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A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
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BIG updates a-coming

Posted by Mighty Boards (Creator)

Dear Mutantlings, 

 It’s been a while since we updated you on the development of the game, so we figured we’d dedicate a few updates getting you up to speed on that front. 

 Since the Kickstarter ended we have been working extensively on the art, game development and testing. With respect to the latter we conducted an extensive number of tests with a wide variety of testing groups across the globe including tests with internal expert groups, several other groups locally and a number of test groups in various cities around the world including: San Diego, Boston, Chicago, Montreal, Hong Kong, London and Copenhagen. These groups meet on a regular basis and are run by volunteer test-leads that are briefed on the testing procedures we use and take part in giving feedback and discussing changes to the game. Some of these guys were backers of the game that have kindly taken on this role and have done a stellar job of it. 

Internal testing in Malta
Internal testing in Malta

 On top of this Gordon has been travelling around the world testing the game at conventions and with other groups in various cities. Some of these have been backers that took the time to try the game out and give feedback. Thanks to all of you guys for both the feedback and the hospitality you’ve shown Gordon on his travels. 

 By late August we had the mechanics locked-down and turned our attention to balancing. These included an overhaul of the Combat system that made it more streamlined and removed the need for the Combat tracker we previously had on the board. We then increased our tester pool and Gordon played with a variety of players from different countries ranging from players of light board games to professional developers and designers. The more tests we ran, the more we felt that the game could be more streamlined for first time players. We also felt that we could integrate some of the mechanics more, making one of the key mechanics all players, designers and reviewers who tried it loved; the combat card deck more deeply integrated with other aspects of the game. Finally we also felt like the world we’ve now been developing for over 5 years was coming out strongly in the Stories, but we wanted other mechanical elements of the game to be infused with more worldness, with the aim of creating a stronger sense of immersion. 

Gordon running a test group in Montreal
Gordon running a test group in Montreal

 Since the game was already playing well as it was, incorporating these goals was quite a challenge. In some cases they fell into place straight away. In others we had to try several options and iterate to get it to where we wanted it to be. And this is why we wanted to wait before dropping an update that delved into all this. 

 Posthuman Saga was always an ambitious project, design wise. Bringing together a solid, tactically challenging euro system and infusing that with scripted story AND emergent story (ie the images that get generated in your mind as you’re playing) is a tough challenge – a holy grail of sorts in board game design. Without wanting to sound like a bunch of Bighead Trappers, we are happy to say Posthuman Saga manages the marriage of tactical Euro mechanics with thematic richness with the best of them. 

Gordon in Hawaii!
Gordon in Hawaii!

 Where are we now? 

 The mechanics for all the modes of the base game and the Resistance expansion are done. We’ll keep testing and doing tiny tweaks if needed, but every test is yielding only detailed feedback about card effects and costs, at worst. We have done a number of rounds balancing the card decks and characters. We need another round to polish that off and iron-out any kinks. Our regular testers will keep hunting for such quirks and imbalances. The rulebook is ready from our side, and it has been sent to an external, professional editor to give his feedback and edit. We’re finishing off the art assets and testing graphic design elements that needed changing from the test feedback we got. 

After that we will make a set of final prototypes, send them out to the test leads and start blind testing locally and in the cities mentioned above. In the blind tests we give the box to a new group and watch them process the rulebook and play the game. 

Tim, one of our most loyal backers running a test session in San Diego.
Tim, one of our most loyal backers running a test session in San Diego.

What are these changes you speak of? 

 Posthuman Saga has been mutating slowly and steadily over the past months. We want to get you up to speed with where the game is now. But an overload of change leads to unstable mutations. We wouldn’t want that for you mutantlings. So we’ll be splitting this saga of changes into three updates describing the changes we’ve made since the Kickstarter ended and why they were done. To give you a taster (ok, fine, a teaser) here’s what you can look forward to: 

 Ch-ch-changes Episode 1. New Additions to the Game and Streamlining. In this update we’ll be giving you an overview of aspects of the game we streamlined and new stuff we’ve added to the game. Yes, some of these are added components. Landmarks, Mission Objective Stories and Side Missions, Weapon Modifications, Follower Traits and Stories. 

