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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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Communi-Tuesday II: The Revenge of Communi-Ty!

Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)


(above) Jump shot, by carlospita

Friends, Mighty Beckers, countrymen -- lend us your eyes and ears!  

Thank you for coming back for a heaping second helping of our community-focused and oh-so-cleverly named Communi-Tuesday! So good to see you again -- why, we could just give you all a great big kiss, just like Mighty No. 2 here!

 (above) Mighty No. 2 in happier times, by hatuton

We had great feedback on our update from last week, so we figured for now, we’ll stick close to that formula, with one big addition: YOU! And no, we don’t mean your fan art, your videos, or any of all the other amazing ways you continue to support and inspire us -- though of course we have plenty of that, too!

This time we mean literally YOU, as in your photos! We asked on Twitter for all of you to send in selfies of you doing Beck’s (pat. pending) two-finger salute to @MightyNo9, hashtag #MightySalute, and were astonished at the tidal wave of responses from all over the world!

We’ve compiled and edited them into ribbons to help spice up this update -- thanks to everyone who sent in their photo, and if you haven’t yet, get it in! You might see it here next week, retweeted by @MightyNo9, or up on our brand-spankin’ new official Facebook page!


Call to action, by 伊緒直道

Beck stretch! by drivojunior

Chibi Beck! by ChibiGirl

(above) Beck sewn helmet! by hirokareo

Call packing heat, by Otakatt

Here's lookin' at you, Beck! by waywarddoodles

Mighty No. 6, ready for takeoff, by betakomaeda

Close Call, by Lady2011

Beck and Peace, also by Lady2011

Mighty No. 8-Bit, by kennyisabitch

Beck & Call, by MUKALING

(above) Mighty No. 5 Sprite, by jmatchead

Kickstart Heroes! featuring Shantae and Shovel Knight! by KevinXNelms

Beck mans up, by samusmmx

Gorgeous Mighty No. 2 print, by Emortal982

And gorgeous Mighty No. 5, also by Emortal982


How I Draw Beck / Mighty No. 9, by Robert DeJesus (How I Draw on Youtube)

Awesome Mighty No. 9 Animation! by Jay Edry (of Guacamelee fame!)

Mighty No. 9 Theme (8-Bit Remix), by MrBulbamike

(above) Mighty Epic Battle! by snakepixel (of Owlboy fame!)

Mighty No. 9 Theme (Guitar / Rock Cover), by Psycho Crusher 

Mighty No. 9, by Mister Wilson, Prod. by Takz


We had a great response to our expanded stretch goals yesterday, thanks to all of you! A few points we wanted to address from questions we saw afterwards:

(above) That Beck is one bad...shut yo mouth! by rock-bomber (posted with permission)

  • As we mentioned in the update, we are looking into different options regarding the possibility of Vita and 3DS versions, possibly as later stretch goals, or through other methods. We honestly aren’t sure how this will turn out, but we can tell you we do hear you, and we are doing all we can to look into ways to make it happen. (By the way, these are not either of the “???” mystery stretch goals -- both of those are game-content related.)
  • We’re super thrilled to see the great response to our Beck & Call online co-op mode! Some people have been asking if a Call-only single-player level or levels could be possible; it’s something we have been discussing and could be possible as a later stretch goal, should we be so lucky as to reach many of our current goals.
  • We are still pricing out and investigating the possibility of some kind of physical version of the game as an additional new reward tier. Watch this space!

In closing, we’d like to leave you with another amazing, inspirational poster from the community that we think says it all. Thank you -- all of you -- for all your continued help and support getting the word out about Mighty No. 9!

(above) Mighty poster! by hungobungo


- @markmacd (Mighty No. 84), @johntv (Mighty No. 99), and the Mighty No. 9 Team


You know you ALL have our heartfelt thanks for all your support -- tweeting, Facebooking, commenting and everything else to help spread the word on Mighty No. 9! And in our Kickstarter comments section, especially, many of you are stepping up not just to show your support for us, but helping support each other, helping your fellow Beckers with any problems or questions they might have.

We wanted to take a moment to give a special Mighty Salute to a few of these selfless individuals, who sacrifice their own time to help make our community even stronger! So, to Joseph Barone, alraz, Bakamono, Erik the Red, Mighty No. 130, Griffin White, Florian Bingart, and the many, many others who step in and step up to help their fellow Beckers -- thank you!! (`_´)ゞ

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    1. John Weston on

      It's been an honor to be part of this Loving the fan support and everything. I just wish I had more money to give to this amazing project.

    2. Erik the Red MNo. 6374 (NID:KhaosKlub) on

      thanks for the shout out comcept! really kew'!

      can't wait to play this game! is it almost 2015 yet?

    3. Fin Leavell on

      I sincerely apologize to all my fellow Mighty Beckers for my last statement. That was just rude. This is all new to me, as I'm sure is all new to you guys as well. It was strange to see a fan game before the real game, and I guess my initial reaction was "don't confuse everybody!!", but I can now see that it was built from love

    4. Kristan Alicesun on


      If you do put something in the physical box, you might want to consider a USB drive, customizing the housing to make it a Mighty No. 9 collectible. Star Citizen did something similar for their pledges that were over $125. I'm not sure if it's fiscally feasible since the boxed version starts at $60, but I didn't see this suggestion mentioned so I thought I'd share.

