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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)


Hello, fellow Mighty Beckers!

Monday. For some of us it means back to school, but for many of us it means back to work -- so we wanted to give you one boss each Monday you’d actually look forward to seeing! 

And our original idea was just that: drop a new, final Mighty No. boss image for you to see each Mighty Boss Monday of our Kickstarter campaign. But given the HUGE response to our design-evolution walkthrough of Mighty No. 5 for the last Comcept Concept Wednesday (still our most commented update so far!), director Koji Imaeda and lead character designer Kimo Kimo volunteered to give you another peek behind the process on how another of our big baddies came about! Take it away, guys:


Imaeda: As we mentioned in our previous boss design update, part way through the creation of Mighty No. 5, we decided to flesh out the basics of all the other Mighty Numbers. As part of that process, Mighty No. 1's theme was set as "fire." 

We asked Kimo Kimo to come up with a design that was more than just breathing fire, or using a flamethrower, or any of the usual stuff; we wanted his entire body to be like a flaming sun or a furnace -- difficult to even get close to.

After that, Kimo Kimo and Inafune worked together to develop and refine Mighty No. 1’s look. I've asked Kimo Kimo to provide comments on his illustrations below.

Kimo Kimo: We’ve been thinking of the Battle Colosseo that the Mighty Numbers fight in as something like a cage deathmatch -- which is where I got the idea for the illustration above on the left: a boxer-type robot, burning with fighting spirit. At this point, I wasn’t officially assigned as the designer for Mighty No. 1, so it was just a rough sketch.

The images on the right side are from after I took on design responsibilities. Inafune told me that the design didn't have to be humanoid, so I took Imaeda’s ideas literally and came up with sun- and furnace-themed robots. 

Kimo Kimo: Around this time, we starting having trouble on the design for Mighty No. 5 (Note: if you haven't already, see Phase 3 of our update on the making of Mighty No. 5), and decided to set basic designs for all the bosses, so I came up with this wrestler-like body for No. 1. But I still didn’t know exactly what the end-goal was for this boss design, so every day was just non-stop trial and error, over and over. I started having thoughts like, "Well, if the world ended today, at least I wouldn't have to worry about (Mighty No. 1) anymore!" (laughs) 

Inafune asked me to add some kind of special feature to the design, so I came up with this mechanism on the boss’s back that can fire out ropes to create a wrestling ring, and then he could do moves off those ropes. Looking at it again now, I'm surprised I thought something so plain would be a good idea. In retrospect, the whole design was a little too hung-up on the whole wrestling-robot theme. 


Kimo Kimo: When I showed the above illustrations to Inafune, he drew the following sketch as a counter-proposal:


“The key element here could be the change in appearance from one form to another: Maybe when he’s on fire, Mighty No. 1 looks big and muscular, but when the fire is extinguished, it turns out he’s actually quite thin, revealing gas burners and such responsible for the massive flames. Gameplay-wise, it’d be fun if Beck, too, would get all bulked-up after he steals this ability and transforms, but then he could turn off the flames to enter smaller passageways.”


Kimo Kimo: With a clear direction set by Inafune, I changed the main body to have it composed entirely out of flames, and soon, Mighty No. 1’s design was finally complete!

(above) No. 1 in the nude, as it were (left), and fully ignited (right).

Kimo Kimo: The roaring flames make the chest area resemble a face, giving No. 1 a very aggressive feel -- but with the fire extinguished, his body brings to mind a gas lantern, or the top part of a (Zippo-style) lighter that actually produces the flame.

Imaeda: With a design like this, he's dangerous when his body is burning, so perhaps when the flames go out, that's the time to attack. Maybe the flame on his head could be his weak point? Hmm... We’ve still got plenty more to think about!

(above) On the left, we see the color of his flames change as he takes damage; on the right, we see another view where his inner skeleton is starting to show.

And that wraps it up for the Mighty Boss Monday portion of our update -- but speaking of having plenty more to think about...


