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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.

24 Hours Later...

Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)

To all of our backers and supporters and friends we've made over the last whirlwind 24 hours -- anyone who came to the panel or the signing at PAX, tweeted about us, came to an interview or wrote a story about us, emailed or commented on our Kickstarter page, posted or shared about us on Facebook, told a friend about us, wished us luck or even just came up to say "hi" -- thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! We could fill this whole update with nothing but those two words and it still would not be enough.

We were and continue to be -completely- blown away by the outpouring of love and support from so many amazing fans, both here at PAX and from all corners of the Internet. It was your passion for our previous games that got us to the starting line, but it's seeing and hearing and reading your feedback and well-wishes for Mighty No. 9 that will fuel us to the finish, and hopefully beyond!

We're still running around like crazy wrapping up PAX (all day Sunday was spent in interviews -- look for coverage soon coming from The Mega Man Network, 100K Strong for Legends 3, Kotaku, Polygon, Giant Bomb, Destructoid, US Gamer, IGN, Gamespot, eurogamer, Game Informer and more), and need a day or two to recover and return back to Tokyo from our debut here in Seattle, but we'll be all set up soon. In the meantime, we're getting ready to ramp up on Facebook and Twitter (follow us @MightyNo9!), we're already answering questions in our KS comments and email, and most importantly, we're prepping to start rolling out regular updates beginning this week!

Speaking of Kickstarter updates -- what do we have planned? How does more concept art, new story and character details, video clips, featured fan art (if you have some, send it to us!), and a podcast sound, for starters? How would you like to follow the evolution of a boss design, from rough sketch to finished product? Or listen along to a localization session as we discuss different character and boss name options? Or take part in an early backer poll on the design for Beck's partner, Call? Or...well, you tell us! We want to hear about what kind of info -you- want to hear about most -- both for our campaign updates and, should we make our goal, beyond that as well!

Finally, before we go, we wanted to give a super-special shout-out to two of our partners: first, Fangamer -- who somehow not only helped design and create awesome made-to-order shirts with unique numbering on each and every one on a super short deadline, but also pulled off the miracle of getting them in the hands of 550-ish PAX panel-goers in a timely and orderly fashion (still not entirely sure how they did it!).

Also, major, major props to 2 Player Productions, who...well, their talent and hard work is evident for all to see in our beyond-our-wildest-dreams-amaze-town pitch video, but what you -can't- see is the infinite patience they've shown, working late nights Skyping with Japan, sitting crammed into a tiny hotel room filming for days on end, and dealing with all the other added hassles that come with doing everything in two languages for the past couple months.

Both these companies are not contractors with this Kickstarter, but true partners and friends, who have risked a lot themselves to take this ride along with us -- and both of them have more in store for us and you throughout our Kickstarter campaign and hopefully beyond.

But we want to end this message how it began: with thanks and gratitude to you, our backers and supporters and fans. With that in mind, we'll leave you for now with this amazing piece of fan art (from rnn, aka @prnnography) that we think says it all:

-The Mighty No. 9 team

We thought it might be fun to use this spot in our updates to highlight cool stuff that comes out of the community, or that we think our community would like to know about -- we'll start, but send us your ideas, links, updates and whatever that have to do with Mighty No. 9!

Now then! Let's kick this off with a great big nod to the Shovel Knight team at Yacht Club Games, who gave us loads of advice and encouragement on shaping our Kickstarter campaign! There's not many places you can go to find a good example of how to do a traditionally-console-centric genre on Kickstarter, much less how to do it right; these guys and gals not only nailed it game- and Kickstarter-wise, but were willing to answer about 10,000 email questions from us at all hours of the day and night. And yes, they were at work all hours of the day and night, 'cause that's just how dedicated they are to making their game awesome! We were super-excited to see it on display here at PAX in Nintendo's booth, where it was drawing huge crowds -- be sure to check it out!


