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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.

Regarding the Mighty No. 9 Special Demo Delay

Posted by comcept USA, LLC (Creator)

Hey Mighties!

We want to give you some more clarity on the demo situation.

Although the demo had been finished and was ready to go, we ran into some very last-minute and unexpected complications with distributing the demo exclusively to all our backers through Steam. We’ve also been listening to your feedback about preferring to have a demo that is not time-limited. Given the complications with giving you the demo, we came to the conclusion that it would be better to make the demo DRM-free without any time restrictions.

Because this demo is exclusively for you, our backers, we still needed to have a way to get the demo to each of you individually and we’ve been looking into all the options. We’re currently working with our partners at Humble Bundle to prepare the demo for delivery through their service.

Unfortunately this change in our plans means that the release of the demo is going to be slightly delayed as we are currently working on retooling the demo for a DRM-free release. Comcept and all of our partners are working hard to get the demo ready and in our backers’ hands as soon as possible. 

We sincerely apologize for this delay, but we hope you’ll like the resulting changes! We will keep our backers up-to-date regarding the release of this demo as soon as we have more information.

The Mighty Team

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    1. Robert Uy on

      I'm good with whatever you are doing. I'd rather have a working game. So much for the "be respectful and considerate." I think there are other games out there you can play?

    2. uwango on

      - 103 updates before any shipping info starts taking place.
      - Game doesn't really have the same charm as the Megaman games. (my opinion, obviously)
      - A lot of bad excuses by the team making this shit.

      - Lost so much interest that I forgot I even pledged for the $60 tier.

      - I'm definitely going to enjoy getting the box, but I haven't pledged anything else after pledging here. Fuck pledging for things. Preorders? Go fuck yourself. Give me a finished product then I'll buy your entertainment.

      - Plus they(You, Mighty Team) really ruined their rep by having another kickstarter before even being done with Mighty No.9 in the first place.

      Worst part? The ones they're letting down aren't the producers. They can't shift the blame of their shortcomings to "our producers". They're letting down their fans. The people who actually care.

      Anyways I'm done. I wrote my two cents.

      Looking forward into summer 2016 when I get my physical game box. That'll be fun when the game has been out for ages and I'm already done with it.

    3. Missing avatar

      J M on

      Everything surrounding this game has been such a trainwreck that all my initial excitement is dead and gone. I am beyond the point of being angry at the situation, now I'm just apathetic. If this ever does come out, I probably won't even bother playing it. The only people I feel really bad are the good folks at Inti Creates who are clearly dragged down by the sheer incompetence of Comcept.

    4. Missing avatar

      Austen Parkin on

      I see that Comcept is playing damage control with the bad impressions of the initial demo release by just withholding the demo from the rest of us until we've long since stopped caring enough to actually play it. Meanwhile, Capcom's releasing Mega Man Legends next Tuesday. At least they care about Mega Man fans.

    5. works on


    6. Handy Andy on

      What about the physical rewards?

    7. Felipe Fiquene on

      Guys, any news about the second platform selection survey?

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      I'm getting sick of hearing about important news about this game from other sources BEFORE it gets posted here. The demo was for backers only, yet you can't even tell us first before the news leaks all over? Learn how to do PR, christ.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dhanum Nursigadoo on

      I'm pretty sure this kickstarter is the reason I haven't backed anything on the website since. Shouldn't *some* form of content arrived by now?

    10. Michael Burhan on

      Can you guys explain why those who where banned from the forums have not received any special perks and emails like the rest of us?

      People have paid you so i am wondering what can be done about this, regards

    11. Missing avatar

      David Renaud on

      Still waiting on a platform selection survey. Any news on that?

    12. LI-CHENG YU on

      I saw a piracy version demo on net, so fuck you. :(

    13. Panou on

      This looks like a joke... seriously, guys... enough waiting.

    14. Tim B on

      Quality control only means something if there's actual quality(along with explanations that aren't vague and in this case, trying to shift the faults and blame). So far, alot of people have commented that the game comes off as underwhelming(among other things). I haven't even received my beta, so I can't follow the whole "Oh well playing it is totally different" argument, so hopefully I could be absolved of that.
      And it's not a bit late. It was delayed twice. This case was delaying a demo. An apology demo. With an explanation being delayed, which comes off strange, what exactly stopped them from explaining from the get-go?

    15. Oliver Bibby on

      Who cares if it's a bit late! That just means you've got decent quality control.

      When it's done!

    16. Kristofer Carlson on

      "Actually, that's not entirely true. While it is true that Kickstarter will not issue refunds, it is possible for the project creator to issue refunds. I know because I've already spoken to one such creator about it on another project. I knew that at the beginning, which is why I never tried emailing kickstarter about it and went directly to Comcept instead."