Here is is, folks! We are very proud to announce that, after hours of discussion and some long weekend meetings sifting through and discussing your feedback, different costs, and what the team believes would be best for the game overall, we have our next set of expanded stretch goals! A few notes before we dive into them:

1. These are not all of our stretch goals! If we’re lucky enough to get through a good number of these goals, we have lots more ideas. We’re up for it if you are!

2. Handhelds are still a possibility! Just because you don’t see them in this next set of goals doesn’t mean we aren’t working on this. :) We know many of you have been asking about the possibility of Vita and 3DS versions of Mighty No. 9, so now we know the desire is most definitely there -- what’s left is to figure out if the money and production realities can make this possible. We wish we could say more at this point, but we can say this: There might be other ways to make this happen (besides stretch goals) that we are currently investigating. (Or maybe it will end up being a later stretch goal after all?) 

Either way, we hope to have an update of some kind on this by later next week -- and just to be 100% clear, this is not a confirmation we can or will be able to offer handheld versions, only that we hear your feedback here, and there are some interesting possibilities we are busy looking into!

3. These new ??? goals are not exactly the same goals as they were before. We think you’ll ultimately agree this isn’t that important in the long run, but we know a good number of people have been curious about what our original two ??? stretch goals were that we ended up moving to make way for cheaper PS3/Xbox 360/Wii U console versions. For those who are still curious, we plan to discuss the evolution of the stretch goals in the next podcast -- but suffice to say, we feel these new ones match better where we are in the campaign now, what we feel is best for the game, and the desires we’ve been hearing through your feedback.

4. We understand no list of goals and features will make everyone happy, but we hope you understand that we only came up with this list after a lot of careful consideration, balancing the team’s plans for the game, our budget and schedule, and most importantly feedback from all of you! A big part of any major undertaking is inevitably compromise -- something that, as a big, diverse group and extended part of our dev team now, we hope everyone is ready to learn or acknowledge, since we want to continue to be open and honest about every part of the process we can. That said, we are really happy and proud with the list we came up with and we hope you will be, too! :D  

And so, without further adieu:

$2.0 Million: BONUS Boss Rush Mode!

That’s right -- we’re adding a stretch goal here without pushing any of the other goals back! (Think of it more like a stretch reward.) :) After a lot of feedback (which we agreed with) on the big gap before the next goal of PS3/Xbox 360/Wii U console versions, the team really wanted to have something for everyone to aim for and celebrate along the way. So we took our best-bang-for-the-buck potential future goal and will include it as a bonus feature if we can hit $2 million: a separate mode where you can challenge all the Mighty No. Bosses, back-to-back, with a clock ticking to keep track of your best time, so you can share, compare, and show off your skills to your friends! 

$2.4 Million: Challenge Mode!

Similar to the Challenge Modes in games like New Super Mario Bros. U, this special extra mode would remix parts of existing levels and enemies to create dozens of mini-missions you can use to test your skills in a variety of enjoyably frustrating ways! 

$2.55 Million: Extra End Stage & Boss! 

We’ll add another full stage, complete with an intense, original boss battle (!), to the final area Beck will take on once he defeats the other eight Mighty No. bosses!


We’re excited about all our stretch goals, but even so, this one is really special to us: based on your feedback, we wanted to offer something that both included Call as a playable character and put her on equal footing as Beck, while not breaking our schedule or budget. We also wanted this to be something new -- something the genre has never seen before. And that’s how we came up with this: over a dozen missions you can play online with a friend, playing as Beck and his community-appointed partner, Call! Like the single-player offline challenge Mode, these missions will be parts of levels remixed, but this time around the theme of cooperative play. Players will need to use Beck and Call’s different powers to complement each other and defeat these special challenges! 

$2.9 Million: ??? 


$3.1 Million: ???

Mysterious mystery is mysterious...

$3.3 Million: PS4 and XBox One Versions!

