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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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    1. John Willaford on

      It's Daisuke Jigen-Bot!

    2. Andreas Q. Berg on

      Ah, with the active-camo cape you can no longer tell an arm is missing without animation.
      I thought to suggest a one-shoulder cape to cover just the severed arm, but obviously that wouldn't serve very well as camoflague ;_;

      Ohwell, here's to the lone gunman! Cheers!

    3. William Henry Hoffeld Jr. on

      Like his radar-hat sombrero.

    4. William Henry Hoffeld Jr. on

      I believe this Mighty No. 8 Boss would be good portrayed an a mexican outlaw type robot.

    5. Missing avatar

      Travis Davis on

      I particularly like the "get through the stage without being shot" challenge idea. Boss interaction with the stage reminds me of the Jet Stingray stage in Megaman X4. And like said stage in MMX4, I imagine this one happening near water. Perhaps Mighty No. 8 has taken up residence in a shipyard, and he's sniping from an offshore tower. This way he gets a wide field of view to spot targets along the shore. This means that for part of the stage, you'll have to move quickly over open water (I'm sure No. 8 is up to the challenge of hitting a swift target such as a personal water craft).

    6. Missing avatar

      Leanne Canessa on

      Aww... he's really neat, and I like the homage, but it would've been cool as a girl, too.. I thought we were going to have some kind of robot Motoko.

    7. Gilles Gibault on

      I had this idea: I copied the text but it has some relevant comparison images.

      Ever since they showed the cape designs for for 3 and then 8, I was thinking each boss having their own cape would be pretty cool (kind of like Akatsuki). I have provided examples. It would make for great fanart even if it isn’t canon, but capes would really tie them together and make them look even cooler. These are really good parallels since they have the same number of people in both groups. They could even have their numbers on them somewhere (like the espada from Bleach). No.1 could have a waterproof one or a light-weight cloth one that goes up in flames easily. No.5 would have the hardest time with a cape, and possibly No.4 from his profile. No.6 could have a cover like above. Mighty No. 2’s could be waterproof. Good?

    8. Missing avatar

      Agapito Cantu Jr. on

      I really dig this design! Reminds me of Clint Eastwood- gritty & methodical.....I completely agree with No. 8 taking shots at Beck during the level. I can kind of envision elements of casino designs through out the level....

    9. Another Random Kickstarter on

      I really really laughed with Imaeda, Kimo Kimo, and Inafune's discussion when the initial designs were shown. I sort of like the idea of him shooting at you throughout the stage (but at least have it where you can take a breather every now and then and not have to worry about being shot at during a tight platforming area if there would be one). I like the design of this guy with his confident and serious attitude.

    10. chris christiansen on

      About the red as oil/blood. You could perhaps have that effect with red as part of a camoflauge print. Though I do like what someone else suggested as that the parts are salvaged- it gives a kind of 'live off the land' kind of aesthetic. The thought that he may be looking more to take some of your parts (as kind of a mirror to what the player is doing) than kill you outright or for any other reason is also interesting. Perhaps a faulty or experimental piece in his construction degrades his parts more than can be compensated for and salvage becomes more of a survival trait.

    11. chris christiansen on

      One option for the weapon or sniper shot would be to give it a spinning com trail like it is piercing the sound barrier. This could be a neat visual effect as well as creating a kind of corkscrew drag or wind effect that could make it functional in other ways as well.

    12. Missing avatar

      Brian Grissom on

      Oh, also, I love the dog-helper idea and of No.8 taking shots at you throughout the level! Some thoughts:

      Dog-helper: Perhaps the dog could serve as some sort of visual indicator that No.8 is about to fire during the level. Not too obvious as to make it overly simple to dodge shots, but maybe right before the shot is fired, a keen-eyed player could notice the dog pop up somewhere on the screen, at which point the player should jump/duck. I suppose a momentary reticle on your character would do just as well, it just wouldn't be as endearing as the dog :D

      Sniping: I really think the sniper shots from No.8 throughout the stage should do serious damage. Honestly, so long as there is some indicator as to when the player needs to dodge, one shot should kill. If a less harsh approach is to be taken, perhaps 1/2 or 1/3 energy would do, but anything less would take away from the serious threat of the deadly robot-sniper, No.8 :D

    13. SweetKalamari on

      If there are gonna go for the whole "blood/oil" concept for his red stains, I would like to see it be more of a rust color and effect. If there was blood and oil sitting on that robot for a while, it would start to eat away at his paint and corrode the metal slightly. I think that would make it look way cooler. His right side being his "nice side" but with a missing arm, and his bad side being exactly that. Corroded and it would make him look much older than all the other Mighty No.s (which could even give him another backstory, i.e. having survived through multiple tournaments because of his stealth?). Anyways, those were some immediate thoughts. (:

