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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)


Mighty Mighty Becker Backers!

Wow, do we have a big day in store for you today... Three big doozies, one after the other! (And that’s not even counting our Call community vote, coming in another update later today!)

To start things off, let’s get physical! (BTW, if you’re here for the podcast, just keep scrolling, you’ll get to it :)


That’s right! Due to overwhelming fan requests, we are happy to offer extra, physical copies (of the Steam PC, Mac, or Linux version) of Mighty No. 9 for an additional price!

These are called “add-ons” because they are items you can order individually, by “adding on” money to your existing Kickstarter pledge (these aren’t yet available on our PayPal page, but will be very soon!).

For our Kickstarter-based fans: Everyone at $20 and above already gets one digital download copy of whatever one version of Mighty No. 9 they would like—but if you want to add-on extra money for extra copies of the game, with this you can!

Here’s what we’re offering, along with prices for both (domestic and international):

  • An extra physical copy of Mighty No. 9 on disc (Steam version for PC, Mac, or Linux ONLY, your choice—you will choose via a survey later): Add $26 to your pledge ($31 for international backers) 
(above) Please bear in mind the disc-art is a placeholder mockup and will change!
  • An extra physical copy of Mighty No. 9 on a special USB memory stick shaped like either an NES or Famicom cartridge (Steam version for PC, Mac, or Linux ONLY, your choice—you will choose both the platform, and whether you want the NES design or the Famicom design via a survey later): Add $36 to your pledge ($41 for international backers) 

(above) These are renders FanGamer is working on of what these USB “carts” will roughly look like; please bear in mind the labels are placeholder mockups and will change, but you can get a sense of the scale by the size of the USB connector.

See anything you like? Here’s how to adjust your Kickstarter pledge to order it!

STEP 1. Everyone who has already pledged to the Kickstarter at any level will see a “Manage Your Pledge” button on the upper right of the Kickstarter page. Click this button, then adjust the amount of your pledge there, in green (see prices above, or check below for some common examples). You should not change your reward tier.

STEP 2. Next click “Continue to Next Step” and finally “Confirm.” Don’t worry that you haven’t told us which version of the game you want for your extra copies yet! After the campaign is over, you will get a survey confirming exactly which items you want added on, and which versions—if applicable—of these items you would like! 

And that’s it! Not so hard, right? Well, just in case, let’s walk through the math of some common use cases, so you can make sure you have the idea. Again, you can use add-ons for any reward tier, in combination with as many add-ons as you like. These are just some random examples!

A few examples of add-on scenarios…

The prices again, in case you forgot: 

  • An extra physical copy of Mighty No. 9 on disc: $26 in the U.S., or $31 international, each
  • An extra physical copy of Mighty No. 9 on a special USB memory stick shaped like either an NES or Famicom cartridge: $36 in the U.S., or $41 international, each

Ex.1 So, for example, let’s say you pledged at the $20 tier already, but you would like an extra physical copy of Mighty No. 9 on disc, for a total of two copies (one digital, one physical)—you would keep your reward tier at $20, and just add $26 (you live in the U.S.) to your pledge: 
$20 + $26 = $46 total pledge

Ex. 2 Another example: If you pledged at the $40 tier already, and would like an extra physical copy of Mighty No. 9 on disc; you would keep your reward tier at $40, and just add $26 (you live in the U.S.) to your pledge:
$40 + $26 = $66 total pledge

Ex. 3 Another example: If you pledged at the $99 tier, and you wanted an extra physical copy of Mighty No. 9 on the special USB stick; you would keep your reward tier at $99, and just add $36 (you live in the U.S.) to your pledge:
$99 + $36 = $135 total pledge

Ex. 4 You can add more than one add-on as well! Let’s say already pledged for $250 (so you’re already getting a game download code), but you also want another copy of the game on disc, and two USB copies (one NES and one Famicom-style, both), for a grand total of four copies of Mighty No. 9! (God bless you!) Also, you live outside of the United States, so you’ll need to use the international prices. In this case, you would keep your reward tier at $250, and add $31, $41, and $41, all to your pledge:
$250 + $31 + $41 + $41 = $363 total pledge

If you’re still having trouble, your best bet for a fast answer might be to ask the kind folks in the comments section of the Kickstarter page to see if they might be willing to help out, or maybe they can check if your math is correct! We’ll be around as much as we can as well, but with the sheer volume of requests, we’re afraid your fellow Beckers are often a better resource for this kind of thing than we are!


Next up, a long-awaited stretch goal announcement:

$3,500,000: PlayStation Vita and 3DS versions! 

