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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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PODCAST FRIDAY: MightyCast No. 3!

Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)


To all our Beckers, supporters, and friends,

Shhhhhh. Shhh-sh-shhh-shhhhhh...

It’s been a long week, and you’ve all been busy spreading the word -- shouting from the rooftops (well, Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and everywhere else you can online) about reaching our console stretch goal, or our new PayPal option...

You must be tired, so just shhhhh -- don’t talk now, just listen… Listen over the upcoming weekend as we return the favor with our latest official Mighty No. 9 podcast! We won't spoil the surprise of who our special guest interview is just yet, but a little hint: he provided all the awesome illustrations you see here! :D

Click right here to listen, or right-click here to save:

00:30 – 05:15 
Last Week In Review 05:16 – 15:24
PayPal 15:25 – 19:11
Kimo Kimo Interview 19:12 – 39:44
Becker Skype Questions & Answers 40:20 – 1:01:15
Becker Twitter Questions & Answers 1:01:16 – 1:02:30
Closing Comments 1:02:31 – 1:06:05

Finished? Good. Now get that voice ready again, because we want you to sound off and let us -- and each other, and all your friends -- know what you thought of it! Direct feedback can get to us here in the comments, on our Twitter account @MightyNo9, or at our official Facebook page, but we’re watching all over the place, so let your voice be heard however and wherever you like!

Thanks to all of you for your continued support -- have a great weekend! (`_´)ゞ
- @markmacd (Mighty No. 84), @johntv (Mighty No. 99), and @sprsk (Mighty No. 123) of 8-4, Ltd., Kimo Kimo & the rest of the Mighty No. 9 Team, including...


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    1. Missing avatar

      Lexi on

      Definitely loving what you guys at 8-4 are doing with the podcast and hope you guys are able to continue making more as game continues to develop. Also hope you guys get to have involvement in the game itself in the translation department!

    2. Mr. MegaManFan on

      Can I just say that Mew-Mew is FREAKIN' ADORABLE? I <3 that cat!

    3. Æthereal Bunny on

      Is it just me or are they trying hard to make sure we don't pick anything but the blonde hair Call? They seem adamant about "not having colors" when that's not the point of us saying "pink Call"'s just an identifier. We can't say "that Call" and not have any one know what we actually mean. And we're not going to keep posting links of pictures to the Call we mean either.

      Lacking the color when we're making this decision just brings more questions up. I do like a bit of an elimination round to pick three Calls between all the designs so there is less division when finalizing, but IDK, there's something wrong about how they're viewing this.

      Also if they do make some separate Call single player mode, I really hope they add some new bosses if they're going through the effort... Totally want to see that idea for a wrestling robot used. In fact, working on some ideas myself XD; Some simple sketches and some not so simple sketches.

      Sadly not too much else to say here, other than maybe they should consider making that cereal for promotional reasons.

    4. Adam Kearse on

      I love Kimo Kimo's cat :3

    5. D. Lawson-Hart on

      Is there any way you can make that 8-bit remix of the MightyTheme available to us, or at least let us know where it came from? And, of course, the Matsumae's piano-only rendition is beautiful. <3

    6. HeroZero on

      The podcast was good thanks for answering more fan questions. I like that you answer the co-op question but I still have a question about co-op. Will we have a co-op that is offline? If you can answer that even if its a no or a maybe that will be great. I just want to know if I can play the game with friends and my brothers together in the same room.

      The interveiw was great just like the last few keep it up guys. We are on our last week lets kick it up!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Gendy on

      So I just finished listening to the podcast and I've got to say: Excellent job as usual. I love the interviews and I'm looking forward to who is going to be on next time.

      Also, I cannot stop looking at the cat. It is possibly the most adorable thing I've seen all day :)

      And now I will stop interrupting this game and kickstarter talk.

    8. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      @Comcept - Hey guys any idea of the physical disc based version that was mentioned a few weeks ago, still awaiting a answer on that (soon I hope) otherwise I'll have to reduce my pledge down for just the game. Please mention it in an update or a response here, thanks.

    9. PlayableCall on

      Also, I'm a little disappointed in the plans to cancel PayPal funding after the Kickstarter ends.

      I can understand why. Because y'all do want to get the game finished by 2015. And having too many stretch goals could interfere with getting the game finished in a timely fashion. On the other hand, I want to do whatever it takes to get that possible single player Call stretch goal.

      So while I can understand that this crowdfunding might not ought to be 'endless', or anything. A little bit past the KickStarter date would be really nice. As an insurance. Many of us will have more money to spend next month, and many of us really, really want some of those stretch goals.

