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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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    1. Fruits about 9 hours ago

      I'm saying it's not there based on your comment but I haven't checked it yet, just so you know.

    2. Fruits about 9 hours ago

      Oh not that. I meant his tier could be for BOTH English and Japanese manuals :)
      But now you've made me realize that I didn't check my HumBun page for it.. weird it's not there yet! I'm guessing they totally forgot about it since they'll need to make it digital before physical.
      Hmm, should we remind HumBun or Concept? :/

    3. Tadashi about 10 hours ago

      The digital version is not on the Humblebundle site yet, so I can't compare :(

    4. Fruits about 10 hours ago

      It could be both Tadashi X)

    5. Tadashi about 11 hours ago

      Is your manual English or Japanese?
      "Western-style OR Japanese-style Printed Physical Retro Instruction Manual

      [...] The Western version and Japanese version of the manual will look slightly different from each other, but both will be similar in style to the typical 8-bit manuals from their respective territories."

    6. Fruits about 17 hours ago

      You did!? Wow, you're the first I know to receive the rewards. Well at least they kept their promise, that's a big plus to me.

    7. Missing avatar

      Peter Ko about 20 hours ago

      Amazing after all these years I finally got my physical backer rewards. Also amazing that the Japanese style physical game box I got isn't big enough to store the printed manual. What an end to this debacle...

    8. Fruits 1 day ago

      That Puddles Pity Party guy.. amazing :[

    9. alraz 2 days ago


    10. Fruits 2 days ago

      equals Oh X)

    11. Fruits 2 days ago

      At least me dear Bluey Rock will get a 5yrs extention :P
      eh, but I don't think I'll have much to relate to if Capcom doesn't make a new game soon.. and by soon I'm hoping it's the anniversary.. which is THIS Dec. :[
      Can.they.make it :[

    12. Fruits 2 days ago

      hmm, now it seems less exciting XD.. well, it's still better than nothing :P

    13. Fruits 2 days ago

      So assuming they go by an average of 40pages per issue and we just go through the Mega Mix series, main story only with no extras.. we'll need (starting from Jan 2018) 2y3/4.. that means they' finish it in Sep. 2020. If they dealt with the Giga Mix similarly, we'll end at June 2023..
      eeeeyup, that's a loooooong time to go through. I don't think they've planned it right :[

    14. Fruits 2 days ago

      What is not that cool is that they're going comics style. 80 pages is sure huge for a comic, but nothing for a manga. If they're coloring and were're definitely having lower pages next issue.. then it'll be a loooong time before we're done with Ariga's mangas. Especially knowing they'll go by it quarterly :/

    15. Fruits 2 days ago

      Oh! it's basically Ariga's mangas colored.. which is still cool :)

    16. Fruits 2 days ago

      It's Mastermix actually.. but I think they missed the chance on being a cool M4. So am calling it that :P

    17. alraz 2 days ago

      say what now? =o

    18. Fruits 2 days ago

      Mega Man Master Mix.. MMMM.. M4, so neat X)
      Coming Jan 2018

    19. alraz 2 days ago

      @Pierre BERTRAND

    20. Missing avatar

      Pierre BERTRAND 3 days ago

      I will finally get my mighty n°9 \o/

    21. alraz 3 days ago

      hope for the best... prepare for the worst

    22. Fruits 3 days ago

      btw, the MM movie producer acknowledged a request to make the fans proud of the movie..
      I.. I still think MM is not fit for Live movies

    23. Fruits 3 days ago

      Seems like a prototype.. nearly finished prototype. The colors are fantastic but the paint job definitely needs a revision. I thought it'd be an action figure.. apparently not. Also preorders opens today, gets released in December.. just in time for the anniversary.

    24. alraz 3 days ago


    25. Fruits 4 days ago

      You better check this X)... or not XD

    26. Fruits 4 days ago

      Oh please don't, please don't, pleeease DON'T.. these tries never works. Just do an astounding anime. Hit a deal with a renowned Japanese studio and you're done.. ugh
      well you can have Over-1 if you insist XD

    27. Fruits 4 days ago

      Kinda cruel to love a series its owners don't, ain't it?

    28. Fruits 5 days ago

      FREE Wallpapers up for the grabs

    29. Fruits 5 days ago

      by very limited I mean I don't think they'll ever go beyond 3 or 2 for each.. if not 1.

