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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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Mighty No. 9 Product Keys Update

Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)

Hey Mighties! 

Now that the game is releasing in Europe, we wanted to update our backers on any remaining issues regarding the launch especially issues relating to product keys. Since the release of the game earlier this week we have seen reports of backers not receiving the codes they requested in the survey. After working and sorting out these issues with our partner Humble Bundle we have identified the following issues (with conclusions on some of the reported problems). If you are still having trouble receiving your codes, please review the following information and see if your problem falls in to any of these examples. 

The issues break down into a few different categories and it appears that the majority stem from typos or input/encoding errors in the email address field from the final platform survey. This can include normal typos in the address or domain name or an unnecessary space included in the text field. Most of these were easy for the Humble Bundle team to track down and have already been fixed. 

Here is a more detailed breakdown of some of the issues we have seen. 

- DLC keys delivered without the Main Game Product Key. This issue is most likely caused by the errors described above related to the email entries. Our support teams are checking everyone's data and distributing any missing codes. If the proper codes are still not displaying on your account, please contact Humble Bundle's support to solve any further issues. 

- Delivered code is for a different platform/region from what was chosen on the survey. For any such issues, please contact the Humble Bundle support staff. They have the survey results on hand so they can check that against the codes being distributed in their system and clear up the issue. 

- Missing DLC Keys
Our support teams are aware of this issue, and have been working to correct any discrepancies. If your account is still not displaying the correct keys, please contact Humble Bundle support to clear up any remaining issues. 

- No Keys received
Regarding this issue, it is necessary to check each of these issues separately in order to confirm each backer's status. We are working through them now as fast as we can. *We have noticed a number of users who backed for less than $20 claiming this issue. Please remember that a digital copy of the game is only included for backers who pledged $20 or higher. 

Due to the amount of requests our support teams are receiving, we are still working through all of the support mails. 

There is also a chance that your issue has been resolved as Humble Bundle fixes issues in their database, so please make sure to check your Humble Bundle account page. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

We also have another small update from our side is regarding the Wii U codes for NoE and NoAUS. These have been 100% imported into the system by Humble Bundle now, so any backers waiting for those keys should be able to find them on their Humble Bundle page at this time. 

We received also word from Deep Silver that the Xbox 360 version of the game has gone gold! We have received the Xbox 360 backer codes and passed them on to Humble Bundle. We expect them to be added to everyone's accounts very soon. We will update everyone once they have all been imported into the system. 

We do have one piece of bad news for our European backers. We had word last night from Deep Silver that a minor issue with the Vermilion Destroyer (RAY) DLC for PS3/PS4 was flagged by SIEE and was regressed from gold status as a result. This means that the DLC will not be available for a few days as Deep Silver and SIEE address the problem. 

If you are still experiencing issues relating to the product codes or running into any other troubles please contact our support teams for help.Customer Support Links:

Humble Bundle Support Page

We have also been keeping an eye out for any game-related bug reports, and those issues have been reported to Inti Creates and we are awaiting their feedback on the issues. Upon encountering any bugs please take the time to report them in our Bug Report Thread on the forums: 

Enjoy your game, Mighties! (`_´)ゞ
 -The Mighty No. 9 Team



日本のバッカーのみなさんには直接関係しないことですが、本日24日をもってMighty No. 9は全世界で発売されたことになりました。 
遅れていたXbox360も発売され、Xbox360を選んだバッカーのコードはもうすぐHumble Bundleのシステムから発行されます。

HBのサポートチームとM9チームで原因を探ったところ、多くの不具合の理由がアンケートのメールアドレスの問題だということが判明しました。  (メアドの誤記入、不要なスペース、脱字など) 下記にこちらで確認できる症状とその解決策をリスト化しましたので、もし不具合が発生している場合はまずこのリストをご確認いただければ幸いです。 

■DLCコードは来たが、ゲーム本編のコードが来ない この問題はおそらくメールアドレスの誤記入によるものです。 サポートチームがメールアドレスの確認などを行っていますので、今しばらく待ちください。 もし数日後にまだ改善されない場合は、ご連絡いただければ幸いです。 

■違うリージョンのコードが届いた、違うプラットフォームのコードが届いた こちらの問題に関しては、コード発送システム上のエラーの可能性が高いです。 

 ■DLCコードが届かない この問題はすでに対応中で数日内には解決する見込みです。 もし数日後にまだ改善されない場合は、ご連絡いただければ幸いです。 

 ■コードが一切届かない この問題に関しては、複数の原因がある可能性がありますので、サポートチーム側がバッカー情報からコード発送システムまで全てのポイントを調べています。 *注意* この問い合わせの多くがデジタル版のゲームを得られないバッカー($20以下のプレッジ)からで一人一人のプレッジレベルの確認を行わないといけないため、時間を要しています。 
もしこの問題で問い合わせを行っている場合、お手数ですが今一度ご自分のプレッジレベルのご確認をお願いいたします。 現在サポートチーム全員が日夜対応を行っています。 

 Mighty No. 9チーム一同

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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel wooton on

      Still never got my art book. Or really any of my rewards....any news?

