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Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)

Welcome back, Beckers (say that fast three times), to the first of our “Comcept Concept Wednesdays," our weekly exploration of official Mighty No. 9 art and character design, including the people and processes used to create and refine it.

You're in for a bit of a twofer today -- or perhaps we should say five...fer, as our inaugural episode actually focuses on a previously unseen boss: Mighty No. 5!

Typically, new boss reveals happen every Monday during our Kickstarter campaign, but with the holiday and general excitement of hitting our initial goal on that day this week, we thought it better to hold back. But that time is over now -- so let's jump right in!

Our host this week will be our director on Mighty No. 9, Mr. Koji Imaeda, who works with the artists at Inti Creates as well as Comcept's art director and internal artists to make sure necessary designs are created and move through the approval process. Today, Koji will explain to us how Mighty No. 5's current design came about...


We started off by asking our developer, Inti Creates, to come up with a boss design with a military motif utilizing heavy weaponry. These are some of the first images they delivered to us:


“The gatling gun is a personal favorite when it comes to heavy weaponry, as it packs a lot of aesthetic impact. It would be great if these designs could shift focus to the gatling. Additionally, the overall look should hint at how the character will attack in-game.”


Next, new concepts were constructed incorporating Inafune's feedback. Designs from this point onward consisted of ideas from both the Comcept and Inti Creates sides:


“The Inti designs are too elaborate, and need to be simplified. Meanwhile, the Comcept designs feel a bit too restrained by the standards of the past. Designs reminiscent of the human anatomy are not a must here; instead of featuring a gatling held by a humanoid robot, let’s go with a gatling that looks like it’s actually sprouted limbs.”


The design at this point was starting to become a bit unusual, so we decided that rather than finalizing just this one boss, it would be better to establish base concepts for all eight first. Then, based on those concepts, we would move onto drawing their silhouettes, and finally, we would seek approval from Inafune. So, staff from Comcept took to brainstorming the remaining boss concepts...

(above) The team put together documents with detailed info on each boss, such as their weapons, the type of stages they’ll inhabit, what weapons they’re weak against, and basic background info, which then led into the creation of basic silhouettes for all eight Mighty Number bosses.


Now that No. 5’s basic silhouette was decided, the brainstorming continued into the advanced stages.

(above) That dude at the bottom left looks pretty creepy, doesn’t he? And it probably didn’t take too long for the devs to realize that the design of the guy next to him wasn’t gonna fly...


At last, we narrowed down the candidates and came to a consensus on the final design for the boss. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you... Mighty No. 5!

Handsome, eh? That about does it for this week’s edition of Comcept Concept Wednesdays -- as always, your feedback means the world to us, so let us know what you think, not only about Mighty No. 5, but about this kind of update in general! We’ve got more amazing boss designs to reveal in the weeks to come (you would not believe the sketches that passed through our hands today – so hot!), so stay tuned for those, and be sure to check back tomorrow for a look at our PAX panel debut.

-The Mighty No. 9 Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Beyer on

      Great update. it's nice to see the whole process from start to finish. Good for someone who might want to see how the industry works. The final design looks intense! I like it, but for the record the "creepy" one needs to make the cut in some darker version of the game.

    2. Missing avatar

      Alex Thompson on

      I like the way he came out, though I must say I really liked the look of having treads.

    3. Joshua P. on

      I like the whimsy of the final design, and the incorporation of a revolver theme, but the arms look like weak mounting points for the missiles (I like their cartridge theme a lot) and rotary cannon. I feel like the arms should be bare, and used like swinging knives, with break away tips, and like shields; over all they could be very fast, and very flexible, but short.

      The revolver portion could be turned into the rotary cannon portion. As you probably know, the GAU-8 is pretty similar to your revolver setup, in that it has the barrel, then ammo handling portion, and is backed by a huge drum of ammo.
      The ammo drum could keep the revolver chamber theme, while the gun portion gets a little taller, and gets the nice double ammo belt loops, connecting it all together.