      @Sirius Man
      Would this idea work for you?

    5. AABAR on

      Link to FB page should be on front page (home) - 200k for consoles now!

    6. Blackmore on

      Almost to 2 million. That's AWESOME! Don't forget to kick a little to WayForward's Shantae kickstarter, people!

    7. Juan Carlos Munoz on

      Vita 3DS please!! please please please =[

    8. Elliott Jeffrey on

      No worries @comcept USA, LLC it's the thought in the image that counts, and I told people to share it and post it around so I'm not surprised it got spotted somewhere I didn't post it!
      Glad you guys like it :D

    9. Edgar Perez on

      The Jay Edry animation was fucking awesome!!! You should really consider that guy for your team. Good work man!!!!

    10. Fin Leavell on

      I'd be careful posting fan demos of games - especially ones that use mega man engines.

      I saw lots of confusion with some people thinking that the fan game is whats being kickstarted. How about let's keep fan art to art and music and the like? If we were interested in fan games we wouldn't be backing $2mil to the game...

    11. Missing avatar

      Jonathan O'Reilly on

      Man such an amazing display of fan art! Sounds like fun to join in on the Beck art jam, but how do we share our fan art with the Comcept team?

    12. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Sirius Man -- We hear you on this, and are looking into what we can do -- hopefully we can have an update of some kind next week.

    13. Mobin Mobeen on

      I don't have Twitter account so i don't understand anything about it. I only have Facebook account so how do i show my Mighty Salute? Email but which one? I am just confused.

    14. Adrian Comeau on

      Honestly a Vita or 3DS version should cost much less than PS4 or XBOX one, and has a considerably larger installed user base. At the moment anyway. I think I could do without Boss Rush for at least a version for one of the two handhelds ( I own both...)

    15. HeroZero on

      @Joash Chong that was great l. I got chills listening to it. I can't wait in till you put up the whole thing...and was that some boss select music at the end lol nice.

    16. PlayableCall on

      Getting a little serious and personal. I should go back to just promoting playable Call. That's the most important thing. Hehe.

    17. PlayableCall on

      Cyborg Call sounds okay. I'm against completely human Call, though.
      I'm happy with Mighty No. 9 being very Mega Man inspired. And I look at call and dream of the Roll I never got to have in Mega Man games. I want to make that dream a reality at all possible.

    18. Mykah Bawn on

      Is there any way I could add beta access to my pledge without going up to the 99 level? I already have a Tshirt from the PAX panel!

    19. Æthereal Bunny on

      IDK, I kind of like the idea of a human Call myself. Or maybe a cyborg! Also I would like to see a beam sword too! But I'm not sure if that would make sense since Call seems more of a tactical type... Maybe a giant sword!

    20. Missing avatar

      Gabriel G A Bueno on

      I can barely see the people's faces =T

    21. Abner Quiroga on

      Okay I am actually against Call being playable. I think we should only focus on Beck, and making this game a hit. I wouldn't mind Call being playable in the future but I think we are asking too much at this point.

    22. Steve O'Brien on

      I am REALLY happy you've chosen to include a co-op portion of the game. I was wondering, as long as we're speaking of multiple players... In past games of your work, I've often dreamt of competing with my friends. Using weapons like, let's call them Metal Saw and Crash Grenade, against my friends in a small boss arena. I think Mighty No 9 would flourish with a competitive versus mode, utilizing your weapons against one another. Since balance is a large focus of the design in your games, I think this would not only go over incredibly well with your fans who have secretly wanted a mode like this for years, but would also aid in your internal playtesting and refining of the Mighty weapons. Let me know what you think!

    23. Sirius Man on

      I am just repeating myself but... we most definitely need a physical copy!! A CD, whatever!
      (Even as a fake game, like, a SNES cartridge of Mighty No. 9 for example, even if it doesn't actually work on real SNES.)
      An empty box feels like just that... empty.

    24. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Elliott Jeffrey -- We are soooo sorry!! We will post on the facebook page and link to you now!! All apologies, and thank you SO much for the amazing image and being so understanding about our mistake!!

    25. PlayableCall on

      Or, maybe an arm cannon, and beam sword. That'd be nice. Hehe.

    26. PlayableCall on

      @Daniel Walkinshaw
      Humans are nice. But I personally fancy myself a combat android with an arm cannon.
      There can be other characters to showcase human and android relationships.

    27. Aaron Hull on

      Gotta get that Call poll...I am quite interested to see what the final designs up for bat are going to be.

    28. Carlos Pita on

      Wow. Thank you so much @comcept for showing off my fan art! You guys are awesome! Thank you so much as well for supporting the next gen consoles.