Yes! We heard your calls and are proud to report we can finally offer next-gen versions of Mighty No. 9 here! We know by the time the game ships in 2015, many of you will be proud owners of one next-gen system or the other -- or maybe both! If we reach this level of funding, we can add the PS4 and the Xbox One to the list for every backer getting the digital version of Mighty No. 9 to choose from! To recap, that would mean you could choose one of the following: PC, Mac, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PS4, or Xbox One! 

Aaand that’s all for today! As always, let us know what you think -- both of Mighty No. 1 and our new stretch goals -- and know that we will keep doing all we can to make them a reality, but it’s your help that will be the true deciding factor!

Thanks again from all of us, and hope you enjoyed update #9 on this 9/9 Mighty Day!

- @markmacd (Mighty No. 84), @johntv (Mighty No. 99), and the Mighty No. 9 Team 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert Lee on

      Glad the game and forum is moving forward.

    2. Aaron Van Miller on

      I would really like to see more than just an eighth of the mighty bosses be female. And preferably NOT done up as sex bots. I realise that the designs are probably close to set in stone, but that's my only real request I have that I hope would influence the designs. Female villains that show up in games that are tastefully done is still few and far between. It‘s a shame that one of the two female villains is already done away with, for a guy wearing a sombrero. I mean honestly.

      The stealth and radar inclusion could have been really interesting and allowed for something different, instead she's replaced by a fairly stereotypical trope.

    3. Joshua Denton on

      I would love for this game to be on the 3DS. It's the only system i really use. I use a PC, but it doesn't handle games well.

    4. Kevin Griffin on

      Man, Inafune's concept for this boss is so freaking cool!!! I love the duality of his design, looking all powerful and then weak and exposed, and the body made of flames is so awesome.

      Great final design by the artists!

    5. Victor Potter on

      Could you add a puzzle game type sub-objective where Beck attempts to apply an "anti-virus" to the enemy boss as the "finishing scene", perhaps this enters a "operating system" type interface that lets you access the enemies programming, remove the virus, and download the boss's abilities.

    6. Missing avatar

      Petri Seppälä on

      What they should do with M#1, they should make it so that he's really vulnerable towards water... only that it makes his fire go out and he becomes super fast and is actually harder that way. Then the real vulnerability would be in his movements when on fire, using some other weapon that's a bit effective but not too much.

    7. Missing avatar

      Petri Seppälä on

      Please consider a seperate project with Beck that's primarily about Local Co-op!

      Like split-screen action where Call assists Beck through a platforming section or a puzzle game in real time. Or should I say, he assists her. Like, they destroy junkpuyo for each other or something.

    8. Eric Azure on

      Please consider Local Co-op!

    9. Missing avatar

      Justin Mason on

      That Mighty No. 1 gas ignition body idea is the most clever thing I've seen in a long time out of a boss character. Flame characters have been done so many times before, but I can't believe one like this hasn't been done more before (at least that I've seen). I love the "realistic" explanation for why it has the power of flame, versus just a "well it can do it just because video games" reasoning. Can't wait to see the rest, though you guys have set the bar pretty high for yourselves. Thank you to all of the collaborators on this project for your hard work, I'm excited already

    10. Jonathan Rodgers on

      If the game wasn't enough you throw these wonderful stretch goals our way.... boss rush challenge co-op.

      the concepts for might no.1 look awesome. I would like to see no health bar during bosses though. like the picture visual cues tell us when he is vulnerable and weakening. having a health bar would defeat those visuals.

      suggestion for stretch goal. a single player side story for call.. if anything to be released after the original game is finished.

      comcept you are awesome. i am so looking forward to what the Team creates

    11. Lollie on

      If you're already considering online co-op, please consider local co-op as well!

    12. Missing avatar

      Anuttut Wanakasemsan on

      I'm vote 3DS too. If possible.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dave Martin on

      I too would love a 3DS version and love the playable Call idea. Maybe as a reward for finishing the game.

      Mighty no.1 is friggin' cool. I like the concept, I like how your bosses seem to be assymetrical and the focus on non-humanoid look.

