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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Kenny Benjamin on

      Very awesome! I am SO looking forward to it!

      BTW, did you see my Mighty Number design?

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark LeMire on

      If I recall correctly, "Rei" in Japanese means Zero!

    3. Thomas Haymes

      What's Ray's gender supposed to be? I notice there were some female body types in there.

    4. Taylan Ertan on

      It is kinda ridiculous to plan DLC already without game even out yet , not to mention there are still many contrevortial stuff going around the game.

      Frankly, it is not a responsible decision to fund a DLC before the game is even out. That goes even beyond Day-1 DLC and even that I hate.

    5. Missing avatar

      Adrian J. Chacon on

      Is Ray then Mighty number 0? As he was a prototype that failed to be completed due to its natural inability to function with the standard xel core? I LOVE the idea. Even though, maybe we can keep problem-solving the name of the character...

    6. Nakano

      If you want to budget this better, you can at least save with sounds by planning and record the voice acting at the same time as for the main game.

    7. David Van Buren on

      Who needs DLC? We need Japanese voice acting!

    8. Justin on

      Wakko, cool story bro! Well, not really but you clearly need your ego stroked.

      At any rate, they'll continue to bring in money whether you or anyone else likes it or not. Anyone that doesn't like it can go suck rocks. Tuff shit to them.

    9. Jamaal Christian on

      Mighty number getter ray?

    10. Hmmm on

      @"wakko" sure is. I put the picture on my fridge next to my C- I got on my math test.

      I'm pretty proud of both.

    11. "Wakko" on

      "did not understand anything that was said"? Oh good sir, I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. Do you mean about the numerous other posts prior to the one I replied to?? Well you would be half correct, since I actually didn't bother to read the drivel.
      *sips champagne*

      At any rate, I just found amusement from your "high and mighty" attitude and hypocrisy, as if your words somehow mean more than his. Also your "stats" are as valid as Hmmm's, so I'm not quite sure where this superiority complex is coming from. Oh and thank you for your last post, where you claim to not being an "ass" but continue to be one in the process. Such hilarity! Are you a comedian or jester of some kind?
      *sips champagne*

      My stars, I love how the internet is able to change people into keyboard warriors! Anywho, enjoy your time being an ASSASSin.....did I do it right?
      *shrugs and sips champagne at the same time*

    12. "Wakko" on

      Any photographic proof of this new high score? :)

    13. "Wakko" on

      Come on now. Wakko?! You should know by now I’m not THAT poor excuse of a person! I am the evil and dashing “Wakko”!! And don’t you forget it!
      *sips champagne*

      I’m unfortunately not an optimist like you and don’t see it as a successful “half failure” since $80,000 of that money came from upgraded pledges. The additional amount did push it to the halfway point; however that money collected wasn’t specifically for voice acting. It was just backers wanting to support the MN9 as a whole, and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of those people didn’t care for the voice acting. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I still see the campaign as a failure since it couldn’t amass the $100,000 on its own and relied on another source of revenue that could’ve been used for something else.
      *sips champagne*

      At any rate, I will also respectfully disagree with some of your other thoughts on the matter. But to clear the air of any misunderstandings, I agree with the “it never hurts to ask” a certain extent anyway. And I also have no real qualms with them wanting to produce bonus content via “slacker backers”...on paper.

      I agree that it’s a great idea to allow people to continue to support the game in some way, and getting bonus content in the process is just spiffy! However how everything was handled is the real issue. There were obvious missteps with the last campaign which did in fact hurt the image and credibility of comcept and Inafune. And for what, voice acting that a lot of backers didn’t really care for to begin with? And now we have THIS campaign, which I can imagine people are far more interested in, but may not succeed since people are now reluctant or tapped out to donate to it.

      We can also see how this dilemma could also diminish the possibility of other stretch goals (remember, they did say they had several other ideas and possibilities!). If this goal take too long to reach, or doesn’t even get there, we may not get the opportunity to support these other stretch goals due to the lack of time and perhaps even man power to make it happen.

