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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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    1. Gilles Gibault on

      I had this idea: I copied the text but it has some relevant comparison images.

      Ever since they showed the cape designs for for 3 and then 8, I was thinking each boss having their own cape would be pretty cool (kind of like Akatsuki). I have provided examples. It would make for great fanart even if it isn’t canon, but capes would really tie them together and make them look even cooler. These are really good parallels since they have the same number of people in both groups. They could even have their numbers on them somewhere (like the espada from Bleach). No.1 could have a waterproof one or a light-weight cloth one that goes up in flames easily. No.5 would have the hardest time with a cape, and possibly No.4 from his profile. No.6 could have a cover like above. Mighty No. 2’s could be waterproof. Good? (I figured I would leave this comment on those with capes already, and the main page)

    2. Missing avatar

      Bob McKeel on

      Her design is fantastic! I felt like the designs just kept getting better as I scrolled down the page, well done.

    3. Joshua Denton on

      I liked idea 01 (on the left) the best :(

    4. Missing avatar

      Alex Thompson on

      I really like this one. She seems light and nimble, but can turn around and do the beat down on you. I think she came out great.

    5. Missing avatar

      jumpnett on

      When you said, stealth, radar and female, I thought Mighty No. 8 would be a kunoichi. Oh well, he looks cool enough, though I don't see why he has to be male. A female sniper can be cool too.

    6. Paul Bunyan on

      I really like the feedback and the reworking of Mighty No.3's designs from both Kimo Kimo and Inafune-san and Imaeda. Yeah, I also felt like there was a Skullgirls inspiration when I saw the last design perhaps Robo-Fortune? This character is a refreshing take on most electric/lightning powered foes. Will her stage be similar to Bright Man for Megaman 4, or like Shadow Man for MM3. With glow in the dark platforming? Those were pretty cool back in the day. Will Mighty NO. 3 have projectile, web or coil attacks as well. I'm curious about how her electric attacks will work. The emphasis of her frenzied state and claw attacks brings thoughts of Slash Man from Mega Man 7. Great job Mighty team. I can't wait to play this game. 3>

    7. Missing avatar

      Phillip Kamechi Moreno on

      Hopefully they have her use those claws in-game. maybe have the hovering bits latch on when frenzied to slow beck down.

    8. Ian Chamberlin on

      I can see why she's your favorite, that is a really cool design. She looks really dangerous too.

    9. Kevin Griffin on

      Love the final design, she looks like a really interesting character, I'm a huge fan.

      I really like the color scheme, the legs, the evil grin, and the arms behind the back. Great ideas, guys!

    10. Benjamin K. on

      Ended up looking great! Such a villainous grin :D Love it.

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      I like for the most part, but I think it would have looked better if she had a more boot-foot look rather than the pegs.

    12. Natalie Manahan

      I'm really glad we're getting a female boss! I personally love the very first design with the plug hairband, but I get why the first one wouldn't work the best as a video game boss. Glad that the human and robot aspects were blended into the final product.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dave Martin on

      This is a really cool design! Though I also like the hair swept to the side design.

      What would her attack with her drums be like? Would she stick them in sequence to the walls and you have to blast them before an inescapable bolt of lightning travel along them before hitting you? Would she use less drums as she take damage, making it more and more of a challenge to hit them before thet hit you. Or maybe she would lay them around the stage to create an electrical circuit and you have to stay out of the patern unless you want to be caught by electricity arcing between the drums and her own electrodes?

      And I really wonder what kind of transformation Beck would get from it... maybe he'd be able to lay electrical traps? And I think that whatever transformation Beck get from it should cause his body to turn into a lightbulb! Maybe even allowing him to light up dark places to spot secrets hidden away!

    14. Missing avatar

      Ben Baird on

      Another great, unique design. I liked the idea of her forming arms with the orb bits to do claw attacks like what the first concept under phase three seems to illustrate. Maybe that could still be an option, with her forming a second set of arms as a "keep away" measure while preparing a bigger attack. I also like how it's mentioned under phase one that developers are taking into consideration both Japanese and international audiences in finding a design that works.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jamal Collins on

      I really liked Imaeda's phase 1 design, the one on the left. I thought that would have been perfectly fine but the evolution from everyone's ideas till this finished product is pretty awesome as well. The cloak is a pretty badass touch too. I personally liked her hair from Comcepts idea 4, the hair being swept to one side looks REALLY good. Is there a possibility you guys might include alternate skins of all the characters in the game? If not, how about alt skins for just Beck and the other Mighty No.'s? I'd REALLY like to see alt skins somehow, someway. Great job either way, really keeps me excited to play the game launch day.

    16. Missing avatar

      Grant Swanson on

      I love her design! There's definitely a lot you can do with those little drum conductors too (form all sorts of patterns, different intensities of attacks, etc). Really interesting to see her design evolve from the very first sketch and what Kimo Kimo and Inafune said to influence each iteration.

    17. Missing avatar

      Derik Slayton on

      Sorry, double-post; I couldn't figure out how to edit my first one. Regarding the vocalwork thing with Mighty No. 3, when she goes frenzied her voice could become all static-y and scary sounding, like she's lost in a berserker's fantasy.

