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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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Mighty No. 9 Product Keys

Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)

Hey Mighties! 

How is everyone enjoying the game? 

I know our European backers are still waiting for the game to release, but it is right around the corner! There were a few small issues regarding the keys that went out yesterday, so we wanted to quickly put out an update to clear that up. 

The Humble Bundle team were able to fix an issue in their system where the Retro Hero DLC codes for Steam were being distributed in place of the RAY 'Vermilion Destroyer' DLC codes. This issue was fixed right before the Steam release went live, and for anyone who had that issue they should have a new key waiting on the Humble Bundle account page. 

There were also quite a few backers who reported issues with the PSN codes, and that issue was cleared up once the PSN store finished their update. Those codes should have been valid as soon as the game went live on the PSN store at 9AM PDT.  

We have also seen users who have had problems finding their account on Humble Bundle. For that and other issues, the following page is useful for clearing up any issues: 

Our team and the team at Humble Bundle will be doing our best to clear up any remaining issues! 

Enjoy your game, Mighties! (`_´)ゞ
-The Mighty No. 9 Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mack Reed on


    2. Missing avatar

      Christian Alsos on

      Almost a month out since release and still no key, European backer.

    3. Missing avatar

      Raphael Oyama on


      I'm a becker to this project, the game is already released and I still haven't got my copy for playstation 4! I tried contact by e-mail but I haven't got any answer from concept. I've sent prove on that e-mail that I am a becker.
      I had to buy the game on Steam, and I loved it! I really want to have my copy that I requested for playstation 4.
      Where's is my code??
      Please help me, I really like this game!

    4. Clinton Racine on

      Any update on the HC Artbook?

    5. Missing avatar

      KIM HAK KI on

      Still waiting for my key :(

    6. Astromono on

      Still waiting for my key and we haven't heard an update since last month. What the hell?

    7. Sebastián Colé G. on

      Just like james, in my HB key only leads to the demo, no windows - steam serial, i send you lot's of mails you never respond them!.

    8. James Zarbock on

      I can't enjoy the game. I opted for an Xbox One key. I have an HB key that only leads to the demo. Also it says Mac,Windows,Linux and not XB1.

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Doulis on

      Still waiting for my key :(

    10. Missing avatar

      Alex Perman on

      Would be nice to have my steam key sent to me some time soon...

      I understand you are having issues getting them out but I didn't even get to play the beta several weeks back because of some sort of mishap.

    11. Shaun Wightman on

      This is so frustrating. I never received a backer survey. So I never got the chance to get a PS4 copy. (I emailed multiple times) Then I get a steam key in the mail, and it's just the Golden Hero DLC and not the full game. Checked Humble Bundle, there is nothing.

    12. Rin on

      When I first checked my code I never logged in but I still saved the code. Next day when I go to check the page I have a new code. Both codes worked! I gave one to my buddy and he confirmed that. They were both for PSN. Did I discover a bug?

    13. Missing avatar

      Taylor Everett on

      Can't figure out where my key is and I seem to be the only one who has no idea what a "humble bundle" is. It's a website dur but I don't care for it or it's lame name, just send the damn key for steam...

    14. Maurice Cherry

      @#14015 - Mighty Morningstar:
      I tried that and the only thing it showed me is the Mighty No. 9 Demo Deep Silver. I downloaded it, but it's just a zip file -- no executable or any way to actually even play the demo (since there are no instructions). I pledged at the $20 level, so I didn't get any art book or other DLC.

      I'll try emailing the address Mobin just posted on here and see if they can sort it out.

    15. #14015 - Mighty Morningstar on

      Thank you for the update!

    16. Mobin Mobeen on

      This from Humble Bundle for backer news:

      Coming Soon:

      Nintendo 3DS (All regions)

      Coming VERY Soon:
      Nintendo Wii U (Australia & Europe)

      Xbox 360

      Mighty No 9 Soundtrack

      At this time the Vita version of Mighty No. 9 is still in development. However, your product key for Mighty No. 9 will unlock the game on your Playstation account. The code is cross-buy compatible so backers who chose PS Vita will be able to play the game on PS3 and PS4 while they await the release of the PS Vita version of the game.

      If you have any questions or concerns not addressed in the FAQ (link above), please email Comcept at for additional assistance.

    17. Missing avatar

      joseph james scott on

      Hey guys, i have also received "demo " from Humber bundle And have also not received my code for the WII u Version of the game. i am from Australia And the game is now of the Nintendo store
      and am very exited to get my hands on it, once i get my code.
      thank you

    18. Mobin Mobeen on

      Thank. I got my code for PS4 EU and it is working also DLC as well too. I am from Australia just letting fellow Australian know that your PSN EU code should work now. If you didn't get code then Follow Mighty Morningstar link He or She pasted in here. Because there is 2 pages of it. One is old one with demo and other new one with the game and dlc.

    19. #14015 - Mighty Morningstar on

      Just enter the email you used to back this project (the ORIGINAL one 3 years ago)
      Then the will send you all download pages associated with your email account. If you use an aliased gmail address for your kickstarter account, try the resender on the base(!) gmail address.

