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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.




We did it! We cleared $1,500,000! :D

We can't thank you enough for all the amazing support you've given us...but we can announce some great news about upcoming stretch goals!

The Mighty Masses have spoken, and with one voice you shouted: CONSOLES!

OK, well actually you shouted a few different console names, but we digress... The point is, you all made it perfectly clear you have a Mighty urge to play Mighty No. 9 on systems other than just your PC/Mac/Linux box! You want to experience this genre the way you remember: sitting on the floor, looking up at your 17" tube TV, Capri Sun at the…wait. OK, maybe not exactly as you remember it, but close enough: nice and comfy, on your couch, playing on your full TV setup. (Those of us not lucky enough to have a nice PC-to-TV setup, at least!)

Of course, it's no surprise our backers would request Mighty No. 9 for console systems -- they are the traditional home for this genre, after all -- but what we weren't prepared for was the intense, consistent, all-consuming passion you did it with! We realized the other stretch goals we had planned would be more welcome after this overriding priority, where they wouldn’t pale so much in comparison.

And that's why we’re happy to announce that, because of your feedback, we are officially pushing back the unannounced "???" goals in order to move the making-of documentary $250K closer, and yes -- the PS3/360/Wii U versions of the game $300K closer as well! :D As for the tiers that follow, we're currently revisiting our longer-term stretch goal plan based on this big change as well as other ideas we had (and of course, your feedback).

It may seem like not such a big deal to remove some "???" features that were never announced anyway, but the truth is, it wasn't easy; our people on the West Coast and Tokyo have been working non-stop over Skype and email to gather and translate your feedback, rework estimates, crunch numbers, and get approvals. It's been like some cheesy montage, with people pulled out of meetings and woken up by late-night phone calls, but we were all doing it with HUGE smiles on our faces, because this is the best possible problem to have: our fans want something we knew they wanted and are prepared to offer -- and they want it even more than we thought!

Some might wonder, where's the trouble? Isn't it just a matter of subtracting whatever amount the removed stretch goals cost and moving the next one up? An easy assumption to make, but actually, the answer is no, it isn't. The dollar amount for any one stretch goal isn't designed to go only towards that one stretch goal, at least not in many cases -- even after fees and rewards are taken out. Usually some percentage of funds goes toward the larger game as a whole, adding and polishing pieces that aren't as headline-worthy or sexy as the stretch goals (hopefully!) are. We’re happy that, in the end, we were able to make these adjustments without having to remove or reorder any goals we previously announced, as we can still be confident about the cost calculations we already had in place for them relative to each other. Basically, it lets us be more confident, more quickly, about safely affording the goals we are keeping, and for the amount of money we're asking for them.

So, to everyone who spoke out -- congratulations, and thank you for making your priorities known. We realize we can't do everything you ask for, but we hope this shows you that we’re listening, and that we value your feedback. (We know many of you are asking for next-gen and handhelds, too, and we’re definitely hearing you; rest assured, today’s good news can only make those eventual goals lower than they would’ve been otherwise!)

We've still got a long road ahead of us, of course, but with all we've already accomplished behind us, and these new goals ahead, the future is lookin' Mighty bright.

-The Mighty No. 9 Team

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    1. Alex Roca Sánchez on

      To have PS4 and specially Vita versions would be awesome (and with the Cross-Save feature even more). Please release it there too! :)

    2. Alex Roca Sánchez on

      Please give us a PS4 version, and specialy a PS Vita one with cross-save feature! Please! :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Nick Gray on

      Happy to have pledged $99 USD towards the development of this! Let's make this game awesome!

    4. Hatsune Whito on

      If you guys aren't already planning on doing this, I'd like to suggest that after the kickstarter period is over, put the game up for presale so you can continue funding the project and maybe hit another stretch goal. There have been a few Kickstarters I've followed that have done this and it has really helped the project.

    5. Erik the Red MNo. 6374 (NID:KhaosKlub) on

      Dear fellow Beckers, I have a proposal for everyone.

      this upcoming monday will be september 9th (9/9)
      I say in honor of Mighty No. 9, everyone should increase their pledge by 9. 9 anything really. be it 9 cents, $9, or 9k for those who have really really deep pockets!

      even if every backer just donated 9 cents more, that would be 2.7k at least added towards the stretch goals! and come on, who doesn't have 9 cents?

    6. Mr. MegaManFan on

      Hooray for Mighty on Wii U! Beck backers rejoice!

    7. Erik the Red MNo. 6374 (NID:KhaosKlub) on

      being the outspoken opinionated individual that I am, I have some thoughts on the handhelds as well.

