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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)

Hey Mighties!  

We have some good news today!
Some of our fans have already noticed this, but the Mac/Linux builds of the game went live on Steam! If you have been waiting for those versions, you can now download them via Steam!

We will be uploading the DRM-free versions to Humble Bundle as soon as they are ready as we are still doing a quick round of testing.

We are very sorry for the delay, and very much appreciate the patience and understanding.

Enjoy your game, Mighties! (`_´)ゞ
-The Mighty No. 9 Team


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    1. unfalse on

      How do I obtain my Steam key? I am looking all over for it...

    2. Missing avatar

      Mack Reed on


    3. Missing avatar

      Dominick Lunetta on

      Hi I never got my boxed copy of the game for PS4 I got my shirt etc but never the game

    4. Michael Graney on

      So I DON'T know where to ask this but I've still not received my download code for this game...

    5. Alejandro Alfonso on

      I love how they have to put on a smile and pretend like people give two shits about this game anymore with these updates.

    6. Johua De Santo on

      This is great ... however, I still haven't gotten the link for the full Windows version. The link I was e-mailed takes me to the demo only.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mathew James Cassidy on

      So any update on the 3DS version!? I mean man this game really is the spiritually successor of Megaman. Have a 3DS and nope game still delayed not coming out most likely.

    8. Missing avatar

      Steven Vass on

      I still haven't gotten my activation code for Steam. Sending out emails for unrelated things like this just makes me angry. Give me my code or go away.

    9. Jonathan Robertson

      I like the game, but feel like I've been spoiled with less-difficult games for years and have become a bit soft as a result. MN9 is a little difficult! But I've played the MM Legacy Collection recently and it's pretty much in the same vein of difficulty, so nothing to complain about. Looking forward to going through it at a leisurely pace some time soon. As a side note, there's a lot of extra content/replay-able modes, which I found interesting.

    10. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      This project was a total joke. You promised us the stars and you gave us a wet fart. To those who haven't got their physical copies: just write it off as a done deal. You'll probably cry when you see what you paid so much money for, anyway..

    11. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      I'm just here for the hate messages... There's a lot! Glad to see a few of you enjoying the game, at least.

    12. Missing avatar

      hoodoo on

      I still don't have a steam code either!

    13. Tatsu No Houou on

      Still waiting for my steam code. I'm getting to the point I want a refund

    14. Robert Curtis Sharp on

      Still waiting on my physical stuff. With nothing but silence on anything regarding it.

    15. Missing avatar

      Addison Smith on

      Still haven't received my game code for Steam.

    16. Dee on


    17. Harley-James Gravel on

      I don't care.
      Give me back my money, your game sucks dick.

    18. Hau Ngo on


      Can I change my selection from the NDS to Mac/Steam?


    19. Missing avatar

      Fred Goya on

      Wow that's nice.

      How about my backer's reward? I have yet to receive my PHYSICAL COPY OF THE GAME. Should I go to my nearest Game Stop and retrieve a copy from them for free stating that Comcept has such poor customer service thus I am getting what is rightfully mine?


      How about a refund?

      Still NO?

      How about an update on the status of Backer's rewards?

      A big HELL NO?

    20. Missing avatar

      IamDanD on

      Hello, I have physical items that should be shipped to me. The Old-School Game Box, Old-School Game Manual, USB retro style game physical game, and other items. Are items close to being shipped? What is the word on this as there has not been any communication about when we will be receiving items that were paid for, or at least updates on what is going on?!?

      Please let me know/us know thank you. :-)

    21. ichin on

      Any word on the physical items are being shipped?

    22. Steven Remington on

      Still waiting on my PC NES cart USB version of the game.

    23. Josef Blom on

      @Guillaume Mourgues - Nobody's getting a physical console version of the game as a backer reward. All physical versions of the game offered as add-ons are for the PC version of the game. Any console version chosen is for the digital copy offered to backers at $20 and up.


    24. Guillaume Mourgues on

      I choosed a contribution wich permit to receive a physical copy of the game. I choose a Wii U copy. Will I get it ?