    14. Missing avatar

      Brian Grissom on

      This character has some great elements going for it. Here are my thoughts -

      Overall Appearance: Looking great.
      Male / Female: I see this design working fine as male or female, so I don't mind either way.
      Color: When I think of a covert character, BRIGHT RED, does not become him/her. Not that I get excited about drab colors, but, if you think about it, a sniper does not want to draw attention to themselves.
      Weaponry: I agree with some other backers that the scope is unnecessary for a robot. He/she knows where their gun is aimed. Also, some people have mentioned that No.8 needs some sort of brace to hold the gun when firing. Well, a robot won't need anything to steady the gun, so far as aiming goes, but the kickback of the weapon brings up an interesting thought. The kick of a sniper rifle for human targets shouldn't affect a robot much, but this is a sniper rifle for robots, which means higher caliber/velocity and therefore much more kick. That being said, guns like the Barett .50 cal use muzzle breakers which reduce the amount of kick immensely (making it like that of a 12 gauge shotgun rather than dislocating your shoulder). The muzzle breaker displaces air backwards as the round leaves the barrel, counteracting the kickback. This would allow even a small robot to not require any sort of heavy brace/support in order to command such a weapon. Short version: add a muzzle breaker :)

    15. Luke Hardwicke on

      Hey if you're dead set on 8 being a guy, 6 could easily be a girl.

    16. James Lyons on

      I think this design is too busy. Some fat should be trimmed off of it so that it can appear as sleek as the other robots.

      Also, if the cloak is his camouflage then how will he cover his enormous hat?

      I also don't like how he has no hands. It'd be more impressive if he had only one hand AND was able to use it to hold and fire a sniper rifle.

      Overall I think the first design is the best, but it still needs work.

      As far as a female robot goes, I'd like to see if it would be possible to swap the gender of an already existing might number.

    17. Missing avatar

      Michaël Harboun on

      When I read the words "sniper", "stealth" and "female", some really cool associations started to pop in my mind. The idea of camouflaging and blending in the background would be such a great concept, as a boss but also as a weapon. Maybe the stage could be in an old military base in the jungle. I think about a female robot version of Solid Snake. I don't think cowboys are cool anymore...

    18. Missing avatar

      Elizha Alvarez on

      I personally feel that this design could have been made to been female and would have been waaay cooler because of it. The MegaMan series overall has had a notable lack of female characters. Adding a female in MN9 with the exact vibe that this currrent number 8 exudes would have been perfect.

    19. AABAR on

      I think a good anti-weapon to this guy's "invisibility" cloak would be some sort of scanner? like the one Syndrome used on Gazerbeam in The Incredibles: - maybe can reveal some "invisible" secrets?

    20. Julia Lugo on

      I just became a backer, so this is my first comment. I have to say I like how all of the other bosses have turned out so far. But, knowing that No.8 was going to be the second female boss made me happy, until she became a dude. Though I still like the final design, but not the colors chosen. No.8 with the darker colors looks the best to me.

    21. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      But then again, dartboards are a staple of your stereotypical saloons... I'm torn! I trust whatever comes from all this will be strong no matter.

    22. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      Oh, about the dart: I see now (on my handheld device) that it's a throwing dart. I took it to be a tranquilizer dart, which admittedly doesn't make sense for robots (unless it's specialized for such), but matches better with the rifle weapon. I'd much rather that, as it offers speculation fuel (does he go after organic targets? is it part of a hobby, like ammunitions of all kinds? does he have a nasty trick up his stump?).

    23. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      (Mega) Man, reading these comments, there is such good brainstorming! Like the ideas of splotches (would fit the red foot on black leg better) of red, and of suitcase-dog bringing in the rifle arm, though there's potential for the gun scope being his "eye". Whatever happens, I like the dart, no matter how it'll be stylized (which I hope it is significantly; heck, make it random, each backend being a different flower design).

    24. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      Far as gender goes, I'm fine with the design inspirations leading to a male bot, as a throwback to westerns.

      However, I'm now wanting of a Black Dahlia/Mighty No. 8 crossover! Skullgirls' doily hitman versus Mighty No. 9's dusty sniper. GO!!

    25. Cat Fight on

      i really don't know how i feel about this mighty bot. . .the sniper arm is weird, the color scheme is weird, and a dart in his mouth? iono. . .why doesn't have have an actual hand? the rifle looks too much like a toy, and the whole "blood / oil of his enemies" reasoning as to why his leg / arm are red doesn't make sense to me, meh

    26. David Paulson on

      he kind of reminds me of Daisuke Jigen from Lupin III

    27. Zento Shazza on

      I would have preferred a sniper girl, but Mighty No. 8 is still cool, very cool. That conversation up at the top was hilarious.

    28. Missing avatar

      Bob McKeel on

      The final design looks great, but I think you had something there with the red cape.

