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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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Communi-Tuesday III: Community Strikes Back!

Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)


Welcome back, Beckers, to another Communi-Tuesday -- our weekly update dedicated to you, our backers, fans, and friends, and all the great work you’re doing in support of our Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter campaign!

Speaking of which -- you did it! Our console stretch goal is smashed, and now we can say that Mighty No. 9 will come not only to PC, Mac, and Linux systems, but also PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U! Congratulations and thank you to each and every one of you who made this possible (and thanks for helping spread the word on this via Twitter and Facebook and such to our new console audience)!

And as if all that generosity wasn’t enough, we continue to be completely blown away by the amount and quality of amazing, amazing fan art, videos, songs and other support of all kinds coming out of our community! Just take a look at this:

(above) Amazing Beck animation, by AriEX2 on NeoGAF

I mean, seriously?! Come on you guys, this stuff is incredible! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg -- check out the sample below of the works that continue to impress and inspire us on a daily basis!

(above) Don't forget: We’re still accepting #MightySalute s to our official Twitter account at @MightyNo9 -- just send a pic of yourself with that hashtag and you might see your mug up here along with your fellow Beckers next week!


 (above) Mighty Retro Sprites, by hfbn2

Big Shot, by LoosePopcorn

Beck behind cover, by NAI VADER

Mighty Crunch! (inside joke for our MightyCast podcast listeners:), by Scott Fraser

Beck in Graffiti, by theall-stars

Mighty No. 1 Ignited and Extinguished, by satsy

Call to arms (blonde Call and pink Call), by shadow2810

Bright-eyed Beck, by purpleruby

Beck into the fray, by Zest

Painted Beck, by StillJade

Beck, assemble! by Domo Jay

Purple Call at attention, by Fernal Red

Curious Call, by 元吉

Right-handed Mighty Salute, by Pepper

(above) Beck patch, by Jonny

Call forwarding, by Khaliqa

Beck, ready for action! by Autumn North

Beck relaxing, by Emberguard

Brotherly love, by thursdayerryday

Sketchbeck, by バレット@今は一つの熊

Beck’s many moods, by whitmoon

You're so cool! also by whitmoon

Mighty No. 1 burning up! by the ever-amazing snakepixel (check out his game, Owlboy!)

Mighty No. 2 looking Cudl-y, by Cudl


Mighty No. 9 Main Theme Piano Cover TRAILER, by O2Ash

Mighty No. 9 - "Backported" (Main Theme) (Remix), by Sauraen

Mighty No. 9 Color Pencil Timelapse, by warrengonline

Learning Japanese With: Mighty No. 9, by Gaijin Goombah

Mighty No. 9: They Reached It! (Console Stretch Goal), by HappyConsoleGamer, feat. Rob Man

And last, but certainly not least...


  • We’ve been happy to see so much ongoing chatter about the upcoming vote on the design for Call, Beck’s female counterpart! After listening to community feedback and going over the idea with the commenters on our Kickstarter page, we’ve decided to make all the initial designs of Call line art -- so no coloring for now -- to remove factors like outfit appearance and hair color, etc. for the initial vote, so everyone can focus purely on which design they think is best!
  • Speaking of the Call vote: Our artists are already hard at work on their designs for our community-favorite heroine! The plan is to have several for all of you to choose from, right near the end of our Kickstarter campaign, as part of our update for Friday, September 27th. (This way we can also maximize the amount of backers we can include in the vote!) Then we’ll announce the results as part of our livestream in the final hours of our Kickstarter, on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 1st! The top three designs will all go on to the next round, where they will be colored and tweaked for another vote to take place on our (then newly-opened) community forums at the end of October / early November.

(above) Call Escapes Mighty No. 5, also by the amazing snakepixel

  • We’ve been looking into solutions for how to allow people to buy multiple versions of Mighty No. 9 with a single pledge -- however, enabling it at all the different reward tiers within the workings of Kickstarter is looking complicated and difficult (not so much for us, but for our backers); we have asked other Kickstarters how they handled and gotten some good advice, but have not yet been able to find a perfect solution. We are continuing to look into this and update you should this change.
  • Finally, we wanted to take a moment to give special thanks to all of you who have emailed us with your questions and comments. Even if we haven’t had the chance to respond to you personally, we are reading each and every email that comes our way, and are taking your feedback to heart. In fact, many of the changes and updates that we have made so far (new stretch goals, updated FAQs, etc.) have been a direct result of your emails -- so thank you!

And with that, we conclude another Communi-Tuesday! Let us know what you think -- or better yet, let the original artists know what you think by clicking through their links and commenting on their pages!

We’ll end, as we always do, with an inspiring piece from the community itself:

(above) MN9 Posters, by M.S. Corley

A GIANT Mighty Salute to you all (`_´)ゞ,
- @markmacd (Mighty No. 84) and the Mighty No. 9 Team


We’ve all heard of Shantae, right? WayForward’s series has established a stellar reputation for top-notch 2D action/platforming, stretching all the way back to the Game Boy Color.