      Your exactly right. The project creator can issue a refund but at their discretion. That's the beauty (or downside for backers) of funding through kickstarter. Once funded they don't have to refund anything. They just have to produce what they said they would to the best of their ability. Not trying to defend them and I understand why people would want a refund at this point but I doubt comcept is going to issue one. I mean they tried to fix the delay of this game by offering a backer demo that in turn is also being delayed.

      I also have tried contacting them directly like you in regards to my account and not one email has been replied to. They don't reply to them. It's frustrating to say the least. I hope you have better luck and get a reply soon sir.

    17. Drifty Boots on

      "Sorry to say this but that's not how kickstarter works. You will not/can not get a refund. Once you pledge your money and the project gets funded, your in for the ride. It's a gamble. So sit back and buckle up because it's been an interesting ride so far to say the least."

      Actually, that's not entirely true. While it is true that Kickstarter will not issue refunds, it is possible for the project creator to issue refunds. I know because I've already spoken to one such creator about it on another project. I knew that at the beginning, which is why I never tried emailing kickstarter about it and went directly to Comcept instead.

    18. Kristofer Carlson on

      "And what about the people, like me, who have requested a refund only to have that email ignored? I can't just reverse the charge on a two year old payment"

      Sorry to say this but that's not how kickstarter works. You will not/can not get a refund. Once you pledge your money and the project gets funded, your in for the ride. It's a gamble. So sit back and buckle up because it's been an interesting ride so far to say the least.

      I will agree with you that comcept does not answer emails. Still waiting to get my backer account for the site/forums.

    19. Drifty Boots on

      And what about the people, like me, who have requested a refund only to have that email ignored? I can't just reverse the charge on a two year old payment

    20. Peter Meldgaard on

      These kinds of things happen. Nothing in game development and distribution is easy. Make sure it gets done properly, and it'll all be fine.

    21. Tim B on

      "Mighty No. 11413 will wait patiently, just as excited for the game as I was on day 1."
      Fair enough. If you genuinely are excited, more power to you. Plenty of people are understandably annoyed and frustrated with the situation.

      "I'd rather play a finished game with no bugs"
      A lot of backers would rather comcept put the effort to communicate properly. Not give more empty promises.

      "If that means playing other games in the meantime, I'm fine with that, and everyone else should be too."
      Why? Regardless, not the point.

      "You already paid for the game, guys. It's not like you won't get it"
      What about the people who were banned? Do they still have proper ways of communicating with comcept directly? What about the rewards? And regardless, not the point.

      "Surely you have other things to do in the meantime?"
      Ok? People are choosing to express their frustration at comcept for valid reasons, the main one being the lack of communication and transparency to the backers.

    22. Chris (NekoStar) Flemming on

      Mighty No. 11413 will wait patiently, just as excited for the game as I was on day 1. :)

      I'd rather play a finished game with no bugs. If that means playing other games in the meantime, I'm fine with that, and everyone else should be too. You already paid for the game, guys. It's not like you won't get it. Surely you have other things to do in the meantime?

    23. stv on

      This is getting hilariously ridiculous you guys.

      The thing is, I'm not terribly excited for this game. Not out of malice or anything. I absolutely love Mega-Man, and love that this is a spiritual successor, but it's not my favorite series. What that also means is I'm incredibly patient for it, and trust you guys to do what you need to do to make a good game. I still am patient, and honestly not upset in the least. I'm gonna be pretty happy to be playing it when it finally comes out.

      But comcept. Seriously, you guys. This is getting balls to the walls stupidly and hilariously ridiculous. I'm sure there are other backers who are severely pissed off, but I'm at the point of just laughing though.

      You guys keep making promises and saying sorry, but then aren't exactly making it up to the backers. First I heard that we get a demo instead of the full game, and now you guys delay the demo! You delayed your "make up gift" (which, let's face it, a demo is a horrible make up gift when the full game was promised for this time) for passing the second or third postponed release date!

      Thanks for the laughs, I can't wait to hear about more delays and apologies and messing up!

      A suggestion though: give the backers access to all future DLC for free. Now THAT is a proper make up gift.

    24. Tim B on

      It looks semi-finished as it is. If they don't want backlash, maybe they should stop saying things like "Oh yeah we're finished more or less" followed by "Oh yeah no we had some things to fix, oh btw we have another kickstarter!". Or maybe stop misleading people, giving out poor information, and actually attempt to do a decent job at communicating with the people that backed this thing.
      And I don't know how many times it has to be said, THIS was for a demo as an apology for backers for delaying the game...TWICE. Not the full game, a demo. What part of this is so surprising for people that they can't get why a lot of the backers would be pissed? All this amounts to is PR fluff, which ironically, is one of the things people criticized CAPCOM for.