    25. Franco Chan on

      Will the PS4 patch to fix the crashes be sent out soon? I stopped playing my copy after it crashed 3 times. I still want to experience the game and enjoy it... but I will only go back to play it once it is fixed.

    26. Missing avatar

      fei larco on

      Will I ever receive my PS4 copy?

    27. Cleber Thiago Freitas on

      so, as most of the people here, I was hoping to get any news on the USB stick as you never answer e-mail or direct message, but still silence regarding it.
      one doubt is, as I've also pledged for the USB stick, should I get the Steam/whatever code for it on my Humble account or it will only come into the USB stick, because, the game it self is done, but you have a serious problem with dates and fulfilling promisses. it's not fair that I can't play the game on PC due to your own problems in delivery what has been promissed as physical.

    28. Knux Kitsune on

      Where are my rewards? I can't even play on PC because I need the usb stick for it!

    29. Missing avatar

      Angela Plafcan on

      When will the US/Japanese boxes be shipped?

    30. M. S. Corley on

      I supported at the $60 tier, for the 3DS version of the game.
      Have yet to receive game or any rewards..

      Please Comcept, respond and give us a timeline at least. . . . . .

    31. Missing avatar

      ukshadow on

      I have yet to receive anything at all.

    32. AngelSword on

      Rewards I've received:
      •Wii U Code
      •Beta Access
      •Digital Artbook
      •Digital Strategy Guide
      •Digital Soundtrack
      •Wii U DLC (Special Transformation, Rey & Retro Hero, Golden Hero)

      Rewards I'm Missing:
      •Physical Game Box
      •Physical Retro Instruction Manual
      •Cartridge USB w/ Game

    33. Andre Borges on

      will we ever get our physical rewards? I just wanna get this over with

    34. Missing avatar

      Esteban Romo on

      Where are my physical goods? Box art, USB Cartridge? I haven't even received my Xbox Codes for the game

    35. Charlie Day on

      Finally found the time to sit down and finish the game on Xbox One last night! Overall a pretty great game! I enjoyed it a lot. The highlight for me is the voice acting, especially Avi and Sanda. However, the gameplay was smooth and fun and I look forward to Comcept's next project.

    36. Thais Parreira on

      I have yet to receive the code for my 3DS copy as well. Still having trouble with the 3DS version of the game? I only got the Stream code for PC!

    37. Adon Ai on

      I know everyone is already asking for this but how about those physical rewards?

    38. David Good on

      Wow! Thank you Comcept for a really fun game and support for Linux. I appreciate your hard work on this project!

    39. Carlos Oporto on

      How can I ask for a refund? Why they can't ship physical rewards? There has been more than a year to make them!!!

    40. David Bruno on

      I'm right there with @Rin and @Aaron. I'm still waiting on the name in the credits and the physical goods. :(

    41. Professor Icepick on

      Is the soundtrack up yet?

    42. Missing avatar

      Viet Hoang-Tran on

      Are we going to get the physical copies?

    43. Nakano

      Will you give everyone DRM free version? I got the game for PS3, but it has frame rate issues and I completely stopped playing (that's why I emailed and asked from you a Steam key as a "satisfactory" replacement, but you never replied to the email and don't think you have fixed or will fix fps drop issue). I don't think I'll support Inti Creates or Comcept in the future.

    44. Five Element Ninja on

      How about those physical rewards?

    45. Saper on

      What with Bug: where in entire game there's no text, not in menu, not in game

    46. Aaron Johnson on

      I'm still waiting on my physical box to show up.

    47. Carlos Oporto on

      Where are my physical rewards???????

    48. David Miedzianowski on

      You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. The product you put out was not only a garbage game, but you lied to the backers, degraded the game to a joke quality, and can't get anything done in a timely manner. This is one of those games you DONT get in the $5 unknown game bin. This was a huge wake up call into future Kickstarter video game investing.

    49. Rin on

      Did you add my name to the credits?