That’s right! At this level, we can make digital versions of Mighty No. 9 for the two most popular handheld systems out there: the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS! (These will both be added to the list of available systems to choose from, so every backer who is set to receive a download version of Mighty No. 9 can choose either of these as the system for their game download, instead of a home console or PC version.)

We spent the last few weeks running the numbers and talking with various companies to make certain we could not only deliver great handheld versions of Mighty No. 9, but do it for a price that we could set with confidence. Luckily, we found a great potential partner in Abstraction Games -- the team that recently brought Hotline Miami to PS platforms. If we can hit our stretch goal, they are all set to dive in and handle porting Mighty No. 9 to these handhelds!


And finally -- thanks for your patience, but we’re here at the final Friday of our Kickstarter campaign, which means our final MightyCast! What? No, don’t be sad -- no time for that now, we got too much awesome pod to get castin’ here! Listen in for a breakdown of all the announcements this week (including those in this update below!), your Skype questions, and best of all, an in-depth interview with Mighty No. 9 game designer Tom Pon! This man is a legend to Mega Man fans, and hopefully will be soon to our Mighty No. 9 community as well -- listen in to find out why!

Click right here to listen, or right-click here to save:

Intro 00:30 – 03:44
Last Week In Review 03:45 – 15:22
Tom Pon Interview 15:55 – 31:30
Becker Skype Question & Answers 32:00 – 1:00:30
Closing Comments 1:00:31 – 1:03:55 

Phew! Alright, that’s a lot of stuff to take in -- so now it’s time to give us a lot in return, namely your feedback! What do you think of the physical rewards? The handheld system stretch goal? How about that podcast? Let us know here in the comments, on our Twitter account @MightyNo9, or at our official Facebook page -- and keep a look-out for a special update later today kicking off the voting for our Call design!

Thanks for all your help in our final days on Kickstarter -- talk to you again soon! (`_´)ゞ
- @markmacd (Mighty No. 84), @johntv (Mighty No. 99), and @sprsk (Mighty No. 123) of 8-4, Tom Pon & the Mighty No. 9 Team

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    1. Nakano

      @Ahmed You should use PayPal for extra copies. Add-on copies have not been announced at the moment.

    2. the_importer on

      @Rhavie A Vasquez: Ripped off is pretty much the term I was looking for. If this isn't change by before the 1st, I'll probably change my pledge for the basic $20 pledge and add $31 for the physical copy.

    3. Alien Snikrep on

      Would it be possible to run a poll survey to see if people were interested in seeing the 3DS/Vita stretch goal switch places with the PS4/Xbox One stretch goal? I know a LOT of people with the 3DS who really want the game for that system. I know very few people who care much for the PS4 version and no one who cares about an Xbox One version.

    4. Ahmed Mosly on

      How about if I want another digital copy of Mighty No 9? For example, one for Steam and one for Wii U? Is that option available? If so, how much do I add to my current pledge?

    5. Vezito Humphrey on

      So very tempting to add to my pledge. I'm gonna get the game as a PS3 download personally. I understand that the physical add-ons are basically for PCs only but I just can't see myself getting one since gaming on PC isn't my thing. Now if the disc were to play on my PS3 then that would be a different story and I would have added to my pledge already.

    6. Rhavie A Vasquez on

      I say anyone who has already pledged $20 or above should receive the physical usb copies for free. Many like me I know who pledged $250 feel like we're getting ripped off, even if you pledged less

    7. Lienn on

      NES cartridge pendrive was just epic! /o/

      In a time where no one cares about history anymore, it's beautiful to see such passion regarding the place where the it all started! ^^ No wonder this game is SO fated to awesomeness!

    8. Nakano

      @Jack You can use disc/usb as an installation media, but you still require Steam. It's the current trend to protect the product. The same is with other Kickstarters and many PC games like Fallout: New Vegas or X-COM: Enemy Unknown. I get the installation media with a disc if I want to use it. If I have fast internet connection, I could install from Steam as an alternative.

      @Comcept If you want to offer/want to find a solution to offer a DRM-free version, the right/current way is to make a deal with Humble Bundle. Many Kickstarters do that / offer rewards to be downloaded from their store.

    9. Jordan York on

      @Comcept - any idea how big the USB will be in terms of storage?

    10. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      We hear the feedback re: a DRM-free version; one big issue there was updating to the latest version once you, say, pull your game out a couple years form now and want to patch it. We looked at the complexity of offering all the version to version updates separately from something like Steam, and couldn't see a clear, clean path we could guarantee through it, so felt it best to play it safe.