    4. Kevin Griffin on

      I like the design, though I think he's still a bit too compicated. He's got so many weapons that its hard to tell what his theme/motif is supposed to be. Whereas if he only had one or two gatling guns, that would be much easier.

      But, if the robot is going to bend at the waist and transform itself into a turret, then that would look really cool, and would make the imagery really clear. I'd be a huge fan if it did that.

    5. Corrodias on

      Looks okay to me, although i like the "creepy" one quite a bit.

    6. Missing avatar

      Dave Martin on

      I like the asymetrical look, though I think a military robot should have threads.

      Colors might need to be fiddled with too, that orange seems out of place.

    7. Penta Purry on

      One of the first designs looks a lot like MM Unlimited's Tank Man, which is cool.

    8. Missing avatar

      PsychoGaze on

      I'd probably like one of the designs from the "Inti Creates" portion, but I'll admit that the final one is rather unique! My biggest gripe, though, would be the spike piledriver(?) weapon. We have two gun weapons, but then a spiked one? Also the orange stands out too much since it doesn't follow the green/red scheme of the rest of No.5. Maybe have it in that same chartreuse as the smaller gatling gun?

    9. Missing avatar

      Bertrand Wieliczko on

      I was hoping for something similar to Vile. He pretty much is a walking arsenal with weapons all over his body but he still maintained a sleek and controlled design. For me this is a napalm man on steroids. Mighty no 1 on the other had looks amazing all while keeping the overall design simple.

    10. shangrila on

      Nobody thought the boner bot was a good idea? Really?

    11. Missing avatar

      Everette Scott on

      Not a huge fan of the design...
      I think the first design from Inti Creates from phase 2 was a real winner. He looks like a real boss. Tracks for mobility, big mini-gun, ammo pod (or stinger pod?) for the left arm... It just looks formidable. To me is has a similar vibe to Flame Mammoth from MMX, as far as general boss designs go.
      The (hopefully not final) design of No. 5 just doesn't work for me. Why is his body a revolver cylinder, with a short stubby barrel and control rod sticking out the top of his head? I am pretty disappointed with this one.
      At least you guys did a great job with No. 1.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jose Portela on

      I very much appreciate the insight. Unfortunately, I do not like Mighty No. 5's design at all. It seems like an odd mash of ideas instead of a well-designed character. Inti Creates concepts all looked much better than the final design, IMO. Oh well.

    13. Nick Temelkovski on

      This was great. The design process from each team is very insightful fan service. Thanks!

    14. Orlando Barrowes on

      Very interesting! I like where the design landed, and even more, I love seeing the evolution. Thanks!

    15. Robert Ashman on

      So very very nice :D Thank you for the update!

    16. Whatev on

      Incredibly solid update, almost worth the admission price by itself.

    17. Missing avatar

      Saad Almohannadi on

      Very cool i like it :)

    18. Missing avatar

      LittleWolverine on

      Id love to see this process every time a mighty number is revealed, I love to see the process of these things, keep up the good work!

    19. Missing avatar

      Joseph E. Lafferty on

      For the tank Number I personally like the tank tread gatling rocket launcher model, the green skull one looks menacing as well.

    20. Julio Bortolon on

      Really liked this update, and this kind of update in general.
      I've always been curious on the japanese game design process, this is great info!

      I'm going against most people here, I liked the creepy one, but I agree with the official final choice, I think it's a better fit for the game.

    21. Missing avatar

      Buppux on

      He does look pretty cool.
      Nice to see how he came to be.

    22. Gregory J. Hill on

      no.5 looks awesome. I like the design of it's face and head especially though I'll admit that I kind of wish he had a thicker torso though because it sort of looks like his heavy weapons are attached to the body with nothing but glue.