    2. Missing avatar

      Mack Reed on


    3. Jonathan Mansfield on

      Still never got Signed Art Book, is that ever going to happen?

    4. Metafaniel Cyodar on

      It seems to be a lot of people are still waiting for the rewards... In my case I haven't received the game Steam code yet, and no clue about my NES cartridge USB yet. WHAT'S GOING ON?? Is this the way you handle the trust we HAD in you people? I want my rewards or my money back, I can't wait ANYMORE.
      I'll demand answers in all possible media and emails, this is not possible ¬¬

    5. Justin B on

      Still waiting for the final part of the physical rewards (signed art book, game boxes, USB, etc). Is it even possible to get a refund from what seems to be abandoned rewards? Any update would be greatly appreciated from fans who funded more than the average backer. Thanks.

    6. Michael Graney on

      I've still not received my key for the game... like the physical game is already out and still nothing.

    7. Druce Tan on

      i still have not received my correct region PSN code. i emailed several times with no response or acknowledgement at all.

    8. Steven Cottle on

      The things still missing now are:
      •game box
      •printed instructions
      •digital soundtrack
      •cartridge flash drive
      · Digital Art book/Strategy guide
      Pledged $60

    9. Arturo AG on

      What about the xbox one codes?

    10. Missing avatar

      Gerrit Hansen on

      @Marcos I think by now we can begin to give up hope that there will be coming anything other then what we have now. The game was righteously thrashed by critics and fans, I bet it will not fare well enough to finance any physical goods. Of course that shouldn't have been necessary in the first place, but seeing how things went this project in the past I think it's fair to assume there is no money for any physical goods. I hope I'm proven wrong...

    11. Marcos Bolton on

      Still waiting my physical rewards.

    12. Missing avatar

      Christina Davis on

      When is our 3ds version coming out? With how long this has taken I really want just my money back :/

    13. Nekketsu Chile on

      and Ps Vita/3Ds Version when????

    14. Ivo Santos on

      Still waiting for the mac version of a game I backed more than 2 years ago...

    15. Missing avatar

      Aaron Worner on

      Remember people, be respectful and considerate, even if the developers of the game have given up on you by being perfectly fine with providing us no news about physical accommodations or supposed "still in development" console releases.

    16. Teng Juin Yan on

      Still not the slightest update regarding 3DS version either.

    17. Marco on

      No key yet. What now?

    18. Brandon Wofford on

      no PS4 code yet what is going on?

    19. Vandoeun Long on

      Waiting on my artbook.

    20. Mark Sandoval on

      I paid $60. I have nothing. What gives?

    21. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Reed on

      physical rewards indeed happy im not the only one

    22. Anthony EXPERT on

      Any news about the art book ? Please ?

    23. Missing avatar

      akwafresh on

      Where are the physical rewards that everyone paid for?

    24. Uberrich on

      When are we getting our physical boxes in the mail ?

    25. David on

      I think you owe us an update on physical rewards. Come on this is ridiculous.

    26. Missing avatar

      jball002 on

      I never got my PS3 code. I even contacted comcept and never got a response

    27. Missing avatar

      Aaron Worner on

      It has been over a month since the release date of this game. . .
      PR has gone almost completely silent, updates have become infrequent, there has been no sign of the second part to the backer funded documentary, and backers of all kinds have been left in the dust. And while all of this goes on, people are out there buying this game with the unwavering lack of sense of what this game was supposed to be, and flaunting their dull position as if they are afraid to accept the truth that we did not get what we were promised - not in payment, not in communication, not in spirit, nothing in return for what we supported years ago.
      So, you fooled me, you fooled the backers, you fooled the Mega Man fans, you fooled everyone that believed in this game. And, Keiji, you fooled the people that believe you killed what you made, because the fate embedded in the past determines that you killed what made you - the Mega Man series, the Mega Man trademark, and the spirit of Mega Man itself, all broken and swept away with the tide.
      All of us that hoped for something that could bring Mega Man back from Capcom's grasp have had our patience abused and our trust squandered. It is time to move on and look to the indie developers that hold onto whatever fragments left of Mega Man's soul, as many developers have proven that games like 20XX can hold a brighter candle than Mighty No. 9. If Mega Man is to live on, we cannot wallow with our shattered hopes that we held onto for Capcom, and we must fix them for someone else - someone who knows better than anyone who only sees Mega Man as a cash vacuum.

    28. Missing avatar

      Paul Mahunik on

      I still haven't received my other rewards like the hardcover signed book and game boxes ect.

    29. Missing avatar

      Bruno Coelho on

      I still didn't get my product Key for steam. already try to contact mighty no and Humble Bundle support but without any success... I had pledge for $20, I should already got the game...