    14. Antonino BotelhoFilho on

      I know I'm late to this party and I don't know if this was said, but I refuse to read through 300 comments, but I really like MightyNo.1 and I really like how you are sticking to avoiding humanoid looking bosses which is great. I love the humanoid look but its not for this game, its more of a MegaMan thing. Don't get me wrong, I love MegaMan.

      Now to my comment, I liked the design in "idea 01" and would be cool to see those guys as minions in the level instead of bosses, maybe make one of them a mid level boss. I really want to take a shot at them hehe

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel Lungaro on

      Can we get some love for the vita? a nice 2d scroller is exactly what a handheld needs

    16. Christopher jasma on

      @comcept thank you for adding in a Boss rush mode , I know I was in the minority for asking for it but I couldn't be happier about the addition ! Also thanks for making call playable ( even if it's online co-op ) I understand there are limits for what can be done from a design standpoint . Let's get those console versions Becker's !!

    17. Missing avatar

      Arturo Silva on

      I'm very happy to see that a playable Call is under consideration, so much so that I may up my donation amount later (when I have more funds). If it can even be turned into an actual single player game mode (a la Protoman from MM9), even better!

      I know it might be more work, but given Roll was so sidelined back in the old days -- and the fact that we've had several new generations of girl [and girl-sympathetic] players ever since then -- I think it's important to represent. I certainly see it as a way to enhance and spice up the old formula.

      And if there's worries about holding back deployment of the core game... well there's always DLC, I suppose.

    18. Missing avatar

      PsychoGaze on

      I REALLY love this concept for No. 1! The lighter body is cool, and it still keeps the fighter motif.

      If we get Call as a playable character, would it be possible to give her variations of the No.'s weapons? Like Zero with his sword techniques as opposed to X's blaster weapons.

    19. Ross Levine

      So if you raise 3.3 mil, your stretch goal is adding several more "choices" for which digital version to get? That's...sort of disappointing. At that point I would probably have no idea which platform to pick if I had ALL of those to choose from.

      Heck, I hope at least you guys have a steam option, only because then at least I could enjoy it on both my MAC and PC (as it is I'm glad a MAC version will exist...but I'm not sure I like the idea of having to even then choose between MAC or PC...again...steam hopefully...not that I wouldnt also love to see what you could do with a next gen PS4/Xbox ONE version from gen console 2d games are pretty awesome...

    20. Æthereal Bunny on

      I might as well address the other "playable character" bit... while making Call a playable character when they already have art assists, coding, etc in the works, given we hit that co-op goal, trying to make all the bosses playable might make things a bit too difficult, especially when the bosses will be designed with boss like attacks in mind. Call will have running, jumping, attacking, etc frames already made, collision problems worked out, etc, while non-player controlled entities won't have the same treatment. It takes a ton more work to make a player entity than something you fight.

      Simple put, playable Call is pushing it a bit, another playable character or more is just going to be out of the question. At most I can see an extra character being DLC, but to make only one of the bosses playable would feel like you're cheating out the rest, and Call is really our only other prominent character.

      Just my two cents I wanted to push out from what came out while checking out responses to my last comment.

    21. Missing avatar

      Andrew S Mitchelar on

      I really like this design. It's simplistic yet creative. There's a lot of attacks you guys can give him based on this design. And the weapon or transformation that you get with him could be very useful. I'm looking forward to taking this guy down.

    22. AABAR on

      Don't know if it's mentioned before, this could be one of the factors PS4 is quite far along the stretch goals: - XBOne coming even later over there... wonder what the new ??? are & notice the gaps are also big (300k & 400k)

    23. Hypercoyote on

      Why do I keep seeing Call as Aile from Megaman ZX Advent? I felt she was a really strong character and would be a good comparison for Call.

    24. Daniel Goldberg on

      Love everything about this update - a Mighty No. that's always on fire is pretty intimidating (I'd hate to see what happens if he were to grab Beck).

