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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. TheBlueMegaman on

      Heck yeah! "Not-Zero" made it in! Inafune's favorite character gotsta' be zero just Gotsta'!!!

    2. BSO on

      Sorry, but you don't get to just declare yourself right and ignore the fact that they had no way of knowing how many people would upgrade their rewards, to what extent, and what they would pick in their rewards surveys. Too much of the cost is solely dependent on something that couldn't previously be researched, the choices of their backers. So unless you're going to tell me they needed to be able to see into the future, your argument falls flat.

      Sure, let's go over some other expenses that could change beyond just upping rewards. Cost of production of game boxes and manuals when they didn't yet have final versions. Possible differences in cost between the English or Japanese versions. Cost of the production of the art book which hasn't been finished and the differences between hard and soft covers. Two different unfinished styles of t-shirt, and different possible sizes needed when ordering them. Final cost of the plush before the final version was ready. And finally the possible cost of the unfinished poster.

      The different sizes of T-shirts alone could make for several thousand dollars in difference depending on if people were to pick the smallest or largest options. The rest of them, while the possible differences may not have been particularly large by themselves, can still be a large amount with enough numbers. Five cents difference isn't much, until it's five cents times 50,000, then times another 10.

      Yes, I'm sure that the people who waited a whole of one day or a few hours when they were likely getting several hundred e-mails a day initially really shows that. Sure everyone that contacted the e-mail got their beta access, but it wasn't instantaneous, so that doesn't count. Your own e-mails also received plenty of replies. You not being happy with them and asking for different ones to the point where it's decided you don't need to be told the same thing for then tenth time isn't quite the same thing.

    3. James M. Farley on

      Will there be an open casting call for voices?

    4. "Wakko" on

      I don't think you understand that the valid explanation you gave proves 56008's point. You can rationalize it all you want, and I've already stated that I agree with you to a certain extent, but in the end you just admitted what many of us assumed all along: proper research on the costs of the rewards was not done. So thanks for that!
      *raises glass*

      But if you simply scratched the surface and have many other reasons, please do share! I'm sure my brother would love to hear it too!! I'm not being sarcastic here. The fact you are actually having a conversation with a backer (which shouldn't not be YOUR responsibility, so more respect to you) is greatly appreciated. And I'm sure if emails were responded in a timely manner, this wouldn't be such an issue to begin with. But I'm sure you already know that ;)

      As for you continuing the email discussion, which I also agreed that some backers just don't know how to manage their emails properly so I'm not sure why you bothered to type up that unnecessary paragraph, all I can say that communication is THAT terrible with comcept. The fact that we still hear people are not getting beta codes or forum login information even after trying to contact comcept is proof of that.
      *sips champagne*

      Man, I can see why my brother enjoyed the forums!

    5. BSO on

      Using a completely valid explanation that obviously had a large part in it? You'd better believe it. Certainly better than "they didn't personally give me a breakdown of expenses that they can't get an accurate guess at, so they obviously can't plan their budget".

      Frankly I just scratched the surface of things that could have had an effect on the costs of the rewards. The change in pledge levels was just the biggest factor.

      And yes, I'm sure they got a very rough estimate back then. But given that it was likely to change, the margin of error was clearly going to be in the ten of thousands. And I'm sure, just complete sure, that if you had been told that back then, you wouldn't have just gone around for months trying to make a big deal out of it. I mean, it's not like you're STILL trying complain about this even after the reasons behind not having an accurate estimate were made increasingly obvious to anyone who might give actual consideration to it. Right?

      They have the e-mails, they were sent out. How exactly do you suggest they go about forcing people to read them or be able to even receive them? You seem to be under the impression that e-mails just simply "work" with everyone you might send them to. Or as you put it "I would have been able to send them out “manually” by now". So then what do you do when the e-mail bounces back no matter how many times you try and send it? What do you do when it happens with several thousand people? Just sit there doing it over and over in the hopes that maybe some day it will work, only for it to just be ignored because they're not that interested in getting forum access anyway? Or maybe you wait for them to come to you, because there's nothing to can do to force them to pay attention, and spending months trying would be a waste of time and effort.