      I can wholeheartedly agree that a 3DS port would be good. gaming on the go is always good, but for those asking for it on the VITA, I have some reservations towards that.

      first off, let's look at Mega Man to see examples of games of this genre in the past. on the Nintendo handhelds, there have been 2 platforming mega man series, and both have had sequels. On the PSP, there were 2 platforming series, and both were canned.

      Sony handhelds are not 2D gaming friendly. look at the design of the handhelds, the twin stick VITA is blatantly geared towards 3D games, while nintendo games have always been a welcome home for 2D gaming.

      Furthermore, to anyone who follows playstation blogs and updates, it is very clear that Sony does not stand behind their handheld. Other publishers are avoiding it, and 2D games such as Rayman legends have content ripped out for this version.

      I'm sure those of you who want the game on the VITA are probably the some of the few that may have purchased the mega man games on the PSP, but these type of games are geared toward a more open market, as is the 3DS. while Vita is geared more towards Sony fanboys who throw away their money at anything, then after they have their money, Sony abandons them or releases a new version of the handheld in which player's current versions of games are unplayable.

      I would say that 3DS should be prioritized over consoles. it is the cheapest of the gaming systems, and with the 2DS coming out, should have a larger audience among children.

      consoles should then be prioritized over a VITA, actually, the VITA should not even be considered unless sony decides to actually support their handheld.

      I know you VITA owners are semi-desperate for good games to play, but you really should have thought about that before buying the thing.

    8. Hatsune Whito on

      I am stoked for this game! Finally was able to chip in my pledge and I am glad to hear that you guys are paying attention to the players!

      Things that I would love to see would be some sort of Co-op mode, a simple level designer that is similar to the Super Smash Bros. Brawl editor (drag and drop tiles and entities onto the screen), and maybe some challenges like Time Trials, 1 life runs, no healing item drops, etc. which could add some really cool unlocks. (extra skins, bonus items, extra characters, maybe bonus levels [rewards could be tiered depending on how well the player completed the challenge])

      Going back to the classic side scrolling platformer is all about the challenge, the secrets, and the unlocks. Please stay true to this!

      Very great looking game and I'm hoping to see more videos in the future updates :) Really like to hear the process that is going into the game and would like to see some basic in-game functions when they're ready to display :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Gendy on

      Thank you for this. I really want to play this on console and when I back the project I was hoping my little contribution would help us reach that stretch goal. Now it's even more likely this will happen.

      I've got to admit, it would be fun to play this on my 3DS but, honestly, just console versions will make me extremely happy :)

    10. Jason McClure on

      I have to say, above all else, I would love to have a 3DS Port; Beck in 3D would be AWESOME!

      Ah, how nostalgic a handheld version of this would be; takes me back to when I S Ranked the entire Zero series...

      Good times.

    11. Jaryn Lenore LaFiore on

      Also I want to throw my support behind VITA and 3DS as long term goals. Also PS4 and xbox one PORTS. I don't want next gen versions just port it so it can be bought and played on those systems. At least PS4 is suppose to run any game a PC can run so it shouldn't be hard.

      What I don't want is a next gen version, I want a current gen megaman game, WE HAVE NONE!!!

    12. Ali on

      How awesome if they actually release an 8bit or 16 bit cart of this game.. *Sigh* a man can dream..

    13. Jaryn Lenore LaFiore on

      Don't worry put out those digital only beta access tiers and we will push you to 2.5 million!!!

      You won't need to cut anything!

    14. Tiago Ferreira on

      I know that right now OUYA might not be a priority, but I believe it to be a great platform for this kind of game.

    15. Missing avatar

      Reza on

      Great news, love to get the game on my ps3 or so Wii U and vita / 3DS.

    16. Taylor Brown on

      Well, I know that the soul of the series started off as a Nintendo game, I know all too well that I'll be playing with Beck (and possibly Call) on a Wii U and/or 3DS in the future.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Lo on

      If this manages to get a PS3 or possibly a PS Vita release, will there be an option to select codes for EUROPEAN PSN? Or are the codes only for North America and Japan?

    18. Ruke Unlimited on

      The big thing for me, and something that a lot of kickstarter games fail at, is making sure that the PC version of the game is the PC VERSION OF THE GAME, not a game that was developed for console, then ported to PC. MN9 was pitched as a PC game, so I hope to see that as the main platform.

      That being said, games that are developed as console games and ported to PC tend to have issues with PC controls. While it is possible to emulate a xbox/ps3 control, it's kind of annoying, and a game specifically made for PC shouldn't need such a workaround (specifically Razer, Saitek and Logitech controls come to mind.)