    30. Missing avatar

      Tyler Merrill on

      Probably just screaming into the void again, but whatever, it's kind of cathartic at this point.

      So, it's been OVER A MONTH since the release date. I pledged $99 to get in on the ground floor of this revolutionary new game, but all I get is to feed off the fumes of people who paid just 30 damn bucks and might not have even heard of Mighty No. 9 before then, and they are pretty noxious so far. If there was going to be this much of a problem with getting the 3DS version, I wish I had at least been in some way notified or warned and I might have switched. But no, here I am, one month on, while people who paid less than a third than me have long since finished the game. I understand that maybe you overextended yourselves and that it's hard to port to multiple consoles, but this lack of communication this much time later is just asinine and kind of insulting.

      Please, do SOMETHING to convince me you weren't just feeding off the good intentions of a bunch of people that felt burned by Capcom.

    31. Missing avatar

      Richard King on

      I'm a $40 backer and I have received nothing at all yet.

    32. Missing avatar

      Juha M. on

      Nothing heard in 11 days for me. Still missing my DLC. Maybe I'll never receive it, who knows?

    33. Nicholas Webb on

      Game is okay just really hard and not very rewarding. Want to know about my physical rewards. Hey at least the game is less buggy then Pokemon go. . .

    34. James Meister on

      Would be nice to have ANY communication on the delays for ALL of your backers. Us Linux/Mac folks were told there would be a SLIGHT delay... Yet here we stand STILL without the ability to play what we paid for over three years ago.

    35. TheMaverickZero on

      I went to claim my keys and the Ray DLC keys for steam say they're temporarily exhausted. Does that mean I'm just out of luck getting the DLC or will I ever get new codes? The only one I actually wanted at this point I can't even have.

    36. Dyon Martin on

      Hello, I still haven't received my Xbox One Codes. When can i finally play the game?

    37. Shayne Tellian on

      So when are the backer rewards actually coming? Posters, physical boxes, usb version of the game, personalized sketches. I know you've only had 3 years to prepare, but an update would be wonderful..And i know i know in 3 years you haven't figured out that being honest and up front is the way to go but please have an uncharactistic change of heart and tell us when we should start expecting our actual goods. Please don't just pawn it off on humble bundle again.

    38. Missing avatar

      Toby Cheffins on

      I have still not received anything in way of contact, explanation, or actual delivery of my digital code of mighty number 9. what is going on? I know better late than never applies in some cases, but this is already past the point of too little too late in my eyes. If I can buy a copy of this game elsewhere NOW instead of waiting for my backer copy, then what was the point or perk in backing the game in the first place? No benefit has been received, let alone backing perks.

    39. Martin Saffrette on

      I still haven't received my code for the Wii U version. All my emails seem to have been ignored. What's going on!?

    40. Xona Games on

      I finally received my PS4 code via your email support. Thank you!!

    41. Jorrit Monné on


      - I've mailed humble bundle and all other mail addresses over 4 times now.
      I don't even get a mail back. this is a joke?
      Why are you so unfriendly against first-day backers?

    42. Minh Tran

      It has been two weeks and i still have yet to receive my game code

    43. Xona Games on

      Also, I noticed on the backer page that it says, "NO SURVEYS SENT". This seems to showcase that no surveys were sent to me. Hope this helps. Check for my emails to your support email. Thank you!

    44. Xona Games on

      I still have not received a response from your email support, regarding not receiving a PS4 key (or the survey where I could select PS4 -- despite not having those surveys blocked). Can you check for emails. Thank you!

    45. D. Tyrone Barnes, II on

      I haven't received a key for the game either.

    46. JediLuke on

      This has just been piss poor to say the least. Emails and messages go unanswered, I didn't want to listen to the bad reviews, however, I am unable to review it myself because they have not sent me the game.

    47. Timothy Roller

      Still no key for me. Sending another email to support.

    48. Missing avatar

      Juha M. on

      Really cool that I'm two weeks now waiting to get my DLC for Wii U. Have been in discussion with a guy at the Mighty No 9 forums and also Humble Bundle but still no solution.

      Both parties claim that my code is the main game + DLC, when in fact it is just the main game. I've tested the whole thing and reinstalled the game to my Wii U.

      No Maniac mode so no Retro Hero DLC, no Ray level available after tutorial level completion so no Ray DLC.

      Also in my Wii U eShop Ray DLC is available for purchase, not for download. That clearly says that my code did not have the Ray DLC.

      Currently I'm waiting for answer for either party. It's really awesome how this project turned out.

    49. Missing avatar

      Mokiki on


      I tried the resender thing but I get an email saying there are no orders. And I also politely emailed comcept two weeks ago and haven't heard back from them.
      This is getting really frustrating. I don't even want to play the game anymore it's more about principle at this point.