Mighty No. 9

by comcept USA, LLC

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    1. Aaron Womack on

      I regretfully must cancel my pledge! I'm so happy that I noticed that this was only a Steam version!! You don't own games on Steam: you rent them for as long as Valve is in business. I really, really wanted a physical copy to call my own, but I guess I'll just change to digital pledge since it's not really physical. I feel a bit deceived by this. I think a lot of people are going to feel the same way. You should have put in the description originally that it was only a Steam version. Just think about the Xbox One fiasco...

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      Kenny Ryan on

      If i add to my package can i get my original download for ps3 and the usb for mac, or does buying the usb make my download a mac only deal.

    3. Benjamin Kvam on

      The USB sticks are awesome but they look small. So i would be afraid to lose them if i got some. Awesome to see how far this got and maybe will get even further. Awesome all around.

    4. Mighty No. 9 on

      Will I be able to buy the Disk after October 1? :[

    5. Ben B on

      Just repeating here that you 8-4 guys rock and should definitely be involved in the ongoing process. Pass it on!

    6. Justin Mahar on

      Question..... Will there be disc versions for the PS3 and/or Xbox360 Versions....?

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      I was also wondering if the USB will end up being something that is actually usable or not. Hoping for an update before it's too late!

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      Caelan Phillips on

      @Arron Womack - You seem to misunderstand, yes the physical version of the game is steam only. However, you can choose whatever system you want it on for the digital copy of the game since now it will be available on all of the current consoles including the PS4 and Xbox One.

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      Gaelen Karol on

      So if I get the add-on copy will both copies (say steam and ps4 for instance) have the gold beck and transformation content that backers will get?

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      Micheal Stewart on

      I'd like to see the USB"Cartridges" scaled up a bit, at least large enough to retract the USB plug into the cart itself

    11. Adrian Comeau on

      I would love an option similar to what Cave Story 3D had where you could replace the 2.5D models with Old School 8bit Sprites

    12. Team F on

      @Caelan No, he didn't misunderstand. He wants a physical copy without DRM, because only then it makes sense.

    13. Chelsea on

      What about digital addons? I'd love a digital copy for the WiiU & 3DS, or for two 3DS's.

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      GamerWolfOps on

      I already have pledged at the $60 Game Box since i live in Canada the price went previously rose to 75, i was wondering if anyone actually whatever if 75 or 106 would be enough to get the USB stick versions of the might no 9?

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      G Ang on

      I think the physical copy should be part of the pledge already. It certainly feels like a major rip off after having a lot of the good physical stuff locked away at extremely premium levels. Certainly losing enthusiasm for this if this keeps up, since the rep of recent projects does not live up to the lofty expectations.

    16. Paul Butterworth on

      As backers, we should get to know what's happening with the DRM, copies, multiple versions, etc. I gave over $250 and I'd like to play on all machines withoutpaying for each copy. Also, this shipping cost business is making me say screw it over the USB sticks which otherwise I would've loved to have. ($41?!)

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      Russell Long on

      Y'all need to shut yer yaps and quit whining. Nobody HAS to do anything for you. Our pledges are just that, PLEDGES that we're going to help them make an awesome game that will totally blow socks off feets. They don't need to give us any of the rewards but they are because they're cool dudes and dudettes. If you want to pay the extra for your own piece of video game history (I have) then, Yay! Thanks for being super crazy radical. If not, Meh. It's your own money, do what you want. Just gettin' kinda sick of the entitled vibe we're giving off. Y'all sound like spoiled brats.

    18. Steven Drake Jr. on

      Hmmm...to usb or not to usb? That is the question...

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      Matthew Sergi on

      If I get the physical USB cartridge or the disk of the PC version, will I still have to download Steam in order to play the game? I don't have it installed on my computer, and I don't want to install it just to play one game.

    20. Team F on

      @Russel People ask legit questions here, if someone is whining here it is you.

    21. Steven Drake Jr. on

      @Russell Long You ain't kiddin dude I'm tired of hearing it too! Y'all should feel PRIVILEGED that Inafune is doing this for us...I do! I've been screaming at Crapcom for 5 years and thanks to the awesome people at Comcept we can finally stop all the screaming leave the past in the past and push on into an amazing future of gaming thanks to Mighty no. 9 AKA the game we've been begging for for years! :)

    22. GunplaGamer on

      What if I want a PC, PS4 version and a vita version?