      My request then is to make sure that you respect that PC gamers are PC gamers, and don't just toss us the leftovers.

    19. Knux Kitsune on

      If you make it official that you'll release Mighty No. 9 on 3DS as well, then I'll buy both 3DS and PC...and yes, I do have a fancy ...well did have a fancy PC to TV setup until my TV died. But the replacement for it would come before the game is ready for sure, so I would have a fancy PC to TV setup by time I can play it.

    20. Tyrone Wested

      Please give to Vita.

    21. Heathim Aezah on

      i hope they put easter eggs

    22. Will on

      I will agree that I rather have a great game on consoles that I will play than a documentary.
      I'd also like to make a plea for PS4 or VITA on the list of consoles.
      Also, if it goes the route of PSN platforms, I would be interested in a release in the Japanese region PSN store since that is where my account is. I hope you release in all regions.

    23. Missing avatar

      chris ng on

      I also agreed with Erik the Red that while documentary is great, I hope the goals are more geared to the game itself.

    24. Missing avatar

      chris ng on

      Personally I'll love to have a co-op option as well. Playing along side with friends is exactly how it is in the past! Really hope to see this as mentioned by Erik the Red, it can be optional without affecting the intended gameplay.

    25. Alfredo Linares on

      Sweet! Thanks all of you guys for making this happen! I'm mighty pleased. lol

    26. Missing avatar

      Steven Wheeler on

      Thanks to the entire Mighty No. 9 team for your hard work! Been a fan for a really long time. Happy to see you doing what you believe in, and glad I could support. Throwing my vote out there for Vita version as well...

    27. David Cisneros Parra on

      A lot of people don't use the PC for gaming or have a PC good enough to play games, this is te best news we can have.

    28. Erik the Red MNo. 6374 (NID:KhaosKlub) on

      Also, can't understand why people dislike the idea of co-op... it would be optional!
      you can play by yourself.

      co-op would just be an easier mode. you can implement it like Brawl did with subspace emmissary, or kirby superstar (heck, one of beck's powers could be too spawn a recolored enemy to aid him, which can be AI controlled, or player 2 controlled for example.)

      it would not detract from the single player experience, but for those with significant others, they can enjoy the game together, or if you have a kid (seeing how fans of this genre are probably older gamers), you can introduce your child to these type of games and play along side with them. It could be drop in and out anytime, and second player could share lives or even your health bar, but be immune to instant death and could warp or teleport or something straight to player 1 when in imminent danger, or have a cool down time between respawning after a death. It just adds more to the game. Just because it's usually done wrong, doesn't mean it's not a good idea!

    29. Erik the Red MNo. 6374 (NID:KhaosKlub) on

      I think the best way to decide disagreements like this is a weighted vote, where your vote carries the weight of your pledge, seeing how those who invest more should have more say. hopefully such a thing should be implemented when the forums come out. people who pledge $5 should not have the same say in the development as those 3 who pledged over 10k

    30. Erik the Red MNo. 6374 (NID:KhaosKlub) on


      yeah, I'm sure there are a good number of people interested in the documentary, 50 people could make it seem like there is a good demand, but 50 is still less than 1% of the backers. It would make more sense to make the documentary a separate kickstarter, and all funding for this game should go specifically into this game. you want a documentary, let us interested in just the game fund the game, while you guys split your attention on the two.

      I'm not saying that the platform will carry this to all interested parties, but that making the game a better game would probably get more parties interested. and when more parties are interested, they can get a PC, and I'm sure most backers have a PC, since a lot seem to want the digital version of the game with no console guarantee. so, the interested parties who want it for the consoles here would probably be fine with PC.

      if their PC is outdated, you can always play on lower quality, and it's much easier to justify a new computer over a new console (say if for some reason someone doesn't have the current gen system, or they trade in their PS3 to buy the PS4, and the 360 for the ONE, they would have to buy the old console with probably no new games coming out for it). I think the 3DS probably the best "console" release option personally.

      It's pretty safe to assume that as of now, all interested parties are okay with just the PC version, since as of right now, since a console version is not a promise.

      furthermore, if the game is ends up as popular as we hope, and people aren't just getting caught up in the movement of actual 2D game fans (I know a lot of people who were super excited when MM9 was announced, played it for 2 days, never beat it and quickly forgot about it for the next nostalgic new game announcement), then the game would fund it's own ports, so that the more casual market can be exposed to this game.

      I'm not saying that my way is right end be all, but that I feel improving the game should be a priority over porting, and definitely over a documentary which I'm assuming that at least 70% of backers don't care about.