    10. PlayableCall on

      Glad to see y'all are still considering the single player Call stretch goal!

    11. Chris B. on

      Kimo Kimo's art the top of here makes me wonder if that 'bot could be redesigned to slide rather than walk or hover. I mean it looks almost like it's skiing in that sketch, and it looks kinda nice. There aren't enough skiing bots. The propulsion could still be electromagnetic though.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jonathan O'Reilly on

      I second Stephen's comment. This podcast would be a great way to keep up with the games production (if it would be possible of course!) great podcast as always guys! I would say to just keep doing the podcast the way you have been doing it, it's informative and fun!

    13. Missing avatar

      S G Matthews on

      It would be really cool if the podcast could continue into production, even if it's less regularly. I know you guys don't know what your role would be at that point, but it would be a fun way to keep posted.

    14. Missing avatar

      Dixon Rosario on

      Totally kicks APPLES!

    15. Beckin09 on

      @Antoine Clain Ah I see thanks for the explanation. It's cus I speak Chinese and kanji uses Chinese characters which literally means "meatball" when viewed from that context lol.

    16. Hitsuji Mamoru on

      Sorry for the second post but the "pool of powers you can pick from" idea one of the hosts talk about is really interesting! Remind me of the Wily Tower and I love that concept! Hopefully we can reach 2.7M to see how it'd turn out!!

    17. Hitsuji Mamoru on

      Now I can comment and I can only say one thing : KimoKimo is one badAPPLE chara designer!... ok, now that's done... I'm waiting for No.7 now that I know that he'll be a cooly-fruity guy, increasing my thoughts he might end up as a very important character for Beck --akin to a Protoman/Zero figure maybe?-- and he's, from the moment I saw the silhouettes, one of the most anticipated characters for me (along with No.3)
      Can't wait for its reveal!

    18. Midori on

      Concerning the next podcast, I'd love if you could get TOM-PON as a guest. I'm sure in his experience he'd have a wealth of things to discuss. And, while there's probably not much set right now, I'm curious to hear about his take on stage design for Mighty No. 9. I especially want to hear how they'll factor with the transformations. I'm really hoping they're working on things for fun replayability, and not so much "This one transformation can get you past this obstacle, and that's about all it's for." Thanks!

    19. Hitsuji Mamoru on

      @BeckinCall -- it doesn't mean "meatball" but "paws" :-) ... and it was choosen because the kanji are read "nikukyû" which can be written, in numeral form, as 299 (ni-ku-kyû). Hope it helps^^

      ~Listening right now, gonna give my thoughts later~

    20. Scott Fraser on

      damn my voice is wierd...

      Great podcast! I really liked to listen to KimoKimo in the interview.

    21. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Michael Long -- We are working on trying to get some kind of auto-tally for the PayPal, but if you look at other Kickstarters we usually will just need to add them up and report them manually from time to time. (It will definitely not be auto-included in the main KS page total as there's no way to do that) Thanks for the question! (`_´)ゞ

    22. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      @SIMSteven -- I think Mighty No. 9 is definitely going to have its own new, unqiue environment, but as to the details of the world many of them are in flux. However, as we mention in the podcast, we plan on revealing a few of those over the next week or so, so keep watch on the upcoming updates! ;)

    23. Beckin09 on

      Lol why's the cat, Might No.299, name (in brackets) is Meatball.

    24. Missing avatar

      SIMSteven on

      Firstly, let me introduce myself as SIMSteven, still one of the most active members of the MegaMan Legends 3 Dev Room. Ok? Ok, right, nothing special. Now that's done. :P
      Obviously, I have something in response for the next podcast and I'm going to center some questions around MegaMan Legends in general. Firstly, I vote for Tom-Pon to show up for the next interview. I know he also had an for the MML3 Dev Room and I noticed he's now here working on Mighty No. 9. Since he's been working together with Keiji on MegaMan since the very beginning, he's definitely a prime candidate for the podcat. But please don't make it a repeat of the same interview!
      Secondly, I know that a lot of MegaMan Legends fans tend to cling onto Mighty No 9 as being a saving grace, at least for MegaMan's legacy. Being one of the biggest MML fans out there (having been a member of several MML fansites for the past decade), I already see many similarities between MN9 and MML. Two notable similarities I can point out right now are the endearing, memorable characters, and the tremendous amount of fan involvement/fan support. One thing I'm personally curious about is if there is an atmosphere of mystery within the game.
      Expanding on that using MML as an example, the story/lore gets revealed slowly and there are many unknowns. To list a few, what are Reaverbots / what purpose do the ruins serve / is MegaMan human or robot / same thing for Bon / what was MegaMan's life like in the past / what is the difference between the Ancient System and the Elder System / there is also so much we don't know about the Ancient System and friendly Ancients who only came into the spotlight at the very end / etc.
      All these unknowns and enigmas are a major factor in why MML has such a dedicated cult following, along with the characters and story that's already there. I'm wondering if Mighty No 9 will have a similar environment and if you can give any details about it, or what the dev team's thoughts are about such an environment.

