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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.




Hello, fellow Mighty Beckers!

Monday. For some of us it means back to school, but for many of us it means back to work -- so we wanted to give you one boss each Monday you’d actually look forward to seeing! 

And our original idea was just that: drop a new, final Mighty No. boss image for you to see each Mighty Boss Monday of our Kickstarter campaign. But given the HUGE response to our design-evolution walkthrough of Mighty No. 5 for the last Comcept Concept Wednesday (still our most commented update so far!), director Koji Imaeda and lead character designer Kimo Kimo volunteered to give you another peek behind the process on how another of our big baddies came about! Take it away, guys:


Imaeda: As we mentioned in our previous boss design update, part way through the creation of Mighty No. 5, we decided to flesh out the basics of all the other Mighty Numbers. As part of that process, Mighty No. 1's theme was set as "fire." 

We asked Kimo Kimo to come up with a design that was more than just breathing fire, or using a flamethrower, or any of the usual stuff; we wanted his entire body to be like a flaming sun or a furnace -- difficult to even get close to.

After that, Kimo Kimo and Inafune worked together to develop and refine Mighty No. 1’s look. I've asked Kimo Kimo to provide comments on his illustrations below.

Kimo Kimo: We’ve been thinking of the Battle Colosseo that the Mighty Numbers fight in as something like a cage deathmatch -- which is where I got the idea for the illustration above on the left: a boxer-type robot, burning with fighting spirit. At this point, I wasn’t officially assigned as the designer for Mighty No. 1, so it was just a rough sketch.

The images on the right side are from after I took on design responsibilities. Inafune told me that the design didn't have to be humanoid, so I took Imaeda’s ideas literally and came up with sun- and furnace-themed robots. 

Kimo Kimo: Around this time, we starting having trouble on the design for Mighty No. 5 (Note: if you haven't already, see Phase 3 of our update on the making of Mighty No. 5), and decided to set basic designs for all the bosses, so I came up with this wrestler-like body for No. 1. But I still didn’t know exactly what the end-goal was for this boss design, so every day was just non-stop trial and error, over and over. I started having thoughts like, "Well, if the world ended today, at least I wouldn't have to worry about (Mighty No. 1) anymore!" (laughs) 

Inafune asked me to add some kind of special feature to the design, so I came up with this mechanism on the boss’s back that can fire out ropes to create a wrestling ring, and then he could do moves off those ropes. Looking at it again now, I'm surprised I thought something so plain would be a good idea. In retrospect, the whole design was a little too hung-up on the whole wrestling-robot theme. 


Kimo Kimo: When I showed the above illustrations to Inafune, he drew the following sketch as a counter-proposal:


“The key element here could be the change in appearance from one form to another: Maybe when he’s on fire, Mighty No. 1 looks big and muscular, but when the fire is extinguished, it turns out he’s actually quite thin, revealing gas burners and such responsible for the massive flames. Gameplay-wise, it’d be fun if Beck, too, would get all bulked-up after he steals this ability and transforms, but then he could turn off the flames to enter smaller passageways.”


Kimo Kimo: With a clear direction set by Inafune, I changed the main body to have it composed entirely out of flames, and soon, Mighty No. 1’s design was finally complete!

(above) No. 1 in the nude, as it were (left), and fully ignited (right).

Kimo Kimo: The roaring flames make the chest area resemble a face, giving No. 1 a very aggressive feel -- but with the fire extinguished, his body brings to mind a gas lantern, or the top part of a (Zippo-style) lighter that actually produces the flame.

Imaeda: With a design like this, he's dangerous when his body is burning, so perhaps when the flames go out, that's the time to attack. Maybe the flame on his head could be his weak point? Hmm... We’ve still got plenty more to think about!

(above) On the left, we see the color of his flames change as he takes damage; on the right, we see another view where his inner skeleton is starting to show.

And that wraps it up for the Mighty Boss Monday portion of our update -- but speaking of having plenty more to think about...


Here is is, folks! We are very proud to announce that, after hours of discussion and some long weekend meetings sifting through and discussing your feedback, different costs, and what the team believes would be best for the game overall, we have our next set of expanded stretch goals! A few notes before we dive into them:

1. These are not all of our stretch goals! If we’re lucky enough to get through a good number of these goals, we have lots more ideas. We’re up for it if you are!