    18. Missing avatar

      Derik Slayton on

      The artwork is awesome. I wonder if Comcept ever considered adding vocalwork to Mighty No. 9? Like giving Beck and Call and the Mighty No. bosses more than just appearances and animations to exhibit their personality, but also vocalwork -- not catchy lines that they repeat over and over, but something maybe more "real," something minute, like if they're fighting, they don't talk so much as utter maybe a one- or two-word phrase here and there, but mostly grunt and yell and scream.

      That said, Mighty No. 3's voice might sound cool if it had a very digital ambience, even distorted, and maybe a quaver when she powers up her electrical attacks.

      I wasn't a MegaMan fan before, but this is making me want the game even more!

    19. Missing avatar

      Doni Payne on

      @Maximillian Bergstrom
      You're actually pretty close on that "help mankind with dangerous tasks" However it's actually "Although they were originally designed for industrial purposes, the Mighty Numbers have all become fierce warriors, seasoned through seasons in the most popular spectator sport of the future: robot-on-robot combat in the Battle Colosseo!" So it's not so much "dangerous" as "industrial" Though I'm pretty sure those can go hand in hand. It actually made me ask a similar question regarding the design of Mighty No 1. He looks cool, but what purpose did he serve? How far from their original purpose have they come in fighting in the Colosseo? I'd love to see some before/after the Colosseo designs, though that might be asking for a bit much at this point.

    20. Maximilian Bergström on

      Speaking of which, I took some time and created sketches of 2 ideas I had when thinking of an Electric Themed Haunted House.
      A Light Bulb Ghost and an Lightning Powered Frankenstein

    21. Maximilian Bergström on

      @Becka Man
      Hmm, perhaps you're right, was some time since I read the plot of Mighty No 9 so far.
      Well in that case her intimidating design would fit rather well.
      But in the end what I said was also a lead up to the idea I thought of while thinking about the reason.

    22. Becka Man on

      Maximillian " the robots were originally created to help mankind with dangerous tasks. "
      That was Mega Man... In this game they were created to fight in robot arena battles

    23. David Wright

      I like the design and a haunted house stage sounds very complimentary to her looks-it would be a nice change to the standard generator->electric type boss

    24. Missing avatar

      SIMSteven on

      I actually prefer the first design on the top-left. I rather like the version with the long bangs over all the short-haired versions. And since we're dealing with an electric-type boss, smoothe and straight hair is kinda out-of-place. You would think that all that electricity would cause some static frizz, right?

    25. Missing avatar

      Gabriel G A Bueno on

      I'm with OmegaPineapple, I also like her with the hair off to one side. She looks cute that way.

    26. Missing avatar

      Miguel Williams on

      Idea# 1 is my favorite of Mighty No.3, I like the one on the right.

    27. OmegaPineapple on

      Oh, and personally, I liked her more with her hair off to one side.

    28. OmegaPineapple on

      I really like Maximillian's idea. Having her in a haunted house theme would be pretty sweet.

    29. Maximilian Bergström on

      First of all, I gotta say that I live this design, it looks so cool and original in my opinion!
      But seeing as you went for a more "frenzied" design it made me wonder, the robots were originally created to help mankind with dangerous tasks. Taking that into consideration it can seem kinda weird why the designer In-Mighty-NO-9-Universe would go with a creepy design which would probably make people afraid of her and might not want her working with their electricity.
      Then two things came to mind. Either her design turned creepier after she and the other numbers turned evil, but there's another idea came to mind in case her design was like this from the beginning.
      I was thinking that perhaps her design could have been used to be a Haunted House entertainer.
      If so her stage wouldn't just be yet another power plant or something else commonly used for electricity based stages.
      With her lightning abilities she could create atmospheric thunder, she herself could fly around kinda like a ghost of sort, and she could also use her electricity and light effects to create a scary atmosphere.
      She could activate diffrent traps which were originally just meant to scare people, but which now instead try to hurt Beck or hinder his progress.
      I can imagine kind of flying light bulb enemies with cloaks on so when they light up and dim down they kinda look like ghosts. There could be a Frankenstein's Monster like enemy or mid-boss which is of course turned on by a lightning strike, possibly from No 3 herself.

      I'm not sure how well it would fit into the game, but I think there could be some intresting and funny ideas to be used in this type of concept

    30. Missing avatar

      Matthew Schindler on

      I like her with the purple circular drum conductors making her arms rather than having proper arms. I also like the eyes in the first design on the right. Her being modular and held together with electrical current fits better with the lessened humanoid shapes of the other Might numbers. She also doesn't need to have breasts to know she is female. Her mid section looks like it's evoking the appearance of a lightbulb. If it was pushed more toward a lightbulb shape that would give her a feminine hourglass shape without having to have breasts to make her female.

    31. Drew Zavier Cunningham on

      Most impressing! I'm loving the boss designs and how you are taking aspects of their design into the actual mechanics of the fight. Everything about the design looks pretty much on spot for No. 3's scary personality and sporadic fighting style. Keep up the good work guys =D I'm looking forward to more updates in the future. I'm always wishing you the best of luck!