      I would still love to see Call have a more prominent role in the main story, but if she's playable to a similar extent as Beck, then I think this is a happy medium. As long as the co-op challenge mode does not make Beck clear advantages over Call (or make Call appear weak), then this should work out well.

      @ Suhaim Khalid Althani - Not sure why you're panicking about the possibility of 3ds. It wouldn't lower the quality of the game on PC or consoles at all. While not a trivial task, it's fairly simple to down-rez models and textures for a specific platform version.

    25. Jeffrey Cheng on

      Haha I love mighty No. 1's Design. I'd like to fight him someday while he's in the nude :)))
      It's just so witty having a really macho flaming dude that turns into a lighter-looking-thin-dude as an opponent. It was a pleasure to decide on backing you guys up :D LOVE YOUR WORK <3 haha

    26. Antonio Santana on

      @ Comcept Staff - Always remember this venture onto the creation and development of Mighty No 9 just as a stepping stone. @ The backers - Remember that this is only the beginning, Beck and the whole Mighty Universe will be ours for exploring.

      With this said I think that whether we make all the stretch goals or not, one thing is certain... Kickstarter began this movement and in the future more things can bring when it comes to the game, characters, modes and levels...

    27. Kristan Alicesun on

      Great update! I love all the details of the process. Personally I'm very happy with your stretch goals. :~)

      The only thing that'd be better would be to include offline co-op play as well. Maybe create a split-screen mode that only splits when you are far away from each other. So if one of us goes left & the other goes right, as we reach the edge of the shared screen the screen splits. What do you think? Also the Wii U as well as the PS4 + Vita seem to be tailor made to play co-op locally!

    28. Missing avatar

      Drake Lodico on

      Single player call mode!!! Or another character like protoman

    29. PlayableCall on

      Then that settles it, let's all keep promoting single player Call!

    30. Missing avatar

      Doni Payne on

      First off, apologies if this has been asked before. There are more than a few comments to look through. For me a big part of a good video game is consistency and realism. That doesn't mean I don't want to be sliding down walls or shooting energy bolts out of my right hand, but it has to make sense within the world. Which makes me wonder about Mighty No. 1. From what I've read the No.s were originally designed to be industrial robots that were then modified for fighting in the robot coliseum. I really like the design for Mighty No. 1 and enjoy reading about the creative process to get to his current look. However, given his design what was Mighty No 1's original purpose? Or is it that they've gone far beyond the idea of the industrial robot and focusing purely on combat now?

    31. Tomer Ilan on

      Will there be mod support for the PC? Mods can add tons of replay ability... Maybe as one of the mystery goals?

    32. Hyperdimension Call on

      With the New PS Vita TV announcement lets hope Comcept brings Mighty No.9 to the Vita!

    33. Jonathan Goldberg, the harmony artist on

      Everyone seems to wanna play as Call. And I'm all for it.

      But what about playing as the 8 rogue Mighty Numbers?

      I would LOVE to play as Mighty No. 1 ala Rockman Rockman/Mega Man Powered Up. Is this something that could be taken into consideration as well?

    34. Jonathan Goldberg, the harmony artist on

      Everyone seems to wanna play as Call. And I'm all for it.

      But what about playing as the 8 rogue Mighty Numbers? I would LOVE to play as Mighty No. 1 ala Rockman Rockman/Mega Man Powered Up.

      Is this something that could be taken into consideration as well?

    35. Missing avatar

      Andri Gunadi on

      Mighty No 1 DESIGN is very COOL. and VERY imaginative.
      I didnt even think this was possible.
      Thats very creative. REALLY creative.

    36. Starlink on

      I like the design of Mighty No. 1, the flames covering his whole body is a nice touch. Also like the new stretch goals. Hopefully this will encourage more people to pledge so we can reach all said stretch goals (cause I want them all included XD).

    37. Missing avatar

      Xian on

      Every single new stretch goal is absolutely amazing and I'm super pumped for the chance at having the Co-op mode, really hope all the goals so far can be met! (oh and Mighty No.1 looks great too of course :P)

    38. Mario Kapitan on

      I actually think it would be nice to not have another fire man boss. If he's supposed to be untouchable why not make a chainsaw man instead or something else?

