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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. alraz 1 day ago

      @Tanner Havington
      They should all be shipped by now
      if you haven't gotten yours, try sending an email to, they can help you with that

    2. Tanner Havington 1 day ago

      So back on the 23rd of August i asked if anyone had gotten their USBs for the game. I was informed that they where still being shipped out and to wait. Here it is a month later and still nothing. Any word on when this should be shipping or where I can go to get said info?

    3. Fruits 3 days ago


    4. Fruits 3 days ago

      Time for some great news.. well, I guess alraz might find it is
      For more than 25 years, they've finally found him.. no photos yet but it's something..
      Behold.. Akira Kitamura's Blog site :D
      This had been double checked btw. Also, he will answer question but not related to other companies IPs *MegaMan..wink *wink*.. Also, you might need to translate your question.
      I really really hope he'd bring a new game to this world

    5. Fruits 3 days ago

      What are you doing with those!?.. I'm guessing too much Splatooning. Thankfully I don't find'em that comfy for play, I use the pro one instead.

    6. the alraz that hides in your nightmares 3 days ago

      @morning im trying to use my 3ds more since my joy cons are literally falling apart

    7. Fruits 3 days ago

      Why? It's a great system. Although I'd say I'm starting to appreciate the Switch concept more now. I've been using it in home mainly but taking it out is a breeze.. still, it's a tiny screen for full enjoyment.. you'll get what I'm saying if you play with detached controllers.
      Congrats, hope you both enjoy every second of it :) and hopefully I'll be picking mine soon. Good indication to the upcoming M4.

    8. Unmeimiru 3 days ago

      So my sister got me Samus Returns and I've only played 20 minutes of it. (because RL sucks right now)
      IT'S GORGEOUS!!!
      Give in @Morningstar.

    9. #14015 - Mighty Morningstar 3 days ago

      I am trying to stay the hell away from 3DS and have my Switch replace it entirely.

      ...and then nintendo goes and keeps releasing stuff like Samus returns. WRY?! D:

    10. Unmeimiru 5 days ago

      Agreed. EU's set is way cool.
      Stupid region locks.

    11. Fruits 5 days ago

      The EU release was cooler but las it won't work :[
      Thank you inventor of locks XP

    12. Fruits 5 days ago

      Yeah, it's rating at $60 now.. $20 above retail...
      eh, it's not even the games's OST... err I think :P

    13. Fruits 5 days ago

      Btw. I don't think you've missed much. It's an "archive" "selection" OST. What that says is "old" tracks and a "few" of'em.. well 25 some say.

    14. Unmeimiru 5 days ago

      I heard Target had them but it was late evening in my time when I heard so I didn't even go look to see if there were any left. And Amazon has them but scalpers got to them first so they're overpriced, not extremely but more than I want to pay.

    15. Fruits 5 days ago

      Also Mineta is the coolest hero.. Grape Juice XD

    16. Fruits 5 days ago

      I want to but I missed it :[ I wanted that SE/CE but I'm so fed up with trying to catch up with scalpers that I don't bother. If I can get it fine, if not.. meh. Btw, it's a Collector's/Special.. it's not limited so I guess it should be available, right? I haven't tried yet, it's just a guess :[

    17. Unmeimiru 5 days ago

      Anyone nab Samus Returns?
      I tried to get the special edition/collector's edition but the scalpers beat me to the stock.

    18. Fruits 5 days ago

      XD How!?
      Thanks anywyas X)

    19. alraz 5 days ago

      /me subscribes

    20. Fruits 6 days ago

      If you liked that comment please subscribe :P

    21. Fruits 7 days ago

      Not sure how to help but may we know why Humble Bundle weren't able to help? I mean, you, signing here and commenting is enough proof that you've backed this project. Oh wait! I think they should provide you with a code once you show'em a capture of yur tier/pledge level. You can get that from here.. I mean KS. Just log into your backed projects and.. ummm.. try to find where that, if you can't I'll look it up for ya.. sorries, too lazzies XD
      Of course by your comment I'm guessing you've already tried the resender, am I right?
      Needless to say, you should use the email you used to back this project with. Also, make sure to check your spam/junk folder, it could be there.

    22. Missing avatar

      James on September 14

      I'll just throw this up here. I'm still waiting for my steam code for this game. Humble support was unable to help, I've emailed comcept a few times and never received a response. Any ideas?