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    1. Taylor Brown on

      @ Lani Whats wrong with what Call looks like? We don't even know what design they even plan on using. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with what Call looks/will look like. Just throw an arm cannon on her and she's ready to go out and shoot baddies.
      Again, I don't see anything wrong with Call being playable but maybe as a unlockable character when we beat the game and get access to new game plus.

    2. Mighty No.10630: Maximz on

      the amount of hype i have for this game is just....MIGHTY!

      i do have a question though, the Mighty No.9 box is that just the cardboard box or it like similar to the plastic game boxes similar to this picture?

      reason i ask is because if it is the plastic box and it is decided that you will include media in form of a usb stick is it possible to just make sure it has a spot where we can put a CD i would love to just make my own Mighty No.9 game installer CD hahah.

    3. Missing avatar

      Son Nguyen on

      Mighty No.9 looks so awesome!!!
      When i heard this, i thought about my childhood playing Megaman X (SNES).
      The amazing music and sound of it (Spark Mandrill Stage en Storm Eagle Stage :D). I hope to hear also in Mighty no 9!!!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Martin Perez Brenes on

      YES! megaman might have died in the hands of Capcom, but his spirit will live on with mighty No9!

    5. Sergio Apodaca on

      MISIóN CUMPLIDA! (almost! I want that PS3 version!)

    6. SkinnyV on

      A boss rush and infinity mode (as seen is some very good MM hack) would be awesome. You guys should definitely check it out and consider it!

    7. BubblegumBalloon (Daniel Griffiths) on

      Congrats Comcept! Glad to support you guys. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Josh Harris on

      It's a pleasure to donate to this. I enjoy that you take the time to converse with your fans as seen in your video. You sir are a class act.

    9. Antonio Santana on

      @Keiji - with all of the current backers showing their support and your project becoming a reality all the old school MM fans worldwide should back this project. Thanks for bringing a new IP to us the fans

    10. Erick Noe Amezquita Lucio on

      I love more the X series and the Megaman-Zero series than the original Megaman series... the characters feel a bit more mature, more thoughtful, as if indeed they were trying to mimic that human part, nonetheless I expect this game to be awesome with all this wonderfull staff on it, they after all made my childhood and made an engineer of me, so props to the legends!

    11. PlayableCall on

      "Or take part in an early backer poll on the design for Beck's partner, Call?"
      I can't wait.

    12. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Celestino on

      Eight bosses are in! Go, go Mighty Numbers!

      I loved Megaman X4 where Zero was an alternate playable. The Zero series also had alternate playables. Being that Mighty No. 9 is going to be all about transforms and a varied weapon selection, I don't now it'll be all that difficult to have an alternate base power with an alternate base sprite. The level design might be a bit more challenging, but that's where the tag idea comes in.

      With a tag-mechanic, Beck and Call are simply two basic transforms you start off with, each with a separate life meter - just like a tag partner in a fighting or brawler game. Having alternate gender transforms creates a fun and more versatile dynamic between the two mains. Muramasa recently exploited this to good effect, even though the two mains are only vaguely narratively and personally related until the final showdown where they battle each other!

    13. Derek Still on

      Also as far as the subject of call being playable, It's not something that I really mind as long as it is reasonable for the team to do, but I see no reason why she can't remain a cute, moe character and still kick-ass. It's not not very high on my wish list though.

    14. Derek Still on

      First Stretch goal reached!!!! Happy dance people!

    15. 趙恩沛 on

      I am just a fan of Rockman X from Taiwan, but it's really excited that hear about the Mighty NO.9 will born. In the past a few year, I'm waiting for Rockman X9 with hopeless. I knew it's no way to see X,ZERO and Axl again. Very sad. Only let them living in our heart. And this guy,Mighty NO.9 ,truly burn my heart like a phoenix reborn in fire. Hhe Soul of Rockman will never die. KEIJI INAFUNE san , BEST WISH FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAM!

