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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)

Hello everyone,  

Lead Character Designer KIMOKIMO here!  

We have come upon September 1st, 2016 which means it is time for Mighty Month 3. This time we don’t have any plans for a big event, and instead wanted to finish reporting on the remaining rounds of the KIMOKIMO Cup results!  

Did everyone get a chance to see the feedback and results from Part 8 of KIMOKIMO Cup? I noticed that there were some people disappointed that they were not picked, or were sad that they couldn’t see their designs in the pictures. Even if you don’t spot your design in the pictures, remember that we always have a lot of applicants and Inafune makes sure to go through every single one!  

We still have 3 more rounds to announce, so you never know if you design is going to be picked! The order is a bit off, but let’s go ahead and announce the winners from Part 5!

Follow this link to check out some of the featured designs and contest results!

Until next time Mighties! (`_´)ゞ

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mack Reed on


    2. Frank Hansen on

      still waiting for my physical copy. I've received NOTHING physical yet.
      else I have to sue you... maybe.,

    3. Joé Mangen on

      Were is my physical XB1 copy which I paid shipping for?
      I got a steam code which I don't want and is not the item I paid for!

    4. Missing avatar

      Martyn Bryant on

      Still not got my code for the PS4

    5. codedude3 on

      Keys for Steam have been released correct? I can't get a reply, haven't got mine as of yet and went through proper channels :/

    6. Travis Lee Wheeler

      This is such a complete waste of our time. Every person who backed this kickstarter had high hopes for the project, including myself. After three years of delays and questionable business practices, you still expect us to believe in this massive failure you have produced? KIMOKIMO-san, your boss, Keiji Inafune, is just a huge businessman that doesn't care about making games. Only making money. So quit working for a harsh businessman and find other work, I hear PlatinumGames is hiring.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kevin John Harty on

      When are you guys sending me the rest of my stuff, I didn't pay 600 dollars for a shitty game, a tee shirt and a plush doll

    8. Missing avatar

      Van den Bulck Sam on

      Are you guys trying to mock your backers now ? I have not seen 1 update talking about the multiple issues this "game" has on many gaming systems ...

      How about doing a update with an apology and at least confirming you guys are working on the issues OR at least just come out and say to our faces "We already have your money, so we are done with this and don't expect any updates"

      Not planning every buying or backing anything related to this company or Inafune ever again.

      I feel sad for the Blue Bomber ... Abandoned by the company owning the rights and milked for a cashgrab by it's creator ...

    9. Missing avatar

      hoodoo on

      Still no code. Still no response to messages.

    10. Kristofer Carlson on

      Answer your damn email!! God this campaign is a complete joke.

    11. Ryan Bell on

      I played this game for all of 5 minutes. I reflected on the money I wasted at such a garbage game and then turned it off... I can't believe I let myself get suckered into the hype of this game. I am contemplating deleting it off my console for good. On another note I am curious to to see just how poop Red Ash turns out to be as this has laid the foundation for suck and if this game is any indication the spiritual successor to MML will also suck. Curse you Comcept, Inti Creates, and Deep Silver.

    12. Jeffrey Jedynack on

      I backed 250$ for this and i don't mind waiting but what i do mind is the lack of communication if i was told something like "We estimate the rewards being shipped out in X weeks we apologize for the inconvenience" i would be fine with that I've already waited for 3 years i can wait a bit more but I've sent several messages and several emails with no reply and it's been weeks heck i still dint even get my redeem code which should be really easy to produce and send.

    13. "Wakko" on

      "What part of physical goods going out THIS FALL do you children not understand?"

      Perhaps the part where such news/updates should come from Comcept, and not from other backers? We all know what happened the last time we were informed by other backers that the game wouldn't be delayed in September 2015 :)
      *sips champagne*

      I mean, I love how Comcept is evil and all, but at least have the courage and courtesy of being upfront with their underhandedness!

    14. James Charlesworth on

      Nevermind the physical stuff, I still don't have a game whatsoever! You aren't answering my message :'(

    15. Harley-James Gravel on

      I want my money back, you didn't even give me a vita or 3ds version I ordered.
      Nevermind the fact that your game sucks

    16. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      so, where the fuck are the news about the 3ds and our physical stuff?