    29. Missing avatar

      Drakli on

      The boss looks cool, but I agree that it's a bit disappointing that there's only one female boss character. I get it that the game is targeted at guys, but I think we can all agree that tough and awesome girl characters are cool too. It feels kind of like Mega Man, where we went all the way up until 9 before involving any female Robot Master at all.

      Perhaps including an extra female boss (maybe a secret boss or a roaming boss like the way Protoman/Blues shows up to fight Mega Man/Rock in certain stages,) would be a cool bonus to include in a stretch goal?

    30. Atariese Vinnissia #33691 on

      As much as i would have loved this as a female... he did turn out very "comando." Sometimes you have to just let the charcters devlope themselves.

      The dart is a sweet touch... mabie use it as a counter-attack? And as for the color scheme... the red makes me think its parts salvaged from a victim... so its not originally his leg or gun for a hand... and that mabie beck is the target for salvaging his other arm! :P thats my crazy thinking tho.

    31. Brian Denning on

      I like the dart in his mouth! Nice touch! He actually reminds me a lot of Chrono-Ranger from Sentinels of the Multiverse (cowboy, futuristic assassin, missing an arm), and that is also awesome!

    32. Missing avatar

      Göran Isacson on

      A sombrero-clad sniperbot IS a pretty darn awesome idea, I must admit... though I can't say I see why that means he has to be a guy. A badass lady sniper is fine too, she can wear a sombrero and cape and be missing an arm as well.

      That aside, I like most parts of his color scheme, even if a bright red gun-arm is a bit too "stand-outy". Maybe just red splotches would be better... he can totally have a gun arm though, since him being a robot means he doesn't HAVE to look in the sight to aim. Maybe that should be a feature, that the sight IS his eye, and he just "sees" whatever he aims his gun-arm at?

    33. Mario J on

      The planning leading up to the making of Mighty No. 8 was great. I am seeing a few draw backs mentioned by others. There was a comment I was reading made by Gerardo Jimenez he went into detail about having a more suitable mouthpiece in this case a flower (pansey or alfalfa). I must convincingly agree. In regards to Mighty No. 8's arm being a gun, well for some reason it makes him look too assembled and too prepared. Perhaps upon arriving at the final battle he actually has both arms missing and his companion the suitcase dog (mentioned in the notes) comes along where then Mighty No. 8 retrieves his rifle followed by engaging battle. My favorite feature by far is the hat radar. Original and a sombrero is win =P If I only had one choice in my say I would say the dart is a must go xD

    34. Darrin Stemple on

      As a fan of all things brightly colored and not necessarily matching, I really dig the design and the potential for an intense level and boss battle that it leaves us, but I must say I'm a little disappointed that, again, we're left with another game with but one major female character. If the "extra boss" stretch goal hasn't been designed yet, maybe there could be room for another conquering woman there? A female Ronin would be pretty sweet to see and might fit in as an extra.

    35. AABAR on

      @Muhammad Bilal Islam I'm hoping we get even more than 2.75M. We should hit the next goal by Thurs (2.55M) & we'll see what the hidden (???) goals are!

    36. Muhammad Bilal Islam on

      I'm liking it! I finally contributed today, I really hope we can make the goal of $2.75 mil in the next week, online co-op would be awesome! What's the word on local co-op, is that happening?

    37. John Salinas on

      I think it would be a good idea to tie the other arm down, like in a sling. Also, it would be cool if the dart instead was a sniper rifle round, like a bullet.

    38. Daniel Roman on

      P.S. And the gun being bright red with white lines bothers me a bit. Makes it look, to me, a bit like a toy. Perhaps it can be tweaked to be a bit less "red and white" and more "red-ish" with the white being a cool design on it instead of being just two white stripes?. Hope that fuels some ideas if this design will ever be reconsidered/redesigned. Keep up the good work!

    39. Daniel Roman on

      For some reason, comcept, the kneeling sketch in the beginning is my favorite of all the renditions here. I see the Kikaider influence in the final design, but I think similar to most others here in that the theme it has can still fit for a female character. Even if this one is male, there's still something a bit odd about him in the final design. I'm starting to think it has something to do with the head-to-body ratio compared to the first sketch in beginning of the article. Final design reminds me a bit of how scrawny No.1 is, but his design makes sense. Not sure if it's a good thing that No.8 reminds me of No.1.

      In conclusion, while I really like how you guys handle the design aspect (being a graphic designer myself) I have to say that in a consumer perspective, No. 8's final design has been the least exciting (but still exciting!). I just wish it would reflect a bit more what the sketch above shows.

      I hope my feedback serves of something, and please don't take it as a bad thing. I handle a lot of critique on designs as well and it just fuels even better designs! Keep it up guys!