But did you know our favorite half-genie hero has a potential new game on Kickstarter for just about every platform under the sun? Their campaign is off to an awesome start, but who couldn’t use a Mighty Boost from our Mighty Beckers?! We’ve seen it before: your pledges, tweets, blogs, and facebook posts made the difference with Edo Superstar -- let’s see if we can’t do it again here!

And actually, we share more than just a sensibility for awesome 2D action games with our friends at WayForward -- one of our artists at Inti Creates, Makoto Yabe (aka KOU), is contributing some key illustrations and background art to this new Shantae as well! (He made the sweet high-five image you see below, too!)

Check it out and let them know what you think! Thanks, everyone! (`_´)ゞ


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    1. Paul Bunyan on

      The Mighty No. 9 theme song brings me chills. Great update. Mighty salute to all the fans and backers. :D

    2. PlayableCall on

      The Call on a bike picture is so amazing!

    3. DJLowrider on

      I can't be the only one who saw the big "X" on the side of the truck in the background of that amazing animation here. It looks uncannily similar to the "X" on the title screen of another game from years gone by. I wonder which one I could be referring to... XD

    4. Htom Sirveaux on

      So that's what he wanted us to do when he asked us for our number....Ah!

    5. Dionicio Lerma on

      PLEASE TELLLL MEEE any physical media for ps3 ????? i need to knooooooww, by the way i liked all the designs of the bosses and beck how was born.

    6. Sir Jordi

      love the 8-bit fan art, it is really amazing!

      go go Wii U!

    7. Christopher Robert Brech on

      How do all of those people have their numbers? I checked the eMail I used to for Kickstarter, and I don't have a Mighty Number yet. :'( Was there an additional step I need to take?

    8. Natalie Manahan

      That .gif blows my mind. Am I allowed to contribute fanart right here right now? Because I want to:

    9. OmegaPineapple on

      Man, that GIF...

      I wonder how long it took to do that!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jamal Collins on

      If Mighty Crunch was real, I'd buy it. Just saying, somebody at Comcept should take note of that and work on getting that cereal into production. I want the joy of tasting the cereal so I can shout out my window "I am TRANSFORMED!"...ok, so maybe I won't really shout it but I'll at least say it in my head.

    11. AABAR on

      @Joshua Wolf pledge of at least $5 gives you a unique mighty number as stated on the upper right of this page or on the main page (home)

    12. Adson Blaze (アドソン.ブレーズ) on

      I think that enemy seeing Call パンツ...... ==;

    13. Bryson Publicover on

      I actually love the design of call on the motorcycle. That's my vote :D

    14. Missing avatar

      Joshua Wolf on

      I guess this is a silly question but how do I know if I got a number or not?

    15. Jameson on

      I was blown away by the animated gif!

    16. HeroZero on

      Communi-Tuesday is one of my favorite updates. You see the love of the community and the same love back from Comcept. This one had a lot of good fan art and music but the Beck patch stole the show for me. It's just plain awesome if you guy from comcept can make these and sell them or add it to the rewards I will defiantly buy or up my pledge for one. Or if Pepper can make and sell them I'll buy it from him. All in all I just want one lol.

      I'm also very happy that Mighty No. 9 is on consoles. Nothing against PC gamers (I just never was one) but I think the rightful home for Mighty No. 9 is on consoles. It will now reach a bigger audience. Now if we can get it on 3DS step at a time right now we should focus on getting Beck a Call Co-op mode (which I would love even more if you could play off line side by side with family and friends...any thoughts on that comcpet???). If we can reach that goal that will make my gaming day!

      As always thank you 8-4 play for the amazing up date and thank you talented artist and musicians for giving us some amazing art and music. (`_´)ゞ

    17. Cael K. on

      Really good call on letting us see only uncolored versions of Call.
      And I really like how open you're being. Yeah, there are things that are kept from us under wraps for a reason, and yes some of those things should be kept in reserve until the time is right. But at the very least it doesn't feel like Comcept is some heavenly entity us mere mortals cannot dream of interacting with, that occasionally showers us with video games when he feels like it.
      ... I mean, that's how some companies feel to me, although depending on the quality of their games, some feel more mysterious than heavenly. ^_^

    18. Becka Man on

      Just a request. Could you include the original question in quotes in Creator posts. This kickstarter comment section is a bit hard to follow and search for the questions

    19. Becka Man on

      Looking at the beautiful shantae trailer makes me wish MN9 was in 2D also :/ Oh, well, I'm sure it'll look good for 3D... 2D is just more beautiful and timeless for me.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jet Peltier on

      I think you should focus on making her farther away from Roll. the blonde hair and red getup are pretty much the same. I liked the pink hair idea. atleast she'll have a little of her own soul I believe. I'm I huge megaman fan. More of oldschool megaman. the kind inafune was apart of. so it would be nice to some fresh designs. Similar,but not too similar. I've been waiting for this game for more than you guys have been working on it lol

    21. Ryan Morrison on

      Congratulations on reaching 2.2m. I can now happily wait for your email to get this game off the Wii U eShop. It just feels right that this game comes to Wii U given the history between Nintendo and Mega Man.

