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A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
A strategic survival board game in the mutant world of Posthuman
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33Hrs to go... Solo mode and Distribution update!

Posted by Mighty Boards (Creator)

Fellow survivors, with only 36 hours to go the fortress is getting crowded! But fear not, all are welcome! 

During the live Q&A we've shared with you the first draft of the solo game, so we're reproducing it here for everyone to see. We also have an update about distribution plans for Posthuman Saga and finally all the unlocked SGs!

Posthuman Saga and Distribution

Many of you have asked us about distribution and as always we prefer being transparent (we have no choice since we are literally, physically transparent. It’s rather disturbing) on this and share our thoughts and plans on the matter.

We have not yet established that the game will go into distribution. While we have interest from several co-publishers for various regions and languages, our current thinking is that we will only go into distribution if (a) the co-publisher or co-publishers are sizeable enough to strongly push the game in their relevant markets and (b) if we can have some assurances that prices won’t be unfairly and ridiculously slashed. We are in conversation with a number of such co-publishers, but it will take a good few months to get a firm answer on this.

It’s worth noting that a game like Posthuman Saga is fairly expensive for us to manufacture and has been very expensive to develop. Thus, what we get on each box sold in distribution is tiny, hence the numbers printed and conditions would need to make sense.

What happens if we don’t go into distribution? We will use Kickstarter again for the next expansion which Gordon has already drafted and will continue working on after this project is finished along with a second print run.

Solo Game

Jon has been working on the solo game and we have a draft of how it will work. Here is a blurb from the man himself:

“The Posthuman: Saga solo game will change the way the game is played! Now the goal of the player is to survive in the harsh wasteland and complete the objectives given to them from the Fortress. They will also be facing a new Mutant threat, advancing on the fortress. If they cannot also hold it off, all is lost. On top of that, the Mutant threat will get stronger as the game progresses and depending on the tiles and tokens the player draws…”

The solo game will be survival based instead of Rep point based. Players need to survive, while decreasing the advancing mutant threat and complete the assigned objective before the assigned number of turns are over.

The mutant threat will be represented by tiles that are not drawn during the Broadcast phase that are placed on the board quadrant adjacent to the one being played on. If the tiles reach the Fortress the game is lost! The mutants threat also gets stronger if they take key Scavenge sites. The scavenge site tokens not drawn in the Broadcast will go on a threat tracker that has varied mutant powers. Once a certain number of one kind are reached a mutant ability comes into effect for the rest of the game.

We’ll keep you posted with more updates as the Solo game develops over the next couple of weeks. 

A host of Stretch goals and Social stretch goals unlocked!

It's been a while since we updated you with all the stretch goals we unlocked so here they are: A second upgrade set of player development cards (5 for the 5 base game heroes, 2 for the 2 Resistance heoes and one for the Wanderer); 10 new stories for the Resistance story book; Linen finish on all boards, tiles and tokens; and an all new mission objective + story + 2 mission reward cards! And there's more: thanks to 1,500 twitter fans we also unlocked the Mutation pack social stretch goal with 2 new stable and 2 new unstable mutation cards!

And finally, head off to Instagram and let's unlock that final social stretch goal! Stay tuned for the Finale of Tendrils in her Mind tomorrow!!! 

Stay safe survivors, we have your backs.

Team Mighty Boards. 

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    1. Mighty Boards 5-time creator on

      @FredericLep: Yes, absolutely. We got an established designer to develop it as a dedicated mode and it will have its own bits in the game. If we just juggled the rules around to make it solo-able, we'd say no, but given it has a dedicated mode that's designed to be enjoyed as it's own thing we would definitely say it's good for solo only.

      We are adding solo specific missions as well, which when played with the different characters give a lot of replayability.

    2. Missing avatar

      FredericLep on

      @Creators: would you consider the game is good for solo only?

    3. Saodhar

      There are 1502 Twitter followers currently ;)