    6. "Wakko" on

      Seriously? Using "unknown variables" as an excuse?
      *sips champagne*

      I would agree that expecting them to have all the EXACT numbers and figures is a tad silly, even if you consider the fact that it's been many months after the kickstarter closed (but that's just me, others may not be as understandable).

      However SOMEONE could....nay, SHOULD have figured out rough estimates of costs for the rewards and shipping. The pledge amounts and shipping fees that were already added to the pledge should reflect that research. Are you actually suggesting that even with all of their "planning" that they just randomly came up with the pledge amounts and shipping costs?
      *sips champagne*

      And it's good to hear that my comment about their very slow and ineffective mailing system was a hit! Though I don't ever recall saying that it was a total failure or that some backers don't know how to check their inboxes properly. But yeah, let's blame them. It can't be comcept's fault!!
      *raises glass*

    7. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      I wonder if they would add the japanese voices if they somehow gather more money.

    8. Michael Kohl on

      That's a cool teaser trailer number 0 is looking really cool.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      I think it's kind of horrifying the voting was close. I'm still horrified that you had this vote at all.

      When you guys do another crowdfunding project, priority 1 should be to stop letting the community vote on things and divide your audience.

    10. Christopher on

      I wouldn't have cared about the language either way. I kind of wanted to see if I could turn voices off and play with just the music and sound effects. Like the older Megaman games. Or Net Warrior.

    11. Danielle Baranski on

      I think it's sad that some people want to drop out of the project altogether just because of the language of voice acting. If it bothers you that much, there is a voice volume option in the beta which I am sure will be carried over to the full game. But if you want to starve yourself of what is looking to be an amazing project because you didn't get your way, then that's your choice.

    12. Sdzero on

      When it comes to voicing decisions, it's always a polarizing discussion. Very few people are passive about their listening experience choice. Everybody knows what they want to hear. It's one of the big reasons why there was never a official Calvin and Hobbes cartoon series. Dragon Ball Z experienced a similar shift when the English voice cast changed in 1999 due to production cuts.

    13. Leon (SHANTAE & MN9 Brought Me) on

      Well I'm happy ^^ I was going to be happy no matter what since I know how hard everyone at comcept are working on this game! (: no need to hear such complaining ...we all knew only one could win....I mean what do u want from them?? If u really wanted jp voice acting u would have done as I did and pay nearly $700 or more, u have to speak with both your voice..and sometimes yes your wallet , I for one want the team to do there best..and as fans we should have there back in a hard time like this were a choice had to be made, that he pointed out already that he wanted his choices were
      1. "make the choice for us"

      2. "Keep the extra money deservingly so seeing as that money coming from ppl changing there pledges had nothing to do with the agreed upon material that was promised in the game ::in Laymans terms he didn't have to do that at all::

      3. "Let his fans choose in a fun voting and see what fate has in store"

      Now again I understand some don't have loads of money laying around...

      And yes..

      I understand that most English voices suuuuck

      Here are my two answers:

      1. You may not have loads of that but u do have loads of's why ur upset (: take that passion and use it as support for them and there decisions instead.

      2.pray. Lol. hard. Like your bloody life! Depends on it.

    14. BSO on

      Poor planning and unknown variables are not even close to the same thing. In business there's always expenses that can't be known until you have to actually pay them, or shortly before it. You can plan all you want, even try and make an estimate, but you can NEVER be fully sure what the costs will be. Attempting to speak as if you do, would show nothing short of ignorance. Considering that they got an additional 80,000 from people getting more rewards, it's safe to say that there was no way they could have ever accurately guessed what the costs would be.

      As for your other comments, a favorite seems to be talking about comcept not getting people their forum or demo access, when given the amount of time passed, the far more obvious answer is a problem on the user end of things. The messages may not have gone out all at once, but they wouldn't have taken more than single week to be sent. Which means that when someone shows up in the comments asking about forum access, the reason they don't have it is far more likely to be that they lost the e-mail, that it was blocked due to their settings or a full inbox, it was grabbed by the spam filter and deleted, or simply accidentally deleted for some reason.

