Creator Sarseo on October 1, 2013

      Wha? Why? Why is it 3D? I was fully expecting it to be a 2D game. :(

    33. Creator Sirius Man on October 1, 2013

      Pachter actually scared me. It is not unlikely that Capcom will sue Infaune, and we'll all lose all our money. Hmmm...

    34. Creator DashXero on October 1, 2013

      Hm. Maybe it could be named "Dial." Heheh....

    35. Creator Darren on October 1, 2013

      Oh you could also call the support character "Tether" :)

    36. Creator Isaac Alvarez on October 1, 2013

      Hopefully we can make it to the last goal. We really need to bring new people to make thia possible in this last hours.

    37. Creator Darren on October 1, 2013

      So the support character is someone that swoops in and out.... Sounds like beat. Call the new one "Wifi" in whatever incarnation it ultimately forms into :)

    38. Creator Gabriel G A Bueno on October 1, 2013

      For me it would be the other way around. Call F as the main Call and Call E as a navigator.
      The support character would be the red robot dog or something along those lines.

    39. Creator Nuttachai Tipprasert on October 1, 2013

      lol Loves that you guys put in Michael Patcher quotes just for trolling. Don't know about how the others think, but, for me, I believe this guy is and idiot and I've never taken his words so seriously.

      By the way, going for Unreal engine is quite a surprising move. I hoped that you guy will use in-house or Unity since it really suites your game than Unreal. I respect and support your decision, though. As long as the final product is good, any other thing else doesn't matter.

    40. Creator Marvin de Pano on September 30, 2013

      I might be in the minority here, but I do like what I see and I'd be completely content and happy if they kept the visuals this way with minor improvements. I'm not really a big fan of cell-shading, it just looks bland and that tech was a by-product of less than capable hardware at the time it was popular. The style that I see here is akin to Megaman's appearance in Smash Bros., which I really applaud. I really hope they stay close to this look. Love the 3D scrolling backgrounds and all, it definitely is classic gaming while keeping up with the aesthetics of the times. *two thumbs up, Comcept* :D

    41. Creator John C Courchesne on September 30, 2013

      I'm really hoping for that Vita Release!

    42. Creator Nicholas Shephard on September 30, 2013

      Don't mean to be a downer but I'm kinda sad the Unreal Engine is being used. I was really hoping to keep a 2D, anime style to the game's visuals. Hopefully that can still be achieved.

    43. Creator Rick Lopez on September 30, 2013

      Got to say I know this is early but I really hope you change the look of the game. I was expecting more like the original screenshot, but I guess if it's unreal tech, I don't see that happening anymore.

    44. Creator Assaf on September 30, 2013

      @bruno nice list!
      I actually want sansa to be female too, don't know why...

    45. Creator Assaf on September 30, 2013

      100,000 comments, yeah!
      spread the word via consoles friends. it's easy!
      GO PS4! GO PSVITA AND 3DS!! GO CALL (E, Call, yeah?)

    46. Creator Alex Pacheco on September 30, 2013

      Man, I'm super excited for this game! I really hope that the next goals get reached!
      Best of luck!

    47. Creator Bruno Silva de Borba on September 30, 2013

      Wow, Beck looks awesome already!!!!
      I loved this update and the Pachter quote looks legit. Haha!

    48. Creator Raymond Hernandez on September 30, 2013

      lol love the Michael Pachter quote (no I'm not saying I agree with it)

      that's just 7 days work? Great job with that!

    49. Creator chris ng on September 30, 2013

      It's amazing to have the draft out within a week. But do we really need unreal engine for this game?

      I know it's a draft, but i hope the final version will have the same visual as the (2D) concept art on the home page. I really hope it feels more like a 2D game.

      And please make the character as expressive as the concept art as well.