    16. Missing avatar

      Keith Michael Urquhart on

      I would hope to see it on the Wii U! That's how I found out about this in the first place.

    17. Missing avatar

      Frederick Macapinlac on

      Wanted to say congrats on reaching the initial goal! I have my twitter set to private so I couldn't comment on the twitter account, but I did want to echo that I am interested in a Vita port. Though I completely understand the difficulty in getting it ported to the PS4 and Xbox One.

    18. William Hadden on

      I'm with Lani here. Multiple playable characters has been the law of the land in games like this as of late, and ain't no reason why Call can't fight alongside Beck. I'm no artist, but that ain't gonna stop me from trying to sketch something up.

    19. Manuel A. Jimenez on

      Great stuff Mr Inafune and the great classic team back together.

    20. Missing avatar

      Omar Karim Hayes on

      I never used kickstarter before in my life, hell, I never payed for something on the internet period. But when i saw this I just couldnt help it. Thank you for this game...seriously, THANK YOU.

    21. Missing avatar

      William McBride on


      You say that as though "cute" is a bad thing. And if making her playable means a full on redesign of Call, then I don't want it.

      Also, I went to a panel at PAX today about gender, feminism, and all that other stuff as it relates to videogames (I'm a masochist, ok?). Suffice it to say I was not impressed by the arguments they put forward, it seems like the push is for diversity for diversity's own sake, and not because it actually makes the game or story better.

    22. Missing avatar

      Gabriel G A Bueno on

      Sorry Lani, but I would still what to see that cute blond Call in the red dress.
      You've got the other one to vote though, she seems more like a fighter.

    23. Louis Blackman on

      Thank you Mr. Inafune and Comcept for giving us a dream to share and to see happen together! Congratulations on making it this far, and let's keep this going! Many of us share the dream of seeing Beck's battle continue onto game consoles!

      As far as updates go, I would be interested in seeing concept art detailing the transformation system. I'd like to see some more examples of Beck taking and using enemies' abilities. Whatever you have in store for us in the coming days, weeks, and months, you have my full support!

    24. Princess Erimemushinteperem on

      I'm glad to see so many people on board with bringing Call in as a playable alternative in some capacity! And so many people on board with the redesign as well! That warms my heart - I honestly thought there'd be more resistance when the idea came up! It's nice to see so many men and women fighting for Call!

      So, here's a challenge - the redesign of Call is a bit difficult. How about the artists here take what's been proposed so far and redesign Call to be more of an active role? Cute (possibly), but a bit more in line with Beck's more active and action-oriented design!

      Post the results here!

    25. Nolan McCollum on

      This is going to be like a megaman rebirth.

    26. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Celestino on

      I think a design with both Beck and Call as playable main characters would be a move to modern game character concept. This allows considerable leeway in later design without affecting narrative or character concept touchstones.

      Aside from alt characters, a possible mechanic would be to have them Call each other - Mighty No. 9 is not Beck but both Beck and Call - the only Gemini dual robots among the Mighty Numbers. The Call mechanic would also explain why they're named Beck and Call.

      The mechanic itself could be implemented in a number of ways. It could allow for varied level design, alternate mains, or something like a tag mechanic, where an ailing Beck could call Call and have her fight on while his health recovers.

      As for Call, there are several moe archetypes that can used to make her super-badass while attracting both a male and female demographic. Fate and Nanoha are popular among the older male crowd. She could be in the mold of Ghost Hunter Mikami, any of the Sailor, or a powerful magical girl type in general - that can be a play for the younger female audience, too, especially if the enemies are adorable (as they typically are in Rockman titles).

    27. Missing avatar

      Linda Heller on

      I am happy to be part of this project. I have been a fan since RockMan (MegaMan) and it pleases me that his legacy will continue - even if it is not him.

    28. Mechanical Paladin on

      I was torn to two with the Call designs, so I drew a quick doodle combining two of her designs:

    29. Dionicio Lerma on

      Thank you INAFKING regards from Monterrey Mexico.