    23. Jonathan Goldberg, the harmony artist on

      @comcept USA, LLC

      Perhaps Inafune-san thought of it already. But if he hasn't, I would heavily suggest to him and his team if you could, that the names or "codenames" of the villainous Mighty Numbers have a similar play to the names or "codenames" of the Rockman/Mega Man series' robot masters.

      So in the Rockman/Mega Man universe, we have robot masters like Guts Man, Bubble Man, Tengu Man and Splash Woman. Well, the formal prefixes "Mr." and "Ms." CAN be that similar play in the Mighty No. 9 universe! You follow? : ) Now I will put that idea to the test.

      It's already been officially established that Mighty No. 9's name is Beck. So we have:

      The Mighty No. 9, Beck.

      Now I'm going to be creative by putting together names for Beck's enemies who officially don't have names yet. Here goes:

      The Mighty No. 2, Mr. Aquarius

      The Mighty No. 5, Mr. Artillery

      The Mighty No. 6, Mr. Napalm (Uh oh! Napalm Man lol).

      Mighty No. 8 seems to have features of that of a wizard or a witch. Or perhaps No. 8 was originally designed as a robot for entertainment purposes? Also, No. 8's silhouette seems to suggest that it could either be male or female. So let's say No. 8 is female, she would be:

      The Mighty No. 8, Ms. Illusionary. Or Ms. Wonder. Or. Ms. Wizardry. Ms. Alchemy. Whatever....

      The main point is that Inafune-san could use the formals "Mr." and "Ms." to cleverly link the parallels between Rockman/Mega Man's robot masters and Mighty No. 9's Mighty Numbers.

      What do you guys think? : )

      I more than welcome any comments or feedback from any of Keiji Inafune's fans and backers as well.

      Thank you!

    24. Alex Parntaprasert on

      It look odd in final version because machine gun on the left side not look right and the head look too silly. I rather pick two machine guns on the missiles shoulders human form with same color.

    25. Raymond Hernandez on

      That "creepy"one is my favorite design there. The finalized design looks great however.

    26. Eric Wood on

      So, can he see where he's shooting when he's using his head-gun?

    27. Sir Jordi

      This definetly is the kind of update that should be in every kickstarter project. Not only it is excellent written, but very well illustrated also.

      Can we expect to fully participate in the decision of a (at leat one!) Mighty fiend?

    28. Jonathan Goldberg, the harmony artist on

      @Erik the Red

      Funny you say that, my first pledge 2 days ago was $500.09.

      I can't wait to help Comcept create one of the achievements/trophies for Mighty No. 9. I am going to make sure that it pays a tribute to Rockman and everything he stood for. And all his fans will recognize it and cheer.

      BTW, great idea! To donate 9 of any amount of money on 9/9 (September 9th).

      : )

    29. Missing avatar

      Gabriel G A Bueno on

      Funny how I was like "Oh, I liked that design, I wished they had chosen that" a number of times, but in the end I loved the final result the most. Great job!

    30. Missing avatar

      Paul Mahunik on

      The Green army looking guy looks so good, i love the helicopter head.

    31. Missing avatar

      Drake Lodico on

      I hope you guys do a protoman inspired character or have a character that's struggling to be good or evil

    32. David Jacobs on

      I actually kind of wish you'd went with a more human design. I like the idea that all of Mighty No.'s are humanoid like Beck.

    33. Ferris Nehme on

      The robot looks a little off balance due to its HUGE right arm. It is hard for me to imagine that robot walking without a limp, much less running. His walk animation should show that he is off balance.

    34. Erik the Red MNo. 6374 (NID:KhaosKlub) on

      Dear fellow Beckers, I have a proposal for everyone.

      this upcoming monday will be september 9th (9/9)
      I say in honor of Mighty No. 9, everyone should increase their pledge by 9. 9 anything really. be it 9 cents, $9, or 9k for those who have really really deep pockets!

      even if every backer just donated 9 cents more, that would be 2.7k at least added towards the stretch goals! and come on, who doesn't have 9 cents?