      However, that feedback is all being heard, and will be passed along, so thank you all for sharing (`_´)ゞ

    11. the_importer on

      I must say that I'm disappointed that a physical disc is not thrown in for free. We use to stamp CDs here when our software was still mailed (digital only now) but we didn't charge this much for a freaking piece of plastic, it was mostly a price for a speedy shipping.

      It's kind of insulting when you paid $250 + $30 for international shipping and then you are offered a physical disc for $26 and another $5 for shipping. I I have a mind to reduce my pledge to $20 and then add the CD option.

    12. Jacksukeru on

      @Comcept And thank you for answering my question! It must be pretty hectic to do so right now, so I extra appreciate it :)

    13. Jesus Martinez on

      First i think DRM it's a bad idead...

      Second: Are you gonna release MN9 to Linux through Steam? it could be another bad ideas...


    14. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Jacksukeru -- Yes! Depending on how you fill out your survey, we will know if any extra money is meant for an add-on, or was just extra money :) Thanks for your question!

    15. Missing avatar

      Nick Pizanias on

      I really want one of the USB "cartridges," but I plan on getting a console version of the game. Can we just get a USB stick without the digital game in it?

    16. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      @bensoulstone -- You will get your choice of whatever system you want your download code for, so that could be PS3 if you like.

      It's only the physical copies -- the disc and USB key add-ons, that are optional extras people need to re-do their pledge to add-on -- that are limited to the Steam PC, Mac, or Linux versions. Hope that clears your question! :)

    17. Mighty No.10630: Maximz on

      is it possible to change my pledge to from the $99 pledge to $120 pledge without losing the MightyNo # im supposed to get?

    18. Missing avatar

      S G Matthews on

      I'm sure you've looked into it, but I'd love if you could offer add-on console versions as well... I really want to have it on every system available.

    19. João Paulo on

      @Cesar, I just thinking this right now!

    20. Joel Torres on

      I don't think we'll get they handheld or next gen consoles which kind of bums me out. I'm sticking with digital though, if handheld gets in I'll probably get an extra copy.

    21. bensoulstone on

      I'm just making sure I understand right.

      So let's say I want it on PS3. Do I have to buy an additional Mighty No. 9 to own it as a CD along with the PC version or can I have my choice between the two? I'm just making sure. I put in 250 bucks and I wanna make sure I thought right in that I could maybe choose between a PS3 version or the PC version.

      Thanks and sorry about my confusion.

    22. Alejandro Szalay Gonzalez on

      Will the 3DS version be in 3D??? and the VITA version have a tactile option???

      oh, and forgot to ask, If my credit card is at it's limit, can I pay later (abvout two weeks later after I get pauid and put some money on the card?) and still get the Becker Prizes??

    23. Alejandro Szalay Gonzalez on

      Will the 3DS version be in 3D??? and the VITA version have a tactile option???

    24. The Laughing Man

      I would be absolutely sold on the NES USB if it came in a box similar to an old school NES game. Kind of like how NeoGeo X did their Vol. 1. It was in an over sized case, with just a tiny SD card inside. It was PERFECT nostalgia. :D

      What information can you give on the case for the USB stick? :D

    25. Charles Short on

      Please offer a NON Steam NON DRM physical version. Also, if MN9 takes off, I hope we can see proper retail releases for consoles/handhelds in the future. I really detest digital only. Other than that, thanks for working on the physical releases, even if I won't be able to partake of them because they're locked into Steam and it's DRM. Good luck on the final push!!!

    26. William Beck on

      @Comcept So adding $20 to a pledge doesn't just get another digital then?

    27. Owen Swerkstrom on

      I was about to add-on for one of those awesome USB "cartridges", but the word "Steam" stopped me. I run Linux, but not Ubuntu, which makes using Steam hit-and-miss. Any word on whether we can opt for a non-Steam copy instead? (Nothing against Steam, Valve just has a strange view of what "Linux" means.)

    28. Jacksukeru on

      @Comcept I've been thinking of upping my pledge, but I'm not interested in any of the rewards past where I'm at (the "Complete All Digital Tier"), which is fine I just want to support the project in that case.

      I just want to make sure that if I add a bunch of money above my selected tier, it won't be misinterpreted as wanting a physical copy of the game, so long I keep out of those exact numbers.

      And if it is, once the survey is sent out will I be able to pick a "I don't want a physical reward" option?

    29. César H. Sandoval on

      Are you planning on having the physical items for sale after the KS ends?
      I don't think I can afford the USB and Artbook right now, but I'd gladly buy them later when I get more monthly paychecks coming XD I'd really love to have those items on my shelf.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jack Zustiak on

      Kind of disappointed that the physical copies are attached to Steam DRM, not sure I see the point of them in that form to be honest. The idea, at least when I think of a physical copy, is that I can play it whenever I pop it in without having to connect to online. I don't think I can do that without jumping through hoops on Steam.

