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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.

SPECIAL UPDATE: $1.75m and Beyond: A Thank-You Love Letter From the Team!

Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)

Mighty Beckers,

You. Are. Amazing!

We've seen a lot of great projects on Kickstarter, but even so, it really feels like we are all part of something special here -- or rather, YOU all -are- something special! And we're not even talking about the amazing numbers -- we've never seen anything like the outpouring of fan art, videos, song remixes, and just general support in every way, shape and form for an all-new project like this, right out of the gate. We're only just now wrapping up our first week, and we already have more fan-generated art than a lot of popular franchises might get after years of sequels!

It's been truly overwhelming, in the best way possible. (We spent the better part of an hour in our last meeting just trading our personal favorite links from all of you!) :) Our team has been inspired beyond words by your passion and your generosity -- so we thought, forget words, let's make some art ourselves, to say THANK YOU! These come straight from our dev partners at Inti Creates, to celebrate us reaching our latest stretch-goal milestone:

Oh, and of course we had to include Call as well! Here's two variations on another (placeholder, work-in-progress) design for our community-favorite heroine!

Speaking of Call, our director Imaeda-san wants to let everyone know that we're hard at work developing her look so we can have proper options for you, the fans, to vote on soon -- but if any design you've seen so far, here or on the front page of the Kickstarter, strikes your fancy, let us know and maybe we can polish that up to include in the contest as well!

In a related note :), we had a marathon 7-hour meeting over the weekend focused on our expanded stretch goal plan, and should be ready to announce some exciting new targets this week! Keep an eye out for that coming sometime in the next couple days...

In closing, we cannot say it enough: From everyone here to all of you -- THANK YOU! As amazing as this first week has been, we can't help but be even more excited for what the future has in store -- hopefully you all feel the same way. :)

See you on Monday! (`_´)ゞ
-The Mighty No. 9 Team

P.S -- Oh, one more thing: We have plenty of images of your art to include in our updates, but we don't have nearly enough images of YOU, yourselves! We want to see and share pictures of our Mighty Beckers, too! 

So take a picture of yourself doing Beck's signature 2-finger salute and tweet it to @MightyNo9 with the hashtag #MightySalute, and we'll try to include as many as we can in this week's Communi-Tuesday update! Hope to cya there!! (`_´)ゞ 

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    1. Tenouchi on

      Out of those two pictures shown above i definitely like the ponytail more. Must say that i do prefer the long haired ponytail linked bellow even more though, aswell as the twintail pink hair with the hat.

    2. Missing avatar

      Johnny Ridden on

      I definitely like the blonde version with the ponytail the most, particularly this version with extra long hair:

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark LeMire on

      I like the ponytail one better

    4. Kenthos on

      I'm going with the top picture, though I kinda liked the pink hair from before.

    5. Adson Blaze (アドソン.ブレーズ) on

      for me, i choose Call (long-haired ver.) much better.
      seeing this design i see are little shadow in back!!
      (Roll [Rockman 8 Ver.] & Ciel [Rockman Zero Series])
      so anyone please choose Call (long-haired ver.).
      I hope in future can making Call Figure, Figma or Plastic Kit.
      man~ Call is so かわいい~!!

    6. PedroBoh Wege on

      Lord its so cute im throwing up rainbows. I hope this project can get to the highest stretch goal.

    7. Unmei on

      I love the pink-haired Call. I think she matches so well with Beck.

    8. Nakano

      Out of the red Call designs, the long-haired is my favorite:

    9. SpecterVonBaren on

      I really want green Call to win this. Or, baring that, pink Call. I know this entire project is meant to be a revival of Megaman in a new form but I don't want everything to be too much like Megaman and I'm rather tired of so many of the women partners with Megaman being blond with red clothes.

      Further, I like green Call not just because the design appeals to me, but because she also looks a lot more rough and tough than the others. Beck also looks like a more rough and tough version of Megaman and so I'd like it if Call was a more rough and tough version of Roll.

      I'd really like to see some variants of green Call's design and I hope that they'd make more people like her too.

    10. Ryan Morgan on

      After this game comes out I hope they make Mighty Number. 9 Legends 3 :D
      but seriously this game looks awesome, can't wait!!!

    11. Nickolas Laine on

      The ponytail one is more serious and this is an action game so go with that one.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dave Martin on

      I like the pink haired design for Call too, please include it in the poll! Like the twin tails and I think she should have a goggle like thing on her head like Beck.

      I hope that Call has different powers than Beck in the co-op mode. Maybe she has modular shields that make her immune to certain types of moves when you activate them (with a charge on them). Or a different mode of attack (would be nice if she was the bruiser of the two hehehe).