 Ch-ch-changes Episode 2. Challenge Cards, Bonus Loot and Stories. In this Update we’ll discuss the integration of Challenge tokens with the Combat Deck, how the new Challenge deck is connected to Bonus Loot on Terrain tiles and how Stories are triggered and work with the new Challenge cards. 

 Ch-ch-changes Update 3. Combat Here we’ll outline how the new Combat works. Don’t get your mutant dangly-bits in a knot. It follows the same structure of the previous Combat system, just easier for new players to pick up and quicker to execute. 

 That’s all from us folks! Once again, we apologise for the delay, but hope after this candid novel of an update you understand why we wanted to wait till we are where we are now before giving you an overview of the development journey Posthuman Saga has undergone. -- 

We've come a long way from this version! David (Petrichor designer) and Mark give an early thumbs up.
We've come a long way from this version! David (Petrichor designer) and Mark give an early thumbs up.

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    1. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @Erwin: We'll be sending an update about Posthuman 1 separately.

    2. Erwin || Redlum

      Good to hear from you again. Sounds like you are taking testing serious which I find to be really good. I am wondering however, where is my post human (the first game) version? It should have been shipped by now.

    3. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @RAF: The solo has been done a while now and all our test leads and us are running through the solo with all the characters tracking results. The changes that we did in the base game have made it an even more head-crunchy puzzle. We love it. It's definitely a challenge and plays very differently from character to character and depending on the circumstances that come up.

    4. RAF on

      Tnx for the update guys! How is the Solo mode coming along?

    5. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @Mister Nobody: We will update you with delivery dates when we have actual data from the factory. We haven't sent them the files to print yet since we're still tweaking so we can't get an actual timeline yet.

      I'll be honest here: many testers, designers and developers that played the game towards the end of August said the game is good to go barring some balance tweaks. Other groups pointed at issues that albeit small were consistent. And I (Gordon) personally felt that the game was solid enough. But I also felt the system could be just a bit tighter and milked more in terms of experience, especially for the first game or two.

      We had to take a hard decision on whether we'd be sure to be on time (or a bit early) or open a can of mutants not knowing how long it would take to implement them and iron out any creases most changes inevitably create. We went for the can of mutants and couldn't be happier about that.

    6. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @MonkeyMagic & Patrick: The reason why we run hundreds of playtests across the globe and not only employ a developer but THREE is that we don't do dumb stuff like undermine the excitement of our own game by slashing stuff.

      You'll see what we mean by streamlining when the detailed updates come out. But what we mean by streamlining is finding ways to integrate sub-systems together to make choices harder (not easier). A quick example from the third episode of changes coming up: the challenge tokens for the stories are now integrated into the combat cards. That reduces a whole sub-system and makes it a more tricky decision because using a card for a story (or Forage as you'll see in that update) will exhaust it and thus it won't be able to be used in a combat.

      It's also worth noting that we ADDED some components and elements to the game. These were added to offload rules to easily executable elements that were richer in story. For example the Intel rules are gone and replaced with Landmark tokens and cards which are simpler to execute (you move on them and reveal a card to read). The game is now richer both in terms of decision making and emergent story, but it has less rules. Is that possible? Yes, with a LOT of testing, development and swearing from my (Gordon's) part.

    7. Patrick Grogan

      Glad things are going well but I truly hope you didn't mix up dumbing down with streamlining like most companies do!!!

    8. MonkeyMagic on

      I always worry when people say the word "streamline", make me thing huge sections will have been cut, but will reserve judgement until we see the nitty gritty.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mister Nobody on

      Thank you guys for this detailed update. I liked it a lot.
      What I'm missing in this update is a timeline of the overall process and delivery date. KS says May 2019 as delivery date. This seems unlikely to me given the details above. I'm no expert but my guess would be shipping from china = 6 weeks, production of the game maybe 4 weeks?, preproduction process (pre production copy with back and forth communication) another 4 weeks? That is 16 weeks of pure gussing on my side. May is approx. 16 weeks away now (skipping february in china = holiday their).
      It would be nice to give us some details with your next update on your estimates concerning the delivery.
      I have no problems with delays, I just would like to have some more infos. Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to this game. Keep up the good work.

    10. Kethrian on

      Changes that make the game easier to get into and streamline gameplay are very welcome!