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Take your favourite revenge movie and crank the action-dial up a few notches… Welcome to Vengeance!
Take your favourite revenge movie and crank the action-dial up a few notches… Welcome to Vengeance!
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How To Play + EU Packages + Replacement Form

Posted by Mighty Boards (Creator)

Dear Vengeful ones, we're happy to hear so many positive comments about the game. Thank you so much for your support and patience and please do ping Boardgamegeek with a rating for the game. It's the main way it will spread and stay alive.

Vengeance How To Play Video

Cardboard Rhino has just uploaded a great How To Play for Vengeance, which you can see here:

And now some IMPORTANT updates on shipping and support.

EU Backers All EU backers apart from 45 packages have been sent out. We're not sure why these got stuck but they're being sent out tomorrow latest, we've been told. 

The rest of you, please let us know ASAP if there was anything missing or damaged.  We have set up a replacement parts form so PLEASE use this form instead of mailing us if you have missing or damaged components:

If your issue goes beyond that please mail:


Rosari Vengeance Cards, Big Boss Dens and Missing White Base Rings

As we wrote in the previous update the Rosari Vengeance cards and Big Boss Dens are being re-printed now.  They will need to be finished, couriered over to our EU depot and mailed out. Several of you have asked why they didn't receive them with the package. Well, they are still being re-printed so it will be another 3-4 weeks till you receive them is our estimate.

We also had several complaints with 1 or 2 missing Hero base rings (white).  We are sending these to ALL of you just to be sure and they will come with the Rosari Vengeance cards and dens for those that have the Rosari expansion and on their own for those that don't.  For now please be patient and swap white bases you have available (there's enough to cover the players in one sitting).

These are known issues. Please avoid emailing us or filling the replacement form about them.

Bendy Minis

If the minis are bent, or the swords are bent, please give the minis a hot bath, pull them out and straighten them.  They'll straighten soon enough.  Email support if the minis are damaged/misshapen or missing.  

We had tried a tray for them on some samples and it increased the box size and made zero difference to the bendy rate.  We'll need to look into it more next time round but our engineer tells us it's most likely a mix of certain sculpts leg positions and thickness in relation to the size of the base.

North America, Australia and Rest of the World

The ship is arriving in the US in 11 days and you'll start receiving packages in the first week of December as previously mentioned. Sorry about the delay!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Erick Ian Earle on

      Haha 10 points Gryffindor for that one @Mightyboards

    2. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @Erick: We're Mediterranean, we can't help being hot!

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      Kodesh on

      About bendy minis. I tossed them in very hot water and most of them straightened out by themselves. A+ grade from me. Not often this has happened for me concerning bendy minis. Often I have to straighten them manually after the hot water. Remember to toss them into really cold water when you are happy with the shape btw.

    4. Missing avatar

      Erick Ian Earle on

      Her attractiveness won't distract me from the fact my game isn't here.