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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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IMPORTANT NOTICE from Fangamer / Fangamerから大切なお知らせ

Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)

Hello Mighty Backers!

Fangamer has recently sent out the following notice. If you have not received the reward yet, please inform fnagamer of your shipping address or contact fangamer ( directly in accordance with the notice. We will complete shipment of physical rewards during this year, so please be sure to check it.

"Fangamer is currently in the process of shipping the remaining physical rewards for the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter. This includes shirts, plush toys, posters, decorative game boxes, artbooks, PC game discs, and USB drives. Please provide your shipping address by November 1st, 2017 at the link provided via e-mail in order to receive your physical rewards. Note that items may become unavailable if your survey is filled out after the November 1st, 2017 deadline. This is the final reminder regarding your Mighty No. 9 physical rewards."

e-mail :


「ファンゲーマーは現在、宛先不明のため、Mighty No. 9のリワード商品(Tシャツ、ぬいぐるみ、ポスター、ゲームボックス、アートブック、ゲームディスク、USB版ゲーム)を受け取られていない方に対する発送を準備中です。 ファンゲーマーから支援者の方に向けてメール通知をお送りしましたので、ご確認の上、2017年11月1日までに宛先住所をお知らせください。期日を過ぎてしまうと発送ができなくなる可能性がございます。また、今回がMighty No. 9のリワード商品発送に関する最後のお知らせとなりますので、必ずご確認いただくようお願いいたします。

メールアドレス :

Mighty No. 9 Team

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    1. Xi The 11th Weapon

      So.....1 year and 2 and a half months later...

    2. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      Right? At this point, I'd rather get a Switch copy than 3DS.

    3. Steve Barna on

      Mega Man 11 will come out before the 3ds port of this game.

    4. Danny Keenan on

      Absolute scumbags. Trash game, and absolute abysmal communication.

    5. Andrew on

      3DS Version please

    6. Mike Vayakornvichit on

      I'm wondering when will they ever even release the 3ds/vita version. They refuse to even allow me to switch to a PC key.

    7. redfalcon696 on

      I am surprised a class-action lawsuit wasn't brought about by all of this.
      What a horrible experience this has been and all these years later, still no sign of the hard cover book, boxes, or any of the other items which were promised to higher-tier backers.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nathan Arce on

      I still haven't gotten my 3DS copy--further, I've asked multiple times to receive a PC copy instead and received absolutely no communication whatsoever from anyone on the team. This is insane. You're crooks.

    9. Harley-James Gravel on

      Hi Comcept team, I'm just passing by to say fuck you.

    10. Mike Vayakornvichit on

      I wish that comcept would atleast give the backers who chose the portable versions a steam key at this point. we deserve that at the very least. it's been almost a full year since the last mention of the portable versions.
      I feel like this is one of the more poorly run projects i've seen in a very long time.

    11. Lelio Starr on

      It's been ages and I've never got my printed books. It's very disappointing. I will never back any project this company will make in the future.

    12. Alex Riggs on

      I forgot all about this, really. The game is... ok but I spent waaay too much for it ($60 tier) and never got the extra rewards.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kevin John Harty on

      I still haven't received most of my stuff fly by night companies like this are the reason why people stop supporting these type of things,

    14. Martin Cortez on

      I am in the same situation as Daniel below. I am waiting for my 3DS version, but will gladly take a steam key instead. I think that with the release of the Switch, the 3DS version is becoming less and less likely.

    15. Daniel Gustafsson on

      I backed the project and selected to get the 3DS-version. I'd still love to have the 3DS version but it doesn't look like we're getting it anytime soon =P

      I'd be happy to get the steam version of the game now instead though. But not sure where I should turn too...

    16. Robert Hillman on

      For get it not bothed now you not sent and now say I don’t what now I just not support anything you do agen so don’t what the game now and say don’t fund any games by this people you not get the game

    17. Harley-James Gravel on

      Hey Comcept! Just dropping by to say fuck you.

    18. doom-o-matic on

      Still haven't gotten the game.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      If you're still missing the game, don't consider it much of a loss. It was freaking awful. Bad doesn't even begin to describe it. I honestly expected a LOT more out of a experienced, professional game dev, but obviously name isn't everything.
      This, along with a dozen other scams, failures or four-year-overdue projects, is why I no longer back.

    20. Zainab Al-Ansari on


      I received the game and DLC keys, but I never received the manual, strategy guide or soundtrack..

      I sent an email and a message but no one replied. I want my soundtrack please :/

    21. Aaron Van Miller on

      Never even reviewed the code for the bloody of version like I paid for. I just want a refund of this garbage.

    22. redfalcon696 on

      Wow, never even got an email for this, but it was nice that you gave all of your higher tier backers 1 whole week to respond, considering you've kept us waiting for over 2.5 years now.
      I agree, go fuck yourselves.

    23. Lee Sparkes on

      I also never got my copy of the game, but at this point, you can keep it. :/

    24. Missing avatar

      hanson933 on

      Still never received a digital copy of the game

    25. Harley-James Gravel on

      Great, now go fuck yourself.