      And they most definitely should learn from their past mistakes, especially if comcept wants to lead by example and show the Japanese market that crowfunding is a viable option! Communication to backers, proper presentations of stretch goals to promote hype, offering various funding options for all potential backers, all these things (and more) are things they should learn to do from all of this. And not simply for money; if comcept was truly passionate to make an awesome game for people to enjoy, then they should want to make sure these campaigns succeed in order to make that vision possible.
      *sips from a bottle of champagne*

      Well....I wasn't expecting to speak that much!

    14. Justin on

      Hmmm, I'm not upset at all. Looks like you ASSume a lot in life. Pointing out your lies is not a sign of someone being upset. You should have learned that by now seeing as how you're old enough to type on a keyboard.

      Hostile huh? So again, pointing out your BS (btw, others did it too) is being hostile? You poor little baby. You must be one of those brats who thinks all your teachers hate you because they don't show you with praise 24/7. But that's simply a guess.

      This will not be my last response to you. I will point out any further lie you try to pass on to people.

    15. Hmmm on

      @Justin. If you're feeling upset, try taking a break from the comments for a while. And you're right, I did have time.

      I chose not to because since you were, and still apparently are, so hostile, I felt it was best to diffuse the situation by not responding. It's not like you want to listen to what I have to say afterall. So there's no point in continuing a dialog.

      Consider this my last response to you. Take care and be happy :D

    16. Trevor Monaghan on

      Im in. We've got 6 months to the estimated launch. plenty of time to let the developers know we still care!

    17. Justin on

      @"Wakko" - I get that you were trying to be funny. But clearly you did not understand anything that was said. The reply I got was a smiley. So he did in fact have "time" to reply he just couldn't explain any of his BS.....and he still can't.

      Which is fine, I perfectly expect that. I always expect that from people who do nothing but talk out their butt about things they know nothing about and resort to lying about numbers.

    18. Nexar Donadio on

      I agree with Reza. Most of us don't have beta access and we don't really know about the game yet but of couse that we trust you and we know the quality of the game would be good (we already prove this buy our donations). It will be great if you could release the beta to all the donators.

      I have to say that I love the design of this character just because look a lot like Getter-1 from Getter Robo Armageddon but if you are going to create him it have to be a playable character!!!! not just a boss!!! please! :D

    19. Hmmm on

      @"Wakko"..I was doing that last one you mentioned. I got a new high score last night!

    20. Missing avatar

      Reza on

      I love the idea with DLC if the game is fun. Since i have not played the game its a bit hard to motivate funding this. I have high hopes for this game and would love to help with several DLC's but as said its hard to do so at this point. I understand there is a gap between when the game is ready and when it reaches us but still it dont change the fact that some of us like myself want to know how the game plays first.
      This is just how i feel at this point. I have actually paid for 2 devices and i'm hoping the game turns out great.

    21. 成歩堂 龍一 on

      - Budget doesn't compare with initial 900k goal budget, and later stage additions as stretch goals, even when accounting for a 10% 『exchange rates』.
      - They are calling it 『extra bonus content [via] funding from slacker backers』, and not the stretch goal.
      - This is a DLC stretch goal fund request, for post development, after the game gets initially released. A pre order of a pre order, for people pre ordering late.
      - There are dubious concerns why 『Ray』 was not included initially as 8th stretch goal's secret boss:…
      - This post game DLC could use funds from sales, post game release. But Comcept has chosen otherwise

      All in all. I'd would be best if Comcept made a AMA for questions and answers, to repost as a FAQ for 『slacker backers』 to see, so that they can make informed decisions if they want to back or not. Right now, the wording is loose and open to interpretation.

      And most of the exchanges here demonstrate that comcept cannot handle backer's concerns timely.

