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Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs...and YOU!
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    1. Fruits about 4 hours ago

      Umm, I doubt that's the reason. Because all what's required currently is a new game, how can anyone be mad at that? I mean it's not out or announced to be mad at. Besides, generally, Japanese developers or publishers aim to satisfy the Japanese customers first.. and they're not mad at Capcom, maybe a bit disappointed at the TGS panel but nothing alarming. What was an apparent maddening factor (west side) is skipping an new game introduction.. CoJ got that message clear. CoA has no call on matters.

    2. alraz about 5 hours ago

      the problem really is that there are too many pseudo-fans who just want an excuse to be mad at capcom, so, whatever capcom does, will get a lot of perceivable hate (even if they are a minority, they are a very loud one)

    3. Fruits about 11 hours ago

      Definitely. Which always made me wonder, is that the reason Capcom can't or maybe afraid to go beyond the 8-bit for the Classic. Fans were happy with almost all the 8-bit titles, can't say the same for 7, 8 and M&B. Personally, I consider 8 to be the peak, but I have to admit the controls weren't as tight as the 8-bit ones. Is it that Capcom can't figure the best formula? even with their years of experience? Wish I knew what's their problem, why are they still holding back? is it all about milking? zo many Qs

    4. alraz 1 day ago

      The original is always better ;)

    5. Fruits 1 day ago

      I've joined your GuruGuru ranks X)
      Got through the original. It was so pleasant, Kukuri is so adorable.. but what's with that ending XD.. kinda expected but hoped it won't be. So I checked the first episode of DokiDoki and 2017 reboot, and here're my short thoughts:
      DokiDoki: Trying too hard, not as funny, kinda souless.. and why's kukuri's hair not red?
      2017: Apparent improvement in animation, pretty dime was spent there but boy the innocence was kicked out of the door. Pretty shell of the old.
      So, I think the original was the best

    6. Fruits 2 days ago

      Limited to residents of Japan :P
      Still no sign of a new game :[

    7. Fruits 3 days ago

      Woah! Capcom is holding an X armor design contest for their Giga Armor toy line. The template is there to design on. There're also bringing the X cards back :D

    8. alraz 3 days ago


    9. Fruits 3 days ago

      I guess we appreciate Mega Man a bit too much XD
      Yeeah, although someone was pushing me to make the jump but.. na'ah. Honestly many things were not right.. aside from the price. Why didn't the seller show all the cels at once? I mean imagine paying all that money and suudenly boom.. a better cel shows up :[

    10. alraz 3 days ago

      so did I
      but is not worth that much :P

    11. Fruits 3 days ago

      And SOLD.. for $557
      Hmm, I actually thought it'll go higher than that :[

    12. Fruits 4 days ago

      That Dead Rising 4 Bass costume XD
      As a 3D model, it's fantastic.. but sheesh, come on Capcom, wrong game T-T

    13. Fruits 4 days ago

      Well, it's good to know Kitamura shares my thoughts. That all Inafune intended was to make Mega Man fans happy. Sure this wasn't the smoothest of rides, yet I still hope fans could at least acknowledge that fact.

    14. Fruits 4 days ago

      Wow! Rockman postal stamps.

    15. Fruits 4 days ago

      Laundry X)

    16. Fruits 4 days ago

      That's almost always the case.

    17. alraz 4 days ago

      didn't the other ones spike at the end too? =P

    18. Fruits 5 days ago

      The Mega Man one is still there btw.. at $255. So temptin, huh? Sense Vs. Desire T_T

    19. Fruits 5 days ago

      Hey don't be sad. More on the way, and they could go for cheaper. Unless you have something specific in your mind :[

    20. Fruits 5 days ago

      So Guts Man ended at $425, DUO1 ended at $405 and DUO2 ended at $510!!!
      That's just too much. If Duo got that.. no wonderin what Mega will get.. I suppose :[

    21. Fruits 5 days ago

      Less than 2hrs.