2. Handhelds are still a possibility! Just because you don’t see them in this next set of goals doesn’t mean we aren’t working on this. :) We know many of you have been asking about the possibility of Vita and 3DS versions of Mighty No. 9, so now we know the desire is most definitely there -- what’s left is to figure out if the money and production realities can make this possible. We wish we could say more at this point, but we can say this: There might be other ways to make this happen (besides stretch goals) that we are currently investigating. (Or maybe it will end up being a later stretch goal after all?) 

Either way, we hope to have an update of some kind on this by later next week -- and just to be 100% clear, this is not a confirmation we can or will be able to offer handheld versions, only that we hear your feedback here, and there are some interesting possibilities we are busy looking into!

3. These new ??? goals are not exactly the same goals as they were before. We think you’ll ultimately agree this isn’t that important in the long run, but we know a good number of people have been curious about what our original two ??? stretch goals were that we ended up moving to make way for cheaper PS3/Xbox 360/Wii U console versions. For those who are still curious, we plan to discuss the evolution of the stretch goals in the next podcast -- but suffice to say, we feel these new ones match better where we are in the campaign now, what we feel is best for the game, and the desires we’ve been hearing through your feedback.

4. We understand no list of goals and features will make everyone happy, but we hope you understand that we only came up with this list after a lot of careful consideration, balancing the team’s plans for the game, our budget and schedule, and most importantly feedback from all of you! A big part of any major undertaking is inevitably compromise -- something that, as a big, diverse group and extended part of our dev team now, we hope everyone is ready to learn or acknowledge, since we want to continue to be open and honest about every part of the process we can. That said, we are really happy and proud with the list we came up with and we hope you will be, too! :D  

And so, without further adieu:

$2.0 Million: BONUS Boss Rush Mode!

That’s right -- we’re adding a stretch goal here without pushing any of the other goals back! (Think of it more like a stretch reward.) :) After a lot of feedback (which we agreed with) on the big gap before the next goal of PS3/Xbox 360/Wii U console versions, the team really wanted to have something for everyone to aim for and celebrate along the way. So we took our best-bang-for-the-buck potential future goal and will include it as a bonus feature if we can hit $2 million: a separate mode where you can challenge all the Mighty No. Bosses, back-to-back, with a clock ticking to keep track of your best time, so you can share, compare, and show off your skills to your friends! 

$2.4 Million: Challenge Mode!

Similar to the Challenge Modes in games like New Super Mario Bros. U, this special extra mode would remix parts of existing levels and enemies to create dozens of mini-missions you can use to test your skills in a variety of enjoyably frustrating ways! 

$2.55 Million: Extra End Stage & Boss! 

We’ll add another full stage, complete with an intense, original boss battle (!), to the final area Beck will take on once he defeats the other eight Mighty No. bosses!


We’re excited about all our stretch goals, but even so, this one is really special to us: based on your feedback, we wanted to offer something that both included Call as a playable character and put her on equal footing as Beck, while not breaking our schedule or budget. We also wanted this to be something new -- something the genre has never seen before. And that’s how we came up with this: over a dozen missions you can play online with a friend, playing as Beck and his community-appointed partner, Call! Like the single-player offline challenge Mode, these missions will be parts of levels remixed, but this time around the theme of cooperative play. Players will need to use Beck and Call’s different powers to complement each other and defeat these special challenges! 

$2.9 Million: ??? 


$3.1 Million: ???

Mysterious mystery is mysterious...

$3.3 Million: PS4 and XBox One Versions!

Yes! We heard your calls and are proud to report we can finally offer next-gen versions of Mighty No. 9 here! We know by the time the game ships in 2015, many of you will be proud owners of one next-gen system or the other -- or maybe both! If we reach this level of funding, we can add the PS4 and the Xbox One to the list for every backer getting the digital version of Mighty No. 9 to choose from! To recap, that would mean you could choose one of the following: PC, Mac, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PS4, or Xbox One! 