    32. D. Lawson-Hart on

      I agree with the other commenters that I'd like to see what they looked like before the virus! Also, love that No. 3 is a femmebot (Austin Powers lol). I liked the very first top-left design a lot but definitely the final design is beyond awesome! Keep it up guys!

    33. Missing avatar

      Petri Seppälä on

      Not to mention that the two original concepts are just great. Even though they have no place in this game as they are, for both obvious and subtle reasons. It's a pity not more of their characteristics will be retained.

      Or... won't they? Any chance there's going to be kind of, uh... electric personality to Call? Or would that be too shocking?
      Eh, guys?


      We could raise some buzz maybe.

    34. Missing avatar

      Petri Seppälä on

      @Proto Man
      The breastless phase 3 design looks great, they should've gone with that, maybe even more to that direction. I would have liked sort of a nixie tube -looking lamp body with the hourglass figure being acheived by those purple thingys alone. They remind me of the fins of a heat sink when I imagine them with a bit more density. I simply think it's more of a pure design, feminine for the sake of being feminine, unlike in the final design where it looks like they've shoehorned in some breasts for the sake of there being breasts, while any resulting femininity is just derivative. Nothing wrong with that, but any derivation makes it more needlessly complicated, which seems thoughtless compared to phase 3 which is more... brilliant. In a word.

    35. Missing avatar

      Mark LeMire on

      Taking from what Alex said earlier, what if we got to see how they looked like before the virus? For example, would No.3 be as "scary" before as she is after?

    36. Miguel Angel Perez Lopez on

      The look is very threatening, I'm sure it will be one of the tough ones, unless you have a pair of scissors.

    37. Redmedister on

      She looks cool! I like the way she directs her lightning with her raijin icons/drums and how her cape becomes see-through during electric attacks. That's a neat detail. Both her and No. 1 do cool stuff with their element. Something about them also seem dangerous to me in a real way. I think it's how they resemble gas burners and light bulbs, I can just feel the smell of burnt hair : (

    38. sahroo on

      Was looking forward to a female boss.
      I really liked one of her first designs, but I love the final design! Wasn't expecting her to be black, and she just looks really cool overall (plus, theres a special place in my heart for girls with an electricity affinity)

    39. George Kalebi on

      Amazing design as always

    40. Ed130 The Vanguard on

      Ok, 3 is now tied with 1.

      Next is 6, 2, the unannounced bosses then 5.

    41. Gregory Hill on

      I really like this design! If she floats around during the boss fight it might be visually pleasing if she stood on one of her purple discs to visually add to the delicate balancing effect she seems to have while she is standing. :)

    42. Becka Man on

      Cool design.
      How's about this: In the beginning of the fight she is slow and methodical. Then after she loses a certain amount of health, she goes into berserk mode, ripping her cloak off and starts clawing at Beck with her lightning claws and screaming like a crazy person! Also at this point the previously well lit room goes dark as her lightning thingies stop working and the only light in the room are her claws and Becks shots!

    43. HeroZero on

      This is my favorite Might No. Boss yet. Her design is unique and I love it. I imagine that her move set will be unique and hectic. Her boss fight will be fun to play and maybe a bit frustrating lol. If Comcept play there cards right she can be one of the harder bosses. I agree that she should have the cape till her health is halfway and take it off and have a new move set. She shoud get more unpredictable as the fight goes on.

    44. Miguel Angel Perez Lopez on

      I like the design and the color scheme, but what's with the ice cream cones in her head? XD

    45. Rafa Mora on

      1) HELL YEA CONSOLE RELEASE CONFIRMED!!! cant wait to play this game on mi wiiU now lets keep fighting for that online co-op mode!

      2) loving the concept art , she looks like she will be a wonderful opponent for beck! :D

    46. Missing avatar

      Danny Bongso on

      I like it, the only thing I'd change is her cloak motif. I kinda prefer the simplistic designs of no. 6 and 7, in my opinion it keeps her sleek and chic, however the single bolt of lighting still exudes an electric feel.

      I'm curious to see how she'd transition from her cloaked form to her naked form... I can actually see her having two styles or phases, maybe have her cloaked form fire long ranged electric with those drums? Whilst her naked form will be a straight up "I'm gonna rake your face off" mode.

      Anyways Briliant job!

    47. BladedFalcon on

      Fantastic design! you guys continue to impress with each mighty number shown!

      I love how each is based on a core, familiar theme, but then given a very special, original and wildly cool design that makes each stand out from each other. Some don't even look human at all, and those that do look very distinct. No. 1 looking very stoic for example, while No. # looks deliciously wicked and twisted!

      Again, great work Comcept! can't wait to see more!

    48. exarkun02 on

      Like the hair style and colour.
      Is this the only female mighty boss that'll have ? I'd like to have more than only one female ennemy roster (bosses or basic ennemy)

      The two firts design were also good, maybe she can have a sister than can be a mid boss :)

    49. Kristoffer Brandberg on

      There sure is something twisted about this bot. Makes you wonder what she was like before the virus hit her. My guess is that she retains her original personality but with no restrictions. Crazy gal-bot, ahoy!