    25. Natalie Manahan

      The music at the beginning made my heart smile.

    26. Fruits on

      So my friend had those nice shorts and I've noticed something quite interesting attached to them
      Yup, check the logo .. so thats what's Beck been doing ... a mighty salesman :P

    27. Mighty No.10630: Maximz on

      D'awwwwwww the kitty in the beck costume, wait is that mewmew? dawww thats one beckin' kitty! i love this weeks mightycast very awesome you guys great job i look forward to the next one! not sure who i'd want you guy to interview though XD

    28. Skybane_Zero on

      Rockin' podcast, guys! (and It was indeed fun having you on the last 100k Strong podcast, Mark!)
      As for the next episode's guest, I'd personally like to hear from Takuya Aizu. He's had a hand in producing some of my favorite Mega Man games at Inti Creates, and I'd love to hear what he has to say about Mighty No. 9's development!

    29. Midori on

      Awww, Paws is adorable.

    30. Calledan on

      Great podcast guys, Kimo Kimo is totally cool and I'd love to hear more about the alternate skins thing (Kinda like the hair book from Megaman 9) especially that Grey and red thing Kimo mentioned, that sounds really cool looking (if someone has a fanart of this please link it I'd love to see it XD)

    31. Ben B on

      First thing is first, that Mighty No. 3 pic at her laptop is like my favorite thing right now.

      Intro: DAT PIANO THEME! ^_^ Hope all is going great at TGS!

      Hello Kitty Beck is a great mental image. Partner up with Sanrio and make that plushie. XD

      Interview: I look forward to that next bad apple. ;) That is so impressive that Kimo Kimo got his start just from learning from a coworker! I look forward to seeing Miu Miu's work on this game. I'm loving these cast inteviews. Its awesome hearing about the creative process. So much great insight from people who have a passion for making great games happen. I'd like to hear so many perspectives, though if I were to choose one more, I guess I'd actually like to hear more from Matsumae-san. Still, it's hard to imagine you could go wrong with a pick.

      Fan Calls:
      This community is pretty great! I really look forward to hearing more about the backstory. Customizable controlls and sound test sounds like a great idea. Not only the Protomen, who are awesome, but there is so much great music in the classic games to draw inspiration from. I'll have to look into that 100,000 strong cast.

      I love these podcasts. I hope to hear more during the development. As usual, thanks for all the hard work!

    32. Alex Parntaprasert on

      Nice podcast man. Next podcast interview with Manami Matsumae.

    33. Missing avatar

      Edmond Chung on

      Yay! - also ahhh table flips* We need a full piano cover of the theme song!

    34. Missing avatar

      Aída on

      Love the desings.

      The game you was talking about,
      was one of my favs, one of the things,
      because of the awesome art. :)

    35. Ryusei Jigen on

      13:45 APPLE!


    36. Michael Long on

      Will you have a tally including the PayPal donations on the kickstarter page?

    37. Shanna Mayfair on

      Owwww the kitty *----* it's so cuteeeeeeee

    38. Jeremy MacIver on

      Im loving the Mighty No. 3 artwork!

    39. Zento Shazza on

      Lovin' those pics, thanks! <3

    40. Xi The 11th Weapon

      Where's the Judd?

    41. Justin

      Same here. Bee or wasp.

    42. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Corro Jr on

      My first thought was a bee when I saw no 3.

      Thanks again for the updates guys!

    43. Fruits on

      Thanks for the update. As I said earlier I think MN3 is so far the best looking mighty although am not fond with female bosses. Yet, I also said that I prefered here "twisted thunder" cloak .. you can simply add the yellow zipper line and a circling black spark around it .. vola :) why the "twisted thunder" (I call it that)? because it gives a rotational feel for her cloak, something that matches her floaty character :)
      Thats a fan feedback, thanks.

    44. DamnCatOnMyDesk

      I am amused by the mighty no 3 doodles. She seems so mischievous. :p

    45. HeroZero on

      Finally I was waiting all