    25. Missing avatar

      Andy Yuen on

      Although I cannot speak on behalf of everyone, I backed this project because of the passion on video games making from Mr.Keiji Inafune and his crew, and hope the crew can bring a good game to life for the fans. I truly want to support this project instead of "be an early-bird, buy a game with discount". Just let them make the game!! Nobody wants to see this project become a semi-finished product due to time constraints isn't it?

    26. Thomas Sever on

      You know what? Just release the game. GTAV was released with GTAO coming out later. MGSV was released with MGSO coming out later. So just freaking release it already and have the online come out later.

    27. Kuragari on

      It's kind of tiring just seeing more and more apologies and excuses. If you really want to apologize, give the backers more DLC. Saying "Sorry" over and over and continuing to do the same thing while doing questionable things with the funding just isn't ok.

    28. Jesus Antonio Rivera Muñoz on

      meh, i'll wait, i don't mind if developers take extra time to polish a game or in this case alter a demo (for those who care about it)... i can be patient, i'll wait for the game... its not the first delayed game it wont be the last...

      Keep on doing your best Comcept...

      as a backer i know what i'm getting into when i participate in crowdfunding... all the risks, all the everything... Kickstarter is not a preorder system..
      it is what it is, and projects can falter, some even fail... we're getting a game, its not something others can say with projects who have tanked after a successful campaign...

      so, i too look forward to the finished product, i rather you concentrate on finishing it than letting us know a day or two before the press and avoid "wronging us"...

      Looking forward to the game, Mighty Team =)

    29. Missing avatar

      Sareal on

      What are you all blabbling about? Also wtf is with this update? I can play my version just fine. What the hell are you all on about? I can assure you 100% that I have this demo version, I even played it a day before it was "supposed" to come out. This literally makes no sense, whatsoever.

    30. Missing avatar

      RobbyTheChaotic on

      Alright, I understand stuff happens, that is life.
      Looking forward to the finished product!

    31. Tim B on

      I have seen nothing but mess after mess after mess with this. Almost 300(admittedly, it was my mistake, though I never would've expected things could be THIS bad), and for what?

      You are absolutely disappointing and I don't have any reason to believe you are sorry for all the screw ups(and there's alot) and more importantly, to the backers. Mistakes happen sure, but when it becomes frequent, it's an issue. And the worst of it, most people are willing to forgive, but you don't even have the decency to give the backers any proper communication. And by the time you do, it amounts to "Whoops. Our bad."

    32. Gary Smith on

      Overall I have to say I am very disappointed with Comcept. I was excited at first, hearing that Inafune was again working on a spiritual successor to Megaman since that is one of my all-time favorites. But with all the delays here, and the company focusing on (and releasing) other games and kickstarter ventures while this one that many people have already paid for is left to rot, I feel that I have been highly disrespected. Comcept will not see another penny of my money for this.

    33. Shayne Tellian on

      Dear mighty team thank you for this 4 days later. The fact is you are unprofessional and professional only when it comes to begging for money. I am disgusted with how this kickstarter has been ran, and im appauled that you continue to display this public inepititude.

      You are eaisly the most bass ackwards company ever, and the fact that your apology for being inept was delayed due to ineptitude once again just shows how gross you are. Fix your communication, fix your game that is "pretty much done except for the broken online...and the broken demo....." and start taking your release dates seriously.

      Keiji is a household name and so is garbage it stinks when it gets old 2.


    34. Rashad Florence on

      Dear Mighty Team,

      I'm sure there are reasons for delays but better communication would be appreciated. Yes, there would likely be some innevitable backlash but honestly with your supporters will bring much more love from the community compared to hiding things away.

      I also appreciate that you're removing the limit from the demo because now that can hold us over until the full game is released.

      But I DO have a question. It was mentioned that there would be codes sent to supporters for Azure Striker Gunvolt. Will these be gifted alongside the MN9 demo due to the distribution issues or is this completely separate?

      Aside from that, keep fighting the good fight Mighty Team!

    35. Marcelo De Mello Camanho on

      Where is my platform selection survey???

    36. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      meh, i am not even surprised after all.

      Looking at the humble bundle keys, i saw nothing.

      At this point, is anyone of us still surprised that things are not gonna show up?

      Meh, when the game does come out in the year 20xx , i give it a look, but by that time, will any of us still remember that this was supposedly a spiritual successor to Megaman?

    37. Missing avatar

      Christopher Del Castillo on

      As backer I feel a bit disappointed, not with the fact the game has been delayed I can deal with that but the lack of communication and trying to hide things under the rug to avoid any backlash only for it to blow up in your faces.