    29. Tom Northrop on

      I'm a bit jealous I wasn't the first to get an 8-bit arrangement made. But hey, the retro-composing community is Mighty-strong! Glad to hear the talents of other composers/remixers/arrangers!

    30. alraz on

      My name is on the update!
      Thank you so much, Comcept for taking the time and care for those last minute words :)
      It is privilege! (`_´)ゞ

    31. Connor Grant Pelkey on

      And here I thought I was the first guy to do a rock remix. Dang that is a LOT of fan art (and Beckers!) Dang! Crazy peeps up in here. Love the community ^_^

    32. Missing avatar

      Nick Biped on

      Cool fanart, everyone! And I'd love the idea of a physical copy of the game too. No matter the game, I just still really like the idea of having something tangible that I can hold in my hands.

    33. Joash Chong on

      I just started working on a Piano cover for the Main Theme! Here's a little taste of it:…

      I'll record a full version as soon as I get a hold of a better camera. :) Tell me what you guys think!

    34. HeroZero on

      I love Communi-Tuesday with all the beautiful Fan Art and the Music is just plain awesome! The Mighty No. 9 Theme Rock Cover and Mighty No.9 Rap are both Epic. I for one I'm still waiting for Mighty No. 9 Dubstep. I just want you guys at Comcept to know that we really appreciate all the hard work that you guys do with putting all these amazing updates together, staying up late at night getting poor sleep just so you can make the Fan of Mighty No. 9 happy. Thank You (`_´)ゞ

      Just some last things I want to say about the update....I didn't see anything about off-line Co-op mode is this off the table or is this a possibility. I would love to play Co-op with my brothers. Also I think it's good news that we could get a single player Call levels thanks for listening.

    35. Fin Leavell on

      Also, @Mike Stoney great job on the 8 bit remix! :) :)

    36. Fin Leavell on

      @Eric Ridgeway... your art is WICKED, thank you for your depictions of No. 2 & 5, I hope to see all the Mighty No's by you!

    37. Chris Smearg on

      Hey! They fit my photo in, awesome! (4th picture far right)

      Anyways, I'm super excited for these stretch goals-- Though mostly the Online Co-Op one. Can't say I really care too much about the next-gen consoles or having a Call-only level...

    38. Missing avatar

      Nick Pizanias on

      Playable Call in single player may be fun; but local co-op is a must! :) Please make it happen, Comcept!

    39. Fin Leavell on

      @AABAR I know, but one of the $10k beckers could double their pledge to a new $20k pledge if it were made available... and that's $10k more for the cause! :) :)

    40. Shawn Jones on

      I also wanted to voice my support for local co-op. For PC, maybe even allow players with multiple displays to use a seperate monitor for player 1 and player 2. We've had the ability to display our games across multiple monitors for some time now, but I don't think I've ever seen a game use that feature for multi-player like that. (PC needs more local co-op!) :0)

    41. Elliott Jeffrey on

      Sorry - really amazing to see it getting posted though, and can't wait to be playing Mighty Number 9 ^ ^

    42. Elliott Jeffrey on

      Know that it doesn't really matter too much, but`…
      the mighty number 9 poster was by me. If you zoom in enough - you should be able to see 'design by Elliott Jeffrey' on the bottom left of the image.

    43. Daniel Walkinshaw on

      Once we learn more about Call and her character and backstory, it may help sway our ideas for her playability. I'm still rooting for the idea of Call being human! We need that human factor so that Beck and Call represent the heart of the story, exploring the differences between man and machine.
      I'd love to hear what everyone thinks of this idea. Let the devs know that a human Call would add so much to the story (if you guys like it too).

    44. Iz on

      Playable Call, with her own route, perhaps unlockable after you finish the game with Beck himself OR available from the start, that bit is up to you. But yeah, Call DEFINITELY needs to be in the spotlight!

      Also, is there anybody who agrees that the pink/red-haired Call design would actually work well as Beck and Call's transforming "Rush" counterpart?

    45. Missing avatar

      Ian Ford on

      Yeah playable Call would be excellent. Don't let the robo boys have all the fun!!!

    46. Missing avatar

      Andrew Parsons on

      I'd like to see the different characters have different playstyles, like gaining different abilities from enemies, or one gets abilities from defeating bosses, like classic Megaman, whilst the other gains more temporary powers from minions, kind of like Kirby. Maybe, instead of powers, the minions give you extra affects to your weapon for a number of shots?

    47. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Definitely agree. Playable single-player Call would be very cool.

    48. Missing avatar

      Aída on

      Meybe it could be like in Maverick Hunter X, when, I the end, you can play with Vile.
      A thing like that, but with Call.
      The Call with the pink hair could be an operator.

    49. Kristan Alicesun on

      Any possibility of OFFLINE co-op, split screen or otherwise? :(

      Maybe create a split-screen mode that only splits when you are far away from each other. So if one of us goes left & the other goes right, as we reach the edge of the shared screen the screen splits. What do you think? Also the Wii U as well as the PS4 + Vita seem to be tailor made to play co-op locally!

    50. Anthony Migues on

      This game has commitment the likes of which I have never seen.