      I urge responders to just direct their questions to Comcept, instead of uselessly discuss things among each other, since Comcept has the Final say in the matter

      Stop wasting your time 『arguing』 amongst yourselves, and ask the creator directly.

    22. James Closs on

      Totally loving the ideas for Ray. I'm sure we'll see him at some point in the future.

    23. TheRaven on

      So in case you missed this... Mighty No. 9 Universe is back online. :V Visit us at our temporary domain name, our original domain is in the process of transferring registrars... :V

    24. Metazoxan No. 60187 on

      @Wakko Well I've generally always lived by the policy "It never hurts to ask" so even if the voice acting funding attempt was a half failure (since we did get halfway) that doesn't mean they can't try again. Especially since trying again simply means leaving the door open.

      They don't lose anything by leaving pleding options open and offering an incentive to do so. In fact if they didn't offer SOMETHING people would complain about them asking for something for nothing. But if no one pledges a cent they won't care since this is all extra. They aren't trying to make us give them more money they are leaving the option open and they came up with extras to make should they get enough.

      They are fully aware that they may not reach 190K but that was just an incentive to give us something to strive for. Nothing more and nothing less. So they don't need to learn from their past since getting as much money as possible isn't the goal.

      Don't forget a good few people asked for a chance to pledge after it ended. So they said "Sure here you go" and this is just a continuation of that. In fact the only reason the previous slacker backer goal ended was if they didn't start on it they wouldn't finish the voice acting in time.

      So this isn't even them asking for money a third time this is just a continuation of the slacker backing with a new goal to replace the old one who's time ran out... and if time runs out on this one then it's no real loss.

    25. "Wakko" on

      Or perhaps he has other important business to attend to? Family? Job? Sleep? Taking a dump?? Far better things to do than talk to a ruffian or commoner like yourself.

      Oh and I love when people use the "your words mean nothing" type of argument, or that "we don't need to listen to you". Don't get me wrong good sir for you are correct, but what makes you think yours are any different? Ponder that my friend.
      *sips champagne*

      Anyway, am I the only one that is shaking my head at the moment regarding this DLC announcement?.....No no no no no, it has nothing to do with what has already been mentioned here or in the last campaign for the voice acting.

      I'm speaking of the less than interesting funding options for it. Now I know that this is meant for "slacker backers", but I would think that the last endeavour proved that perhaps people aren't too keen on the current funding options or that most people who were interested in supporting this project have already done so?
      *sips champagne*

      Not that I care mind you since I'm not giving a cent to this project, but I would hope that comcept would actually learn from their past actions and perhaps offer something that would appeal to people who have already supported the game? Just a thought.

      Oh and another bravo for once again breaking down the costs that is involved in the $190k amount! Looks like it's one of the few ideas my brother suggested (and I'm sure others as well) that you have now practice ;)

    26. Justin on

      What's the matter Hmmm? Still can't backup your claims?

      From Hmmm - "We've already been asked once to give more, most did."

      MOST DID.

      67,226 original backers.

      668 slacker backers.

      So... 668 is MOST of 67,226.

      Wow. But that's your "opinion" right? Let's use your own "logic" shall we? Let's assume by MOST you meant at least 50% (which still wouldn't be most, NOT EVEN CLOSE). That's 33,613 people. They would have, on average, only gave $2.98. Looks like your own logic proves you wrong.

      Like I've been saying along with other people here....everything you "claim" is BS.

      Keep smiling and using the word "opinion". It's as meaningless as your words.

    27. BSO on

      It's hard to say what the differences could be between what they're doing now, and their original plans. It's possible that they may be dedicating more money towards all level design now than what they had planned before. Maybe the level is just going to be bigger than the others. Not unlikely given that it would be a special case compared to the others. The additional voice acting they have now would also add more costs than the original plan. Not a great deal, but enough.

    28. Metazoxan No. 60187 on

      @Codeveloping and outright making are two different things. With Azure Striker they may have helped out but it's not clear how much help they offered or if they put anything besides a little of their own time into it. Same with the others.