    23. Team F on

      @Steven I am sure everyone here is happy that Inafune is doing this, but that doesn't mean we can criticize some decisions and he said himself in all those interviews/documentaries that he cares about feedback. I think if people just give positive feedback becasue they think negitive would be blasphemy, that wouldn't be very useful for him.

      And personally I (and many others from what I saw) just want a clear answer about the DRM issue on the physical discs and comcept made a reply here 4 days ago that they listen and want to look into it. I am still waiting for a result and hope we get it before the time runs out, I would add the amount immediately.

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      Stephen Pikey on

      I think for every $20 you pledge you get one copy or something like that. I would like to have a PC, PS4, and Vita version of the game. I don't need a physical copy of the game. I prefer to download them all to my systems.

    25. Steven Drake Jr. on

      @Philipp I agree 100% with you on every aspect of what you just said. And yeah that's exactly why they brought this project to kickstarter and I feel blessed to have had a voice and opinion on the game I've been dreaming of for 20+ years :) Trust me I'm not here to argue with anyone on anything. All I'm saying is whatever end result we get is what we get and whatever result that may be I know I'm guna thrilled with it and I just want every other hardcore fan of the genre to be happy with what we get as well. This project brought us all together to help decide how our dream game is finally going to turn out. It's just there's alot of people complaining and it upsets and baffles me...ya know? Lol because I'm just like whatever n stuff i just wish i had a time machine set for 2015 lol We all have our opinions on it and that's the point here :)

    26. Rodrigo Fantucci on

      People would like to help me take a doubt.
      I made a request for $ 60, all digital. If I want a second digital copy of the game for the 3DS, just have to add another $ 20 on my request. Is that right?

    27. Rodrigo Fantucci on

      Sorry for my poor english in that question...

    28. Steven Drake Jr. on

      @Rodrigo though it's not a bad idea...I highly doubt it....I haven't seen anything saying that you can get more than one digital download. You'll just have to buy/download the 2nd copy when it's released. Myself I'm choosing the free digital download for the wii u, added on $36 for the usb nes stick and plan on buying the 3DS download when it's released.

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      Gaelen Karol on

      So if I get the add-on copy will both copies (say steam and ps4 for instance) have the gold beck and transformation content that backers will get?

    30. Steven Drake Jr. on

      @Gaelen I would have to think so...but that's a good question and one that I'm curious about as well now.

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      DivineWrath on

      There does appear to be some confusion as to whether or not this game is DRM free. I've looked and there appears to be a choice of what digital distribution platform you get to use. Steam is only one of those options. Other options include DRM free digital distributors. It is mentioned a few times on the front page.

      However, it seems that the physical copies of the game may be DRM only. I'm still checking details though.

    32. Team F on

      @DivineWrath Right now it says everywhere here that the physical disc will be Steam only which means it will be DRM crippled and work only as long as Valve will be in business. This of course makes the main reason for having a disc useless which is for old school collectors really owning the game and being able to still play it in a couple of years without having to be online and asking somewhere for permission.
      Still surprises me that the people at comcept who made the decision didn't get it WHY people want a physical version.
      Anyway, no need to check the details, someone using comcepts account answered in this thread before:

      "We hear the feedback re: a DRM-free version; one big issue there was updating to the latest version once you, say, pull your game out a couple years form now and want to patch it. We looked at the complexity of offering all the version to version updates separately from something like Steam, and couldn't see a clear, clean path we could guarantee through it, so felt it best to play it safe.

      However, that feedback is all being heard, and will be passed along, so thank you all for sharing (`_´)ゞ"

      I was hoping we would get a clear reply before the time is over but doesn't look like it now. I and probably a few more people would have raised their pledge for sure already but so far I am still hesitating. I somehow trust that later they will make the right choice but not sure yet. A disc with a Steam game I just don't want in my collection for the same reason I hated the original Xbox One approach of Microsoft.
      I get the reason for making sure we can update, but I would still prefer a DRM free disc, even if it is not upgradeable.

