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A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
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New Art and CrowdOx

Posted by Mighty Boards (Creator)

Greetings Mutantlings!

During the last month Arjuna, the artist behind all the art in Posthuman Saga and myself have been working on more art for the game. So we're dedicating this update to show you some eye candy :)

But before we get to the juicy centre of the pie allow us to give you a nibble at the crust: You should have all received an email with a link to the the CrowdOx pledge manager, but there are a fair few who have not visited the page yet to complete the survey and add shipping. Please do so as soon as possible! Once you're there you will also have the option to add any of the add-ons and also change your shipping address. If you have not received an email from us you can use this link to retrieve your survey:

If you need help you can always contact us on

Chomp on...

New art!

New Follower Unlocks, Human psychopaths, Mutants of the Gentler Gender and Mission Objectives!

Mission Objectives
In the last update we showed you the Hypo Hideout - an underground facility were Dr. Damovich and his followers hide away from the tainted humans that live above ground to keep 'healthy'. This time round we have the Cloister of the Pure One, the fortified convent of the Order of the Pure One, inhabited exclusively by female warriors who believe in and fight for the purity of the human species. In the illustration you can see two Hands of the Order training in the central courtyard of the cloister. If you ordered the expansion you will be able to play as the Hand of the Pure One as she is one of the heroes that comes with it.

Cloister of the Pure One, Mission Objective.
Cloister of the Pure One, Mission Objective.

Follower Unlocks

Next up are a couple of lone survivors who sole handedly run two very important bastions of humanity: Michal, Keeper of the Seed Vault, and Devlin, the Librarian. These are both unlocks tied to Mission Objectives: The Seed Vault, and the Biblioteca. You'll learn more about these two when you complete the objectives.

Michal the Keeper of the Seed Vault and Devlin th Librarian
Michal the Keeper of the Seed Vault and Devlin th Librarian

Human Psychopaths

For the Doomsayer the end has been nigh for quite some time now so he's always on the look out for ways of helping it along. And hapless adventurers always provide him with opportunities to do so. The Ultraviolent Ganger on the other hand does not need any motives for wanton violence. He just likes to have some fun, and the lawless Wilds are his favourite playground. No mutant or human is safe from this pair of psychopaths!

Doomsayer and Ultraviolent Ganger
Doomsayer and Ultraviolent Ganger

Gentle Mutants

And finally two mutants of the gentler gender.  Not these two though - the Watcher and the Pinhead are anything but gentle. Watchers work as guards with the slave trains, pursuing and enslaving humans in cage trailers drawn by Pinheads. Pinheads do not mind - they're happy doing all the hard work - just don't ask them to use their brains. That hurts, and when they hurt, they just feel like hurting smaller things...

Watcher and Pinhead
Watcher and Pinhead

That's some of the art we've been working on. There's more where that came from but we'd like to leave those for when you get the game. In the meantime Arjuna is tirelessly illustrating all the equimpent cards, and when those are done he'll move onto the remaining art of the expansion.

In other news, testing is still ongoing and we're making some little changes here and there based on tester feedback. This is mostly fine-tuning and balancing the system and making small changes that improve player experience. So all good stuff to make your game the best it can be :)

So long mutantlings! See you in Essen in less than a month! (Update about Essen forthcoming...)


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    1. Huntinator on

      Looks GREAT! Really like the pallet for this game.

    2. Good More on

      Great work!! :D

    3. DungeonMaster- Catapult for Feudum

      Looking good. Keep out the great work.
      Also I was thinking that it would be great if you could play post human and the play Saga using the same character with their items and weapons. Just a thought.