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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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The Making of Mighty No. 9: Documentary Episode No. 0!



Becker Backers, a hoi hoi!

2 Player Productions here, back for a special final video Thursday, and our first full documentary episode! But definitely not our last -- you can expect to see more like this over the next 18 months since we hit our stretch goal for three documentary pieces. And the best news is, this one doesn’t even count!

That’s right -- we’ll be filming three MORE episodes over the course of the development of Mighty No. 9, so please think of this first "Episode 0" as a thank-you bonus for all the support you’ve given us so far! It seemed a waste to make the big trip to Tokyo and Osaka to film the Kickstarter pitch video and not film some extra goodies while we were there, so we’ve taken that footage, along with some bits from Mighty No. 9’s surprise debut at PAX, and come up with what you’ll see here. We figured, what better time than now -- the crucial final leg of the Kickstarter campaign, with just five days left -- to show it!

The trip to Japan was a special treat for us, especially as it was the first time we were all able to go together as a crew. Of course, working with a new studio for the first time is always a challenge, especially on this project when you add in the different culture and language issues. And since most gaming-related video content is geared towards promoting a title’s features, our more development-centric approach can catch people off-guard -- introspection and work-in-progress-assets don’t typically take center stage in coverage of the game industry.

Thankfully, Inafune-san’s enthusiasm and openness was contagious -- the entire team, both at Comcept and Inti Creates, were not only willing but excited to speak candidly about their creative process, industry experience, and ambitions for Mighty No. 9. Between the early interviews, meetings, and informal interactions we captured, we’re really excited about this documentary’s potential to show a side of Japanese game development that’s been hidden from the West for far too long. We hope you’ll agree!

Well? What’d you think? As always, please let us, Inafune, the teams at Comcept and Inti, and your fellow fans or potential fans know -- here in the comments, on Twitter @MightyNo9, at our official Facebook page, or by sharing the video link or embed with your friends!

Thanks for all your support and kind words on our previous videos, and we look forward to seeing you again in a few months for Episode No. 1! (And maybe keep an eye out for a few little surprise treats in the coming days...) (`_´)ゞ
- 2 Player Productions and the Mighty No. 9 Team


Late Wednesday night -- thanks to our pledged Kickstarter and PayPal (where we are now offering limited rewards as well, BTW!) funds combined -- we passed our latest stretch goal, adding an extra end stage and boss to Mighty No. 9!

But that’s not all -- we also revealed our two ??? mystery goals! Check them out, along with our updated Stretch Goal chart -- and look for another goal to be revealed VERY soon!

$2,900,000: Intro Stage and Boss! 

We add an epic introductory stage—complete with a closing boss encounter—that players will take on before facing any of the Mighty No. boss levels! This will help ease everyone into the world of Mighty No. 9, and serve as a nice primer on the basic game systems and controls! 

$3,100,000: Support Character!

Beck will get a faithful sidekick to swoop in with special powers at his time of greatest need! The exact form this character will take is not decided yet, so we’ll all be able to see it get conceived and designed together—but it will be some kind of assistant that will drop in for a limited time, help out in some way, and then zoom away!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthew Sergi on

      If I get the physical USB cartridge or the disk of the PC version, will I still have to download Steam in order to play the game? I don't have it installed on my computer, and I don't want to install it just to play one game.

    2. Blaxter McCrabb on

      oh my gosh... look at me now, you make me cry tears of joy inafune!!! your my idol and you are a fantastic person ^^ i'm so happy to be a gamer!

    3. Missing avatar

      Arturo Hidalgo on

      That documentary is fantastic and has high quality production. I sat down to watch some of it and watched the whole thing. I can't wait to see more.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kyle Davies on

      This was a delightful video to watch, several moments filled me with joy to see. I look forward to more, and would love to see more of the game's development as it comes along!

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Danquah on

      Is it just me or am I missing a Mighty Cast from last week? Wasn't there supposed to be a 4th episode?

    6. Craig McLennan on

      Can someone please tell me if I have done it correctly. I wanted the $120 package with art book so I pledged $140 as I am in the UK so an extra $20 shipping, is that correct and where do I go for updates and news after this kickstarter finishes and to tell what version I want.

    7. Juan Carlos on

      I thought it would be in 2D but this does not convince me

    8. Missing avatar

      Adnan Khoury on

      What's "Steam Version" and when can I order the Wii U version and how much will it cost?

    9. Missing avatar

      Ryan Aikens on

      I absolutely love this video! Every other minute I keep getting that tingly goosebump feeling usually reserved for hearing your favorite part in a song, finding that perfect toy when you're young or finally getting the Goo King Sword! I think I'm as excited for Mighty No 9 as I was when I heard about the first Megaman Legends (Neo at the time)! Can't wait to see more of these! :D

    10. Young_Gangrel on

      I hope to the gods that they treat the No 9 Intro stage like the original Mega Man X intro stage...that was amazing.

