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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)


Mighty Mighty Becker Backers!

Wow, do we have a big day in store for you today... Three big doozies, one after the other! (And that’s not even counting our Call community vote, coming in another update later today!)

To start things off, let’s get physical! (BTW, if you’re here for the podcast, just keep scrolling, you’ll get to it :)


That’s right! Due to overwhelming fan requests, we are happy to offer extra, physical copies (of the Steam PC, Mac, or Linux version) of Mighty No. 9 for an additional price!

These are called “add-ons” because they are items you can order individually, by “adding on” money to your existing Kickstarter pledge (these aren’t yet available on our PayPal page, but will be very soon!).

For our Kickstarter-based fans: Everyone at $20 and above already gets one digital download copy of whatever one version of Mighty No. 9 they would like—but if you want to add-on extra money for extra copies of the game, with this you can!

Here’s what we’re offering, along with prices for both (domestic and international):

  • An extra physical copy of Mighty No. 9 on disc (Steam version for PC, Mac, or Linux ONLY, your choice—you will choose via a survey later): Add $26 to your pledge ($31 for international backers) 
(above) Please bear in mind the disc-art is a placeholder mockup and will change!
  • An extra physical copy of Mighty No. 9 on a special USB memory stick shaped like either an NES or Famicom cartridge (Steam version for PC, Mac, or Linux ONLY, your choice—you will choose both the platform, and whether you want the NES design or the Famicom design via a survey later): Add $36 to your pledge ($41 for international backers) 

(above) These are renders FanGamer is working on of what these USB “carts” will roughly look like; please bear in mind the labels are placeholder mockups and will change, but you can get a sense of the scale by the size of the USB connector.

See anything you like? Here’s how to adjust your Kickstarter pledge to order it!

STEP 1. Everyone who has already pledged to the Kickstarter at any level will see a “Manage Your Pledge” button on the upper right of the Kickstarter page. Click this button, then adjust the amount of your pledge there, in green (see prices above, or check below for some common examples). You should not change your reward tier.

STEP 2. Next click “Continue to Next Step” and finally “Confirm.” Don’t worry that you haven’t told us which version of the game you want for your extra copies yet! After the campaign is over, you will get a survey confirming exactly which items you want added on, and which versions—if applicable—of these items you would like! 

And that’s it! Not so hard, right? Well, just in case, let’s walk through the math of some common use cases, so you can make sure you have the idea. Again, you can use add-ons for any reward tier, in combination with as many add-ons as you like. These are just some random examples!

A few examples of add-on scenarios…

The prices again, in case you forgot: 

  • An extra physical copy of Mighty No. 9 on disc: $26 in the U.S., or $31 international, each
  • An extra physical copy of Mighty No. 9 on a special USB memory stick shaped like either an NES or Famicom cartridge: $36 in the U.S., or $41 international, each

Ex.1 So, for example, let’s say you pledged at the $20 tier already, but you would like an extra physical copy of Mighty No. 9 on disc, for a total of two copies (one digital, one physical)—you would keep your reward tier at $20, and just add $26 (you live in the U.S.) to your pledge: 
$20 + $26 = $46 total pledge

Ex. 2 Another example: If you pledged at the $40 tier already, and would like an extra physical copy of Mighty No. 9 on disc; you would keep your reward tier at $40, and just add $26 (you live in the U.S.) to your pledge:
$40 + $26 = $66 total pledge

Ex. 3 Another example: If you pledged at the $99 tier, and you wanted an extra physical copy of Mighty No. 9 on the special USB stick; you would keep your reward tier at $99, and just add $36 (you live in the U.S.) to your pledge:
$99 + $36 = $135 total pledge

Ex. 4 You can add more than one add-on as well! Let’s say already pledged for $250 (so you’re already getting a game download code), but you also want another copy of the game on disc, and two USB copies (one NES and one Famicom-style, both), for a grand total of four copies of Mighty No. 9! (God bless you!) Also, you live outside of the United States, so you’ll need to use the international prices. In this case, you would keep your reward tier at $250, and add $31, $41, and $41, all to your pledge:
$250 + $31 + $41 + $41 = $363 total pledge

If you’re still having trouble, your best bet for a fast answer might be to ask the kind folks in the comments section of the Kickstarter page to see if they might be willing to help out, or maybe they can check if your math is correct! We’ll be around as much as we can as well, but with the sheer volume of requests, we’re afraid your fellow Beckers are often a better resource for this kind of thing than we are!


Next up, a long-awaited stretch goal announcement:

$3,500,000: PlayStation Vita and 3DS versions! 

That’s right! At this level, we can make digital versions of Mighty No. 9 for the two most popular handheld systems out there: the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS! (These will both be added to the list of available systems to choose from, so every backer who is set to receive a download version of Mighty No. 9 can choose either of these as the system for their game download, instead of a home console or PC version.)

We spent the last few weeks running the numbers and talking with various companies to make certain we could not only deliver great handheld versions of Mighty No. 9, but do it for a price that we could set with confidence. Luckily, we found a great potential partner in Abstraction Games -- the team that recently brought Hotline Miami to PS platforms. If we can hit our stretch goal, they are all set to dive in and handle porting Mighty No. 9 to these handhelds!


And finally -- thanks for your patience, but we’re here at the final Friday of our Kickstarter campaign, which means our final MightyCast! What? No, don’t be sad -- no time for that now, we got too much awesome pod to get castin’ here! Listen in for a breakdown of all the announcements this week (including those in this update below!), your Skype questions, and best of all, an in-depth interview with Mighty No. 9 game designer Tom Pon! This man is a legend to Mega Man fans, and hopefully will be soon to our Mighty No. 9 community as well -- listen in to find out why!