Aaand that’s all for today! As always, let us know what you think -- both of Mighty No. 1 and our new stretch goals -- and know that we will keep doing all we can to make them a reality, but it’s your help that will be the true deciding factor!

Thanks again from all of us, and hope you enjoyed update #9 on this 9/9 Mighty Day!

- @markmacd (Mighty No. 84), @johntv (Mighty No. 99), and the Mighty No. 9 Team 

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    1. Tyson Edwards on

      If we want the Mac version, we can't get Windows without repurchasing?

    2. Yoshi on

      Would be great for one of the goals to have the music track played by a real rock band like Miniboses and bitbrigade

      Megaman alway had great music, that is one of the most covered games up to date, so why not give an opportunity for bands that have been dedicating they're time playing megaman to participate in this new project

    3. Missing avatar

      Tyler Creamer on

      Online only? Am I the only one who would want local multiplayer?

    4. sabata2 on

      1) I love the boss's design. Even though there weren't many others to compare against like the Gun one, the final design is just amazing.
      2) I really really hope we make it to 2.75m I would LOVE Co-op to be the new direction this side scrolling platform shooter takes.

    5. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Celestino on

      I like Mighty No. 1's character design. Melee Boss? While it'd be a great to strip him of his flame body if he's hit by his nemesis weapon, I think it'd be great to include the hint somewhere that this is possible for the sake of non-backers. Of course, we already know. Perhaps a schematic of his design could be viewed somewhere on the level itself.

    6. Metazoxan No. 60187 on

      Love the new stretch goals, love No.1. Just love love love this update. Best one yet!

    7. Jonathan Goldberg, the harmony artist on

      Everyone seems to wanna play as Call. And I'm all for it.

      But what about playing as the 8 rogue Mighty Numbers?

      I would LOVE to play as Mighty No. 1 ala Rockman Rockman/Mega Man Powered Up.

      Is this something that could be taken into consideration as well?

    8. Adrian Comeau on

      Also I know this may seem unrelated to anything, but I have been playing Megaman since the very first game back in 89. And one thing that always bothered me was that every time there has been a "Mechanical" forest has never been Autumn colored...small thing but I would imagine it would make a level like that far more visually stimulating...just a thought.

    9. Stephen W on

      Now that looks like a dangerous boss. Fantastic work!

    10. Adrian Comeau on

      Great boss design. Lovin it.
      Will the Beck and Call stages have at least some rudimentary story? I always prefer when I have some basic "reason" to complete a goal I am tasked with.

      And please...get a Vita version into the stretch goals...pretty please.

    11. Prima on

      This boss is spicy hot hot hot! maybe if he eat chili/wasabi he will regain his flame

    12. Santo on

      I really love the concept of this boss. The mental image of the flames of its body getting hotter the more damage it takes? Glorious.

      Also, the full-extinguishing so that he looks like a lighter should probably only happen if one uses the ability designed specifically to counter the boss. While a charge-up shot makes it so you can see how thin it actually is for a little bit before it recovers.

    13. Cleber Thiago Freitas on

      I've already said that once, but, as now more systems may have the chance to get this game, would be a nice if a new tier was made and had the possibility to choose to buy the game for 2 or 3 different systems...

    14. Aaron Hull on

      I would really love to play the Beck and Call challenges with my brother, it would be really fun to see what kind of ways all of you at Comcept will make us co-operate, may it be simultaneous actions, puzzles, or using two different powers at once to take down big enemies, it would be really interesting to see. Also can't wait for the Call poll, I an't decide what look is best for her...But, Comcept, Keiji and team, you are all doing a fantastic job, and I hope this is the game of all of our dreams.

    15. Cael K. on

      Me: "Holy G-rated comments! CAAAAAAAAAAALLLL!!!!!"
      Mighty No. 1: "Hey, uh... there's more than just new stretch goals here. Guys...? Guuuuys...? *sniffle*"

      ... Although, some amount of logic in me says that if you can do a Co-Op Call, you can do a single player Call, maybe as a bonus mode. You don't have to do anything fancy, it can be just like Vergil mode in DMC3 (just a single cutscene, remixed music, and a color swap).

      So, might I suggest a Paypal donation scheme so we can go after these goals after the Kickstarter ends?