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      Josue Romero Cespedes on

      Hey guys! I need a little help here.
      I raised my pledge to get an extra copy of Mighty No.9 in USB, but actually I wanted a second one I saw the instructions and Comcept say that we can add more than one copy, from here I understan very well, my confussion is that if I already raised my pledge...can I raised one more time for a second copy of the physical game?? I pledged for $60 and I raised to $36, if I raised $36 more I get to physical copies? please help! and thanks to all of you Mighty Beckers! :D

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      Brian Edward Wiebe on

      Josue, if you pledge for the $60 tier, and add $36 to it once to get a single extra physical copy on the USB stick, you would then have $96 pledged and the $60 reward tier selected. If you wanted to get a SECOND USB stick, you would then do $60 + $36 + $36 or $132 pledged, with the reward tier still at the $60 tier. Does that make sense?

    35. Team F on

      @Josue So your original pledge was $90 and you already added $36 to get a USB stick so right now your pledge is $126? I would guess that then you just add again $36 for a total of $162 and get then two USB sticks, for example one in NES and one in SNES design. But no guarantee, all those examples let it really look a little confusing ;-)

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      Josue Romero Cespedes on

      Thanks Brian, so if I raise my pledge up to $132 without changing my reward tier ($60) I get two USB copies of the game, is that correct?

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      Josue Romero Cespedes on

      Philipp actually I pledge $60 and raised $36 for a total of $96, so if I understand well if I add $36 more to the $96 pledge without changing my reward tier of $60 I get 2 physical copies of the game.

    38. Isai Sayeg on

      If I pledge the 120 tier reward, how much would I need to put extra for both a Famicom USB and a Disc because right now I only put $120? I need help Beckers!

    39. Missing avatar

      Mayo on

      If I pledged by Paypal for 60$ tier + 36$, I still receive the 60$ tier and the USB copy right? Cause if not, I'm gonna have to cancel the pledge by Paypal and repledge with amazon payments.

    40. Team F on

      @Isai I would say it is $120 + $26 (for the disc) + $36 for the USB = $182 if I am not mistaken.

    41. Isai Sayeg on

      THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the answer! :D @Philipp

    42. Michael J Modjeska on

      I pledged the $250 tier, with 3 physical copies, CD and both USB's. Yet I still have a question. What if I want another digital copy? For example, if I take an XBOX version, but might also want a portable version too, will an option come later to buy additional digital copies?

    43. Luke Keppler

      Any word on whether the physical copy will be playable without Steam or any Internet/code nonsense (i.e., DRM-FREE)?

      I just backed so I could leave this comment. I'll "un-back" before the time runs out if I don't get a response. The last thing I need is some physical object connected to a Steam account.

    44. Michael J Modjeska on

      From the main page: Mighty No. 9 is being developed for the PC with gamepad support (of course!), and will be made available through Steam and DRM-free digital distribution methods.

    45. Team F on

      @ Correct, but the physical versions are so far DRM only what is indeed nonsense.

      @Luke Right now they are moderating the final minutes live on twich.tv. I doubt anyone will announce anything new about the issue since they are all busy. Would be cool though if they'd cover this though...

    46. Andrew Roazen on

      i screwed up and pledged $26 additional instead of $36 for the USB, can I pledge $10 via paypal?

    47. the white wolf on

      is there any way to add to my pledge now that this is over I wanted to get the CD and both USB's with my $250.00?

    48. Team F on

      Well, I added some money to my pledge in the last minutes to get the physical disc. Still no news about the DRM, even though comcept said in the comments, that they are looking into it again, even though I was hoping that they would say something about it before the time runs out.

      Well, I hope that they will decide to do the right thing before they release the physical discs. Microsoft did decide to do the right thing in the end with the Xbox One and didn't combine DRM with physical discs, so I trust that comcept can do it too.

    49. Missing avatar

      Queenbelle Delacruz on

      Hi, when I'm going the Fangamer Fulfillment Survey, and it's telling me to add in $10 more for shipping for two add-ons! I thought that the additional cost was only for international :(

    50. Icedomain on

      For the "Mighty No. 9: Official Platform Selection Survey" we are only getting a single choice, so how will we pick which versions we want for the USB addons?