      In my case I get 3 pages, one is the same you mentioned with nothing but the demo and digital artbook/manual. But I get a different one for the keys.

    20. Maurice Cherry

      The Humble Bundle information I have is for "Mighty No. 9 Demo Deep Silver", not the full game. And I requested having the gaming for PS4, but never received a survey.

    21. #14015 - Mighty Morningstar on

      IS there a way for me to PM a fellow backer? To make sure my fix reaches Jeffery? D:

    22. #14015 - Mighty Morningstar on

      @Jeffery Patton

      appcrash every time I try to load both 32 and 64 bit versions
      1) Go to Mighty No. 9\MN9Game\Config and open the file "Mn9SystemSettings.ini" (notepad)
      2) Find the entry "bAllowD3D9MSAA" and change it's value to "False"

    23. #14015 - Mighty Morningstar on

      On the distribution of remaining physical goods
      Fangamer about physical rewards: "Sorry for the delay! Comcept has been focused on releasing the game, but now that it’s out they’ll be able to turn their attention to the assets we need to produce the merchandise. We expect to have rewards shipped out sometime this fall."

    24. David Stalker on

      @Marcel Frohlich,
      Same here mate. I have NEVER received an e-mail from Comcept, and I have started sending them e-mails a year ago to ask about the physical rewards.
      Now I have paid USD 75 to these guys and can't play the game because they ignored my choice in 2 surveys and sent me the wrong region code...

    25. Giru017 on

      I've written 4 emails and sent several messages. I got sent a EU PSN code when I asked for a NA one, PLEASE FIX THIS! I gave you $60 for a digital mess of a game, the least you could do is actually letting me PLAY this game!!!

    26. Brandon Wofford on

      HB had me send you guys a email so I did. I have yet to hear back about my PS4 code for NA. Hopefully this is ironed out soon.

    27. Nick Gipson on

      Any Aussies gotten their keys yet?

    28. Missing avatar

      Andrew Doulis on

      I continue to wait patiently for a steam key while non backers have been playing for the last 3 days :( What a kick in the teeth. I assumed backing would mean I would have it on release day but clearly who cares about the people who funded and got your game started in the first place.

    29. Gibrán Majalca on

      Thanks for the quick update and fix!

    30. AfroRyan

      It's better than nothing.

    31. Karl Abraham on

      Or at least in Sweden, I should say. I can't speak for the rest. =)

    32. Karl Abraham on

      Seems to work well on PSN Europe now.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jeffery Patton on

      My game crashes on launch

    34. Missing avatar

      Mark Rivera on

      I still haven't gotten any code for the game at all.

    35. Missing avatar

      Juha M. on

      The game has been released today morning in Europe Wii U eShop and still I have not received my backer code. So normal buyers are more important than Kickstarter backers?

      Please sort out this mess. I sent you an email about this as well, but I'm not expecting a reply, since all my other earlier email questions where not answered either.

    36. Jorge Diaz on

      I am still missing a dlc code. I upgraded my pledge from 60 dollars to 120 and I am missing exclusive in-game transformation dlc.

    37. Missing avatar

      Tim Crockford on

      The Australian PSN store has now updated, so if you're in Australia with a PSN code, you should be able to claim it now.

    38. Johua De Santo on

      Ditto as others with the demo only version.

    39. Missing avatar

      Mathew James Cassidy on

      Still got nothing but the demo in my humble bundle account. When are you guys going to fix this mess I've followed all your steps and nothing is getting resolved.

    40. BenSwitzer on

      Very happy with Humble Bundle's customer service. They sent me a PSN code no questions asked. Worked great!

    41. Rin on

      I just realized I never have to come back here... Well. See ya.

    42. Missing avatar

      Colin Capurso on

      Still got nothing but the demo in my humble bundle account :(

    43. Rin on

      FINALLY my fucking code works. And the DLC does too. Have fun Europe. I know it's late, uhh "early" but you can now play the game.

    44. Rin on

      So I made an account and claimed the page with the code itself but it still doesn't work. How long should it take. Augh.

    45. Rin on

      @Byron Raymond People send them hundreds of mails. You'll be waiting forever.

    46. SpectrumUK on

      I think I'm having the same problem as Rin.

    47. Missing avatar

      Byron Raymond on

      OK so i tried to send an email to the team doing support but i haven't gotten much of anything back yet. I preordered a console digital copy of the game when the kickstarter first started up. I did the console selection every time i got an email for it. But when i got my key, it was a steam version, i haven't redeemed it or anything, and i wanted my ps4 version. Who am i supposed to talk to about this?

    48. Rin on

      So the game is now out in Europe but my codes still don't work. NOOOOO.

    49. Sean Berry on

      Same here! I just see the demo and codes for DLC! Where's the actual game??!!

    50. Missing avatar

      Steven Vass on

      Tried the humble bundle resender, but the "Thanks for purchasing Mighty No. 9 ($20 Digital Copy Tier)!" page only shows the demo available for download.