    31. Alex Volnutt on

      I'm pretty bummed out that the 3DS/VITA versions are at such a high price, and that they're above the PS4/Xbox one. Besides that, the physical copies, both as a disk and USB are pretty awesome.

    32. JGalarza on

      As much as I want to I can't justify a $26 for a PC/MAC/Linux disc. The cost of the USBs I can understand as the custom cases are most likely expensive, at this phase. I'd even give up my digital and my Golden Beck for the disc. The physical game tier(s) should include the CD. Not trying to be greedy but honestly I'm sad I'm shelling out the same as a new PC game but have to add almost half the cost of a new game just for a CD.

      Maybe if they explain why it's $26 I may be more amenable to adding on.

    33. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Alex.C. -- the "add-on" is the amount you add on.

      So if previously your total was $119, if you add-on $41, it would be $160 total.

      Thanks! ;D

    34. Ruben van Ophuizen on

      Why do I essentially have to buy the same game twice to get the USB stick? Isn't it possible to opt for ONLY the USB stick and just skip the download code?

    35. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      @anthony -- No, these are only available as add-ons.

    36. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      One note for Ex 4 -- we have a mistake; we forgot to add the initial international shipping for the $250 tier, which is $30, which would bring it to $280 to start with.

      So instead of:
      $250 + $31 + $41 + $41 = $363 total pledge

      It should be:
      $280 + $31 + $41 + $41 = $393 total pledge

      Sorry about that!

    37. Luis Daniel Campos Villacrez on

      I hope they continue with the campaign even after kickstarter, I want the 3DS version, this kind of games were ment to be on handhelds.

    38. Marcus M. on

      One Question: WILL THE 3DS VERSION BE 3D???

      This will affect whether I buy an extra copy.

    39. anthony on

      So do ANY of the tiers come with a physical copy USB?? Or does every single tier require an add-on if you want a physical version?

    40. Remath Kal-El on

      Bit confusing, imma hafta read this when I'm not preoccupied >_<

    41. D Paul Leiba on

      It's too bad there's no physical option for the console versions. I can understand it, but since I planned to pay this game at the comfort of a couch and TV, I rather stay traditional. So I'm unfortunately out of doing this add-on.

    42. Alex.C. on

      Alright, awesome. little confusion tho. I have the $99 tier award and with shipping it comes to $119. If i throw the add on would it be $99+$41 (shipping included)=$141 or my current $119+$41=$160

    43. Akule

      Is there a way to get an extra digital copy?

    44. Ekier Park on

      @ZachrielCL Yes, so..I think some adjustment and explain may add in this update. In my opinion, if someone who are international backer and already pledged with shipping fee, and he/she wants extra copy, it must be costed US price or lower.

    45. Tiso Spencer

      The fact they're not DRM free makes the physical version all the more worthless. I dunno, great idea, bad execution.

    46. HK-47 on

      Is there any option for an extra digital copy?

      Speaking of digital copies, not sure if this has already been asked, but will the PC version come in a DRM-free Humble Bundle download + Steam key (which is what HB usually does), or is it just one or the other?

      Finally, if we reach the online stretch goal, will the online functionality be available in the DRM-free version? I've seen a lot of PC games where they take out the online features are limited to the Steam version. While I'm not entirely opposed to using Steam, I prefer to go DRM-free whenever possible.

    47. Missing avatar

      James Bartony on

      So if we have an appropriate reward level, we are able to choose the 3DS or Vita downloadable option? or is that only if the backed amount hits $3.5m?

    48. Captn Zach on

      I think this game has the potential to be one of the greatest side scrolling since Megaman and Metroid. But I can't help feel that it won't be relevant by 2015. I mean I'm not a PC gamer and by the time this game releases I won't be using my 360 or PS3 near as much. My Wii U will more than likely be the only 1 of the 3 still being used. My Vita and 3DS on the other hand will still be getting plenty of love though. It's a shame that the stretch goals didn't start with the handhelds and then leaded into home consoles. With the Zero and ZX series being some of the last relevant mega man spin offs that were on console I felt like handhelds should've held a higher priority. Heck I'll still pull out my copy of Megaman IV for my original Gameboy from time to time. Long live the handheld.

    49. Jordan York on

      @Francois - it comes with a $20 copy of the game, so it costs about $16.

    50. Kevin Melo on

      If the stretch goals aren't made at the end of this kickstarter, another kickstarter (or other campaign) should be made to reach those stretch goals. I just want as much as I can get from this game.