      If they have made any other games completely on their own then sorry for being innacurate but in any case that doesn't mean they are rolling in cash.

      Does asking for slacking backing at this point in time look bad? Sure I can't really say this was the BEST move. But at the same time I know what they are at least trying to do and it's a good thing. They want to add an extra level but they can't afford it at this point. So yeah asking right not wasn't exactly the best idea but they even showed a price break down to show why they were setting the slacker goal where they did.

      Basically I am not defending their PR.... Comcept really needs to take a few lessons on that. I am defending their actual integrity because even if they aren't the best and timing and explaining they are at least trying and they are certainly more open than other companies like Capcom who cancel a game out of nowhere and blame fans for "Not wanting it enough".

    29. Hmmm on

      Okay I was unsure of that tbh.

      Even with 6 stages/characters, that cost would be 1.14M not including other costs. 200k+ more than the original goal. At a 10% difference from then at now, possibly putting dev costs per stage/char at 171K that would still put total at $1026000.

    30. BSO on

      Actually, as it says on the front page of the kickstarter, the original plan was six stages.

      "Run, jump, blast, and transform your way through six stages (or more, via stretch goals)"

      Also, as stated in the update.

      "(note: exchange rates have moved 10% or so in the last couple months, but we are still playing it safe):"

    31. Hmmm on

      @BSO Valid point. I understand where you're coming from. I hope you can understand where I am.
      This $190k for a character and a level is what they outlined as the operating cost for producing both of these yes? Which they said was an under-estimation.
      That said the original goal was $900k (Bar None PC only). Meaning that they could make the game, with all 8 characters and stages for that amount, no?
      If going by the graph listed above the standard operating costs being $190k that would mean that the base 8 stages/characters would cost $1.52M. So either they underestimated the cost of making this game with their initial goal, or their actually over estimating the cost now?
      Either way, it doesn't add up. 20% of the original goal for one character/level? Do you not see how I find this odd? If the project wasn't so highly funded I'd honestly probably understand more of what their asking.

      @Meta, No. That 668 was the number of slacker backers. They added money in from the Fangamer Upgrades to reach that 100k mark (Update 74). If it was just those 668 backers that would have meant that they gave roughly $150 each. If that's the case then I'm wrong. But I would say, since people have talked about how they upgraded to get other rewards, that people have given more than once. So if that is true, what I'm saying is not bullshit.

      "It's just if we don't back they'll have to maybe gather funds through some other source which may or may not happen." If they're dead set on crowdfunding, how do you think they'll achieve that? People could pay extra, that they even might not have, to try and reach that goal, and then we fall short and it's never added to the game. So yea, it could be a stress on peoples wallets in that case.

      @Mega. Spot on. Basically what I've been trying to say. My long windedness is my downfall. Thank you though.

      @Justin :D

    32. MegaX50 on

      @Metazoxan No. 60187
      I'd just like to point out that Comcept isn't all that new of a company, and Mighty No. 09 isn't they're first game. I mean hell, they just helped develop Azure Striker Gunvolt (how much involvement there was, I have no idea, but they're listed as Co-developers with Inti Creates, just like they're listed on MN9 as co-developers)
      As for their bank, If they're struggling at all, they really could have waited until the game was out, and selling, and not just pre-selling to gauge if they thought DLC was worth it, which they already have deemed so.
      Either way, the problem is that they're asking for people to pay, not invest, just outright give them money with no return on what they've listed as "Free" DLC. I'm going with the option not to pay, as is my choice, but it still does look badly to me, as many others, that they went out to ask for more money to begin with.
      They apparently got money for doing Azure Striker Gunvolt, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, Soul Sacrifice(enough so to co-devlop a sequel).
      They're small, ambitious, and full of talented veterans, but Comcept reaching out like this a third time IS rather insulting, which I think has more to do with the Timing than anything else. I'm sure everyone would love to give them money to do a DLC, But the fact that those who have already paid haven't even gotten the game in its entirety yet, makes this a bit insulting.
      It's like paying for a sandwich, waiting a week to get it, but halfway through the week the person making it calls up and says "You know, if you give me X money, I can put Lettuce on it for free."
      And yes, this is all rhetoric and opinion, but you can't dismiss entirely how this might appear.