    11. TheLearnedHand on

      I'm just fascinated by the 'transformation' aspect now. I feel like I could watch those early animation cycles for ages. Did anyone else notice all of Kimo Kimo's Transformers on his desk at 9:20?

    12. Paul Davidson on

      OMG! It says hours Instead of days! The pressure is on!

    13. Missing avatar

      Bruno Silva de Borba on

      Wow... awesome video. I'm excited to see more! This REALLY makes me feel like I'm part of the team!

    14. Missing avatar

      Lorenz Jugel on

      What a video. I got emotional several times.

      That complex smile when Inafune-san says "No, *I* am Megaman's #1 fan!". The kickstarter reveal. The peeks at the team, their backgrounds and their aspirations in this game. The little glimpses of the pre-reveal work...

      Good stuff. I am glad we have more like this coming.

    15. Lienn on

      The videos should be fully subtitled, not only the japanese parts.

    16. Luis Daniel Campos Villacrez on

      The mighty number with the gatlin gun is amazing, can't wait for the next episode.

    17. Another Random Kickstarter on

      This was so emotional, I shed a tear. I even badly wanted to clap along the footage of the announcement (I barely contained myself). I'd hate to be the guy that damaged Inafune's priceless Mega Man games....

    18. The-Lucky-Rabbit on

      After watching this video, I am so glad that a documentary was included in the stretch goals. Can't wait to see more. :)

    19. AABAR on

      @Maximz Mugen 30k to coop at almost 9k/hour (should get in a couple of hours!) & intro stage for sure, maybe more! @WhattheFnu the call you refer to is G (vote). @Kamikazek I missed that! The clearest we can see No 4 is at 5:16 - Liked the way Inafune interacts with people (esp with Kimo Kimo) & Protomen at the end...

    20. Hitsuji Mamoru on

      No.7 looks awesome! I can't wait to see the final design! And yes, he's a Zero/Protoman merge, which I love!
      Nice video by the way! I love how this is covering things you won't have time to, separatly because of the Kickstarter ending next Tuesday :)

    21. El Johnson on

      @adam i know exactly what you mean, but i had a coleco vision. lol

    22. Adam Villegas on

      Awesome video. I swear every video I see makes me what to jump up and scream hell ya!. I have never been this excited for a game in all my life and I have been gaming since the Atari days. I donated $60 but I wished that I could have donated a lot more.

    23. Missing avatar

      Aída on

      Wow, I'd love to see all the desings, because I am working on a manga, and it is very interesting to see how professionals of @Comcept work on them.

      I'd like specially the part of the animated Beck's weapon, and give personality to the characters, just to see them.
      I always try that, too. It works and it is very funny. =)

    24. El Johnson on

      Any one else get "feels" from this. I still get chills from the PAX announcement. I'm glad i donated 250$ I honestly wish I could give more.

    25. Gaston Ragnar Rippinger on

      I share all the feelings with everyone from before. Smile over the whole face from the first second to the last. I think the perfect word to describe all of this together would have to be "beautiful". I am super excited to follow the whole thing for the next year and can't wait to see what else comes up :)

    26. D. Lawson-Hart on

      @WhattheFnu: They're going to open the vote today on the Call designs. I'm excited, too!

    27. WhattheFnu on

      Is the floor still open to feedback on the Call designs? Because I'm totally down for that one with the headband and broom in the intro (you know, that one on the concept art page at 0:37?) I'm probably the only one, but still...

    28. Nicholas on

      Wait, guys -- is it too late to make The Protomen jokes?
      OK HERE I GO:
      "I think it's safe to say" *puts on Horatio's sunglasses* "hope no longer rides alone"

    29. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      like others have mentioned, any word on how do we get extra copy?

    30. Ben B on

      How insightful. A great look into the creation process, as well as a better idea of what Mighty No. 9 is meant to be. I can't wait to see the next one. 2PP once again has put together another quality video, except this time I like the subject matter even more! (No offense at all to Double Fine.)

    31. Alex Parntaprasert on

      Great video you guys. Also I like new stretch goals. I feel that support character would be a dog/wolf for assistant to Beck because Call is taking so what else support character will look like. Maybe look like Zero or look like Protoman or Pink Call LOL.

    32. Kamikazek on

      I thought it was really interesting that Kimo Kimo had a packaged Bulkhead(from Transformers) toy on his desk. I wonder if he's using it for reference for Mighty No. 4?