      When the first delay was announced due to the deal made between Comcept and Deep Silver, I was pretty happy to hear that they where going the extra mile to add more content to the game. However when Comcept kept quiet on the second delay, after Game Informer revealed the date was pushed back on the GS systems (followed by every other company) waited over a week to say anything due to the Red Ash Kickstarter ending, it was a pretty sad tactic to use.

      Again I was happy when the trail version was announced, I have no problem waiting for the game to be complete since a bad game is forever (look at Sonic 06, and Sonic Boom) and Mighty No. 9 doesn't deserve this, but then to hide the fact that the trial version is being delayed in an unrelated post and waiting 3 more days to actually let everyone who didn't know finally get some information is pretty bad.

      Tell us the truth, as backers we do deserve that and we would get less upset since we backed the game because we are really excited for it. If the game plays like the demo I got a chance to enjoy at E3, then it's something to really look forward to. We backed it because we believe in the company,

    38. neoprime33 on

      I appreciate all the hard work and customer service you all have been putting into this. You guys are still awesome in my book.

      On a side note, I love the idea of the backer demo you guys are working on, I'm just disappointed I won't be able to play it. I don't have a computer that plays Stream games. :( Is that no way to get the demo on consoles too; especially for those of us who picked consoles for the final product?

    39. Jimmy C Nguyen on

      Word of advice my mentor once told me : always give yourself more time than u need to deliver

    40. gabeswarr on

      I have a mac. How do I play the demo?

    41. Tony DiMarcantonio on

      This game is a embarrassing mess. I liked the beta, but I really don't even want to play the game any more. You have made every single bad decision possible regarding the development and PR for this blight. You've probably caused a large portion of your "beckers" to swear off Kickstarter and crowd funding for good.

      Congratulations. I'd get a refund ten times over if I could. You should probably just double-down and pour sugar in our gas tanks while announcing the game is cancelled.

    42. Michael Lipinski

      *Fake gasp of shock* A delay?!?

      I never cared about the demo, I just cared about the game. All the sleazy business practices of Comcept have completely soured any excitement I had for this game (and any future game they might make). I knew I should have just waited for it to come out on sale during a deal of the week.

      I really wish I could cancel or get a refund for this.

    43. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      You guys should play Super Mario Maker while waiting for the demo.

    44. frederic tarabout on

      So much hate here. Though some stuff is not excusable I really think Comcept is doing their best to reduce the issues. I ve seen it for other projects that making a steam only for backers is not really doable so I dont believe it's an "excuse" but a real issue they can't avoid. Making a DRM free that will definitely be on torrent within minutes is a big risk for them so I really appreciate them doing this for us. They don't really have any other easy solutions to get a demo in the hands of backers only.
      Anyway best of luck, i m sure this is a really stressful crunch time for Comcept employees.

    45. Missing avatar

      Thad Boyd on

      Removing DRM from the demo is greatly appreciated.

    46. Ron dean on

      All said and done, $321 total pledge and I don't even have a demo 2 years down the road.

      My faith in comcept is dead. I'll never back or buy another product from them. It's pathetic. This announcement should have been made days ago - instead it was buried at the bottom of a contest post no one cares about in order to cause less rukus.

      The other "was that so hard" posts are right.

      Comcept got their capital and success from the people they have left in the dark with no communication. Delays. Lies. Denials.

      If I could get my money back at this point and forfeit my rewards. I gladly would. My interest is dying hard and fast.

      Inafune - your name means nothing at this point. You've tarnished the respect many people had for you. You were the reason we all jumped on the project and put our faith and hard earned dollars into it. Yet you show nothing but disrespect.

    47. Missing avatar

      Brad Carpenter on

      Only thing I want from you guys now is the physical stuff I ordered.

      Backstabbed and constantly lied to by you guys. Dina was bad enough, but now you're just outright stalling on this.

      Please just hurry up.

    48. Missing avatar

      Wright Johnson

      I hate to "Was that so hard?" you, Comcept, but... Was that so hard? I think you guys have the best intentions, and this decision is more proof of that, but the appearance of shadiness is often just as bad as actual shadiness, and you guys have a habit of presenting understandable decisions in a very shady way.

      I hope that changes.

    49. Mark John Vignone Jr. on

      At this point, hype I have left is minimal at best. I feel bad for folks that had to make a choice between this and Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero because odds are we'll see Shantae finished first and will probably be the better game despite the considerable difference in funding.

      Comcept has burned so many bridges that they need action now and not words. Get to work and do what needs to be done to restore faith, because as evidenced by the Red Ash game, you won't be looking at a successfully funded Kickstarter game for a long time.