Click right here to listen, or right-click here to save:

Intro 00:30 – 03:44
Last Week In Review 03:45 – 15:22
Tom Pon Interview 15:55 – 31:30
Becker Skype Question & Answers 32:00 – 1:00:30
Closing Comments 1:00:31 – 1:03:55 

Phew! Alright, that’s a lot of stuff to take in -- so now it’s time to give us a lot in return, namely your feedback! What do you think of the physical rewards? The handheld system stretch goal? How about that podcast? Let us know here in the comments, on our Twitter account @MightyNo9, or at our official Facebook page -- and keep a look-out for a special update later today kicking off the voting for our Call design!

Thanks for all your help in our final days on Kickstarter -- talk to you again soon! (`_´)ゞ
- @markmacd (Mighty No. 84), @johntv (Mighty No. 99), and @sprsk (Mighty No. 123) of 8-4, Tom Pon & the Mighty No. 9 Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Francois on

      How big is that USB key to be worth 36$?

    2. ZachrielCL on

      @Ekier Park
      I also think I need to add the international amount for the product I want, it's just that they didn't include the first $30 we added when we originally pledged to get our items delivered outside the US. They just took the original $250 and then added the international prices for the new items, forgetting to add the $30 we already added.

    3. Ekier Park on

      @ZachrieICL I think $31 is for CD. So if you want only one USB cartridge, I think you need to pay only $41. And I also already add $41 to my pledge :)

    4. César H. Sandoval on

      Yeah I second what @Victor Lizcano said! It'd be wonderful if like buying the USBs, you could let us buy the physical Artbook like and Add-on too! :D

    5. Ryusei Jigen on

      I'm kind of not understanding the new stretch goal.
      I understand that there will be a crazy spike in pledges coming in in the final couple of days, but its still around a million away and I'm not really sure how realistic it is to hit it during the Kickstarter...
      Will there be some other sort of funding campaign after this current Kickstarter?

    6. Nakano

      @David and other who wonders this: "If you are at a pledge level where you get physical game boxes do you still have to increase your pledge to get a physical copy of the game?"
      Answer is yes. You need to increase your pledge. Refer to the $250 example and this chart:…

    7. Xero_Omega1 on

      THIS IS AWESOME! They listened to my idea (Possibly others, but i am not sure lol) about the physical Cartridges in the form of USB's! Very cool in deed. Im going to add more copies of the game to my total!!! Woooohooooo!!!! Thank you!

    8. Aisu on

      @ all if you pledged $20 or more you only get the digital game if you want the physical you have to add that amount to the reward tier you are at

    9. Victor Lizcano on

      Amazing, now do this for the physical art book, please... :D I know you can! ( `_´)ゞ

    10. César H. Sandoval on

      So, the physical copy is extra and if we pledge the money for it, we get both the disk/usb and our digital download?

      It'd be nice if could get ir if we are already at that pledge level... I mean, If one already pledged 60$, it would be nice if he got both versions already instead of pledging more money.

    11. Matthew Perdrisat on

      I pledged for the Physical $60 set. Could I get a USB Cartridge one instead of just the Digital Copy?

      Though I was going to get the Wii U version if it was reached, if I could get the USB NES Cartridge one instead (I'd raise $16 to get the difference), I'd love to.

    12. ZachrielCL on

      I have a question with the last example used for the add ons. I donated $250 and I'm an international becker. According to your math I need to donate (to get the products used in the example):
      $250 + $31 + $41 + $41 = $363 total pledge
      But that does not include the $30 USD to ship outside the US that I already added when I first pledged, or does it? Or would I need to add $30 to that amount?

    13. Team F on

      Steam versions only of the game on disc or USB drives? Don't make me laugh, if they had DRM free versions we would be talking, but I avoid Steam where I can and this is nothing I would ever put on my shelf beside my other physical games.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alan Manganti Lalonde on

      If I already pledged at a level that includes Golden Beck and the special transformation, will I get those two bonuses on all copies I choose to fund? Thanks!

    15. David Cisneros Parra on

      Amazing, a physical copy of the game is what most of us want. Thanks Mighty Mo.9 team.

    16. Aisu on

      Oh man, my mind is blown I want the physical usb and the game on 3ds, come on guys we can hit that goal!

    17. Emanoel Melo on

      I'm supporting this project all the ways I can, but $36/41 for a USB stick (even considering that it's for the project, not the physical stuff itself) is TOO MUCH guys...

    18. Missing avatar

      Walt on

      So the memory stick contains 'Steam Pc version'? What's that exactly?

      Is it possible to get a DRM free copy on the memory stick?

    19. Mighty No. Grump on

      Still no tshirt designs :(
      I might lower my pledge sadly

    20. Missing avatar

      inter4ever on

      So there won't be an option for a DRM Free physical copy? If one decides to get DRM free for download, steem for physical, will he/she still get access for beta?

    21. Jinhyung Park on

      here, confused, too. I already pledged $99. will I get the physical USB stick or do I have to put more to get that special stick? :(

    22. Chris on

      Its gonna be a real stretch to get to the handheld stretch goal (No pun intended). Hope we makes it!

    23. David Sonderling on

      I'm confused. If you are at a pledge level where you get physical game boxes do you still have to increase your pledge to get a physical copy of the game? If not, will we be given a choice between CD and USB?

    24. Dustin on

      Sadly, there's no way we'll hit $3,500,000 in 3 there goes my hopes for a PS Vita version :( I REALLY wish this had been announced earlier in the campaign. *sigh*

    25. Dudeman Jones FC: 5257-9996-1327 on

      OOOOOOOOOhhh..... I need to get me one of those USB drives... I'll have to add it on via PayPal

    26. Weakwall on

      I bow for you for deciding on making portable versions. Very generous, all of you.