    33. Justin on

      "@Justin, please save your ad hominem attacks for someone that cares."

      I figured that's all you would have to say. What's the matter? Too embarrassed to admit your own words were nothing but BS? Telling people that MOST OF US took part in the second round is NOT an opinion. That is called stating fact and in your case it's a LIE.

      "I'm not attacking anyone or calling people names or telling them what to do or bullying, as you put it."

      Yes, you are.

    34. Metazoxan No. 60187 on

      @Hmmm They are dead set on crowd funding because Inafune wants to prove to Japan that this is a viable game making method. Japan is very set in the old ways and Inafune thinks it's a road leading nowhere. So he is trying to open up new ways to make games. So he's trying to show what crowdfuning can do.

      It doesn't put a stress on our wallets because we don't HAVE to give. This isn't about anything crutial to the game it's 100% extra. If you think it's cool and want to help it happen then pledge. If not then don't.

      First of all we have not given multiple times. I've only given once and only 668 have donated to the slacker backers so far. So saying "We have given multiple times" like you are speaking for the majority is bullshit.

      Again you are talking as if people HAVE to give more. All they have done is say "We have this idea for and extra character and level but it will cost a bit and we've already allocated all the other funds. So if you want to make sure we get this we'll need to hit the new goal" remember they never said that the extra level and bozz would NEVER come if we didn't back. It's just if we don't back they'll have to maybe gather funds through some other source which may or may not happen. The only way to make sure we get this extra level is to fund it ourselves... which again is our choice.

      The fact the game is half made is why this is DLC and not in game content. There is no reason to be angry at a new stretch goal now. It's just they only made plans for it now.

      lastly do you not realize Comcept is a new company? This is their first game so they REALLY don't have a lot in the bank right now. They left all that when they quit their jobs at Capcom and other places. Comcept is a fresh company with hardly any funds but they are trying to make their first game as good as they can. So yeah of course they can't throw a lot of money at this game themselves because that would be like me asking you to fund a game with 190K out of your own pocket.

      Assuming this game sells well Comcept will be able to put more of their own money into their next game. But for now they are pretty much poor as a company because they have only just started. So don't get angry at them for not being a bunch of rich fat cats with money to burn. Any money they did have they probably already mostly used to help fun the game as it is. So in reality they probably don't have any money left to make this DLC themselves. Thus why they made it a slacker backer goal.

    35. BSO on

      Yes, we have given them a very good amount of money. Doing so at each point knowing what that money would be going towards. It's the same now, and even then, the campaign is aimed more towards people who haven't yet backed, rather than those who have.

      I'm also not sure where you're getting the idea that it's concerning, or even putting stress on us. The game is already being made, everything we put our backing towards is going to be there. It's not like the entire game is going to fall apart if they don't meet the goal, it's just one thing they planned for that they didn't end up getting to do.

      And I continue to say that fault doesn't work. We've already given what we can, but they're hoping they can convince more people to back. So unless you want to fault non-existent people, it doesn't really work.

      Also, half? They've made two goals. Voice acting, and an additional level/boss.

      So what exactly is the difference between what they're doing now, and doing it like this?

    36. Hmmm on

      @Justin, please save your ad hominem attacks for someone that cares.

      Once again. You're entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. I'm not attacking anyone or calling people names or telling them what to do or bullying, as you put it. However you seem quite fond of it. You seem angry, I'm sorry if what I said set you off. Wasn't my intention :3

    37. Hmmm on

      Allow me to rephrase.

