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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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    1. Fruits about 11 hours ago

      I don't think tracking was at this personal level before the internet, and yes, companies are now fighting for that sort of data. the Thing is, after the facebook incident they somewhat realized it's not ok, so still wanting to bite on that data but also not to get dragged like fB. They're trying to market it as "personalized experience".. a new alluring name for "tacking" X)
      Am just pointing for the people who mind btw.. as some don't.

      As for ES hault, that was me not alraz XD.. I have no clue what the reasons were, yet I doubt they were about contarct breaches, I mean what to breach in that? I simply think it was a tough or an unwanted task, that's all.

    2. Fred
      about 16 hours ago

      @alraz... what do you mean ES failed to deliver? breach of contract? @_@

    3. Fred
      about 16 hours ago

      @Fruits.... about "tracking" activities.. i think there are companies that track customer's activities before the internet came to be. the problem now is that info is being used more than what it was intended to be.

    4. Fruits 1 day ago

      Wow! Companies now are shamlessly trying to track activities. Well, if you're offered a "Personalized" experience then know that accepting does most definitely means a permission to track :[

    5. Fruits 1 day ago

      With THAT Mega Man? Don't know, seems alright XD (jk)
      Well, if they valued him in the first place we wouldn't be seeing him near those telebabies :[
      But I guess that's the targeted age afterall :[

    6. alraz 1 day ago

      Telewhatever they are called =P
      they should not be in the same promo as Mega Man T_T

    7. Fruits 1 day ago

      XDD What's a Teletoobies, Teletubby kids?.. man, you almost brought me to tears X)
      Seriously though, that.. err boy, has nothing that says Mega Man. It's like those arts you find on bootlegged products. Frozen Shrek, Batman and the Avengers, Call of Super Mario.. and this, this Mega Tron man buster something.. even the bosses look so cheap n stolen. Why have they even bothered with lincensing!? They could've gotten easily without it on this one.. and hey, not lose fans while at it, right? :P

      At first, no. It was Inti Creates. Then they handled it to a 3rd party studio called Engine Soft. Actually there was another before ES but not sure which. Anyways, ES failed to deliever so it ws assigned to another studio, the current one, which its name totatlly escapes me now :[ Zorries.

    8. Fred
      2 days ago

      @Fruits... isnt the portable version was being made by a third party?

    9. alraz 2 days ago

      Mega Man next to Teletoobies

    10. Tony Stark 2 days ago

      @Matthew that sucks. Seems like no one is getting answers.

    11. Fruits 2 days ago

      @Matthew Pichette,
      comcept stopped replying to emails a loooong time ago, you should contact Humble Bundle about this but.. I think it's way too late for that now, and even if, I don't think they'll replace any codes by now. Doesn't hurt to try though.
      ex-comcept as in current Level5-comcept employees. How can they not know? who's working on the game now.. at least as guidance. (Forgot who took over after Engine Soft :P)

    12. Unmei 2 days ago

      I doubt even the ex-employees know...

    13. Matthew Pichette 2 days ago

      Still waiting for my 3DS key. I tried emailing them to switch to steam but I’m not getting any replies. Sigh...

    14. Fruits 2 days ago

      a Whip Cream X)
      That silence though. Well, I'm still guessing it's a June release :[

    15. alraz 2 days ago

      Still a WIP

    16. Fruits 2 days ago

      No body knows :[
      (except ex-comcept emplyees I guess) :P

    17. Millifish 2 days ago

      so what happened to the 3ds ports anyway?

    18. Fruits 2 days ago

      So the retro 8-bit spin-off of Bloodstained, Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon has been delayed, now that's normal but Inti stated..
      "For us at Inti Creates, this is the first time we have ever done such a large-scale multiplatform, multi-region simultaneous release for a game, and we were unable to properly take into account how much time would be required to get each platform’s online store set-up in each region"
      !!!.. err.. Mighty No.9, Inti! Remember that??
      So what now, it doesn't exist? we don't talk about it? :/

    19. Fruits 3 days ago

      AHA, so now we know alraz is some typr of vehicle :)
      Budget cuts, huh? X)

    20. Fred
      3 days ago

      @alraz... alraz is missing :O

    21. Fred
      3 days ago

      @Fruits.... reading the comment again @_@ my brain didnt register the wizard on the first time..

    22. alraz 3 days ago

      not even an alraz =o

    23. Fruits 3 days ago

      Slow traffic :/.. no taxis, no buses.. not even a..

