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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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    1. alraz just now

      I'll have to pass on a $3500 item, for as good as it is =p

    2. Fruits about 2 hours ago

      aaand episode 5 of Mania :D.. alas, the finale *sigh*…
      It was excellent :)

    3. Fruits about 7 hours ago

      That's the real one, alraz.. well, an image of the real one, and that's as far as I would go XD Cause one costs $3500 X) The other side shows the 3oth logo. made a comment about it 3 days ago..

    4. alraz about 8 hours ago

      Golden fruits! =o

    5. Fruits about 9 hours ago

      @Fred, You know him better than I do. So I side with your choice :)

    6. Fred about 10 hours ago

      @Fruits... i think that is not good for an assist trophy.. but if he is a character, why not :D

    7. Fruits about 10 hours ago

      I honestly didn't know about that move, I had to google it. It turned out to be from Heroes.
      Why not his ring weapons :)

    8. Fred about 19 hours ago

      @Fruits... he can do a tornado attack? XD

    9. Fruits 1 day ago

      Well, what the assist trophy would do other than inflate players X).. still a big task XD
      You know, that's why I think Smash/Sakurai lost their way. Smash had the potential to be so unique. Unfortunately they went for clones, sales and lots n lots of sword fighters (looking at you FE chars).

    10. Fred 2 days ago

      @Fruits.. i agree XD that is a difficult job to do... even a assist trophy is enough for me... for now... XD

    11. Fruits 2 days ago

      Oh that's a nice choice, not mine but still nice. Definitely won't mind Klonoa. Requested form the Japanese audience and he's namco's. namco's deving the game so why not :)
      Wahoo XD
      Mine hails form Konami.. T-T still hoping too. Btw, if they're to include klonoa there's a BIG task for that to come true.. and Sakurai was complaining about Kirby. For that, they have to make 65+ inflated characater models X)

    12. Fred 2 days ago

      @Fruits.. wish char? Klonoa~ T.T still hoping...

    13. Tony Stark 3 days ago

      @ Volttekka it's been a nightmare. And STILL no word from them....

    14. Fruits 3 days ago

      Not sure about the whole story but it seems that he's being vultured by his own lawyers/agents to a very bad point.

    15. Unmei 3 days ago

      Wait... what's going on with Stan Lee?

    16. Fruits 4 days ago

      Rock shown in avvy

    17. Fruits 4 days ago

      They've released a new Rock (regular, as in not Mega Man) wearing his 23 T.. and boy I didn't think I'll say this but this is the best looking Rock ever to come out from Capcom :)

    18. Fruits 4 days ago

      They say that's not true and his lawyers are the ones blocking his communications with others. He does want help but too tired to reach out.. I think fans should rally to his house and get him out of his current state. It's just awful :/
      Hmm I guess you too too concerned about the new entry. Do you have a wish character? I have a wish, I've been asking for it for a looong time. Not sure of the chances though :[

    19. Fred 4 days ago

      @Fruits... XD my brain registered that as "A circulating rumor that Proto, Bass and Roll might be playable in SSBU."

    20. Fred 4 days ago

      @Fruits.. i think not bullied.. but somewhat "manipulated"... Stan Lee himself dont want any help that is why people who really loves him cant do anything.

    21. Fruits 4 days ago

      Why Stan Lee is being bullied? Why no one's helping or saying something!? :/

    22. Fruits 4 days ago

      A circulating rumor that Proto, Bass and Roll might be playable in MM11.
      Remember, that's just a rumor.
      Well, I main Rock so it doesn't matter that much to me tbh.

    23. Fruits 4 days ago

      Soo the memorial MM 30th anniversary real gold and real silver coins/medals shows up..
      They're very cheap.. am thinking of a handful of those... XD just kidding..
      That 1"/26mm gold coin is roughly $3500 @-@;.. a couple o those used to set you a dinner in this project X)

    24. Fruits 5 days ago

      Oh a game that I've been waiting for is finally out..
      Bomb Chicken anyone? :D…

    25. Fruits 5 days ago

      You're not alone in that. Well, not much.
      Ha. and yeah it is pretyy expensive, the CE is about $90 but their LE is about a whooping $150 or something like that :[

    26. Unmei 5 days ago

      Yeah, I've been distracted and haven't visited for I think two weeks. So I'm WAY behind on what's going on.
      I guess I'm fated to have the game! HA *shot*. Unfortunately, there is no way my wallet can handle the Japanese CE version. I preordered the NA CE from Gamestop last month shortly after pre-orders went up and that's stretching it as is.