    17. Bill Budd Jr. on

      When in the hell are our retro game boxes going to ship?

    18. Mr. MegaManFan on

      Any word on when we'll get backer rewards like boxes and strategy guides?

    19. Missing avatar

      Sam Christie-Sgro on

      I still haven't gotten my code and who knows if the SNES box will even ship.

    20. Justin

      @Mario - LOL!!!! Most of the backers have gotten their game and have turned off notifications. They aren't even aware this update exists.

    21. Nekketsu Chile on

      And 3DS/Vita Version Where??????

    22. doom-o-matic on

      67226 backers, and only 24 "like" this update. You did bad, and you should feel bad.

    23. Teng Juin Yan on

      And wow, still no update at all regarding the 3DS version.

    24. Michael Lipinski

      You actually point out, unironically and with no shame, that it's the THIRD ANNIVERSARY OF YOUR KICKSTARTER with no update of our physical perks. Seriously?!? WTF?!?


    25. Vulpix on

      I've patiently waited for three years without complaint, despite poor communication and multiple delays. Long after the public launch, I still see no sign of the physical reward I was promised as an original backer.

      At this point, a refund would be ideal.

    26. Missing avatar

      Angela Plafcan on

      Where are our physical rewards?

    27. Robert Curtis Sharp on

      Still waiting on my physical stuff.

    28. Matt Gibbons on

      Hey we wasted your money, didn't deliver on pretty much anything we promised, but here's some fan work while we continue to ignore people who haven't received their rewards!

      This campaign nearly put me off of Kickstarter for life

    29. Missing avatar

      Mack Reed on

      cool update, another twist of the backer knife.... Spent quite a bit of money to still get less than average local non backing joe, wheres our stuff? Stop doing all this silly other stuff and either let us know whats going on with what was promised, or focus the time on finishing whatevers being delayed.

    30. Aphexangel on

      Sorry Kimokimo, I and many other artists can't give half a shit about your Mighty Months when the comments are dominated by people who haven't received their promised products. It's nice that you're interested in seeing the fanbase grow and giving us a way to be included in the development process, but you guys are alienating the fanbase you guys currently have.
      It's insulting to your fans. It's insulting to your backers.
      Cancel this crap until you guys get your shit in order.


      @Justin, the part of where in Fall. Early Fall? Mid Fall? Late Fall? Free Fall (out of existence)?

    32. Ilya Meylakh on

      Still waiting for the 3DS release, ffs.

    33. Lauren on

      Still haven't got my code!

    34. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      I'm curious. Do you guys just totally not read the responses to these 'updates', or do you just suffer from the complete inability to comprehend the world around you?

    35. Missing avatar

      Davide Salvatore on

      How about giving us an update on when the physical rewards will be shipped?

    36. Dean violette on

      Where the fuck are my physical goods that were promised to me when I backed this game in the beginning...

    37. Rin on

      Can you reply? Am I credited in the game now?

    38. Enrique Rivera on


    39. Danny Keenan on


    40. Kain G. D. Lacroix on

      It's the 0th anniversary for the 3DS release though.

    41. Five Element Ninja on

      No one cares about any of this. Where's our physical rewards?

    42. Justin

      What part of physical goods going out THIS FALL do you children not understand?

    43. Tyler Johnson on

      I didn't hate the game. I actually got SOME enjoyment out of it. That aside though, I paid QUITE a bit of money for the physical rewards, and I'm not talking about that damn plush. I want what I was PROMISED. We may not be able to get refunds for the game but those rewards are a different thing. Where is our update on THAT?

    44. Missing avatar

      Russell Patton on

      Yea, where is the update on the rest of physical rewards?

      Orrrr updates on the portable versions of the game?

    45. Jonathan Charron on

      Like many others I'm waiting on the physical rewards I contracted with you guys to provide. The project was launched earlier this year and I don't understand why this hasn't been fulfilled.

    46. Fred Luzuriaga on

      So… When do I get the physical stuff I paid for? It's been 3 years guys… I want my things or I want my money back!

    47. Missing avatar

      Shane Saiyan on

      How about an update on the physical rewards so many of us spent a ton of money on?

    48. Bob on

      Any update on when we'll get our retro boxes?

    49. Lee Yerkes on

      Your game is terrible and you should feel terrible.