    30. Dionicio Lerma on

      For me its like megaman being revived maybe mega man its dead on capcom but inafune san bringed his soul to beck

    31. Missing avatar

      William T. Flores JR on

      You guys did it!!! CONGRATS!!!! lets see how much more you guys can go for this!!!

    32. Missing avatar

      LUIZ A.S.B on

      Awesome, already over 1 million! Now I hope that the project reach 2,5 millions and we get the console versions of Mighty Nº 9 =D

    33. Missing avatar

      Gabriel G A Bueno on

      Nice to see a lot of people want Call as a bonus playable character as well :)
      I hope her transformations look unique. And what about a local/net multiplayer Co-op mode?

    34. Spencer Gerowe on

      Well now that you've put the seed into my mind I actually really want to see the localization at work update, I'm honestly curious about the process. And obviously the boss design and early backer poll would be awesome too it's just that the localization is something I've never really seen much about and would love to learn more. Congrats on reaching the goal though! Looking forward to everything you guys have to offer.

    35. Greg Watson on

      My Wii U is going to love this!

    36. Nakano

      Now that the base goal is reached, I would like to hear about the actual game plans in future updates. I know we're in planning stage so nothing is yet set to stone, but hearing some concept plans from creators would be nice. Example questions we could discuss about:
      - What kind of weapons / weapon system is planned? For example, does the main weapon has a charge shot (I loved that since Mega Man 4).
      - What kind of movement is considered e.g. double jump, slide, wall jump, wall climb (with some tool) etc.
      - What old features from past Mega Man, Mega Man X & other titles Mighty No. 9 could have?
      - How will the Mighty No. 9 franchise evolve beyond Mega Man titles except the graphics?
      - What are your thoughts of supporting:
      * Extra mode with playable Call. Playable girl main characters are rare. I think strong (=non-stereotypical) female characters in Japan might be seen odd - Call may remain cute, though :) Or tell us what would her role be in the game.
      * Extra mode with 2-4 player co-op (offline, online and with AI support if player still wants to play by himself).
      * Level Editor
      - Could the player affect to the story mode outcome? I haven't played all Mega Man titles, but my opinion is they're overall pretty linear.

    37. Missing avatar

      Mark Alvarez on

      Good luck thank you all for backing this! I miss megaman and cant wait to see its newform. I got my 20 in xD

    38. Calledan on

      Haha, Thank you! I'm relatively new to the Megaman Series, but I'm over joyed to see this new game, and it looks amazing, wish ya only the best!

    39. Rullakebab99 on

      I hope u got a lot of stretchgoals outlined, because i think there's a lot more people are willing to spend on this game. :P

    40. Missing avatar

      Karl Malm on

      Now to find a few more mil to make it even better!

    41. Abdullah Al-Khalagi on

      Inafune Sama & team,

      Can you please please add stickers as rewards for backers please please....

      Arigato Gozaimashta

    42. Missing avatar

      Jaime Acosta on

      awesome.. i just cant wait!. it will be nice if this become like the first cross platform game. Nice to save in cloud and load the progress no matter the console. hope yoy consider this!!

      Inafune and team congrats from Colombia.

    43. Josh Light on

      Congrats on reaching the goal in like a day and a half!! XD Hope this is enough proof that we are all behind you and believe in you, Dev team! Never give up!

    44. donald barnard on

      congrates on surpassing the $900,000 mark and beyond you deffintly won the lottery with this one

    45. Missing avatar

      Chase Sanders on

      I really want to see a PSN/Xbox Live/Wii U release! Please, make it happen :)

      Trophy support for this game would be awesome.

    46. Missing avatar

      Nick Sanchez on

      Fingers crossed for Wii U version!

    47. Delilah Dunn on

      Please make this available to for XBLA and Xbox One! :)

    48. Alan Villarreal on

      Can't wait to see the stretch goals!!!!!