    40. Gerardo Jimenez on

      Aww thanks,
      I like to let my imagination roam free and just running with the idea of dueling a former comrade, I was thinking that at the climax it was a tense showdown, neither wanting the one to pull the trigger, and fired simultaneously.
      Mighty no. 8 got the kill shot while his opponent hit him in his arm. No. 8 is unsure if his opponent went for a non-lethal shot, or if he actually managed to out do him. There is a struggle in No. 8, coping with the loss. Either his opponent who he held in high regards spared him and is racked with guilt, or the robot was never a good shot, and everything he thought he knew about him was a lie and undeserved.
      That uncertainty can be played at the same time, kinda chipping away. Was he betrayed this entire time, or did he "exterminate" his mentor when he was willing to spare No. 8?

      Again, I'm just having fun with it, it feels nice to just speculate and let your imagination run free.

    41. rocketnia on

      I really like the acute angle between the beard and the hat; it's striking and iconic. However, the beard is really the only thing that makes No. 8 look decisively male, so please consider removing it for the sake of gender diversity. For the best of both worlds, how about replacing it with a headset microphone?

      As for the colors, please keep 'em bright. :) Gladiator battles are partly for show after all, and No. 8 will probably need to come out of hiding sometimes so we even know who we're dealing with.

    42. Æthereal Bunny on

      Honestly it would be cool if he only really used the gun to damage you, but to make up for it, he would lay traps for you, like the classic rope on the ground, bear traps, etc

    43. Byakkono Kogenta on

      Like the design except for one thing.; The red leg. It just seems odd looking to me. I can get why the snipe gun is red, cause since when are weapons made to match your clothes, right? But having only one leg red seems weird. Like someone who is wearing two different socks or something. I know the red is supposed to be blood/oil. But if a robot gets blood on him then it should be splatters or something, it shouldn't be neatly painted on him. ( Am I making sense here? o.O;)

    44. Jacksukeru on

      I think the idea of No.8 trying to snipe you while you make your way through its stage sounds really neat and I hope that it will be implemented in some fashion.

      Having only one female boss is lame though.

    45. Missing avatar

      Petri Seppälä on

      Listen to everything Gerardo Jimenez has ever said.

    46. Gerardo Jimenez on

      Maybe instead of the Oil/Blood splatter, it could parts of an old friend he was forced to duel, maybe a mentor, a vigilante, outlaw or lawman that he respected. He could've lost his arm that way, being a brutal contest, and feeling that this was the only person who could ever compete on his level.
      He refuses to get his other arm repaired because it would be like wiping away the person's legacy or lasting impact it made on him. It's like paying tribute or giving credit to the robot who was able to damage him.

    47. Gerardo Jimenez on

      I am a huge fan of spaghetti westerns and I love this concept for a boss.
      I was thinking instead of a dart, maybe a small flower (Like a pansey or alfalfa.) Maybe he should have a empty belt holster on the right.
      I kinda like the idea of being a hunter/sniper gladiator, but I hope he's someone who really uses their environment, looking around, aware of their surroundings, improvising, and nothings off the table to get his man.
      A lot of times when games make sharp shooter type characters it feels as if it's all about hard hitting but doesn't enforce the feeling that you're being hunted, just 1 shot and you're dead. I would love to see the boss find ways to disable you, fire shots into stage hazards (Stand on a suspended platform, he'll shoot the supports, stand near an explosive drum for too long, you better believe he's not gonna pass it up.)
      I would love if they would also try to create the sensation that you are a helpless mark, always on edge, doing your best to throw off your hunter, all while paying attention to your surroundings, looking for things that are amiss, and possible traps.

      Just my thoughts

    48. Missing avatar

      Petri Seppälä on

      Psssh, right. I for one am never going to stop joking about how No. 8 was "born" female, if you catch my drift. Made even more fun by the fact that he's pretty high up on the list of blatant masculinity out of the Mighties, with fake metal beard and everything. Like he's trying to prove something... Let's say the circuitry was installed first, but the chassis and casing just ended up lookin like this. It's still a "he" though, I bet that's how he identifies.

      From the start I find the specified genders on the fighting robots a bit baffling. I mean, listen to this: "the Mighty Numbers were designed to compete in a robot gladiator tournament; we always had that in mind as we brainstormed".

      You mean, what? That includes their junk? What kind of tournaments are they having there, at the Colosseo?

    49. Nakano

      @Jeffrey "if we could vote on part of the theme/design of the extra boss"
      I had a similar thought. People could be let to vote the theme of a female boss. Here are some theme ideas to get us started: geisha, kunoichi or female samurai. 8-4, LTD. could you try to get this approved especially if the concept for extra boss is not yet decided/sketched?

    50. Missing avatar

      Verc on

      It's an overall great design, thought he original "too dark" color scheme is definitely the most appropriate and fits perfectly. The final scheme is on the exact opposite end of the spectrum and seems kinda mish-mashy.

      Since he can apparently store his rifle, I can't wait to see what other weapons he has in store.