    16. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      Glad so many people are digging Mighty No. 1 and our new goals!! :D

      @Eric Reitz -- Thank you! (`_´)ゞ
      @PlayableCall -- We hear you, and thanks so much!!
      @Bart Gasiewski -- A level editor is not in the current plans and would be a significant hit on both the budget and schedule; it would be up to what our fans priorities are and how much funding we could get for it to make it a possibility
      @Andrew Matson -- Just remember, not all the money for any one stretch goal goes towards that goal; after fees and such, of course much of it -does- go towards that goal, but the other money all goes towards the game.
      @LegendaryQ -- Yep, it can function that way -- thanks for pointing it ouot, tho! (`_´)ゞ

    17. Eduardo R. Francis on

      And just like that, I'm Re-Pumped for this awesome game. I cannot wait until this comes out. So glad to be backing this. Keep up the amazing work Mighty 9 crew!

    18. comcept USA, LLC 3-time creator on

      @Matt & Joey -- Thanks very much for the kind words and feedback, noted!!

    19. Eric Reitz on

      Like the design process and decisions coming out of Might No. 1. And those are some interesting stretch goals, hope we can meet them.

    20. Sergio Apodaca on


    21. Stephen A D Paul on

      2555k Boss...I smell Mighty Number 0 becoming ready to emerge...

    22. Matt & Joey on

      Congratulations on update number 9!!!
      First of all, I think Mighty No. 1's design is really great! It seems like you went through a lot of trouble, but the result is fantastic! The before and after ignition forms are very different and I love it! I also like the new stretch goals, especially co-op play. I believe others have already said it, but I would also like offline co-op. Of course, online is good too and (if possible) I'm looking forward to it, but I have a twin brother who also likes Rockman/Mighty No. 9 and thought it would be nice if we could play together on the same console... Thank you for always looking at everyone's opinions and comments. Great job on Mighty No. 1's awesome design. I'm looking forward to the future of this project.

      まず、Mighty No. 1のデザインが本当にすごいだと思います!苦労したみたいですが、結果は素晴らしいです!点火前と後はすごく違って大好きです!新しいStretch Goalもいいと思いますよ、特に協力プレイ。他の人ももう言いましたが、俺もオフライン協力プレイが欲しいです。もちろんオンラインもいいで(できれば)楽しみにしていますが、ロックマン/Mighty No. 9が好き双子の兄が居て、同じ本体で一緒にプレイできればいいと思って…いつもみんなの 意見 やコメントを見て本当にありがとうございます。Mighty No. 1のすごいデザインお疲れ様です。これからも宜しくお願いします。

    23. PlayableCall on

      Hear hear for single player Call! While co-op online Call is great, single player story would be even better! And thanks again for giving us playable Call.
      We're all so happy and thankful that you did this!

    24. Bart Gasiewski

      What about the possibility of a level editor or mod support?

    25. Missing avatar

      Suhaim Khalid Althani on

      Please do not make a 3DS version, do not downgrade the game just to make the portable version in par with it console counter part!

      There is a huge graphically difference between current gen and 3DS, if a 3DS version is made the game would look like a last gen game a PS2 game and we are already in the fourth (PS4!!)!

      This is unacceptable.

      Please Comcept give the opposite side some consideration. Please listen to both sides!

    26. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Celestino on

      Playable Call!!!! Win-win! It's not what I'd hoped, but a win's a win. Thanks, Comcept!

      I think it makes sense that the coop levels and the SP levels are different. We see this in the level design for NSMB series - since the game is MP, level design had to be rethought to account for the extra player/s. Same thing for Beck and Call. Together, they are more formidable, so a challenging and fun level for just Beck could present difficulty curve problems (too easy or unexpectedly unfun in other ways) for both the robots at once.

      This might open the possibility of getting to a playable SP Call offline without changing anything else about the game, so I'm glad the stretch goal is there. If the coop-stage design proves successful, we open the possibility for the possible sequels to be coop by design, with SP players having an "optimal" partner on the other side playing the counterpart.

      Or even playing the two robots at once! Imagine the complexity of a game where you change control between two fighting robots, depending on which robot is best controlled or AI'd for a given level or boss challenge! I'm geeking out at the possibilities. I hope we can all work together to make it great!