    27. Fruits 5 days ago

      ahh.. so many cool things to drool about..
      ok first..
      they've released episode 5+ (or 5 SE) of devs interview..…
      2nd, the JP MM11 LE will come with an A1 poster.. yes, that's about 60X84cm. and it looks SO good.. me current avvy :)

      I would've order it, but it's for pick up only T^T. I don't think scalpers can get to this pin, no way. Cause it's a pick up and you can't pick it up unless you have your ID and the credit card it was used to purchase that pin. which they have to match XD.. am serious. Boy, talk about ordering from Fort Knox :P

      Unmei~.. long time no see. wanted to tell you something. Did you know that MM11 in Japanese is called Rockman 11: Unmei no Haguruma!.. the fate in your name fate. backing this and being in MM11 X)

      Yeah, I noticed that. I think he meant MM11.... which shirts? ohh.. the SF ones. Yeah they do.. but, all I want is that 30th pin T-T

    28. Fred 6 days ago

      @alraz... do u mean MM11 or is MM1 stand for something else? :D

    29. Fred 6 days ago

      those tshirt looks awesome @_@

    30. Unmei 6 days ago

      I totally agree with you. And there are occasions where I've been dumb enough to play into their schemes.

    31. alraz 6 days ago

      darn it is so annoying when they sell convention exclusive stuff >_<
      the only thing that happens is that scalpers abuse it >_>

    32. Fruits 6 days ago

      Udon will sell limited Mega Man pins in SDCC that must be preordered for a pick up
      They look nice.. me can't attend T^T

    33. alraz 6 days ago

      3DS and Vita are still a work in progress BTW ;)

    34. alraz 6 days ago

      if you didn't ask for 3DS or Vita, your copy of the game should be in your humble bundle account. Try using the resender:

    35. Volttekka 6 days ago

      I never actually got any copy of this game, and I'm actually glad that I never had to directly witness this dumpster fire.

    36. alraz 6 days ago

      I'm fine with that. I guess that means they will also show up on MM1 :)

    37. Fruits 6 days ago

      Guess they raised their "supa" fees :P.. well, welcome norman X)
      Proto and Bass are out of place simply because they're floating, aside from not being Mega Men.. and blue :P But seriously, when did they ever float :/

    38. Tony Stark 7 days ago

      @Kenneth that's really bad. They took the money and ran.

    39. Fred 7 days ago

      @Fruits... @alraz... your opinion of having bass and proto in rock's final smash? they look so out of place, in my opinion XD i mean it is rock's different version then suddenly proto and bass arrive..

    40. Fred 7 days ago

      @Fruits... a 25 project backer but not at the pledge level of 10 USD XD it looks like an annual membership fee to be a super backer XD and yay! Normies is the best~ :D

    41. alraz 7 days ago

      nice =o

    42. Fruits 7 days ago

      Nintendo added a Rockman medley to the Smash Ultimate site, and I'm glad it's from 4 :D
      Seriously, this game is all about Mega Man for me.. I love Mega Man

    43. Fruits on

      @Kenneth Salomon,
      Hiya O/.. nice to meet a new face.
      Unfortunately no, no codes yet :[

    44. Fruits on

      Noooh, I'll never say that. That's why I made sure to mention the K X)
      Glad you're happy about it but curious at why? Why they've decided to take it.. you've been and still a 25 project backer.
      Welp, welcome to being normal again :)

    45. Fred on

      @Kenneth Salomon.. i agree... too disappointing... not even an update from them.

    46. Fred on

      @Fruits.. it sounds like im a super BAKA~ XD

    47. Fred on

      @alraz... T^T i forgot my details XD

    48. Fred on

      @Fruits... yup XD I hate that superbacker tag. based on the FAQ of KS.. "These badges are added to the profiles of backers that have supported more than 25 projects with pledges of at least $10 in the past year."

    49. Kenneth Salomon on

      Still no 3DS release :-(

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