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Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)

Mighty Greetings, Mighty Beckers -- and welcome to another peek behind the scenes (screens?) at the process of developing the imagery for the world of Mighty No. 9!

So far we’ve taken a look at the step-by-step evolution of the design for Mighty No. 5, Mighty No. 1, Mighty No. 3, and our enemy footsoldiers, but what about Mighty No. 9?

That’s right -- today, we’re going in-depth on the main robo-man himself, where all this started in the first place: our hero, Beck!

Once again, we’ll turn it over to director Koji Imaeda and lead character designer Kimo Kimo to provide the details...


Kimo Kimo: It began with a simple order from Inafune: "I want to make him cute." So I started off aiming for a design with an overall cute vibe, but with eyes that showed a strong will. Even before I arrived at this design, many other people had worked on their own ideas as well, but ultimately, Inafune felt we were all trying too hard to draw in his style, so he told us to instead try drawing Beck however we liked. And so it was back to square one...


While Kimo Kimo got back to work on Beck’s design, Imaeda put together some documents filling in details about Beck and the world of Mighty No. 9 to try and provide some help for the design process.

Imaeda: It was around this point that we decided that the central concept of the game would revolve around “xel” technology, which we started to flesh out in these early documents. (We’ll talk about “xels” and “cores” -- the building blocks of the Mighty No. 9 world -- in a later update.) As an aside, I actually drew all of the simple illustrations in these docs myself, so I could let Kimo Kimo focus on his designs.


With Inafune's feedback and Imaeda's reference materials, the initial Beck design took another step forward:

(referring to the two Becks on the far right) “I think there are too many lines used in the design as a whole; we can do without the thin lines on the feet and such. Also, let’s try an actual round nose rather than just holes. And why don’t we make the red parts blue instead.”

Imaeda: Looking back on it now, from here on to the final design, there weren't really any major changes. Although I seem to recall it still being a lot of work...

Kimo Kimo: While looking over Imaeda's concept materials, I kept the enemies in mind as I proceeded with Beck's design. With the instruction to "draw him however you like," and the sense of nostalgia I saw in the game, I decided to incorporate the sort of designs that made me excited when I was a child. I did a lot of research into what was popular in the 1980s, and I asked all sorts of questions, like what Inafune himself liked at the time, what his key influences were, etc. In the end, his basic thoughts on Beck were, "He may look different, but we're going to imbue him with the spirit of everything we've cultivated over the years," so I took that to heart and did my best to try and capture those same feelings and emotions in my work.  

(above) Some of the older influences used to tap into a nostalgic look for Mighty No. 9 included (left) Kikaida and (right) Giant Robo. For more on character designer Kimo Kimo and his design process, tune into this Friday’s MightyCast for an extended interview!

I also figured, if we're talking science fiction devised in the 80s, it's got to have space suits! So I patterned the design after a space suit, making sure not to get too futuristic, keeping it more like a diving suit. And since this is his default form before transforming, I made the base color grey to give it a neutral look.

When I was a child, there was a scene in Astro Boy where Astro Boy puts on his red boots. It really surprised me at the time. "He's putting on clothes even though he's a robot!" Beck is supposed to be fairly human in nature, so I made his design look like he’s wearing clothes, boots, gloves, and a helmet over a metal body. In my head, I imagine him perhaps wearing a different, simple work outfit while in the lab -- not that I expect there to be any scene of him wearing something like that in the game. (By the way, I should mention these thoughts are just part of the design process, not anything official!)

Anyway, Inafune told me to draw what I liked, and the end result (the Beck on the far right in the image at the top of Phase 3 here) is something I like a lot, even looking at it now. Say, Imaeda -- any chance of this version making it in as an alternate costume?


Once the basic design was set, we had to start thinking about how best to present the game’s transformation concept in order to prepare our project pitch document. Imaeda explained to Kimo Kimo how he wanted Beck to transform, and had him come up with a variety of transformation ideas:

Imaeda: Looking back on it now, trying to come up with transformations when the enemy and boss designs weren’t even decided yet was a pretty tough assignment. Still, Kimo Kimo drew up a huge variety, from minor, straightforward rearrangements all the way to complex machines that no longer resembled Beck’s base form at all.