    27. Cosmotronik on

      Just my two cents, but I believe that the best role we could give Call would be an in game side kick that does things the player character can't achieve on their own, or off screen support that helps the player directly. A perfect example of this is Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2. She helps in subtle ways, leaving the player character the bulk of the work, but her efforts really helps turn the tide in your favor.

    28. Andrew Matson on

      I want the game modes, hope we can make it. Too bad Comcept sacrificed the stretch goals to include consoles. I would rather have quality rather than quantity... include all the content you can, digital rights for consoles can't cost that much money... can it?

    29. Emanuel Vargas on

      I think the idea of online co-op sounds exiting and I hope the goal is reached, but I would also like to have a local co-op mode, for some of my friends might either have the game on a different console than I or not own the game at all. Maybe another stretch goal, if not built into this one?

    30. Tyler Sewell on

      I'm always a fan of Boss Rush! It's good to hear that there's the inclusion of some of the more modern aspects of other 2D Platformers in here.

      The idea of Co-Op with Call is some great Community Feedback, but I'd really love to see some Offline Split-Screen nowadays called "Couch Co-Op". I don't think it's unreasonable to think 2-Players sitting at one TV screen could share the adventure. For a great example of this, I'd say look at the Dynamic Split-Screen of the game Renegade Ops. That was really slick.

      You put on here a goal for another Boss and Stage. I'd like to see a Stretch Goal to expand that into "Another Castle"... a whole other set of Boss Stages after the predictable End Levels, or something like the Doc Robot of Mega Man III where you go back to the earlier Might No. Levels except now they're harder, remixed, and require all of your powers to get through.

      And since this is really my first comment, my two more ideas are this: from Mega Man X3, X5, and X6, and later in that series the Chip system as well as the Cyber-Elfs of Mega Man Zero, I would really love to see "Chips" or some equivalent that can alter how Beck's powers work. You've mentioned perhaps picking up abilities from enemies within the levels as well, imagine absorbing the energy from a sturdy enemy and then no longer being affected by knockback as an innate... or the ability to put on elements to the base powers like in MMZ... or simply things like Regen, Third Jump in the air, the capacity to side-step, not slide down walls, and all sorts of other things. I'd love to see that in this game.

      Lastly, as a huge stretch goal, it would be so cool to have an Extreme version of the game itself where each of the levels was partially or entirely randomly generated. That, I think, would be epic.

    31. Missing avatar

      chris ng on

      Local co-op is a must in my opinion. The nostigic feel of playing along side with your friends beside you is non replaceable. I also feel like for Wii U at least, it would be a give away idea, having gamepad as one person and pro controller on the TV. Please make it happen.

    32. Missing avatar

      Hexmage on

      I've gotta say that I like Mighty No. 1 a lot more than I did Mighty No. 5. I know there are lots of people that like No. 5, but I was afraid for a minute that the general direction for the bosses would be unappealing to me. Glad that isn't the case.

      Concerning the co-op mode, I imagine that a version of Call designed for the same sort of action that Beck is would look pretty different from the designs we've seen so far.

    33. Robert Ballard on

      Just an fyi to the Comcept team: if you're planning on distributing through Steam for the Windows/Mac/Linux versions, they all function as a set. So getting a Steam key would be equivalent to getting the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions.

    34. Aaron Farrow on

      I like the idea of the co op being a challenge mode. I know a lot of you want story mode co op but I'm thinking this is the best option. Also, whew that next gen stretch goal looks high. Might be time for me to bump up my pledge a hair and help us reach for the stars! We can do ittttttt.

    35. Pontata on

      Wwoooow awesome concept I love it! Next Monday come sooner please

    36. HeroZero on

      @Comcept thank you for answering the Call for Call. I just would like it better if the Co-op was offline too. Also Call a second playable character in the story. I know it sounds like i'm not grateful and just keep asking for more but I really would like to see Call as Character that has a big role in the story and would love to play the game with my brothers.

    37. Orlando Barrowes on

      I also would love to get this game on Xbox ONE!

    38. Orlando Barrowes on

      Awesome idea for Mighty No. 1! I love the furnace concept, and how he looks ignited versus switched off. I can't wait to see how it looks when the fire is animated.