    24. Fruits 3 days ago

      aaaaand you didn't read the comment X)
      Yes, as mentioned in their description, "produced by the wizards at 2 Player Productions" :[

    25. Fred
      4 days ago

      wizards? @_@

    26. Fruits 5 days ago

      Probably the "wizards" are out of mana :P

    27. Fruits 5 days ago

      It's the $1,750,000 stretch goal. The Making of Mighty No. 9 Video Documentary. Which states..
      "Get an in-depth look at the creation of Mighty No. 9—and an unprecedented peek into the typically ultra-secretive Japanese game development industry—with three 30-minute documentary episodes produced by the wizards at 2 Player Productions (the same team behind our pitch video and the amazing Double Fine Adventure documentary)!"

      So far 2P Productions did only 2 episodes out of 3, found here:…
      And the 2nd was only 18min. long (the first being 30:45 long). Meaning, we're still missing 1 episode, 21min and 15s. of documentary material :[
      In which should be sufficeint enough to document the rest of what happened. Dare they though? Or was it not covered in the Level-5 deal? who knows :[

    28. Fred
      5 days ago

      @Fruits... yea you are right... a documentary of what happened :D the up and down :D

    29. Fruits 5 days ago


    30. Fruits 5 days ago

      Btw, we're about 5 months away from actually being 5 years since this started :[

    31. Fruits 5 days ago

      A fair objective one that doesn't lean to a side.

    32. Fruits 5 days ago

      Well, documenting everything that went through it will eventually lead to its current course. Whether some consider it bad or good :[

    33. Fred
      5 days ago

      Documentary on what went wrong :D

    34. Fruits 5 days ago

      It's really hard to think this actually started in 2013. Wow! five years.. five years ago.
      We're not just missing the portable codes but the documentary too, I really want an "inside" documentary, everything that happened, everything that caused this.. up untill we receive our codes :[

    35. Fruits 6 days ago

      1 day ago

    36. Fruits 7 days ago

      Oh don't get me wrong. Who wouldn't wish for Legends 3? And not that I don't love Legends cause it's my 2nd fav after Classic, but honestly RedAsh story, cast and potential sounded and looked much more interesting than what Legends 3 had offered.. or what I think could offer too. Well, unlike any other MM titles those two are both Inafune's stories, I think he pushed it more in RA.

    37. alraz on May 18

      I'd rather get both Legends and Red Ash ;)

    38. Fruits on May 18

      No, omly the animation was released, and it was good :) Makes you really want a game based on it. I really hope so. This might upset Legends fans, but I think a RedAsh game would be much better than a Legends, yes, to me personally, it was that good :)

    39. Tony Stark on May 18

      I was thinking that. But Balor needs to lead it. And like you said, he's mid card now.

      No re dash news. Nothing from comcept. More radio silence. Really disgusting.

    40. Fred
      on May 18

      ohh right Re-Dash... i mean Red Ash.. any news about it?

    41. Fred
      on May 18

      @Tony... i think Dana White have a green light for Brock's WWE contract. I really wish Balor can go back to the main event scene but right now, he is not credible enough for it and also wish both gallows and anderson didnt go to smackdown... or the whole Balor Club will go to smackdown and put AJ Styles in it.

    42. Tony Stark on May 18

      @Fred Balor never defended it and Brock doesn't show up to defend it. That's 50% of the title holders. Making it blood red didn't help either.

      It makes sense to cross promote. I just never thought Dana white would go for it. Also heard that Vince wanted to erase Punks record as raw champ.

    43. Fruits on May 18

      They can rectify it all if they wanted, RedAsh, a new or improved Mn9, not sure about their will though. Inafune been out of the scene for a long while now. I hope it's just because of this project, it's really taking its merry time :[

    44. alraz on May 17

      still looking forward to Red Ash

    45. Fruits on May 17

      You know, it would be veeeerry nice if they offered a Switch code instead of a 3DS one, not only that, but it'll profit comcept some, surely. Maybe RedAsh then? :)

    46. Fruits on May 17

      Ok, that rumor is starting to sound real now.. whiiiich is super exciting :D.. well, somewhat X)
      There's a chance that we'll get a StarFox game shown at this E3, thing is, it's a racing game.. well, a mix between the classic shooter and racing *sigh* me just want an adventure X)

    47. Fruits on May 17

      Nah, collection is for a series with many titles. Yokai has but, main games are only 3. and only 2 were localized.. plus those two were summed by the Psychic Specters version.
      Am looking for inhanced graphics, the original direction Yokai Watch was heading to.. PS3 :)

    48. Fred
      on May 17

      @Fruits... im betting on a collection! :D i mean yokai watch collection!

    49. Fred
      on May 17

      @Tony.. why do you think the belt is cursed? also... at least they havent changed the "original" WWE championship belt to color blue XD about MMA.. wwe need to increase their audience... based on the news... they are losing viewership

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