Kimo Kimo: Imaeda only gave me some basic instructions, but with modern tech, it’s possible to do some really cool-looking transformation animations, so I had a blast coming up with all sorts of unique ideas.


Next, we passed the completed project proposal to Inti Creates, who then came up a bunch of their own ideas for Beck. They were really motivated at Inti, and after seeing all the great work they did, we felt really good about having them onboard for the project.

(above) The gang over at Inti Creates whipped up a bunch of line drawings for potential Beck designs...

(above) Here, we start to see colors added. Isn’t the orange scarf cool? And how about the more realistic Beck? Maybe we can use him for the cover of Mighty Crunch! cereal...

Imaeda: In the end, we went with a design closer in style to the concepts we came up with on our side, but we continue to take ideas and hints from the suggestions Inti provided us. Call's initial tentative design came about during this period, too.


With only a couple of weeks to go before the Kickstarter launched, Imaeda pulled together the final design!

Imaeda: Using Kimo Kimo’s illustrations as a base, I tried to achieve a stylish, professional look, making sure to include all of the key points of his design (above left). Then we had Inti Creates take that and add the finishing touches (above right). This became the final design for Beck -- a design born from true collaboration, which fits perfectly with the theme of Mighty No. 9!

And thus, a hero was born! We hope you enjoyed this beck-stage pass to our design process --
maybe enough to share with a friend, or at least to let us know what you think in the comments here, on our Twitter account @MightyNo9, or our official Facebook page!

We’ll be back tomorrow with a special video (or two?), but until then: (`_´)ゞ
@johntv (Mighty No. 99), @markmacd (Mighty No. 84) and the Mighty No. 9 Team


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    1. Another Random Kickstarter on

      I find it funny that a lot of the designs from Inti Creates echo practically everything Mega Man. I was thinking "too Battle Network-y, too Zero series-y, too Bad Box Art-y, too Star Force-y, too X series-y,etc." (I know that doesn't make sense but whatever). Even the designing of characters encompass the feeling of having both old and new! I personally LOVE this kind of info on character origins since I always draw and love to talk about why one character looks like this, how they would've been like this, and what inspired what.

    2. Missing avatar

      Terry Keeton on

      Hmm I would love to see the other designs in the game as unlocks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Anthony Tardino on

      I really hope you can play as Beck with all the different limbs, maybe as a "Super Sonic" esque transformation. All the people in the comments I've read have a great ideas.

    4. Joshua Denton on

      I love the form that has the 6 different body parts!

    5. AABAR on

      Perhaps this has been said many times, I remember the Cyborg 009 references in this game...

    6. Paul Bunyan on

      Those prototype Beck sketches looked awesome. I like the flight mode and the helicopter blades. Will Beck have a special "Dash Boots" upgrade similar to MMX or will his transformations solely depend on how much "xel" energy is reserved? You should give him anti-gravity or a electromagnetic transformation. Great job from Kimo Kimo and Inti Creates. The possibilities are endless. Thanks for the update Mighty No. 9 Team!

    7. Missing avatar

      Green on

      The final design is great. It's not quite the classic Mega Man and not X. Beck is his own thing which echoes the past but doesn't carbon copy it.

    8. Brendan Blakemore on

      Auugh, I just noticed the Beck design that looks like it's from the X series! Dangit, that looks awesome as hell! Then again, I'm pretty partial to the X series. Well, X1-4, anyway.

    9. Johnathan Lo on

      Call = Mighty No. 0, make it happen guys

    10. Missing avatar

      Cheeseman on

      Thanks for another awesome update. Really like the Beck design with a scarf though.

    11. sirhotbod on

      I'm kind of really digging the look with the scarf.

    12. Missing avatar

      Gabriel G A Bueno on

      Have to say, the end result was really the best choice. I was looking at the pictures and thinking how would it be if another was the chosen one. The design choice plus the face (specially the eyes) were really well picked, congratulations!
      Btw, I really liked that small Call drawing! She looks so nice!
      I always thought it was strange how Mighty Nº9 had metallic limbs and 4 circles in the front and she looks so normal, even though they're both robots. This Call should be put in the voting, it will surely be a real contender, specially now that we will likely have her playable in Co-op.