    39. Joshua Speer on

      Just want a couple of clarifications. First, when I pledged $60, I thought it got me a physical box along with the digital rewards. Is that no longer the case? Also, any idea when you'll be having that art contest? I have ideas already, but don't want to submit them too soon...

    40. Yoshi on

      1.WiiU local co-op would be awesome with gamepad as call
      2.Stretch goal for beck pet friend "tiger/dragon/dog/Platypus"
      3.strong storyline. Maybe a stretch goal for videos voice etc
      4. J rock opening, in the way of Rockman X5, Us, Eur version should get at lest the option to turn on Jp opening

    41. Calledan on

      I love the Kickstarter Markers (Makes me want to donate more!) And I LOVE the design for Mighty No. 1! It's SO great! I was afraid the boss was going to be stale when I saw the wrestler idea, But You guys took it to a whole new level, it looks GREAT! Keep up the AMAZING work.

    42. Weeg on

      Co-Op Call is an excellent idea! I was worried that adding Call to the single player mode would negatively affect the level design. The only disappointing thing in all of this is the lack of local multiplayer. Other than that, great boss design and great update overall!

    43. WhattheFnu on

      Bravo. People always get excited when the sidekicks become playable, but if you had included her in the main campaign, you would have had to rework the levels to compliment her unique abilities. So giving her a completely unique mini-mode dedicated to that was a really clever move.

    44. Missing avatar

      Possibly A Panda on

      Mighty No. 1 looks awesome. He actually does kind of remind me of a Zippo lighter. He also reminds me of someone walking around in one of those balloon-muscle suites.

      I really hope we make it to the co-op. I would love it if Call got to see some action instead of being relegated to little more than scenery (or being a vending machine), as tends to happen with the sidekick in so many games. Perhaps in the main game there could be some kind of swap system. Players alternating between Beck and Call depending on the obstacle they need to overcome. Beck for the strong-arm stuff, and Call for the precision stuff. But I'm ranting, and have gone far off topic.

      Great concept and great stretch goals, thank you for the update.
      Also, everyone has projects like that Kimo Kimo-san. Keep strong Mighty Makers.

    45. Missing avatar

      David Renaud on

      I'd love to see local co-op for the Beck & Call stretch goal, too. If it's hitting that stretch goal, we've hit the console release, at which point I'd prefer to play locally on PS3.

    46. Michel Hideki Okada on

      Thank you very much to show us one more Boss!! I really like him!! We know this is very difficult but Don't give up! Imaeda-san and Kimo Kimo-san!

      ... But I cannot hold the laugh with Kimo Kimo-san thoughts! "Well, if the world ended today, at least I wouldn't have to worry about (Mighty No. 1)". Very Funny XD
      ... That was a difficult moment, really sorry! XD

    47. Maximilian Bergström on

      First I must say that I really like Mighty No 1's design and the concept behind him! I can just imagine him standing mighty and burning when you first get to him, which makes him quite intimidating. But when the fire goes out (either from being doused or exhausting his fuel or something) he looks weak and ashamed for a moment, just to then light up in anger and go after you again!
      I imagine as he's the first of the mighty numbers, there could be a flaw in his design which causes his fire to turn off at inoppertune moments, like after a strong attack from him or something.
      Also that sun design you had in mind, I'm sure it would work wonderfully as an Enemy or a Mini Boss of his stage :D
      As for the stretch goals, I'm getting more and more excited for this game by every update! Get to it Beckers, let's make that fund amount go up to open up for what can be one of the best games ever!

    48. Æthereal Bunny on

      I really don't see how the main game being co op would work. It would lack so much balance and take away from a refined experience if they had to set up the main game for it... I want more co op and more Call but I mainly want the main game to be the best it can, especially for the title character. It's why I suggested an alternative: a separate co op story.

    49. Kevin Roman on

      Thanks for the constant updates and using call :)

    50. Chris Doak on

      Last two comments have me covered ^^;;
      I'm really digging that flaming body look, and I'd love to see Call as a playable character - even just as an alt skin, tho that online co-op mode sounds awesome.
      Here's to 2.75 mil then!