      The fact that only 20,000 people even bothered to reply to the latest survey should show that a large amount of people aren't even paying attention to the project, only really wanting the final result. Which means it's hardly difficult to believe that a large amount of people would have simply ignored the e-mail they got last year, then didn't bother to say or do anything about it until finally something came up to make them want access.

    15. "Wakko" on

      Perhaps “defending yourself” was a poor choice of words. However the fact that you even replied to me shows you have far more integrity than comcept, and which is why I respect you regardless if we agree or disagree on certain matters.
      *raises glass*

      Weekly posts of “misrepresentation”? Alas, what I have been spewing on the comments section have all been truths that learned over forums posts and emails...Well, except for my views on the graphics. That's purely my opinion (though my opinion on it IS right!). So even though it’s great to see that my work hasn’t been going unnoticed, it isn’t as evil as you’re implying it is....which is kind of ironic since you were calling me the “liar” when now you’re lying about how I was lying!! Oh, we seem to be having an “Inception” moment here or something!!
      *sips champagne*

      Anywho, all of those excuses you just mentioned completely implies “poor planning” so thank you illustrating my point! “Going over budget” is just my assumption, and I have and continue to admit that, but I have yet to hear anything from comcept or fangamer to answer these concerns. So unless you have some inside information regarding the dealings behind the scenes, it’s simply your word against mine.

    16. BSO on

      To start, I'm not defending myself. I don't need to. I didn't care about your weekly posts of misrepresentation in the comments until I saw you actually accusing others of lying.

      Yes, at the time of him saying that, they didn't know how much they'd need to attribute to shipping or creation of rewards. Perhaps the fact that they had intended to allow people to up their rewards thus requiring more of certain things, or that prices can fluctuate from one year to the next, or that shipping to different locations comes with different costs, or that despite their best attempts to get into contact with all of their backers and ship the goods they're owed, that some might never end up responding to requests for shipping information and thus never know where to send the rewards, just might factor into that. Perhaps all of these variables for one of the largest fluctuating costs could have something to do with not knowing just how much they need. As opposed to say, "poor planning" or "going over budget", as you've attempted to imply several times.

    17. "Wakko" on

      @Steven Remington
      Oh my! I didn’t know your anime viewing habits spoke for the majority of the anime fans! Such power!! Suddenly as a result, I’m now watching anime in English as well!?!
      *sips champagne*
      Well duh, I was being sarcastic.

      “Dubs” in general are usually bad. That’s why I stick with subs, regardless of what the original language the audio is in.
      *sips champagne*

      @César H. Sandoval
      Ummm, it's pretty evident and factual that voice acting is a much more “serious” business in Japan compared to America. And taking that fact into consideration, it isn’t wrong to assume that it’s a lot easier to find decent Japanese voice actors.
      *sips champagne*

      And now I'm drunk.

    18. "Wakko" on

      Oh boy, I think we’re going to run into semantics here with the word “giving”.

      As you said though the funds do not necessarily have to go towards additional features. But based on my knowledge, those funds are “locked” to this project and has to be used in some manner that is connected to the say, oh I don’t know, for the rewards that Nick said comcept doesn’t know how much it will cost to produce or even mail out?
      *sips champagne*

      Anywho, I’ll simply say that you may consider comcept using money that they were GIVEN and use it for a reward that no one really wanted to begin with as “giving”, I simply see it as them greedily using money for their own personal goals. Which personally I have no issues with, being evil and all, but at least show some class and be upfront about it.

      But unlike comcept, at least you had the testicular fortitude to “defend” yourself. And for that, respect is given to you.
      *raises glass*

    19. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      @César H. Sandoval
      I know there areare Japanese vocalists who appear everywhere too. The difference is there are hundreds of good ones that don't.

      How am I supposed to give evidence that acclaimed English vocalists with small filmographies don't exist? By naming people who don't exist? What a daft notion.

    20. Shane-o - WoOS on

      I voted Japanese voice acting because Japanese is such a strong and beautiful language. I'm disappointed the English voice overs were chosen but will accept it because the people have voted for it

    21. César H. Sandoval on

      @Mike all of the stuff you said is just you personal opinion and denial of the fact that EN voices coulf be any good because of some obviously biased assumptions with not even one piece of solid evidence (A list of the cast this game will use, or an audio recording of the voices) to back them off.