    13. Alef Ishara on

      woah, Mighty X, Mighty NT,Mighty command mission Mighty zero......loving it

    14. Missing avatar

      Spencer on

      The top right design of the first Inti Creates lineart is really striking to me. Not a good main character design but it would be amazing as another character, maybe in a future mighty no 9 title if not this one. A real rival type look. The cape sells it.

    15. Htom Sirveaux on

      Do you see Beck's Thong? This David dude made me able to unsee it.

    16. Joshua P. on

      Maybe when Beck imagines himself as being heroic, he sees himself as the super realistic Beck version? That would be funny.

      Beck looks like a combination of Churno Alpha from Pacific Rim, and something out of Mass Effect. He looks fantastic. All of the designs look excellent.

    17. Missing avatar

      Petri Seppälä on

      Seriously though, Beck has short, pink hair under that helmet, right? RIGHT?!

    18. Missing avatar

      Yan Zhao on

      I love the designs Inti Create has come up with. Hell, I'd love to see them being use for potential Might N.9 X or Zero series down the line :D

    19. Matt & Joey on

      All these designs were great! It must be difficult to have to choose just one of these. I like the current design of Beck, but that scarf design is cool too.


    20. Missing avatar

      Colin on

      Mighty No. 9 Main Theme ~ I've Found Strength Within Myself

    21. Missing avatar

      Hoang Minh le on

      I just hope that we wont have those costume DLC when the game comes out.

    22. Darnel on

      Please consider the scarf as an alternate costume. To me it gives Beck a renegade look w/o taking away from him being "cute".

    23. Crimrui on

      I have to agree with the scarf. Putting it as alternative costume would be sweet. It reminds me of Megaman Command Mission, which I really liked. And man, whenever I look at this game the nostalgia of good old X days kick me in the teeth. I'm really looking forward to this. ^^

    24. Missing avatar

      Tomer Backouche on

      Love the exe like design!
      also, you should totally consider that scarf. look great, maybe as an alternate costume?

    25. Necdet Orkun Osken on

      Great Design Process :)

    26. Liam Morgan on

      Can we beat the game and then unlock the scarf? It looks so good with the design. Very reminiscent of classic Kamen Rider too. Any chance of seeing some of the design sketches in a bigger quality too, or are these to be included in the art book? So much gorgeous art here, Comcept and IntiCreates have some amazing artists. Keep it up!

    27. Missing avatar

      William MacKinnon on

      I appreciate getting the behind the scenes look at your game development. All you guys over at Comcept keep up the good work. Looking forward to playing the game when it's released! Cheers.

    28. Jameson on

      @Christopher Robert Brech
      "More than anything, I crave an SNES X-style game again. Identical character proportions to stage size and view distance, same fast flow and potentially hectic game play, and still the journey of gaining strength, not just in weapon collection, but finding the capsules.Seeing the X-Style Beck already makes me dream not just of sequels to Mighty No. 9, but a second series of it with that version of Beck. I hope during gameplay, we're visited by future Beck, and that's the form he takes! xD" <------------- AMEN!!!!

    29. Christopher Robert Brech on

      MegaMan 2, MegaMan X, and MegaMan X3 were my favourite games growing up (alongside Super Metroid and Top Gear 3000). MegaMan made me love video games, and X captured my imagination with it's upgrades and sped-up gameplay

      As a child I even thought MegaMan was the NES mascot before, obviously, learning the truth.

      More than anything, I crave an SNES X-style game again. Identical character proportions to stage size and view distance, same fast flow and potentially hectic game play, and still the journey of gaining strength, not just in weapon collection, but finding the capsules.

      Seeing the X-Style Beck already makes me dream not just of sequels to Mighty No. 9, but a second series of it with that version of Beck. I hope during gameplay, we're visited by future Beck, and that's the form he takes! xD

      PS: Can't PS4 and XB-One editions come several months or a year after the initial release when the game has a chance to gauge popularity on PS3 / 360? PS4 and XB-One are most like the PC, so porting a PC version to them shouldn't take as much development time. I would rather that stretch goal removed, bumped up just a bit higher if necessary, and dedicated to handhelds.

      I can't describe how much I would love to have a 3D version playing on my 3DS XL.