    33. Missing avatar

      Jonathan O'Reilly on

      Great documentary guys! I love getting to see the workspace and even some of the workflow behind the development of the game, and I hope we can see more of that. Please tell Inafune San, Thank you for doing this for the fans!

    34. Hitsuji Mamoru on

      I haven't seen the video yet but, those new strech goals... You're horrible xD! They're TOO awesome to let them pass! Especially the sidekick! Argh!!... Well, we can do without but... Man! How are we going to do that? I can't raise my fund, not everyone can :.( ...those who can, please, do something!

    35. Travis X on

      What an emotional video. I loved it. Did anyone else see The Protomen in a shot near the end? I had to rewind it to make sure it was them.

    36. Shanna Mayfair on

      That video make me cry in the end hahahaha thank you very much, Comcept, thanks for give us all of your work and dreams in this proyect

    37. Jonathan Maldonado on

      These make me cry every time.. :( Great videos.

    38. César H. Sandoval on

      That video was all kinds of awesome, made me smile and almost cry! To hell with those who were complaining about the documentary before!

      Like the guy said in the beggining, Mega Man was an integral part of my childhood, I thank Inafune for giving us that... I'm so glad to see all those Iron man, Transformers, and various Mech figures in the Desk of the people working on the game too! :D

      Grat tips about the music and gameplay development progress there... Looking forward to next episodes ;)

      I'm glad we got a quick look at No7 and the Beck-Buster LOL
      I do like the cardboard cutter swords... Reminds me of EVA and Attack on Titan xD

    39. Missing avatar

      ShawnTails on

      This was amazing. Being able to see and feel what the team is feeling. Like Inafune said, making the team happy and the fan's happy is the priority over money. If the team have fun while making the game, they will it their all so that the fan's love it and when the fan's are pleased, the money will flow.

      Let's be honest here. There's no way MightyNo.9 will not sell well. It's THE game that we wanted for so long.

      I can't thank Inafune, and the whole team, enough for doing this.

    40. Immorrel on

      @Yan Zhao, I wouldn't stress too much just yet. W/ Paypal we're at about 2.62 mil w/ 4 days left. That means we made it half way to the next stretch goal in one day. With the weekend coming and the rush of the last few days, I'm pretty sure we can at least make the 2.75 mil goal and a really good chance to make the 2.9 mil.

    41. Mighty No.10630: Maximz on

      @doni i personally do not want to swap the intro stage stretch with the co-op i would love to get the co-op mode over an intro stage. while i love intro stages and find them to be fun i want to experience a co-op mode in this genre for the first time yes this does make the intro stage further away but i would like to experience co-op mode...its something im really looking forward to.

    42. Alexander Travassos

      Really like the pre-documentary, and can't wait for the rest of them!

    43. Missing avatar

      Yan Zhao on

      Great documentary!

      As far as the new stretch goals go, it feels pretty hopeless with only 4 days left. I was wondering if you guys would still be willing to keep pledges open throughout the development period so that the other stretch goals can still be met gradually during the 1.5 years that it'll be in development.

    44. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      Wow great episode!

    45. Not Another Esper on

      Beautiful documentary. Was glassy-eyed the whole way through!

    46. Aisu on

      @ nashmy you can get two copies by pledging on kickstarter and on PayPal

    47. Immorrel on

      @Liew Lah Sing, the original Mega Man had six bosses, and 4 stages associated with Dr. Wily. In those 4 Dr. Wily stages, you faced all of the six bosses, two unique bosses and Dr. Wily. Therefore, it's safe to say that the final stage was a lock beforehand. With the stretch goal just means that there will be a little more in there than just the last boss and the return of the other Mighty No.'s. Hopefully we make the 2.9 mil goal because I'd like the intro stage, but it isn't an absolute necessity.

    48. totoro on

      I really like the design of red mighty robot with box cutter knives they showed briefly in the vid . Too bad it didn't make the cut.

    49. Alec Gramm on

      This was a really, really exciting thing for me. Just watching the heart that everyone is putting into this game made me (I'm a bit embarrassed to say) squeal with joy. Inafune, I really admire your approach to designing and working with other designers - you share that joy of designing and creating with everyone. Matsumae's music is so striking. Not to sound cheesy, but it gets to my core every time. I especially love when she's playing at the piano - the sound is really lovely.

      If I try and list everyone else's wonderful work, I'd run out of space. I realized while watching this episode that I have invested more than just money into a game. I've invested my heart into it. It has, more or less, become a part of me and I look forward to seeing this wonderful piece of life come together.

      Not to set this game up on a pedestal, though. It's merely the ideals and concepts it represents that really tugs at me. Sorry if this seemed gushy. I felt like I had to say it, though.

      Go get 'em, team! I'll be supporting you all the way.