      Also, just putting it out there, I much prefer console gaming over PC gaming. I used steam for a few months a few years back, but haven't used it in a long time. I would personally prefer to play it on a console, but I just feel that porting is not the best priority for this game.

      porting, may or may not help this game succeed, and may be a wasted effort. I can see the documentary making like 2-10 extra sales somewhere down the line within a few years, but mostly, I don't see it helping the game either, and seems to be something neat for those interested in the industry, and/or an act of vanity.

      adding content to the game will make the game that much better. In the end, if the game sells well or not, we have a better quality game to enjoy. These "trivial" things people want added to the game can only help the game, and indisputably makes it a better game!

      Ideally, I would like the extra content AND console ports, but if I had to choose, I'm sure you can guess which I favor

    31. Mark Camps on

      Personally I would like to see an Online Vs. Mode with several different maps and game types as a stretch goal.

      I am really hoping this game feels like an evolution of the Megaman X series so that the gameplay is very fast paced. I want to be dashing in pretty much every movement I make.

      For Online Vs. Mode I would like to see the following Game Types:

      - 1v1
      - Team (3v3)
      - Free-For-All (Elimination)

      There should be Achievements, Unlockables, LeaderBoards.

      I would like to see several different themed maps with different obstacles to wall grip on, dash jump, etc.

    32. David Campbell on

      Whew, some strong statements there. I'm sure they understand the market saturation PC has always enjoyed, but it seems misguided to assume the platform will carry this title to all interested parties all by itself.

      PSN and XB Live will be fine for the PS3 and 360, and instead of assuming everyone is as disinterested as you are in the documentary you could just look around you.

    33. PlayableCall on

      Very congratulations.
      While I'm not interested in a console version for myself, I'm very happy for all you console folks out there.

    34. Erik the Red MNo. 6374 (NID:KhaosKlub) on

      also, yes, level editor would be amazing! and actually, I think a portable version may be better than a console release, but not on the VITA, because sony doesn't seem to care about the thing honestly.

    35. Erik the Red MNo. 6374 (NID:KhaosKlub) on

      while I would like a console version, I couldn't care less for a documentary, not sure that anyone else REALLY does, but I don't think it's all too worth funding, neither are the ports honestly.

      Everyone wants it on their consoles, but we don't even know how much support these consoles will have in 18 months, nor how much life their online digital download servers will have left.

      I can be confident that my steam version of the game will be there in 10 years for me to download again on the latest PC I buy or put together, and if it's not compatible with the latest version of whichever OS, I can virtually run an old OS, and someone may make a patch.

      I would much rather see the funding go towards more goals like new game plus and turbo mode. things that actually make the game a better game. I would rather see online co-op, in depth character customization, online multiplayer game modes, other playable characters, new transformations and abilities for beck, maybe alternate skins for call (why vote when you can just choose which one you want in game? and change her appearance each playthrough with new game plus?). I want more actual game with more funding,

      everyone has a PC, and if your PC isn't good enough to play it, you have 18 months to get a new one, and they're not that pricey. heck, in 18 months, I bet tablets will be powerful enough to play it, if the Microsoft surface isn't already! You buy one game, and you can play it on any computer you have access to!

      steam also let's you gift the game to people who might not even want it, so we can spread the bird is the word to everyone!

      don't get me wrong though, I wouldn't mind a console release, but I just think there are better uses for 300k, don't you Inafune?

      and a documentary... is... um... nice... but I'm sure most backers probably would not watch it to completion if at all. the project is great, but we have short attention spans in this generation and really just want to play this game, I'm sure the 3 having dinner with Inafune would disagree on the matter, but that's how I feel.

      Love the project though, wish I could give more, and look forward to enjoying the awesome 2D goodness!

    36. Adrian Comeau on

      Please, if you are doing a PS3 version, make it compatible with the Vita. I made a 120 pledge and technically my computer sucks and I only own a 3DS and Vita, so when the game does finally come out, there is a good chance I will only get to enjoy the fact that it exists...and not actually play it, except at minimal settings on my laptop. :(

    37. Eric Reitz on

      Thanks for taking our feedback so much to heart. I'm very excited to see what else comes of this excellent new project.

    38. Rayne Sievers on

      I really like how the goals have changed and that the console goal has been made closer. But I really want to see a portable handset port for this game. It would be really nice on the 3DS and PSVita on the go. Having short little bursts of play while on break or on public transport. Please make this one of your goals. Keep up the good work guys.

    39. Delvin Marvel Morales on

      I don't care one way or another for co-op but I think Call should play a bigger "Role" (Pun intended) in the games story or maybe be a playable character?