    30. Juan Ernesto Menjivar on

      I´m glad you changed the eyes. The other eyes look scary. Maybe you could use them for an evil Becker enemy.

      Pd. The scarf makes him look more heroic. You should add it.

    31. Erick Flemister on

      Seeing all the different Megaman-esque Becks are totally awesome, but my favorite one has to be the multicolored battle ready Beck !!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Emad Salam on

      Haha you can easily see what inspirations some of those sketches were from, a lot of Megaman X, Zero, Megaman .EXE, Megaman Dragonforce, Megaman Dash. In any case, I love the orange scarf one (though he looks a lot like a generic hero) if you guys could somehow make Beck look more unique with that orange scarf and less like X, I think it would be just amazing.

      Ball transformation pretty cool, the others are kind of generic, love the shield robot as well.

    33. Amani on

      All of the designs look pretty pimpin' (I really want that scarf to make it in somehow). The crazy Megazord looking Beck's my favorite though. Kudos to the Morph Ball with a cannon transformation as well.

    34. Mike Henry on

      I love seeing GR in the mix.

    35. Missing avatar

      frogun on

      Good, the Beck character art dropped on my birthday. Still wish I could see how the little guy moves in game or if its possible for him to get back into some of these suits as challenge rewards.

    36. Missing avatar

      Hika on

      Well, you guys nailed it about trying to achieve "cute" because Beck totally is! I love that realistic Beck too, hahah!

    37. Missing avatar

      DestroyerHeroX on

      I love all this concept art. The Astronaut/Space suit motif and changing arm weapons reminds me of Kamen Rider Fourze, which is awesome. I also REALLY want the scarf back in the game.

    38. Jonathan Cook on

      Is it weird that I think the realistic Beck looks kind of hunky? Because to me he looks kind of hunky. I want to date that robot, is what I'm saying.

    39. 趙恩沛 on

      OMG! I love that metal texture!!!
      It's let our Beck more vivid, and make me love him.
      How a cute boy.
      In fact,I love astro boy, too.
      Pay my respects to Tezuka Osamu !
      By the way,when I look that Beck and No.1, It's make me think about Axl and Red in Megaman X7.

    40. Mighty No.10630: Maximz on

      phase 5 top right the one with the sword and cape AWESOME i love all these concepts really i think they are all amazing!

    41. Missing avatar

      ShawnTails on

      I don't know if it's just me but all the Beck's sketch's are looking amazing. it would be awesome if they could use some of these as alternate costumes and Beck with a plasma sword could be like having 2 character to play since the gameplay would be different.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jamie DeFalco on

      @Camilo Arturo I was really glad to read your comment. I agree with you and have been thinking about posting a similar comment. Beck looks good, but he doesn't look great. I'm not excited when I see him. There are some design elements that just don't make sense. I feel like his design is more complicated then necessary. The scarf would be cool on a new Protoman type character. The basic Beck form should be as simple as possible, but a more powerful looking upgraded Beck will be a welcome sight.

    43. Missing avatar

      Bruno Silva de Borba on

      I really liked the scarf, would love to see some fanart with it!

    44. Emanoel Melo on

      I spot a potential Zero on Phase 5 designs!!!!

    45. Beckin09 on

      Realistic Beck needs to be on a western style box art or poster XD

    46. Cuong on

      The designs by Inti Creates are more human-like body types. I like their designs cause it reminds me of Megaman Zero which had cool designs of characters, but the final one that has more of Inafune's touch.

    47. AABAR on

      I'm interested in the xel concept - looks like some sort modular robotics (think of the microcons in TF revenge of the fallen) looking forward for the next update!

    48. Mario J on

      Each process is so interesting to see. Being a Mighty Becker is awesome because of that =D The final Beck deign suits to project so well. I would love to see beck change his "smirk" to a "smile" or other types of emotions, I do like the angry look (just the face) of the design where Beck's hands are a drill, rocket and feet for roller-blades. Cheers ^-^

    49. Ruke Unlimited on

      While I love the final design for Beck, and in the end the final call is up to the people at Comcept, what would be REALLY cool is if there was some way for people to vote on their favorite designs. For Beck and all of the Might No.s, there's been some awesome artwork, and I don't think I'm alone in saying that I would have gone with different designs. Is this something that you have considered Comcept?