    26. David Bruno on

      Would love to know if the game will be updated on PS4 so I can get my name in the credits per the backer reward.

    27. Missing avatar

      ukshadow on

      I never got the Steam key. Any chance I would still get it?

    28. Robert Shum on

      I never received the game for Xbox 360.

    29. Justin Morante on

      So the strategy guide fell through? It wasn't in the manual that came with the mock box.

      I don't feel like I was able to choose between Famicom or NES style either…

    30. Teng Juin Yan on

      3DS version please.

    31. Meshal on

      Release the handheld versions and move on. This project was a bust.

    32. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      I received my physical rewards, but I can't get the USB stick to work..? Is there any way to troubleshoot / has anyone else had this issue?

    33. Joshua Brooks on

      Cool, any word on when you will actually give me my damn copy of the game?

    34. Fruits on

      If you mean update #121 then yes. The developer name wasn't mentioned though, but they did say they're estimating the portables release in 2017. We're only 2 months away from that.. for waiting that long :[
      Check this link. If you find nothing then contact Humble Bundle directly.
      @Nathan Arce,
      No, I don't think that's a valid excuse. I was just trying to say that this update is in regard of physical rewards only, that' all. If you're trying to contact Comcept there's no hope at that at this point, you're better off contacting Humble Bundle as they're the ones responsible for all digital codes. I'm guessing a PC code switch (if it wasn't your first choice) is easier than any other system since it was the default platform. Best of luck.
      @Jeff NinjaFox,
      They were offered at one point in the campaign as their first "physical" attempt (then came the DVDs.. I think). You had to pay extra something for those.. not sure but something $15 or $25.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ian Eduardo Cisneros Ledezma on

      When is the Vita version coming out? Will it ever come out? I haven't played the game (eventhough I own a PS4 and heard the game was awful btw) but I paid to play it on Vita!

    36. Jeff NinjaFox on

      Wait.... USB drives? I don't remember that. What tier reward was that? I think I've gotten everything I was supposed to (other than the code for 3DS, obviously) in my backer tier, but I don't recall USB drives and I don't see them listed on the page.

    37. Missing avatar

      Nathan Arce on

      @Fruits You think the fact that the 3DS version is being outsourced is a valid excuse? I've asked literally a dozen times now to have my digital reward be switched to the PC version because I just want to *play the game*. I literally never get a response. Totally unacceptable business practices.

    38. trojanzer

      What about those who haven't received their digital rewards? I haven't received my digital copy of the game as of yet

    39. Xi The 11th Weapon

      Fruits, this is information being passed down by comcept from fan gamer. Comcept or should I say Level-5 Comcept haven't updated us regarding the vita and 3ds versions of the game since the engine soft announcement.

    40. Graeme Buchan on

      At this point I don’t want the PS Vita version I chose. I’d just like a refund of my money. Crazy this debacle is still ongoing.

    41. Joshua Denton on

      I also never received my 3DS version. I can't believe people are still waiting on rewards and the game reviews are garbage. Complete waste of my money.

    42. Silverwings on

      I just received my Patriotika comic the other day, another kickstarter project. But unlike you guys, that kickstarter project ran smoothly; and it was managed by an amateur, and you guys are suppose to be professionals with years in business. Next time you do a kickstarter you might want to follow Ron Z's example, he is, so far, the best kickstarter I experience: direct communication from him on kickstarter, frequent updates, when things went wrong he'd acknowledge and rectify it, it also was a fast turn around on getting the product.

      An amateur put you guys to shame.

    43. Fruits on

      Guys, the 3DS version (and PSVita) are still in the works. They're being developed by Engine Software. This update is by Fangamer, the ones specifically responsible for "physical" rewards only.

    44. Fruits on

      You need to contact Humble Bundle for that. Check this link before you do so though, maybe your code is laready there.

    45. Missing avatar

      taskun56 on

      I never got my 3DS backer request. You never sent me any other copy either so you never fulfilled my backing. I honestly had high hopes for this and YOU, but I'm just disappointed. I will NEVER back anything else you guys do. This is a dime-a-dozen industry and you can't afford to lie to consumers like this. Especially on Kickstarter.

      You ignored my emails about never receiving my copy. Then, you've ignored my emails about replacing my 3DS version that I never received with something else. I backed a product. I didn't receive it.

      I hope the rest of your kickstarters (and business ventures) are failures, because this is dishonest. Shame.

    46. JeremysIron on

      I'm still waiting on a WiiU download code - does anyone know a customer service email address for these guys? They don't seem to reply to Kickstarter messages at all.

    47. Missing avatar

      Mark Lord on

      Where is the 3DS version?!

    48. Chris Skuller

      Hopefully we can finally put and end to this sorry chapter in gaming history. And to all those people claiming they will never back on Kickstarter again, don't let one terrible experience turn you away. There is a lot of good stuff on here. I've backed many projects and this kind of stuff is actually very rare.

    49. James D White on

      What about the 3DS port? There has not been any word on that. I have a feeling that's not going to be honored...