      Instead of "They already asked so much" We've already GIVEN so much.

      The fact that Comcept is deadset on 100% crowdfunding this project is concerning. Yes, I understand it gives the creators more freedom of not having to "answer to anyone". It also puts a stress on us as fans/customers/backers and on our wallets with the hopes that the game will be great.

      Saying that it's an "act of faith" can also be said on our parts as well. An act of faith to give, after we already have, some multiple times, to an unfinished product. As you've stated you don't know a company that says "You know what we have enough money, we should stop", which yes, you're right.

      I also don't know any customer or consumer that says "You know what? I haven't spent enough, I should give them more money" especially when they have nothing tangible except a promise and a beta/mock-up/early version of said product.

      And I stand by the word fault. During the kickstarter it's understood that if a goal isn't reached, then it might not or wont make it into the game. That's the nature of kickstarter. Because most of the time it's said outright. Here is X level, don't get enough money? We can't make it.

      But the kickstarter is over. We're over a year in at this point in terms of development. Then 5 months before release we get this? We're ready for them to make this game, and for us to enjoy it, and be apart of the process. So far, it seems half of the process is "We need more money for X" (or in this caze Zero).

      We want the game. We want to have fun with the game. I don't, and I won't speak for anyone else on this unless they feel the same, I don't want to be the financial support for a company that would appear to be struggling to stand on it's own without relying on our bank accounts to accomplish projects.

    38. Justin on

      Does anyone else find it hilarious that backer Hmmm is bitching about crowd funding on a crowd funding site? Let's take a look at his BS shall we?

      "why don't they let the sales of the game speak for itself in terms of funding for DLC"

      The same can be said for the game itself as well as the second round of funding (didn't think about that did you?). Why not let his NAME speak for itself to the banks and fund the game via any of the old school methods? Clearly you don't have a problem with crowd funding otherwise you'd be an idiot to be here.

      "We've already been asked once to give more, most did."

      This is what I was talking about earlier. Giving your opinion as fact. I demand you provide factual proof that more than 50% of backers took part in the second round of funding. Also, let's not forget to laugh at the fact that giving once was ok, twice was ok....but OH HELL NO A THIRD TIME? OMFG!!!!! Wow, what a joke!

      "We've all given alot."

      More BS from you. Again, either provide proof of your claims or STFU with all these lies. I didn't give a lot, so clearly not ALL have given a lot. In fact 36,497 backers at $20 and less prove you wrong. That's over 50% of all backers. "We've all" huh? GTFO with that BS. Don't even bother replying with that $20 is a lot of money to most people because again that would just be YOUR ignorant opinion and if $20 is a lot of money to you then why would you RISK it on a GAMBLE with crowd funding? Yeah, not too bright.

      If you don't want to give more then don't. Quit crying about it. Quit bullying people to think YOUR WAY by lying about the facts. People are free to spend their money however they see fit. You are NO ONE to tell them any different.

    39. BSO on

      They are. Read it again, particularly the part where they say, "Also, we want to stress that none of the developers have or would begin working in earnest on this DLC until their work is done on the Mighty No. 9 retail release."

    40. Missing avatar

      Will B Collins on

      What a slap in the face! Are you kidding me?! If you want to create DLC, fine but WAIT FOR THE GAME TO BE RELEASED FIRST!

    41. BSO on

      And why not give people an option to provide funding for additional content based upon the concept and what they've seen of the game so far? Either way the money received from customers goes towards the content. The difference is knowing sooner what their plans are. Not taking the "wait and see" approach seems less like a lack of confidence and more like an act of faith in their own product to me.

      Frankly I'm not sure why you and others keep going "They already asked for so much". There's pretty much no situation in which a company is going to go "You know what, I think we have enough, let's just stop." Being able to add more content is almost always going to make the game more appealing to more people, so providing another goal towards the additional backing campaigns they were already running only makes sense. Fault is also a strong word, and no more true than if we hadn't reached the amount needed for the other stretch goals last year. We simply do, or we don't, we have no obligation to give them the money. Something they're clearly fully aware of, as the consider the possibility that they won't make the goal.