    13. Enn Carbohydrate on

      I'm hoping for the pink-haired character to be the design for Call. She looks a lot like Aero from Legends 3 (with a bit of Pandora from the ZX series). I thought that since Aero never got a chance to shine in Legends, her Mighty No. 9 look alike should have a shot!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jonathan O'Reilly on

      Please definitely include the pink haired Call in the poll, she looks tough, and I love that idea of her being a cool tough character!

    15. Missing avatar

      Jonathan O'Reilly on

      You guys at Comcept are very awesome for listening to the fans, thank YOU for starting the project!

    16. Aaron Hull on

      You know, in terms of Call, I really cant decide. I particularly like the two designs present here, as I am a fan of classic Mega Man. However, there is a certain charm to the other designs put out. Her other 5 designs on the main page are very appealing, but the standard red dressed one has that classic charm. I will have to wait until you guys at comcept put out the poll. But, i know it is probably going to be the roll design, or the pink haired one that wins, they seem the most popular.

    17. Arurie on

      I really hope the twin-tailed version of Call wins.
      It reminds me of the King of Sorrow's ears from Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil.

    18. Holland Culbreath on

      I love the high ponytail Blonde Call. I think the idea that she closely resembles Roll should be embraced, as it's a good parallel with how Beck closely resembles Rock.

      That said, while I support the Blonde, high ponytail Call as the official design, I also couldn't agree more with the different designs of Call being selectable skins. In fact, I think that if we get to the point where Call can be made playable, perhaps changing abilities could change her look aesthetically? It would be a pretty amazing touch!

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hoffman on

      I don`t want Callt o look too much like ROll. I really loved the Dark Haired Call. She looks unique and it would be cool to see her relationship with Beck as different than the one between megaman and roll.

    20. Darrin Stemple on


      I haven't seen the green haired model, but as a green haired man myself, I'd have to say that I'd probably enjoy it thoroughly. Do you by chance have a link?

    21. Claude Rougemont on

      I figured I'd post this here, too, just in case. I know I'm probably one of the very few that liked the green-haired Call design, but I certainly hope I'm not the only one who liked it. I know this isn't another Megaman game, and as such, I feel the need to further express the need and desire to make Call as different looking from Roll as can be while still holding onto the core spirit that led to her creation in the first place.

      As such, I find myself drawn more to the green-haired design the most and would love to see more variants of her. Perhaps even one with uniquely styled green hair, nerdy glasses, maybe an overall frog theme, and a deep passion for building and researching mechanical equipment. <3

    22. Ricky Ruiz on

      Call with the red ribbon is tons better!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Armando Flores on

      I think the first picture of call with the ponytail is just perfect the way it is ,but it really would be a shame to just let the other alternate designs of her go to waste so i have a great idea!!!
      Since our new hero "Beck" is known for changing himself for battle, then why not call too with just her appearance?
      I propose the idea of maybe giving her the ability to transform into different outfits, looks and styles at will. This would be more flexible for you guys to work with and it provides a chance to try something new and refreshing with each game she's in.
      Plus, i also like the idea of her using this "Master of Disguise" ability to gather Intel and provide support for "Beck" in action.
      Maybe perhaps each alternate style she uses could also have a special ability or weapon she can use along with it.

    24. Erik John Anderson on

      IDEA: 'Evil' counterpart to Call-

      Name: Tell (you should be able to come up with a primary counterpart name to that *Name* and Tell)
      Concept Design:…
      Second Row, Fifth over (violet hair)

    25. Missing avatar

      Todd Longendelpher on

      Digging the first ponytail design. Yeah, that makes her resemble Roll, but Roll is cool, and we still don't know what role Call's going to serve just yet.

    26. Mario J on

      I myself do like the first image of Call (without the pony tails) the red like little bunny ears are awesome, also Yan Zhao had a great comment the other costumes can be extra stuff to unlock/ add-on. Still I feel the pony tail design is a little detail lacking. PS. - Pink Hair would be a awesome alternative =D

    27. Dominik Neubauer on

      I personally don't like the Ponytails, Call shouldn't have that all helpless cute look...she can be cute okay but should also have something know what i mean? :D

      and the Hair Color...idk..Blonde is fine i guess but wouldn't mind another color

    28. Juan Rodriguez on

      Love the Co-Op stretch goal, but is there a chance that it can be local instead of Online? I'd love to play with my fianceé (Wife, by the time this game is released!) without having to set up online play ;-)

    29. Missing avatar

      Yan Zhao on

      I like most of your Call designs. Particularly the ones with red dress and blonde hair with pony tail.