      The "problems" you list, like bad voice acting and popular seiyuus that are heard on almost on everything they release, are not exclusive at all to western products and happen a lot in Japan as well, I don't get where this "small filmographies" stuff you say come from when they release like 30 new animes every 3 months noc counting videogames, and dubs of foreign shows and then you get stuff with people like Kana Hanazawa being on everything they make or things like Nana Mizuki, Rie Kugimiya or Yui Ogura being sounding almost ALWAYS the same.

    22. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      @Santo Guevarra
      The problem is most English voices are bad. And the ones that aren't, are heard everywhere.

      Ask people who they would like to do the voices, you'll probably get the same few names mentioned over and over.

      But these voices won't sound like Beck, they'll sound like characters you already know. Making it harder to accept them the Mighty crew as unique characters.

      Unlike Japanese where there is an enormous pool of talent with small enough filmographies to sound unique, Comcept will need to find a group of good English voices with small filmographies to avoid criticism.

      And that will be an almost impossible task.

    23. César H. Sandoval on

      I'm soooo glad we're getting english voices.

      And we always knew there would be a Mighty No.0 haha, bring it on!

      Beta updating as we speak =)

    24. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, guys! Here's hoping you get some great talent for the Voiceovers!

      And that's a very tasty teaser! I can't wait to hear more about Mighty Number... (let's avoid any potential problem with Capcom and go with) Null.

    25. Robert Ballard on

      As long as the voice acting is good, s'all good with me.

    26. Santo Guevarra on

      What's with everyone being mad about the english VA winning over japanese? The plot of the game is supposed to be conveyed wia in-game dialogs and reading subtitles was considered too hard while in the midst of action. Japanese voice acting would have done nothing to fix the issue.
      It's like you guys think this is an anime the devs are making.

    27. Nenets on

      Er...I get what you are doing with the teaser and all but, I feel that could have been presented better. You can't just leave a vague teaser with the word DLC slapped on it and not expect backlash nowadays, you just can't! Just look at Capcom!
      I get that you clarified a bit in the comments here, but how many people will check back on all the previous comments that got buried in the influx? I hope the announcement with the full details come soon enough.

      The No 3 stage sure is exciting though, can't wait to try my hands on that!

    28. Missing avatar

      Hyowon on

      For all the people who wanted the English VO, congratulations to you. I just pray the people doing will actually do it justice and not massacre it like they do for most of the anime brought over to an English dub.

      This is but an example.…

      I am not expecting anyone to know anything about the Naruto universe, but only the one who is portraying Orochimaru is able to make it his own and somewhat believable while the other actor playing Shikamaru completely drops the ball.

      Much like some other posters here are saying. I wouldn't want to see a movie like Titanic redubbed to another language. I'll gladly listen to the English and feel the emotions and tones that I am supposed to despite not fully understanding the English and read the subtitles.

      I just hope there will be a mute button or a Japanese option will be available as well. Here's hoping.

    29. John Vikør Green on

      Will there be any opportunity for us backers to cast votes on which voice actors to use for the different characters?

    30. Team F on

      I always avoid Japanese games and anime not just because normally Japanese voice actors do a better job, I want voices from the same culture as the art style and because in most cases it is the original language. Otherwise it feels strange to me, like watching a Lord of the Rings with Chinese voices (no offense to Chinese movie fans).

      Like I said here before, I NEVER play Japanese games or watch anime with English or voices, I just can't for reasons I just explained. Even though I am a big Final Fantasy Fan I could never have played X and XII if it were not for undub versions by hackers (if you don't know what I mean search YouTube for Final Fantasy X undub).

      I put more than $500 in this project since I was really excited about it and was so far looking forward to the final game. Would be to bad if it became unplayable now because of voice acting that imho the game never needed anyway.

      Please at least make sure to turn off voice acting entirely and I mean by that really entirely including cut scenes, opening/ending, sfx in the title screen/settings and so on.

      Japanese voice acting would actually cool (did like the voices in Rockman 8 and Rockman X4), just consider at least adding both languages you can choose from in the settings.