    30. Fruits 5 days ago

      Well here's a bit of good news.. depends. Sure it's a Wonder festival must be picked by hand exclusive BUT.. they'll sell some on their online store (so there's a chnace there.. maybe). Also, some are speculating it might get a Comic Con distribution chance too.. so there's your 2nd chance. If all fails.. well, ebay I guess :P Scalpers won't get much of it since they'll only give very limited quantities to each individual :[

    31. Unmeimiru 5 days ago

      I want that 'evil' Trigger something ugly but being that it's an exclusive, scalpers are gunna get to it first and I'm not about to forward 2x the cost to get one. Le sigh. Maybe I'll just pin one of those photos to my wall of 'wish I had' next to the Mega Man X-Kai that was a NYCC exclusive.

    32. Fruits 5 days ago

      And thanks again. I didn't know they'll sell'em later AND on Studio 4C store, thanks. I backed RA anime initially but pulled afterwards... thus I lost my Bluray chance :P So I'm not buying more, I didn't back for any X)
      I knew they're seperate on their approach BUT my guess was that they'll both eventually lead to the same conclusion/concept idea.. which I still think the case is.
      Ohh.. voting. Well if I had the chance I'd bring the first Tyger VA.. I think it was Hochu Otsuka, it sounded like him.. I mean, what could surpass his VA❤❤ X)

    33. Tadashi 5 days ago

      The game and the anime have their own original stories. They only share the character designs.
      If the anime had gotten enough funding, it would have been its own movie.
      The blu-rays will be sent out in late July. If you want to buy more, you might be able to buy them from Studio 4°C's online store.

      They changed Call's VA because voting for her was one of backer privileges. They didn't like the suggestions for Tyger, though and didn't change him in the end.

    34. Fruits 5 days ago

      The digital artbook was out a looong while ago. You should be able to find it in your Humble Bundle page. Go here:
      Then use the email you ised to back this project with, they'll send you a link, use it to access your digital rewards.

    35. Fruits 5 days ago

      Ohhh.. goodie goodie. Oh yes, you're right, it was from Animetamago. Yeah and it did end on a cliff hanger but I thought it's because we'll have our answer in the game.. you know, they always do that in pre-game animes.. ohhh but thank you so much, cause I want to see more of it, even if it's a tad bit extra. Any idea about the bluray release date?
      Though why would they want to change Call voice actress, she was very decent. Almost sounds like Riko? :/ (weird)

    36. gabeswarr 5 days ago

      When do I get my digital art book?

    37. Dave Ooi 5 days ago

      Actually I just read the June update that the handheld version (which I assume includes 3ds) is still coming this year. any chance we can get any extras like DLC thrown in due to the wait? :-)

    38. Dave Ooi 5 days ago

      I backed this Kickstarter and requested the game for my nintendo 3ds. how likely is it too be released on that console. I'd it's never going to be released can I change my pledge to the PC steam version? but I reckon it's definitely a game more for a portable device

    39. Tadashi 5 days ago

      The version on the Internet is only the shorter Gear World version from the Animetamago event.
      The full version will have a different voice actress for Call and will be a bit longer, since the Gear World version ends on a bit of a cliff hanger.

    40. Tadashi 5 days ago

      Please read the "We are Back" update.
      The handheld ports were on hold, but are back on track. More infos in the update itself.

    41. Anthony Gunther 5 days ago

      Has anyone received information about a 3ds version? I tried contacting the company about it or to see if I could switch to another version and I haven't heard anything back in two months.

    42. Fruits 6 days ago

      I will, thanks. Also thge anime was shown full somewhere in the net a while back btw.
      Another limited edition Rock that'll be hard to get. The Evil Trigger.. be prepared.

    43. Tadashi 6 days ago

      Keep watching. You've only seen the first layer. Even the flying snake from episode one is from further down.

      As for extended, they extended the domain registration for another year. If you don't extend, you lose the domain. They haven't done anything with the website itself and this probably won't change until they have something to announce.

      I've seen the Gear World version. I'm looking forward to the full short on Blu-Ray.

    44. Fruits 6 days ago

      Btw, you watched the RA anime yet or not?

    45. Fruits 6 days ago

      I'm not yet familiar with the curse system, so I can't tell yet. I just based my opinion on how RPGish the anime is.. though I was looking for something more action-y.. like I said, RA or Legends :)
      As for RA, it has to be both. Comcept is (I think) officially closed (or soon anywyas). I'm not sure what do you mean by "extended" to be honest but i went to check and it's basically links to the KS pages.. it still says Comcept btw.. I mean for RA

    46. Tadashi 6 days ago

      It could be a really solid game, but integrating the curse would be a bit of a headache.
      I wonder if they'll finish RA as Comcept or L5C. They actually extended the domain this june.

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