    23. Fruits on September 13

      So Capcom had a big surprise..
      a cross game between MegaMan X and... AND.. *sigh* Dig Dig Adventures.. err 2
      what's that you say? well it's a Candy Crush like game.. tsk.. so yeah..
      If that's your best Capcom I'm packing out.. for reals

    24. Fruits on September 13

      I just realized that the Nintendo Direct went without any mention of Mighty No.9 3DS although they had titles slated for 2018.. *deep breath* :[..*fuuu* :[

    25. Fruits on September 13

      Wow! Mario Odyssey looks absolutely stunning. It's definiyely looking to be one of the greatest games ever created, Nintendo sure did put all their eggs in that basket. So excited for that game though I still wish they'd give a similar love to their other IPs. Also, the question still is , what's after that Nintendo?

    26. Fruits on September 13

      Ah don't mind it. If you have a well I'd say I have a rig X)

    27. Fruits on September 13

      That well..
      Man, it should've picked a number X)

      Snack World: Hi, I'm here for an appointment with Mr.alraz.
      a. sec.: Mr.alraz is too busy. Leave your number and we'll call you.
      SW: Oh, ahh ok.

    28. alraz on September 13

      haven't watched, sorries...
      it's on the to-do list

    29. Fruits on September 13

      Oh wait! Duh! I forgot to ask.. So, did you like it? It gets better :)

    30. Fruits on September 13

      Umm, no. Actually some dubs were better than the original.. it really depends. Usually though, yeah, the original sounds better. I mean when it's your child you're the one who'll take most care of it. Hmm, so I wonder why Capcom keeps neglecting poor Mega X)

    31. alraz on September 12

      dub = evil =P

    32. Fruits on September 12

      err.. it all starts at 7:40 XD

    33. Fruits on September 12

      I meant that those keychains will strike a cord X)

    34. Fruits on September 12

      First episode.. (it's only about 9min.)…
      Also if needed, this is it English dubbed.. BUT, I have to say, that dub takes a lot of its charm, many jokes were skipped/ were not translated well or didn't come as good and for that it frankly sounded silly with it :[ So please don't judge it on that one..…
      I'm guessing you already know that this is L5 next big thing (Yokai Watch still there though). If that collector's vain is still there careful not to go too deep in it XD.. The show is still priceless on its own imo

    35. alraz on September 12

      will keep it in mind ;)

    36. Fruits on September 12

      Wait! I have something you might like. Snack World anime is so awesome, bullet humor X)
      fav. char. Pin V3.0 just saying XD

    37. Fruits on September 12

      And those were their best in the menu.. imagine that :P
      Yeah, Splatoon 2 online still give a bad taste :[

    38. Unmeimiru on September 11

      Those are pretty bland choices there...

    39. Fruits on September 11

      Don't mind at all. If any is close it's my treat your pick :)
      Unfortunately they're only offering Inkling Burrito, Tako Pizza and Laggy sushi :P
      I'll look for another restaurant if you're not up for that menu X)

    40. Unmeimiru on September 11

      wuccha got available for sandwiiches?

    41. alraz on September 11

      only if you give one to everyone here =P

    42. Fruits on September 11

      Oh! I forgot :P
      Well, care for a sandwiich then X)

    43. alraz on September 10

      I don't have a swiitch :P

    44. Fruits on September 10

      So you've tried it?
      Is it don't understand or don't want to? :/

    45. alraz on September 10

      almost as if nintendo doesn't understand the internet at all....

    46. Fruits on September 10

      Man, Splatoon 2 online is bad. Worse than WiiU's for sure. I don't know how Nintendo is expecting people to pay for it when they can't even get a 4X4 match right. FPS games now go 64 players WITH interactive maps. I mean in many cases you end up in a 3x4 (or worse 2x4) players which is impossible to win. Also, your weapon really depends on the connection and not its ratings, if it's good an ink droplette might splat your opponenet while in others it doesn't matter which weapon you have, it ain't going to do a thing :/ *sigh* X[

    47. Fruits on September 10

      So you've finally come across it, neat. :D Now you can see why a game out of it would be awesomely great :) I hope Inafune can pull that one, something that would put him back on track.
      As for MonHun, I meant the game itself (3DS) but I guess they're similar anyways. Haven't watched that anime though :P
      Umm, as much as I like MiA I thin Red Ash is more awesome. or at least falls closer to my preferable zone :)

    48. alraz on September 10

      Monster Hunter anime is OK
      haven't finished watching it, but it so far, wasn't bad, but wasn't fantastic either. It was very OK

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