    35. Aaron Redd on

      I don't like it. Looks to thrown together. Number 5 looks like a Frankenstein robot. I like clean asymmetrical looks like Beck and Call better for Mighty Numbers. Leave guys like this as mid bosses and regular enemies.

    36. Missing avatar

      Hika on

      Oh my gosh, this is so fun! Thank you so much for this. It's interesting to see how many different designs are put out before one is settled.

    37. Adrian Comeau on

      I hope you guys hold a design contest or two. Just finished a Mighty No inspired Sniper Joe...notice he has lil transformy bits on one of his arms and legs!

    38. Ed Conant on

      I really like this final design. Mighty No. 5 looks like he'll add variety to the cast of humanoid robots. I just hope we'll have a big strong muscular looking boss soon. I'm a sucker for giant power houses.

    39. Jonathan Goldberg, the harmony artist on

      The Comcept artists' initial designs with Inafune's feedback in mind look exactly like Gyro Man, only darker and grittier. The final design for No. 5 is very Transformers-esque. It definitely is different coming from the father of Rockman but I would love to see some of No. 9's bitter equals exhibiting the humanoid qualities that I grew up appreciating. Either way, I love what I am seeing so far.

      However my biggest concern as of right now, is regarding the successors to the roles of Dr. Right (Light) and Dr. Wily (If there are any, that is). All my life, I have always thought that the significance behind the roles that those two characters played was pure genius: The "RIGHTeous" creator of the peace keeping hero that looked like Santa Claus in a lab coat and an evil, psychopathic and "wily" Albert Einstein. Again.... Pure genius. I just don't know how Keiji Inafune is going to 1-up THAT one.

      *Attempts to be optimistic*

      : /

    40. Erik the Red MNo. 6374 (NID:KhaosKlub) on

      those inti create ones really remind me of the magnetic minotaur from zero 4...

    41. Christopher Pagan on

      I actually liked the one from the concept ideas bubble image that has the helmet on the far right.

    42. Mykah Bawn on

      As much concept art as you can possibly fit on to these pages, you should. I absolutely love this kind of detail.

    43. Kenneth Te on

      Here's an idea: how about adding a shield behind the boss's back..soo he can launch missiles and gatling gun at you then turn it's back to you to absorb your attack (also as a way to taunt you.. nyah nyah you can't hurt me). Maybe add some platforms so when he got his back turn toward you, you can quickly jump up the platforms, sprint across, go to his very vulnerable face (remember he can't see you with his back on you) then you can blast him in his face surprising him.

    44. Dan Boissoneault on

      What about Mighty No. 0?.... Might he be our Protoman?.....

    45. Missing avatar

      Seigiro on

      Pleaseee do a character like protoman, PLEAAAAAASEEE

    46. Missing avatar

      Ben Baird on

      I love the final design, Mighty No. 5 looks awesome. The phases seemed like a natural evolution until the "gatling gun with limbs" part, so I was a little uncertain there for a moment, but looking at things towards the end result I can see the process went really well. I also like the "creepy one" of phase 4 and the transforming aerial bot from phase 1 - wouldn't mind seeing things inspired by those designs down the line - but my favorite here is the final design.

    47. Jamaal Christian on

      This concept art is killer. I'm so freakin excited Inafune!

    48. Missing avatar

      Brandon S Phillips on

      My DS is aching to play this. :D I own bigger consoles but hardly play them because of a lack of gaming content like this!! Any word on whether the stages are going to be linked into one continuous world like mmz or zx OR separate stages. - I vote linked. =D

    49. Missing avatar

      Devaux on

      This sort of post is awesome. I love seeing things like this develop. In the future maybe we could get the final design seen in a variety of angles/poses rather than the one static resting pose? Either way I hope you guys keep this up.

    50. St. McDuck on

      Updates like this are why I love Kickstarter (I'm a concept art junkie).
      Keep it up!