      My personal suggestion is that, whatever the fans vote for the official design of Call, the other designs shouldnt go to waste and should still be included in the game as alternate costume/skins for Call. I think that would make everyone happy regardless of what design they want.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Chang on

      You know what you guys should do? Put in all the different designs of Call and have them give the power up Mighty gets from defeating a boss.

    31. Captain on

      I'd like to put some support towards the green call with green hair. She reminds me a bit of Quake Woman from Archie's MM. I like the long pigtails and green as opposed to red or pink which we have already seen a lot of. Is that a jean jumper belly tank top though? Do robots have belly buttons?

    32. Ryuuhime00 on

      I'm liking all of the designs for Call so far. Each one has its own feel and similarities to Mega Man characters while distinguishing themselves in some way. So far, my favorite is the green haired Call followed by the purple haired Call on the front page. The way they were drawn gives me a good look at each Call's personality, and I could see either working. Whatever Call is chosen in the end will work out. I just hope it's one of the Calls I like.

    33. Kristoffer Brandberg on

      I would recommend to create various designs based on the traits of character. For example, we have now here a cheering Roll-esque Call as the first option to choose from. Other options should be a cool Call, a determined Call and a tsundere Call (one which I personally refer to the pink haired Call).

    34. Erik John Anderson on

      Agree with David Jacobs. you could incorporate a new hair style at each 'level up' of the character. I like the first picture of Call 2 suggestions: Could you try longer hair (like on the home page of Call designs, bottom row) and some different eye colors (like Slate, Light Blue (thinking Tails))

    35. David Jacobs on

      Why not both designs, all that's different is her hair. Girls are known to change their hair from time to time.

    36. Missing avatar

      Steven White

      I prefer the pigtails on Call, but no option on color.

      I'd really like her to be playable. Maybe after the main game she goes through "training simulations" (i.e. play as her) so she can be a full hero in the sequel (yeah I said it)

    37. Daniel Walkinshaw on

      I see a little bit of Ciel in the first Call design too, as well as a little bit of Roll. I think the combination makes her a nice homage to two important ladies from Mega Man's past.
      For some reason I really like her headphones. I've noticed that each headphone in every design for a character always has a different symbol on it. I wonder if its some kind of fad or fashion statement, Call definately seems to like being fashionable. She could be a nice example of what people like to wear in this futuristic setting.
      I'm personally rooting for a human Call. As I mentioned yesterday, I think she could be an important role for representating the human equation in the relationship between man and machine. Plus I think we need more human main characters in this universe, apart from the Doctors in Mega Man, there are hardly ever any human main characters with important roles.

    38. Mr. C on

      Would you believe that I actually prefer Call with DARK hair? Sets her even further apart than Roll, which I like.

    39. Missing avatar

      Xian on

      Give us ponytail Call!

    40. Joseph Samuel on

      Pony tail reminds me too much of Roll. I'd rather have call with the other style.

    41. Shawn Jordan on

      @Caden Reigens i feel the same way we need a new design after all this time and pink call Rocks

    42. Missing avatar

      William Everett McLean on

      I can do better than me just saluting like Beck. My friend and I are working on a full cosplay for Beck, which I hope to have done by Katsucon. =P

    43. Caden Reigns on

      I think the pink haired Call would be better, she looks like a no-nonsense character that would fit Beck the best. We had 25 years of a blonde sister, the new blue bomber should have something different

    44. Jose Carlos on

      Blonde with pony tail there's no other way.

    45. HeroZero on

      I know what you guys are saying. I think I like the blonde Call because she kinda looks like Roll but the pink hair Call is not doing it for me. I guess it's the hat thing she's wearing. Do get me wrong I want a Call that's cool and can kick butt though...maybe a mix of both blonde and pink? Or make her more like beck's design like the link I put up earlier (thank to Lani for bring it to the community). All in all it kinda early to choose sides beacuse we'll have a lot more Calls to choose from. And when that day comes we'll you be there to answer the Call (Sorry I couldn't help it lol)? Any way for now I'm on team blonde.

    46. Ashreth Q Machan Axzzel on

      Call - Blonde with PonyTail is the best.

    47. Lorenzo Timothy Whittley on

      @Vince: I would have preferred the pink haired Call as well. Like you said I would like for Mighty No.9 to set itself apart from Mega Man as much as possible. I'm still really excited for this game nevertheless.

    48. Vince Vazquez

      @Nicholas: Nah man; it looks like she could go mess up some robots with Beck :) I knew that the blonde one would be, at least, the early favorite since she resembles Roll, but I'm a fan of the pink haired Call since Mighty No.9 should stand it's own/do it's own thing in my opinion. And she's certainly different from Mega Man's sister ;)