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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. James Closs on

      *Sigh* of course the girl character gets a bow.

    2. MetalShadowOverlord on

      Type-C looks like Model W on a bow. Getting some ZX Advent in here!

    3. haitechan on

      I voted for the Type B but I guess I was in the minority haha. Anyway, Type C looks great too!

    4. Necdet Orkun Osken on

      White looks better with secondary blue color than gray, in game play white and blue would look better as well specially against dark tones backgrounds ^_^

    5. Hmmm on

      Also, ughh, another white male protagonist. I bet the patriarchy did this.

      *Sips Wine*

    6. Hmmm on

      "Wakko" those are nice rocks. Where'd you get them?

    7. "Wakko" on

      @Nicholas Taylor
      It’s a shame that you feel that way, but I don’t blame you either. Thankfully I didn’t back this project, so I’m able to watch from the sideline and just laugh it off.
      *raises glass*

      @Saulo Aquele Lindo Ottoni
      There have been many documented instances where backers are being treated unfairly. They have not been supportive or trying to please ALL. And on top of that, many do not like the direction the game is going after playing the beta.
      *sips champagne*

      @Yan Zhao
      You don’t “gamble” on a project. Now there’s a lot to debate about and interpretation when it comes to crowdfunding, but one should and can most definitely get a refund for a Kickstarter campaign. It would be foolish to think that one can back a project, have the creator run off with the money, and then say that the backer can’t get his/her money back! The point is, backers pledges' should be protected from disorganized projects or having their money being used improperly. "Should" is the key word though.
      *sips champagne*

      Oh and Justin if you happen to be here:
      Suck on THESE rocks!!!

      ....see, those rocks on the floor over there.
      *raises glass and winks*

    8. Metazoxan No. 60187 on

      @Josh I thought we all agreed to call him the "Metal modder" during the time the kickstarter was active?

    9. Josh Light on

      I'm totally calling Beck the "White Bomber" now. Nice look~
      Happy with Call's weapon choice as well, but if we could get the ASG gun in there as well~? Would be sweet~

    10. Nicholas Russell on

      Nice enough update. For future reference maybe you should hold off on the bold "The wait is over!" Tagline until you can attach "Mighty No. 9 is finally releasing on Steam." Kind of a let down otherwise, even with good news like in this update.

    11. Signal on

      Nice! Beck really pops now!
      i voted for the gunvolt-esque gun for call but I'm cool with the bow as well (that was my second choice)
      If megaman was the blue bomber whats beck?
      The White Wonder

    12. Missing avatar

      Yan Zhao on

      Nicholas Taylor do you not understand how kickstarter works? No you cant get your money back. You're gambling on the project the moment you put money down on it. It could turn out good or bad, you're taking that risk.

      Anyway, I like the box-art, and glad Call weapon C won. I didnt mind type D either so either way it's fine. White Beck actually looks better to me, the gray tends to blend into some stages background too much, white stands out more.

    13. Malik Jenkins on

      I'm surprised both weren't chosen. maybe like you start off with gray beck and beck becomes white when all the other mighty no.'s are beaten, or vise versa. I think that would of been awesome.

    14. Alan Wilkinson on

      The grey Beck might still be useful as showing Beck when low on power... or simply an alternate skin.

    15. Missing avatar

      Mithra on

      At least Call can face her boss now. It's likely going to be No. 7 (Apple version) sitting on top someone's head.

      No. 7 is crafty, delicious and goes good in electronic pies.

    16. Christopher D Cheatham on

      I'm glad weapon Type-C won. I know a lot of people didn't want it to win because of the whole stereotypical female character using a bow-like weapon thing but I voted for C because to me it looked like something that could be used for both melee and projectile attacks which would make Call a bit more versatile. Type-D would have been my second choice.

    17. Christopher Jr Riley on

      I liked Type A better, but if the majority (in this case, a landslide majority) wanted Type C, then there's nothing I can do about it. If they ended up giving you the ability to choose one later, that'll be nice as well.

      On closer look at it, though, it does compliment her well.

      Anyway, keep up the great work, guys!

    18. Saulo Aquele Lindo Ottoni on

      Nicholas, I don't see that which you say about fan treatment. They've been supportive and trying to please all, but they are dev, and it's hard to work for over 10000 people and completely please all. Stick to your original feeling, you'll still get a game you like.