    31. Sdzero on

      Lots of people against English dubs. Truth is most of you wouldn't know a bad Japanese dub if you heard it.

    32. BSO on

      The options have an slider for voice volume, so yes, it would be possible to mute the voices if you don't end up liking them.

    33. Zéfling on

      I don't like english dubs. A mode without voice, it's possible ?

    34. Mário Costa Messias on

      Any chance of another stretch goal or DLC in the future adding japanese voice and/or different game language and subtitle - like portuguese, spanish, german, etc.?

    35. Valeriy on

      I'm neither English nor Japanese. So obviously I have no means of telling whether the VA is good or poor. But the difference between this two options is my ability to understand what was said.

      So, sorry, JP-lovers, but I'm glad English won. We have plenty of JP-media already for those enamoured by Japanese vocals, so there is no need for another one from my POV.

    36. DuoDynamo on

      @David Salvatore
      I don't know what her e-mail is apart from the official e-mail you probably already used, but you could try hitting her up on Twitter (they tend to be quick to answer there). @MightyNo9 or @PetiteMistress

    37. Bass on

      Get Patrick Stewart in on this, or give us an option to turn voices off.

      Hopefully they won't Arc Rise Fantasia the game, but I don't have high hopes.

    38. Missing avatar

      Max Hunt on

      You guys and your teasers. >V

      I'm a little sad that we didn't get the Japanese option with English text. I was honestly on the fence about it, but at the end of the day Japanese voice actors tend to have a higher standard of quality (in my opinion). I can't recall the last time I threw my arms up at a casting choice in a fansub anime, saying to myself, "Oh come on, there's no way a 10 year old/teenager/ sounds like that." or "That villain voice is just... wrong." Villains in particular (setting aside Wakamoto Norio, because he's in a class by himself) are often more believable in their presentations from a Japanese voice actor. In the English stables, the voice actors are usually not as passionate or even play down a villain's eccentricities in the dub.

    39. BSO on

      @" "Wakko" "
      Giving is entirely appropriate in this situation, as the additional funds from the raising of reward tiers was in no way required to be put towards more features for the game. Frankly I'm not sure why you of all people would be attempting to tell another not to spread misinformation at this point, or calling anyone else a lier.

    40. Steven Remington on

      "Japanese DUB, English SUB is what almost everyone prefers when watching anime."

      Well, your wrong. I prefer to watch my anime, not read it.

      So glad English won the vote, but was startled that the difference in the vote was less than 1000.

    41. Viggo on

      I don't understand Japanese in the slightest... I just have a feeling it would be better for this game.

    42. Xis on

      I really wonder if we're going toget a Bass equivalent in the first game?

    43. haitechan on

      @Davide: I've read in comments in previous updates that a main reason for people prefering English was that they were loo lazy to read. That's silly. Even if it's Japanese, English, Spanish or whatever I'd like to have the option of having subtitles. I don't mind English VA but sometimes I've found cutscenes difficult to understand because of the heavy accent and no subtitles.

    44. Jayvir on

      I'm glad it's English. I want to hear my native language, even if it's "bad" voice acting.

    45. Pierce Gardner on

      Some companies get the English VO right. Others, not so much. I am not enthusiastic about English VO in a Mega Man-esque game; I haven't seen it successfully done. :(

    46. Maxwell on

      @ hautechan: Fewer people still are native Japanese speakers. I would be super surprised if there were no option Japanese subtitles (or w/e; were there translation stretch goals?).

      I am totes stoked for spoken languages I can understand.

    47. Missing avatar

      Davide Salvatore on


      Heh, I've been asking for access to the forums since July. I don't suppose you could pass me Dina's email?

    48. haitechan on

      I'm not a native English speaker so PLEASE try to include subtitles if there is going to be a lot of dialogue. Not everybody is an English native speaker.

    49. Missing avatar

      Pablo Garcia on

      YES! No. Zero Please! Mighty 9 + (Proto...) + Mighty Zero = perfect! And +1 for Japanese voice acting + eng subtitles

    50. Missing avatar

      Aaron Sue on

      +1 for the option of turning off the voices.