      I know most side scrollers are not big on story. It's about running, jumping , and maybe (if we're lucky) shooting but a deep well thought out story will set this game well above the rest of the side scroller games. One way of doing this is to show and build on the relationship of Beck and Call be they brother and sister, friends, or love interest. I think this time around instead of having important side characters in the background they should be flesh out and explored more.

    40. Vince Vazquez

      Sweet! I'm happy to see stretch goals get re-arranged. Console versions are definitely a priority! You guys are the coolest, this project is the most exciting I've seen on Kickstarter in awhile, and you're more than deserving of such cash and support from fans! You've been cranking out amazing, unforgettable games for the past 20 years, after all. If ANY project should be getting this kind of attention and money, it's Mighty No.9.

      Love that this is coming to PS3... or maybe I'll have a Wii-U by then. Either way, that's the way I want to play this :D You guys are awesome - wish more Kickstarters would do that. Push up the console goal as a priority, I mean.

    41. Jordan York on

      While I am happy that the console stretch goal was made more obtainable, it's still being ported to consoles that I don't want to play this game on :p I'd like to see next gen console and 3DS/PSVita ports, and I know I'm not alone. This isn't a complaint; just a request for further consideration.

      I'm also +1 for a level editor and coop mode.

    42. Missing avatar

      Lewis A. Parker on

      This is fantastic news! I don't own a decent PC, so PC gaming is not something I've ever really gotten into. I do own a Wii U, however. As a lifelong Nintendo fan, it would just seem right to me that the spirit of Megaman that started off on the NES would continue through Mighty No. 9 on a Nintendo platform.

      Of course, there was the possibility that the money I pledged would go towards a game that I might not get to play if it didn't meet the 2.5 million mark, but I felt good regardless. Being able to contribute to the dreams of all of you amazing individuals who are developing MN9 is fulfilling in itself!

      But now that a Wii U version is closer to reality? I'm beyond ecstatic. Truly. I've been going through some rough times as of late, and although it seems silly to get so wrapped up in the world of videogames, this has cheered me up immensely. I've had a very cynical and pessimistic outlook following a few events from this year of my life, but seeing the level of passsion from Inafune and the whole team, as well of the generosity of the community has changed my perspective a bit. But now ontop of THAT, I may also get to play an incredible game, made by talented people, on a console I love. Can't ask for more than that!

      There are people out there who want to help others achieve their dreams. There are people who make it in this harsh world. There is going to be a new little game called Mighty No. 9. A game reminicent of those I played in my childhood - not just in how it looks and plays, but because of the excitable energy that is going into its creation.

      There's nothing I want more right now than being able to revisit the good ol' days. I need a bit of that. I really wish I could give more money to this cause, but I don't have anything else that I can give. If I did have anything to spare, it would go straight here. Inafune deserves to have his wishes granted for all the joy he has brought millions of people over the years.

      To all those who gave anything at all, thanks for being awesome! And, uh, sorry for the 2000 word comment... oops...

    43. Brien Howard on

      I will venture a guess that this stretch goal will be reached in a week or less. :)

      I'm curious as to how console versions will be implemented within this project--will they be downloadable versions of the game (and an option in the survey), or physical disc (different reward tier)?

    44. Travis Hannah on

      I have to agree with zach about the physical media approach. Ill pay additional to my 250 if it means I get a physical disc or cartridge (vita im looking at you) in my game case.

    45. Travis Hannah on

      Ps4 and ps vita would be awesome. I dont think co-op is necessary for the type of game this is, but time challenges similar to mega man 9 and 10 would be pretty sweet. Also an element like the armor upgrades in the x series would be pretty cool. Not saying that it should be armor, but hidden features are always nice in this type of game.

    46. Zach B on

      Physical media would be the most awesome part of the $60 and up tiers if we can meet the ??? milestone.

      Even though playing games is the most important part, It's hard to break the enjoyable habit of collecting games. I was just shopping for NES carts on Ebay today and still choose real PSP games before picking anything up on PSN.

      There is just something special about those real carts and discs.

    47. Kristan Alicesun on

      Personally I'm a huge fan of this type of documentary. I started pledging to Kickstarter with the Double Fine Adventure. I'm actually not that big of an adventure game fan, but wanted to see the documentary & other behind the scenes info. IF I was only interested in the game, I would back as many KS as I do. For me the behind the scenes stuff is a HUGE part of what I pay for. Thank you Comcempt!

    48. Seth Brown on

      Really would love to play this on PS Vita and PS4.