    22. Fruits 5 days ago

      Well that's too soon XD
      An anime that I think was inspired by Steven Universe. I still haven't watched SU though :P

    23. Fruits 6 days ago

      It doesn't help that the seller said she has more either. I mean how can one tell that that's the cel he/she desire :/

    24. Fruits 6 days ago

      The latter is better X)
      Btw, the bids froze. Less than a day for Guts Man and it's still on $399. Hmm, so it seems it might not go over a thou.. but it's all down to that last second. We''l see.
      Still don't get why Guts Man is getting more attention than Mega Man :/

    25. alraz 6 days ago

      or maybe paintful paint job? =o

    26. alraz 6 days ago

      painful paint job =P

    27. Fruits 6 days ago

      Ugh.. look at the "A", it's like someone dropped his pants :P

    28. Fruits 6 days ago

      @Gabriel Guillermo,
      I think it got patches, not sure which systems though. Most probably PC (or Mac).. and I think the WiiU.. umm, not sure about PS3, 360, PS4 or XB1. Portables are stil on the works so hopefully they won't need any patches.. that would be disastrous.
      I don't think your Switch idea is wishful, it's great. Inti is already there, good sales place (especially since it lacks games) and it might introduce new fans. Revision however, I don't know, would they?.. I mean, they still didn't fulfill their promises.

    29. Fruits 6 days ago

      The word of my choice would be.. soulless. And nope, they never announce those changes. Since I've been here, this is probably the 3rd (could be 4th, not sure). It's always decrading :/
      PAIN JOB, yeah, that'll teach'em not to mess with the interface XD
      I know I know, Paint Job. Definitely, that's why I said it feels soulless/dead. And honestly the font choice is bad too.

    30. Gabriel Guillermo 6 days ago

      Any chance this game gets patched to fix issues? Now that Level 5 owns Concept it would be nice if this game got a revision and possibly move to Switch. I know its just wishful thinking on my part.

    31. alraz 6 days ago

      it's ok, as long as it's as usable as before, I don't mind a little pain job here and there

    32. Unmei 6 days ago

      Whoa! Everything's weird... off... not right. Was there an announcement for this shift? Did I miss it?

    33. Fruits 6 days ago

      Ugh, it feels so dead :/
      Well, don't think I'll back any more projects anyways. Uggh, what a pile of ashes XP

    34. Fruits 6 days ago

      Hey! They've changed the interface.. and I have to say, it just got even more unattractive, yuk.
      They've loosen the the bright green with a darker one, made things boxy n squary, almost everything else in black, bad choice of font and they've changed their logo too.. to white & black! Why? Sorry, but imo, no taste.

    35. Tony Stark on November 15

      @Gangrel: that made me laugh.

    36. alraz on November 15

      by the way, those pics aren't even up to date anymore ^_^"
      Though they are mostly up to date

    37. alraz on November 15

      thank you~

    38. #14015 - Mighty Morningstar on November 15

      Alraz, I just saw you Megaman shelf... shrine... wall..? Whatever.
      Holy shit man. That's impressive. :O

    39. Fruits on November 14

      Mega Man and Guts Man, sure. Duos, might not.
      Well, in any case.. watching from the sidelines X)

    40. alraz on November 14

      I doubt it will go for less than $1k =p

    41. Fruits on November 14

      Both Duo cels still reasonably priced (both at $50+), if you're interested. The thing that I really don't get is why Guts Man is at $339? More priced and more bidders than Mega Man! I guess it's because he appears in one scene?.. meh, I won't hold my breath, I doubt any will go less than $450 :P

    42. Fruits on November 14

      @Zainab Al-Ansari,
      Also, just in case, double check your HumBun page. I checked and everything is there.

    43. Fruits on November 14

      @Zainab Al-Ansari,
      Don't expect replies from Comcept at this point. Who you need to contact is Humble Bundle, they're the ones responsible for your digital rewards (in your case, all of your rewards). Contact them here:
      I think you should go Product Support> Missing Content> Missing Item From Bundle
      Then just fill the form. Hope this helps.

    44. Zainab Al-Ansari on November 14


      I received the game and DLC keys, but I never received the manual, strategy guide or soundtrack..

      I sent an email and a message but no one replied.

      I used the humble bundle resender tool but all it did was resend the game and DLC keys, it didn't add the other rewards...

      what should I do? I want my soundtrack ;-;

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