    39. Trevor Nickell on

      Really hope I live long enough to play this game. Don't think I will but still hope.

    40. FalseAesop on

      I dig Mighty No. 1 really an awesome design. U wonder if the ability gained from him is a fire shield of sorts. Unlike old MM shield designs No. 1's transformation lights Beck on fire, let's him hurt enemies by touching them instead of the other way around.

    41. Jetfire99 on

      I shall keep this short. The new goals look pretty awesome to me. I'm pretty happy with how things are shaking out.

    42. Æthereal Bunny on

      @Ian Asplund and PlayableCall actually, if they do make a model or a bunch of sprites(not sure how they're handling it yet actually...) for Call for this Co Op, on top of the play testing they'll need to do already, etc, a lot of the work is already done. It would only require some more fine tuning, weapon ideas for the gal, and some additional play testing for levels. Unless they plan on making her have different levels or something, a lot of the work is already done once that Co-op mode is made. Even with out that point, it's no where near as much work as making a second game. It's just that they can't deviate her way too much from Beck if they had something else in mind if they do that.

      Just wanted to clear that it wouldn't be THAT much more work. It's still a questionable time consumer though, if they think they're already packed in tight as is.

      Poor Mighty No 1 is getting so over whelmed by everyone's excitement for Call...I have a feeling it will be this way for a while.

    43. Jamaal Christian on

      Does he still have the wrestling rope type attack? That sounds kind of interesting.

    44. PlayableCall on

      @Ian Asplund:
      I know that it might be difficult to make playable single player Call. I don't know if it is or isn't doable for this game, they haven't said anything specific on that. So I choose to remain optimistic. Things are going well, might as well aim high!

      I am super happy that playable Call is even a stretch goal. It is the best thing I have found out all day today. It is (almost) everything I and many other Call fans could have wanted. And I am super appreciative.

    45. Andrew McCue on

      What a BRILLIANT design for Mighty No. 1! Your creativity is so integral to this project and BOY do you all let it fly!

      I just have one hope: That this game can find its way onto my 3DS and my Wii U!

    46. Jake Myler on

      I'm probably one of many to say that the edition of the PS4 (and XbOne) versions makes me happy. I have a small place and can't really accommodate 2 different systems and I imagine the PS4 will make it's way into my life by then. So I'm glad! So glad in fact that I'll definitely up my donation level to help.

    47. Missing avatar

      Bruce Watkinson on

      Speaking as a professional character designer, I do hope that we'll have the chance to submit our ideas and/or designs (say, in a contest where we can submit out own designs for Beck & Call's creator, etc.) or even as far as mini-bosses that can make it in the final game.

      Anyway, I do love love the final result of Mighty No. 1's design, along with his appearance & move-set being based off of a professional wrestler.

    48. Edwin on

      Thanks again for going thru the design. Really like the idea of the co-op section.

    49. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Jonathan Lay on

      @ian asplund thank god someone also realize how making call available in single player can be difficult... Especially considering the game is called "Mighty no. 9" not "Mighty no.9 and Call". Maybe for a sequel its more appropriate?

    50. Ian Asplund on

      I quite like the finished concept behind Mighty No. 1, although I don't really like his face (maybe that's a good thing?) I also found myself kinda attached to that non-humanoid sun-like design. Maybe a mini-boss somewhere?

      I like the concept behind the Beck and Call co-op mode. However, I kinda wish they were full stages, not just small challenge stages. I don't mean it has to have a story, but a few full stages would be more fun to me than a bunch of short challenges. Also, I need local multiplayer as I rarely play games co-op online. Playing with friends together in a room is so much more enjoyable to me.

      I also am kinda sad at all the begging for a Call single player mode. I don't think people realize how much effort that would take; to do it well, it'd be like making a 2nd game. This co-op mode really is the best compromise!