    22. AABAR on

      @comcept Thanks, I was wondering if they would be a recording & translation after the interview (like some English transcription in youtube) - anyway great updates so far!

    23. Missing avatar

      Aria on

      Congrats on the 2.2 million console stretch goal! I love that you guys are paying attention to the feedback and posting fanart!

      I have suggestions for the undecided stretch goals:
      $60 game box rewards and above be could able to choose to either receive digital download or psychical disc copy instead. Or perhaps we can add +$5-$10 to pledges if we want to get a psychical disc if raised money doesn't cover costs. Also hopefully 3DS/Vita version options.

    24. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      @AABAR -- I don't think there will be simultaneous translation for that, no -- sorry!

    25. John Michael Guerrero on

      Oh wow. I want that patch! :D

      We should have that as an add on or something we could buy after the Kickstarter. ALL MY ZENNY. :b

    26. Missing avatar

      Jairo Andres Ariza Castañeda on

      Now I can get my Wii U Version, I hope people Who want to get the PS 4 and Xbox one version make it

    27. SpecterVonBaren on

      Yeah! Glad to see you guys giving a shout out to the Shantae kickstarter! Hopefully those that also helped with Might No.9 will be willing to help Shantae too.

    28. Orion Ake (Handlebar Orion-X) on

      That picture of Shantae and Beck high fiving, can be used forever as an emblem for the future of gaming. Even if Shantae is sort of an underrated veteran and Beck's the spunky rookie following the footsteps of a legend.

    29. Sirius Man on

      Woohoo!! Congrats and keep it up, everybody! :D

    30. Missing avatar

      Leon Files on

      Man, that patch is awesome. I would wear it with the highest honor. =3

    31. Nicholas Russell on

      Call, in that picture, looks like she'd be an awesome equivalent to Zero. You should totally make her a playable character with her own storyline as a stretch goal!

    32. Missing avatar

      Dave Martin on

      Shantae really needs the help!

    33. sheana knight on

      You guys should do a special fan artbook with all the fanart being submitted it's fantastic I like snakepixel's #1 design

    34. Missing avatar

      Matthew Dobbins on

      Thanks for helping support Shantae as well. I am really pleased with how most of the current gaming kickstarters are going. Everyone support both for Ninja Genies and Super Robots!

    35. Brian Fassl on

      CONGRATULATIONS INAFUNE-SAMA!!!!! I'm so happy we finally hit consoles :D

    36. AABAR on

      @comcept sorry to repost here, will you be covering inafune's interview at TGS here? Read on your FB: (it would be good if there's a translation)

    37. lizard81288 on

      I think it would be great for Shantae and Beck to team up. Maybe in another game though. Infusing Robots with Magical abilities would be awesome for a game's story.

    38. Missing avatar

      Gabriel G A Bueno on

      The fan video, snakepixel works and Beck&Shantae high-fiving are definite highlights!
      I hope Shantae reaches as many goals as possible... The game looks so good.

      @Dixon Rosario
      Agreed! That little distortion was a really nice touch!
      Note this feedback down, comcept! xD

    39. Jeremy Seal on

      I know they want to encorporate new technology with this title. But, It would be awesome if someone makes an 8-bit version when the game comes out.

    40. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      Thanks for all the congrats, kind words, and feedback everyone! We're continuing to watch this space, so please keep it coming!

      @Yan -- No email required, you can leave feedback right here!

      @GuNMouTH -- looks like link isn't working?

    41. Missing avatar

      Dixon Rosario on

      Waited a while to become a backer (Becker?), but I've been following the kickstarter since PAX. Jumped in once console stretch goal was reached. Communi Tuesdays are amazing. The fan art is amazing. This kickstarter has the best community I've ever seen.

      Suggestion: I love the concept art where beck's buster distorts when fired. Can that make it into final game. Its like his buster has to go through A little mini transformation every time he shoots something. Those little details make a difference. Thank you. I"m with you guys all way. Till next time.

    42. Chris Smearg on

      That short animation is absolutely incredible! The thing I hope for most in Mighty No. 9 is for it to have drawn animation, like Shantae! I would even be willing to pledge more if something like that somehow became a stretch goal.

    43. Rocket 2049 (Amrit Takhar) on

      can you mention the River City Ransom underground kickstarter as well?

    44. Matt & Joey on

      I'm so excited for the console version! I'll be playying this on my Wii U! I always love seeing all the wonderful art that the community is creating! Communi-Tuesdays are always inspiring! Also, I'm also already backing Shantae and am really excited to see support from Inti Creates and you guys! Yabe-san's pic is fantastic!

    45. Evelyn on

      Thank you for plugging the Shantae Kickstarter! I backed it already, but I was worried by how little attention it was getting. All the media interest seems to be in Mighty No. 9 at the moment, so it'll be awesome if you can push WayForward to their goal. (I'll be sad if we don't see their stretch goals come to fruition.)

      Maybe consider mentioning it again near the end of the campaign, in case this update gets overlooked by a lot of people.