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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
67,226 backers pledged $3,845,170 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Fruits just now

      Soo.. what are your Red Subaru plans?

    2. Fruits 1 minute ago

      It's $40 btw..
      Just please be nice with 11.. please..

    3. alraz about 2 hours ago

      oh, capcom...

    4. Fruits about 3 hours ago

      Now althought this is great news..…
      Capcom just had to.. be Capcom.. and make it a half half. *sigh*.. If you're going for a physical then you only get the first collection on it, the second collection is digital download only! I mean seriously, what's wrong with that company? I thought they came good :/
      Oh well, it's on PS4 and XB1 anyways

    5. Fruits about 7 hours ago

      There are service providers btw..

    6. alraz 1 day ago


    7. Fruits 1 day ago

      plenty* X[

    8. Fruits 1 day ago

      Oh wait, I forgot the Special Edition Rockman from 4Inch Nel :P
      A collap between Rockman 30th and Gentinel Senorouchi 10th
      umm.. it's basically a Gundam armor and colors on Mega Man :)

    9. Fruits 1 day ago

      Oops! plento o typos :P
      merch* here* they're*

    10. Fruits 1 day ago

      Wooah, plenty of mech news X)
      Nendororid Mega Man X (regular)..
      The big news though.. her it comes.. Roll Caskett is set to be released as a 4Inch Nel figure completely movable (not fixed) to match Trigger :D
      also pre-orders for the Subaru Red SF Rockman are open.. there're actually orders and limited (I think). So if any interests you.. err, do your thing :)

    11. Fruits 2 days ago

      fukanzen'na kono sekai wo :[

    12. Fruits 2 days ago

      Rush "Armor"/Super armor* :P

    13. Fruits 2 days ago

      Apparently the 66action Mega Man figs will continue. This time around we'll get Cut Man, Rush Jet Mega Man, X rider, Vile and Vile rider. The riders will be at $50 each, rest $8 each.

    14. Tony Stark 2 days ago

      @Shawn agreed. This was a disaster. Yooka Laylee on the switch happened faster than this on handhelds.

    15. Fruits 2 days ago

      Secrets, rares and secrets..
      Step in Mega fans, have a Rock Unite look :)

    16. Fruits 4 days ago

      I don't know.. SUPER RACING ROBOT.. MEGAMAN.. maybe :P
      I wish at least they'd use some new art for those merchs.. they keep using those same old arts all the time :/
      Sonic or Mega Man.. I like my blue robot, but not that "much" :P
      Then would it not make more sense for it to be a Rush red one :[

    17. Shawn Barnes 4 days ago

      Looking back on all of my kickstarter history today I realized that this is easily the biggest failure I've had the misfortune of being apart of. and I was part of the OUYA! It's been 4 years and 4 months since this project launched. Products are still not finished (handheld versions) those that were completed were met with extremely mediocre reviews. Now that the handhelds being developed on are going to be phased out, this project is dead in the water. PS: Megaman had a motorcycle so there!

    18. Unmei 4 days ago

      It would make better sense if it were something related to Sonic.

    19. alraz 4 days ago

      oh flip...
      are they serious...=
      a bike? really?
      what does that have anything to do with Mega Man?

    20. Fruits 4 days ago

      You might want to take a look.. but just a look. No buying should be involved X)

    21. Fruits 4 days ago

      Oh wow! I want this..
      but it's SO cheap that I'm bewildered on how many should I buy :P

    22. Fruits 4 days ago

      tsk.. no one said Mega Man X collection would be a two parter. Well, apparently it will.. a Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2 (apparently 1-4 and 5-8).. I doubt the issue is size related. Most probably sales.. you know, I truely think mega Man definitely sold more than any game title in history, especially the classic series.

    23. Fruits 5 days ago

      Yeah, I have to say, KS was great.
      Well, if you ever had the time for an episode not to your liking and felt like it.. you got the address X)

    24. Unmei 5 days ago

      I really haven't been watching much anime as of late. *coughBreathoftheWildcough*

    25. Unmei 5 days ago

      kekkai sensen?

    26. Fruits 5 days ago

      hmm.. so what would be an anime you can get into?

    27. Fruits 5 days ago

      You're probably right.. yet that particular episode is totally different X)
      Also, spelled right.. minus the san.

    28. Unmei 5 days ago

      Not into osomatsu... or however that anime is spelled.

    29. Fruits 5 days ago


    30. Fruits 5 days ago

      How come Detective Pikachu amiibo is double the price of any amiibo?
      Does it solve real life mystries?

    31. Fruits 5 days ago

      A 392,510 land mine land X)
      SO, into anime? wanna try the Oso s2e18?

    32. Unmei 5 days ago

      I don't do MMOs either. I just like to poke fun at the Zombie Apocalypse.
      And ↓ is just plain dumb "no man's land". I'm not suicidal.

    33. Fruits 5 days ago

      Oh! It's just a recently released MMO zombie game.. I thought that's what you meant :P
      I don't play MMOs btw..
      Hmm, why not this way ↓ ? It's ful of dead comments, angry and disappointed backers too..
      WITH plenty of exceptions, especially at the end of it :[

    34. Unmei 5 days ago

      Or ↑ there

    35. Unmei 5 days ago

      I don't know anything about Dead Maze.
      I could use a torch. It's dark over there →
      ← maybe I should go over here

    36. Fruits 5 days ago

      Are you by any chance heading to Dead Maze? Is that what you meant?

    37. Fruits 5 days ago

      Honestly I think even if the backers were zombified they'll still hold something against Mn9 X)

    38. Fruits 5 days ago

      Maybe the grave is a secret entrance to a dev room.. caa~use.. rents are high? I hope we don't get a muddy code :[
      But wait.. you're going there! now!?.. need a torch?

    39. Unmei 5 days ago

      My theory is that they're buried in a grave somewhere. And so when the zombie apocalypse happens, they'll rise with the creatures and be such an effective distraction that the human race can escape and survive. How they'll be distractive, I don't know... haven't figured that out yet.

      ...I'm going over there ----> now... --->

    40. Fruits 5 days ago

      Your energy bar has depleted :P
      Also, how could you? give it a shot and we'll see.. it's as I said "Osomatsu-san se2ep18"
      It's probablt way too late to switch platforms now. As alraz said, they're still working on it (the portable versions).. I hope :[

    41. alraz 5 days ago

      Still a work in progress

    42. Andrew 6 days ago

      Is the 3DS version still on the cards? If not how do I go about changing my platform for digital perk?

    43. alraz 6 days ago

      been quite busy
      now I am quite lazy :P

      no tears for you though :P

    44. Fruits 6 days ago

      I'd link but I can't find my ammo box.

    45. Fruits 6 days ago

      Nah! Just this corner. Where've you been? Hope you're fine and doing well.
      Anyways, sorry, but since you crossed the line I have to shoot a tear text..
      So I'll say.. "Osomatsu-san SE2EP18"

    46. alraz 7 days ago

      Fruits took over the internets! D=

    47. Fruits 7 days ago

      Please refrain from texting, and remain under the line.
      Consider this your post-it note. Otherwise we might link tear videos and/or text.

    48. Unmei on February 12

      ah damn... my sign was protested against by Kickstarter.

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