    19. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Taylor on

      Is there any way to get my money back? Sorry to say it, but I don't want to support this project anymore after how your treatment of fans has been.

    20. Emanuel Mineda Carneiro

      Gray to white... Gandalf???

    21. Banni Ibrahim on

      I had voted for Type D, but it's not surprising to see that the bow won over the other guns. Honestly, I was expecting D to do the worst, and am happy to see that it got second place. It was designs A and B that I really disliked, since they looked far too much like a toy for a very young child instead of a weapon. (And in A's case, it looks closer to a flashlight than a gun)

    22. Pontata on

      Loving the new color changes! Here's a to a more vibrant world, comcept! Do more!

    23. Robert Redfern on

      i definitely love the new colour scheme for beck. white for me seems to be a very modern colour. keep it as that. looks perfect to me, white beck FTW

    24. Hitsuji Mamoru on

      White Beck looks good! You did well changing that, the symbolism is great and white is a color for heroes^^
      Also, great job Komaki-san, that boxart kicks ass!

    25. Damo on

      Definitely in favor of brightening up the game. Good news!

    26. Jack Lok on

      I'm pretty glad that Call's Weapon C won. I'm pretty surprised that it won by quite a lot. Like, around 4,000 votes.

    27. Felipe Fiquene on

      I like the new color choice, but the grey looks way better IMHO. You must get attention in another think, that really needs a lot of work! The Beck sprite! Please get rid of this chibi-like style, looks like Beck's head will explode anytime! It's WAYYYY TO BIG and out of proportion with his body!

    28. Metazoxan No. 60187 on

      I like the white change. I noticed some people thought he was all blue because his grey appeared to have a slight blue hue to it espesially on the front page. But with white they won't make that mistake again.

    29. Lino on

      Definitely digging this new white. Not bland as the previous design color-wise. :D

    30. Weakwall on

      I finally for the first time in my life chose something that actuallty won through votes. And...kudos to highlighting a fan project like Earthbound/Mother.

    31. Nicholas Day on

      itll be easier to see him against dark backgrounds now.

    32. Nicholas Day on

      loving the color switch, makes him pop way more.

    33. alraz on

      Loving the switch to white, btw ^_^

    34. TheBlueMegaman on

      White? you ain't foolin' anyone, Beck! you'll always be the blue bomber to me!

    35. Horace Robison on

      Last I checked, when we talk about colors, we talk about what enters our eyes, not what gets absorbed by the object reflecting it. That's why we say grass is green and not the combination of every color BUT green.
      As such, white IS the combination of all color while black is the absence of color.

    36. Christopher Marsh on

      I see what you're saying but it's from your reference. White light is never truly white but rather the way your brain processes many colors that it can't decern against. In fact two colors can appear white if you alternate between he fast enough. Black simply means that the light doesn't reach your eye. If you're putting light onto a surface that appears black the combination of colors in the light are getting absorbed into the material. However if you're looking right into the light then the combination of colors is being sensed. I can't say you're wrong.. but you can't say the writer is wrong either.

    37. Missing avatar

      Ben on


      You're right that if a material absorbs all wavelengths of light, it will be seen as black, but the update post is talking about projected light, not absorbed. Imagine a prism that splits light into different colors, sorted by their wavelengths. White light goes in, and colors come out of shape. That's the combination of colors they're talking about.

    38. alraz on

      "nothing is absolute, everything is relative" ;)
      Some starts (like our sun) emit white light, and the places in space where light doesn't reach, emit no light at all, hence they are black.
      So... yeah... can be either way :|

    39. Missing avatar

      StevenEpps on

      "since white is a combination of all colors of light"


      now I might be picking nits here, but white isn't the combination of all colors of light. it is, in fact, the absence of color. black is the combination of all colors.

      black is when all light is absorbed, white is when all light is reflected. that's why black clothing is hotter in the summer than white clothing.


    40. BSO on

      Dropping a reminder or a first time notice for anyone reading this that we've been doing a little voice acting thing for fun over on the forums. Get in on it while you can, because this is the last week for it.

    41. BSO on

      You don't get a physical box, but a digital version of. So, high quality images of it.

    42. Peterious on

      Wasn't the lowest tier that the Game Box was offered at $60?

      I pledged at the $40 level, and didn't think I was getting any physical items. (Not that I would object!)

    43. 成歩堂 龍一 on

      Liked that you showed the actual vote numbers this time, thank you.