    42. Hmmm on

      @BSO why don't they let the sales of the game speak for itself in terms of funding for DLC?

      We've already been asked once to give more, most did. We've all given alot. Dangling a level/character in front of us, to be funded at such a high amount (~20% of the original kickstarter goal) in such a short period of time with the insinuation of that it'd be our fault if it couldn't be in the game is a bit ridiculous.

    43. BSO on

      I'm not sure how so many people are seeing this as trying to do too much at once, when they've literally said they wouldn't be working on it until after the main game was done. It's less trying to do too much, and more planning for what they might do once they've finished the game. If they get the money to cover it, they make it, if not they move on to some other project.

    44. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      I think it's not fair to push an expensive dlc before the japanese voice over.
      Initially for the voiceover on both english and japanese languages $200000 was required and given the amount of money gathered from slaker backer it was tought it was not enough to do both so they choose one and cut the cost in half.
      Now they are asking the same amount of money for a dlc. It means that the reason why they had to choose one of the language before doesn't exist anymore. If they can gather that amount of money, they also can gather half of it and honor their previous proposition of doing the japanese voice over like almost half of the community voted.
      After that a not day1 dlc is welcome.

    45. MegaX50 on

      I'm against Comcept asking asking for more money at this point.
      Sure, an expanded game seems like a good idea, but so many of us have already paid at this point, and we haven't even gotten the game yet. Especially after having recently asked for more money for the voice acting. This speaks to either a lack of confidence in the product (Which I honestly doubt), or like they're trying to do to much at once.
      As nice as Ray looks, and as fun as it will be to have more MN9, they really should have waited until after the game was released, used the profits from that, or then asking for more development money.
      It's just too much, too soon in my opinion.

    46. Hmmm on

      @Justin, I never stated my opinion as fact. The only fact I stated is that they are purely using crowdfunding as their source of capital for development. That IS a fact.

      @Ozramu, do you think backers should not be held to the same standards as say an external investor? I realize kickstarter and venture capital are two different things, however there is still an expectation to meet.

      You mess up with an investor, you lose their potential future investment. You mess up with your fanbase, you lose their potential trust,future investment, and patronage. I'd say it's far more risky to continually ask your customer base for more financial support when the current amount has been so extravagant to the point where it's almost insulting to ask for more for an unfinished product, IMO.

      The plus side to crowdfunding is, after you receive the money, you honest have no obligation to your supporters other than meeting your reward/product promise. That's it. Comcept knows this. That's why they opt for crowdfunding, which i think is because they know they have no outright responsibility to listen to them from a development standpoint.

      Granted they have been offering to listen to our input, which has been better as of late. I just can't help but feel worried they are trying to add so much content before they even have their core game finished. Every time I come to these updates it's "THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD DONATE MORE" and frankly, it's becoming obnoxious.

      I know I don't have to give any more, and trust me I'm not, but its concerning to me that they might not have the game to live up to the hype of the initial announcement of the project.

    47. Missing avatar

      Brad Carpenter on

      I guess here's the issue I would have: We've already donated a good chunk of cash to the project - other than the new content, what additional upgrades are Comcept willing to offer? Just curious.

    48. Justin on

      @Hmmm - You can express your OPINION all you want. Just quit stating it as fact or making any ridiculous assumptions that that's how industries work.

    49. Missing avatar

      orzamu on

      @ Hmmm - Why would they use external investors? They used crowd funding for the main game for a reason. Wouldn't the same reasons apply to any dlc also? They get more of the profits, they work with the fans, and they don't have to listen to some suit tell them what a particular focus group said (like trying to make Joe Danger a monkey because people like monkeys).

    50. Paul Davidson on

      CRUD!! I need to go on the forums more often! I had a great idea too!!